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ITT post:
>annual income
>current emergency fund
If you don't have at least 6 months saved up you're ngmi. I'll start

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You have way too much cash or live in a retarded cost of living area.
Mortgage is $750 a month, own my car, total bills besides mortgage are ~$400 a month and I already have about 4 months of food on hand at any time so that's not an issue either. Drop like $20k of that cash into either debt or investments

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I don't own anything, and I am happy.

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> 138k
> 15k
Monthly spend is around 2k.

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will probably invest some more, I have no need to keep that much, I don't have living expenses

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>0 savings

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70k combine with wife
6k combined with wife
Mortgage 1k/m
Other bills 400/m
Assets and equity 80k
Total debt 200k

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$400 monthly bills
$3500 emergency fund in bank
$5k in cyrpto and physical Au and Ag
%15 in 401k

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I don't know what to do with my money so I just let it sit in the bank...

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I am quitting my job at the end of the month with nothing lined up. Got 100k and no responsibilities. Not sure what to do.

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>82k this year.
>several months of food
>several months of water
>more water

cash is pointless. If you don't have chickens and seeds you ain't gunna make it.

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Buy land. Plant seeds. Transplant fruit and nut trees. Buy chickens. Start a compost pile. Impregnate a woman.

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>900 euros

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>annual income
>current emergency fund
>btc (funny money according to this boomer)

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>$0 (quit my job to become a NEET)
>$20k in cash, 147k in crypto

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UK (London)

£40k annual, age 25
£3k emergency fund in S&S (3 months rent + food)

I'm probably in the top 35%-30% of my peers earnings wise (went to top university). Feel perfectly comfortable on £40k in flat share, think I'll be happy in the medium-term on something around £60k as that will allow me to live on my own if I wanted to, but will most likely keep flat sharing as I'm pretty sociable and want to save as much money as possible.

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Think I'm the only one here where the second number is bigger than the first. You will laugh at the first, because I'm retarded with work skills, but pretty good at investing/saving.


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>Total debt 200k
Oh good lord. You know what you and your wife will be eating for the next while? Rice and beans. You also need to divest that equity and put it in a savings account earning .05 % interest for a six month emergency fund. Also be sure to pay off the smallest debt load first regardless how high the interest is on the other loans.

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Lol. I never believe a single fucking post on this site.
This seems believable. But otherwise I am disinclined to believe every poster has 10s of thousands of dollars laying around and billions in crypto.

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£30-£75k, maybe £45k average

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It would be pretty hard for anyone who has been here since 2019 to not have at least 5 figures in crypto. Literally all they had to do was hold

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Gains have been nice so far. Really hoping GRT and REEF take off. Then I will have a big enough bag to invest in a DeFi that will do well and finally make it

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Murrikans be like

>total net 5 figure
>debt 6 figure

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Though, I could probably have less. If I lose my job I'm moving away from my area immediately.

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I don't work anymore.

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> 78k €
> 50k emergency fund
> 20k ETF
> 10k Gold

... I suck at this.

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HAHHAHAHWHAHW someone kill me

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wife makes over 100k and we own 2 houses so IDGAF

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> $100k
> $10k

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50k income
1k to blow on whatever i need
70k in savings account
2k in silver

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I'm not gonna make it
24k annual
3k in the bank + 6k retirement that I don't understand + about 16k empty credit card at 9% rate

This all relies on my dad not dying though since if he dies I'll go underwater quick with nowhere to live. I'm only posting here because this is the only thread on this board that I can understand

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I’m only 24 man it’s not hard. Started with about $500 to my name out of college, no debts luckily because of a scholarship. I never got into crypto until late last year though so I never had any moonshots like many on /biz/ did, but I’ve got this in my savings and like 30k in my boomer Roth 401k

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6 month EF isn't that necessary once you build up a portfolio

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thats a nice interest rate
what bank are you using?
i got 70k in savings and only get like 40cents a month

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I'm struggling but i'm trying (not like 100 hour weeks trying because i'm kind of ill)

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Actually writing this down feels so bad, I'm finally opening up a crypto account and am gonna dump 5k into Bitcoin and 5k into silver (I am a 28yo boomer)

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£25k Cash/Crypto/Index Funds

I live on my own in London, cost of living each month is around £2k, I take home just over £3k. If my shitcoins can take off and 10x then I'll have roughly £70k after all taxes are paid and I'll quit my job. Current job (Consulting) means I can't do any freelance work or develop anything that the business thinks would be competition to them (Technology...so fucking anything).

