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Childhood is believing you can change the world. Maturity is realizing the Jews always win and you're better off going along with them.

I promise I'll never be disobedient again, massa Rabbi.

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Maturity is realizing jew run things and breaking from their system.

Op ur a pussy conformist, continue to appealing to (((authorities))). They like it.

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Maturity is being a good goy?

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you're learning. that's a good goy

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Maturity is learning how to make a pipe bomb

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Hey, they did change the world. Instead of teh shorting jews getting fat stacks, the holding jews got fat stacks.

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Maturity is realizing they publish articles like these to get you to sell

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how does losing a shitload of money to them help either? You sure as fuck aren't winning by holding gme, lol. Retail investing is probably going to be objectively worse and more regulated after this as well

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I will never challenge our jewish Gods again. Thank you for this lesson, rabbi

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>breaking from their system.
This but you use their system to predict their moves.

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Dangerously based

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Yes. That's the final red pill and the hardest to swallow.

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Okay redpillme on this like I'm a baby. What happened that made this never rise again

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Maturity is starting your own "Rothschild" dynasty, funded by memestocks and shitcoins.

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Considering I think shorting is fucking dumb and should be punished... it's not a total loss

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Cutting off buy pressure and constant suppression via shorting

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But where do I go to check the shorts market? How do I know whether they have covered them or not? Can you brief me?

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I seriously didn't expect the stock market to be more rigged than the crypto markets. I know the can pause trading if the prices move too fast, but just completely stopping the ability to buy while selling is still allowed? What do you expect from the stock price? Ofc it's gonna go down if only selling is allowed. Then turns out that there is a stock counterfeiting fraud that has been used multiple times to short a company and bankrupt them. It's all rigged since the beginning of the markets. DTC, SEC all the other clearing houses and what not are all connected. SEC is there for PR purposes. Then you have your bs after hours trading and pre market. It's all bullshit. I just lost $1.6k so not bad since I have $420k in LINK.

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>completely stopping the ability to buy while selling is still allowed
that's not the stock market, that's the particular app you're using

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Literally why I hold XRP

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XRP has always been an IQ test.

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Old age is realizing Hitler was right.

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10/10 pic would hang in living room

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It's always "joooz" this or "joooz" that. How about you "joooz" a better investment next time. No one made you invest in meme stocks and you called everyone who warned you a shill. Excuse me if I have no sympathy for you guys.

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>the jews made me buy into an obvious P&D scam

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