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I will kill all your senpai and gf if you still try to tell about this fucking trash coin
don’t follow this bastards, use your brains
wanna check real best stat for crypto?
participate in stakenet and XSN results, 46m mc

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why are we dumping, should I sell?

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Oh no no no, check again.

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Tes, it's going to zero, panic sell now.

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>still only $450k up

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>why are we dumping
it is literally pumping right now you retard

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Clear double top, $25 massively rejected
Just sold 100k

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Why does it never follow through a rally

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Zoom out faggot

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(((You))) know why

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You won't get paid for this Rajeesh.
We told you to make threads on GME.
Go back to your work.

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Its over...

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I bought at $25.6 you pricks, you told me we were going to $100

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I bought at 16 cents because I was told we would go to $1000 baka my head these stinkers always lie senpai

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>lose more than 50% of its SAT value since August
Why are you retards still hodling this? I mean, I get the memes and all, but someday reality has to settle in, right? Or do you just like losing money?

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I don't give a shit about sats, fuck off maxipad.

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Nobody told you which year.

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It's not about the money, it's about sending a message

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Do you care that there have been zero meaningful partnerships or progress made?

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After experiencing the newfag rush from WSB I actually welcome back the Chainlink shill threads.

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I’m financially ruined

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>24$ is fud

2025 you will be: "it will never go 5 digits again"

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financially ass gaped

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>zero meaningful partnerships
lol, that's just sad bs.
Pic is just a very recent one.

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>he cares about fiat
In the cryptospace, Bitcoin is the only reference, the main index of value, whether you like or not, and I hold not Bitcoin myself. LINK has been tanking for 7 months. At which point are you gonna wake up: -80%? -90%?

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This coin sucks

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>Bitcoin is the only reference, the main index of value
The value of bitcoin is referenced and expressed in USD, you child.

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thats a massive bullflag at the end there. good find anon, hadn't looked at the BTC chart in a while. you just saved my ass.

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You didn't actually belive the LINK fud did you anon?

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But Chainlink oracles secure Billions of dollars in value, and there are still Trillions to absorb.

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Guys, I feel sick after watching the weekly Link chart.
I don't want to go through another -50% correction...

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what is this pattern called

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I sincerely hope for you that it recover
we're all in this together to make money after all

Link lost more than 50% of its value since august. That's a fact, don't be a blind cultist anon.

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See >>27614718

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>Link lost more than 50% of its value since august.
Link gained nearly 25% in value since August.

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Sold the top, waiting to buy back in.
It's so easy to make money it's unreal.

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smart person here

we may flash crash to 18 dollars then we pump to about 40 dollars in 6 weeks timeframe and we will be around 80 dollars by july

thank you very much go fuck yourselves

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Thank you based intellectual

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>25% since its previous heigh

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You're forgetting that Chainlink's "previous high" literally started the current bullrun.

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Heard through the grapevine that the reason service agreements got abandoned is because Thomas kept harassing Dimitri, calling him a 'dumb ass coon', making monkey noises during the Zoom conference calls whenever it was Dimitri's turn to talk and deleting his code in the private repo at every occasion. Dimitri for the most part didn't even care about Thomas' recurring racist remarks until one day he insulted his mom and Dimitri just blew a gasket and flew off the handle, he punched Thomas in the face so hard he broke his glasses. Thomas was so disturbed by this display of violence, he went straight to Sergey's office, asking for his dismissal and for the corporate insurance policy to cover his optic expenses. Sergey said he 'forgot' to file the paper work with the insurance and yawned very loudly, telling Thomas to 'go bother Adelyn instead'. Needless to say, Thomas had to pay for new glasses out of his own pocket, which further aggravated his views on porch monkeys so he started plotting a new scheme. He stole the last big mac in the company fridge and planted a note saying 'I ate it sorry - Dimitri' which prompted Sergey to fire Dimitri with thunderous fury. It was unethical to lie like this but Thomas finally got what he wanted. Adelyn experienced great sorrow after this sudden loss, realizing she couldn't demonstrate to her silicon valley friends how diverse and vibrant their team was anymore. Hence the recently launched grants program, estimated to cost between 500k and 1 million LINK tokens, with the aim to teach Solidity to hundreds of inner city youths. Basically the service agreements will never be finished...

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BSN is a meaningful partnership you fucking retard. There was just a meaningful update on that meaningful partnership.

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you're laughing
the favorite meme token of /biz/ is going down and you're laughing

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even the retards who fomod in at $6 are almost 5x right now
crazy times

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>bitcoin is the only reference point for a token that can be bought directly with fiat on many platforms
Uh yeah, sure.

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>divest drom ETH into LINK before new ETH ATH