Plan is to make some bank, quit, start freelance consulting, do some travelling, try out some ideas through the lean method and join a startup if it goes tits up. Corporate wage slave life stressing over things that will not impact anyone in a meaningful way, nor will be remembered in a year, is a depressing life.

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been living off inheritance for a year now.
Don't think I'm gonna make it.

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pic related
plus 10k in silver
im not rich, but im comfy

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>130k (180k including wife) + ~10% bonus
>50k in a Tax Free Savings Account (Canadafag here)
>200k debt (2.4% interest)

My income will go up about 20k a year for the next few years. High COL area and we rent. Im too risk averse to do anything with the TFSA so I just let it grow in HISA and mutual funds. Not sure if I should aggressively pay off the low interest debt (could do so in about 2.5 years) or pay off minimum and invest the rest. I know what Dave would tell me.

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Oh and Im 27 which is why I still carry student debt. Graduated last year.

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>he still thinks a degree will make him rich

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I have credit cards and margin loan to fall back on.

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although im sitting on $46k in stonks and neet bux

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I make 130k one year out so Im not sweating it. Im a lawyer though and a lot of students I went to school with have more debt than me and cant find jobs so your advice is generally correct.

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>85k (starting 105k job next week)
Have ~30k in student loans of varying interest rates, will probably pay off the higher ones and invest while finishing the others

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>never held a job for more than a year, current gig is $13 an hour but I'll drop it withib a few months
>$450k Crypto and $25k in fiat

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at least you have job brotha
im just hating because me and 3 other friends are engineers and cant find a job.
two of them are working normal construction(civil engeneers), one moved back to his third world country (he got an engineering job there but gets paid pennies) and i work in a goddamn warehouse (mechanical engeneer)

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I'm very frugal but definitely carrying too much cash. Will likely dump half of savings into my retirement fund.

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>$200k annual income ($120k after tax)
>$180k in savings
>$80k in retirement accounts

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Small time homesteading is becoming very popular. If you go on Tractor supply you will see they are selling hay and now potato equipment designed specifically for compact tractors. It's all very new. Just an idea of a market for you if you can design things.

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>70k salary
>2k emergency fund
>6k in crypto
>2k day trading account
>60oz of silver

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30k per year
>Emergency fund
Currently $0 but was $23,000 before I lost it all on GME, AMC, and doge coin over the last few weeks.

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post w2

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monthly budget less than 2k

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What is your current interest on those savings?

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read bogleheads for safe investing advice, way better sitting with inflation

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Sorry its "Tractor company" not Tractor supply. Here is an example of the little potato planter they just came out with.

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>had 3 months cash, so 6k
>Bought GME with it at 330
>200 left in my account

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>I don't know what to do with my money so I just let it sit in the bank...

1) Start a Roth IRA with Vanguard and invest your money in one of their target retirement funds.


2) Invest in a DOW index fund.

Both are safe investments, but 1 is safer than 2.

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TIPS are OK but boomer tier

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Kek wtf are you not putting at least 5% of your savings into at least crypto etc.

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ure fukn up son

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pic related

i said "savings", but 100% of "savings" is in ETFs and tech stocks

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that's a nice emergency fund you have there. it would be a shame if it were to be inflated away.

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no expenses, neet life

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>120k (base + stock + bonus)
>15k emergency fund
>10k in crypto
>rest is in stonks (60k)
>i own my own home (mortgage not fully paid yet)

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>no income
>spent my emergency funds (lots of LINK) on groceries and hydewars sub over the years

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dude, get it together.

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Good shit anon. You basically made it if you don’t fuck up or let a Thot take
Most of it.

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I dont have one specific emergency funds, but many so their total is

i guess im NGMI

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you make 4 times more a year than i do and have $5k less in savings

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nah he lives in california...

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fucking nice. what's your field?

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Yeah its a fucking tough job market. My undergrad was completely useless, so I took a gamble with law school and luckily it paid off.

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I would dump 5k into a low cap coin and try to X5-10 it. Not that big of a loss and possible some extra money to add to boomer funds later

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the reason why you felt the need to post this is you are insecure about your own financial position. you have a retarted car payment, because you don't want an "unreliable car". you have a credit card and buy tons of needless things with it, but then feel good looking at your goy score and cash back rewards.

you will never pay off your house and student loan and you will be poor your entire life.

