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>XRP is centralise-

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the difference is that xrp is a serious currency
whereas btc and eth are slow, bloated heaps of shit that cost a fortune to actual use as currencies

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so is XLM and they're more honest than those cunts getting spitroasted by the SEC.

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Well no shit when XLM is XRP fork.

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and free of fraud bud.

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was a fan of xrp until i read the sec charges so dont get me wrong

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this image is hilarious cause BTC and ETH maxis have no answer.

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cope. enjoy missing the gbr while you wait a year or more for the sec to finish the lawsuit. do you want to be right or do you want to be rich?

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hahaha see there it is

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I mean the joke here is that ultimately XRP WILL BE a centralized digital currency system if the thesis that it will be the tool for international settlements proves true. I would actually be interested to see the data about centralization from the debut of XRP to present.

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