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>Americans get their advice from former pornstars that buy dogecoins at .80cents.

The state of us Finance

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the more mainstream its is the more people should stay away

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Stay mad nazi incel. We are fighting against the rich white supremacists in finance and winning. We are revolutionaries, we are making history.

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8/8 bait faggot

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Still can’t believe she went to high school
In MoCo MD at the same time as me. I coulda dated that bitch

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She literally bought the top. She was the top signal.

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get rekt tranny while you hold my bags

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na you are ugly nigger

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Will she be naked and getting fucked? If not, not listening.

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this might actually be the top of everything
it's over huge crash incoming

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Feel like I see a post like this in every thread that mention Mia K

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Can't wait to see what she has to say.
Her advice matters, misogynistics.
Hang around.. You might learn something.

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Stick around you might learn something incel

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Good luck with those bags.

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Is she gonna talk about the dip in stock? I hope she didnt invest much.

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wonderful b& anon, had a hearthy kek

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Looks like Idiocracy the movie realized.
"revolutionaries" getting btfo'd by jewish tricks and stepped on by jews
no surprise; with jews you lose

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Taking advice from a professional fucker kek
She can only learn how you get fucked out of your fiat ^^

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she didn't have plastic tits at the time so no, she would've dated NO ONE

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>learn how to get tag teamed by niggers with Mia Khalifa

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Why do people care about this ugly whore?

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Ah, you must be a tranny? Hey, you will never be a woman. Dilate.

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I honestly thought it was do-gay or doggy coin
and I'm not new to crypto.

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Implying jews are white

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why the fuck are they so obsessed? ever since ive been on the internet i have not one time met a european who doesnt talk about america every chance he gets. literally every single one. just move jesus christ

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This was your sell signal budday. Remember the hype that surrounded GME and DOGE. Remember the delusion. When that shows up for Bitcoin the entire crypto market will be ready to burst.

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>dont mansplain to me
>i am buying stocks to destroy capitalism
SO fucking cringe

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this was the last straw for me, holy fuck what was I thinking

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10/10 bait.
Funny and believable.

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