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code monkey in silicon valley, I like it here except for the politics and taxes

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Anything more is dumb, I just like 10k because it's five digits. Everything else is in stocks.

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>$50k before tax
>$75k crypto, $23k in bank account, $30k in American Century account, $10k on ETRADE, $12k in 401k

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You only need enough cash on hand to make it till you can liquidate accounts. Keeping 6 months in cash is dumb. You should have that invested.

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i just want a house

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>pays more in taxes than I make in a year
Wew lad

>> No.27649201


I just started researching this stuff. Doing a solidity tutorial atm.

I think I'll mainly go for Ethereum and maybe use 20% to spread to non-ethereum low caps. Then start transferring a few hundred every month.

Thanks for the advice.

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>$20k e.fund
>$30k crypto
>owe $8800 on house
>just bought a washer/dryer set and a Shield EZ 380 so credit card now has $2400
>truck paid off
>chevelle hot rod


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I originally wanted to a Java code monkey on the left coast. Ended up in engineering somehow, where the coding jobs are in retarded languages like MATLAB and R.

>> No.27649619

Lost my job...
> $0
> $4500

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I just wanted to make a shit post ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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>80k income
>140k investments
>20k vehicle (depreciated value - outstanding car pmts)

Prob gonna buy a condo within the next 6 months though, so a lot of those investments are going to be chunked down into a downpayment, then add 300-400k in a mortgage.

>tfw pay more in taxes now than I earned annually 5 years ago

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It's hard to do something different once you've settled in, though I think it'd be pretty easy for you to pick up Python if you're interested

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55k annual salary
I have over 100k sitting in the bank
I want a house so bad bros

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>recently started, live with family
>20yr old truck thats falling apart
>entry level jobs request 3-5 yrs exp
I apply to them anyway. Life's not looking good fellas

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Tfw I'm a software engineer in kansas city and only make 70k. FML I fell for the meme that California is bad, even if you take into account housing you probably still make 2 times more than me for the same work.

>> No.27651118

why not throw the savings into an etf?

>> No.27651185

>20k in IRA
>20k in checking/savings
>100k+ in pension
>5k in investments

Still fucking renting in the NY metro, just want to buy a house.

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>90k USD
>6.5k LINK-USD
>7.5in PENIS

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Yeah, I think you can easily double your income by just moving here, though specifically the Bay Area. No jobs in LA, and San Diego is ok but pays like 50% less.

My housing is $20k a year.

>> No.27651480

>0k (neet from plannedemic)
>120k placed in Roth in ETFs inheritance from my grandfather.

>> No.27651494

I have a federal job and one that isn't affected by gov shutdowns so idc.

>> No.27651525

living paycheck to paycheck ic

>> No.27651621

>12k in savings (which is 6months of spending)

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>200k income
>120k after tax

>> No.27652327

Dave Ramsey is an asshole

>> No.27652559

>whatever my mom can spend
I need a better job

>> No.27652953

what's going on mate? are you a euro? do you not use your 401k? Do you not have a personal buisness to make deductions?

stay poor.

>> No.27652955

My annual income is just over $30k, and I have ~$1k in my checking account, but my stock portfolio is ~$290k and I have a house worth ~$300k, though I have ~$120k left to pay on my mortgage.

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>12k - 18k

I draw fetish furry porn and i put about half of it into crypto

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>> No.27653332

Not even going to give a cropped pic for a bit of advertising?

>> No.27653824

>225k in savings
>100k in retirement plan

should i be spending my money? do i have to much in my savings? im 28

>> No.27653955

>earned income: $0
>cash on hand: $5k
>net worth: $1.1M

>> No.27654061

Genuinely curious why your income is so low yet you have a lot of assets. Are you retired, or got an inheritance or something? Did you make it and then work a basic job to stay busy?

>> No.27654205

that sucks. I'm in the bay area but I'm moving out and working remotely. I'm keeping my income amount too. Best of both worlds.

>> No.27654226

Learn to read, anons. OP asked for emergency fund. Net worth is around 550k.

>> No.27654344

If anything this whole covid situation made me realise how little possessions you actually need in order to be happy. No need to spend money if you don't want to but do live comfy anon

>> No.27654389

>I dunno like 24k
I haven't cashed in a couple checks so I don't know how much I really have

>> No.27654427

Do my investments in stocks count as money saved? I will count at least my SPX ETF as savings, since I treat it as such.

>22k€ saved with stonks
>13k€ saved without stonks

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>200k crypto
>4K checking

Okay, Dave.

>> No.27654472


You guys have way too little cash. Successful investing requires that you not panic during downturns. I sleep like a baby every night even during the COVID crash. I got big enough emergency money to bail me out even if shit hits the fan.

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>$6,000 liquid, $120,000 in assets

>> No.27654651

~600/month car debt
The fuck is an emergency fund? I have >500k liquid investments and an amex platty, cash not generating yield is dumb

>> No.27654689

Yes, I made it and just set annual investment allocations every January, and draw down as needed. I really don't spend much. I do odd jobs here and there, mostly just helping out friends for something to do.

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>> No.27654907

Between my wife and me about 80k income per year. 30k in actual cash. 15k in accounts. I built a house a few years ago and owe 200k its worth 500+ now

>> No.27654999

>4k+1.7k tax return
>check hits at week end for a pure 1.5k gain
Granted I wasted 3k being stubborn and refusing to take profits on gme. Being a public servant has upsides. Plus I will clear 50k bonus this year as admin+heir to an estate. Pretty sure learned my lesson and its boomer etfs here out.

>> No.27655069

>$50k income
>$50k emergency fund waiting for a crash to invest half of this

>> No.27655146

chippy no debt fully own car/house
> ~80-100k

>> No.27655153

Emergency fund being something where you arent living paycheck to paycheck so if you had to get a car you dont have to pay the hebrews their blood tax.

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>> No.27655407

>2.2 milly in crypto kek

>> No.27655505

250 usd monthly expenses (third world)
300 usd monthly gains from my 5 xsn masternodes
Also 30k in other crypto than xsn.

Im a happy man. I would never abandon the shithole country in which I live or else I would be forced to actually go back to wagecucking.

>> No.27655636

> 240k / yr
> 100k cash
> 200k btc + eth
> 800k stonks
> 350K house

>> No.27655711


>> No.27655819

>annual income
76k give or take
>emergency fund

>> No.27656165

>$130k salary
>$20k emergency
My expenses are super low since I live with mum and dad

>> No.27656508

>90k salary (take home around 65k)
>60k emergency fund
>15k in random savings account
>10k in 401K
>22k in Roth IRA

feels like i’m never going to make it.

>> No.27656621

how old?
keep pumping 6k/yr into that Roth anon itll serve you well

>> No.27656682

Combined or individual?

>$170k combined income
>$45k emergency fund

Emergency fund is more like a travel fund for when covid is over, normally it would only be $15k

>$250k in index funds
>$125k in crypto
>25% paid off a $525k house

We're 26m/25f, are we gonna make it?

>> No.27656929

>$68k salary
>$300 savings
>$5.5k in PLTR
>$242k in crypto

>> No.27657081


>> No.27657359

What's wrong with eating rice and beans again? I mean at least you admitted to shit posting but still

>> No.27657436

im 31 and will continue to put away $6k into the roth until retirement comes. should i move some of my savings into my brokerage account? only have like 6k in there between apple and tesla stock.

>> No.27657830


>> No.27658224

id put at least 30k from your savings into the market, just in an index fund. you might wait until the market eats shit though.

reminder to not take advice from this board because you dont know who`s giving it, im only 20 with a net worth of like 25k
what do you do for a living? im in school for engineering but college is seeming like more of a meme these days

>> No.27658235


>> No.27658477


Investment portfolio 12k

>> No.27658551

> 155k income
> 1.4 mil stocks
> 90k silver
> 60k gold
> 70k cash
> 60k BSV (only crypto that matters)

>> No.27659462

It is just the token advice he gives to people that are six figures in the hole.

>> No.27660124

Seeds will be the next currency.

>> No.27660431


Look old man, I'm doing fine, I don't need your lecture.
>75k before taxes, probably about 46 gross after 401k
Monthly bills probably about 1600-1800 a month. About to get laid off in a few months but who gives a fuck, I also have 70k in an investment account and 17-25k in crypto. The investment account is probably about to get liquidated soon to be about 70% cash and start buying really long boring holds like JETS, WRK, stuff like that.
quiet man, I've made money on the stock market so I'm already more equipped to handle panics and price changing than your dumpsterbrained listeners. Thanks for your concern though.

>> No.27660763


6k in cash because cash is gay

>> No.27661374

Having savings is a meme.

Invest 100% of your paycheck with index funds (not meme stocks, crypto, etc) and if you need to spend money use margin loans at 1%.

Easiest way to make it