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Anon you didn't sell, right?
You held the line, right?
I don't want to think you're a paper hands faggot.

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$CLF is the new wave anon, Gamestop and AMC are done

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I sold but I’m rooting for you

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I have 10 AMC shares anon but I don't have much hope for AMC.

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Nigger, I sold at 450. What kind of retard sees free money on the table and doesn't take it?

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Stop letting the, demoralize you. Hold for a couple of months and it will moon on reopening news. Collect dividends in the meantime

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So sad to see people doubling down to try to send a signal in pre market. So much denial going on with this and at the end of all of it people will have lost everything they could lose.

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Always do the opposite of what /biz/ tells you.

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You could have bought the dip to $80 and cash out again today above $110. You're not holding but still helping to increase the volume and keep the stock moving.

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Thanks, I'm fine anon just sad for the people that bet their life savings on it but then again it's kind of their own fault.

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I wish I would've done that yesterday, buy at 85, sell at 140. Decent little profit in minutes.

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Half AMC half CLF everyone

I sold my gme

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Literally fuck off shorties - ITS FUCKING

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amc isn't breaking 2 digits today.

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>put in an AMC buy order at 8:38
>goes through at 8.82
>as soon as it goes through market dumps

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>says this
>that happens

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>Squeeze? Unsquoze
>Shares? Hodl
>Hands? Diamond
>Dip? Bought
>Finances? Secured
>Moon? On target
>Stonk? Laddered
>Market? Crashing
>Shills? Called nigger
>Hedgies? Fucked
>Wall Street? Occupied

Repeat after me

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when is AMC gonna dip, I want a few more shares to lower my average

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My average was 144, I sold at 350 cause that was my strike.
I had 5580 shares, before I shorted from 300 down to my strike price at 110.
Then I rebought at 90.
I'm enjoying myself lads, this is a fun ride.

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downward trend inbound.

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It's going to be dipping for the next few years or so.

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Will it even go over 9

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probably not, you might be able to buy at 5 usd if you want to sell for 8 dollars tomorrow morning.

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it's crabbing exactly on my 8.3 average i just want to get out with a minor profit jfc

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can someone explain to me, a retard, why the AMC and GME graphs are so similar?

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I dunno, it's either a concerted effort by whales to dump the stocks or the same people are in each stock and their making the same moves.

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Even reddit is starting to wake up. This thread highlighting how the squeeze is fucking over has 25k updoots and the thread is actually full of sober common sense. If you didn't get in on GME before it spiked to 370 you missed the rocket ship. I FOMO'd into AMC and bought more at the dip, now at at APP of $12. I think at this price I can make a little money long term, hopefully.

>save me capeshit.

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Why would he care about keeping the stock moving when he has his money already?

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Why do you care about what I do with my money, shlomo?

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just bought into this game with 10 shares of GME let's go

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how does 80 usd by the end of the month sound?

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>Even reddit is starting to wake up
That post is what everyone except newfags know about.
These retards who put way too much money are problem not only to themselves but to the whole plan. They are the target of ladder attacks and their negatively at every dip affects everyone.
This thing has chance of working out only if everyone will hold, but normies and crypto fags who only know about PnD schemes can not understand this.

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Yea most people are such niggers that they don't pick up trash on the side walk let alone risk a days salary (or a weeks, or a months) on something they know has no value.

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it's okey no risk no reward

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yes. im bleeding
but im still not selling.

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>negative for the third day in a row
Yep, it's over

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Can't fault that.

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10 AMC shares would have cost <$100, it wont be a big loss if the ship sinks

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>1 post by this id
Morning shlomo!

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You realize the (((people))) saying "DONT SELL YOU'RE PAPERHAND IF YOU SELL" care even more about what you do with your money?

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not selling faggot

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Don't forget to buy more today.

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>Jew! Why do you care about my finances?

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So many red candles.

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Only the DAIMOND HANDS will profit

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I have an average of $14 and have an extra 500-600 i could put in, but at 500 shares already it feels foolish.

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Great, now the kikes started to pour in from their containment threads

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>I'm sure many of you (along with myself) were thinking about $ROPE last night

Fuck that's hilarious

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morning, fellow goyim
they've won this one

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plebbit too

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Fuck off with all these Reddit threads

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10 @ 190
im thinking of unironically killing myself

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>im thinking of unironically killing myself
Can you still afford the rope?

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m8 that's a paycheck, you'll be fine. Don't sell at a loss, maybe they'll turn around long term.

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I sold at 400.

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Based quads

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dont feel bad for them. yes lives are ruined yes ppl are killing themselves. Thats the gamble listening to reddit and 4chan. Many ppl dont know shit but just parrot off some redditor they think knows alot same with youtube and this shit hole. I hope the suicides stop but they wont. Faggots think they are "fighting the system" but they are not tyey are plebs and there is nothing you can do except vent and bitch about it on r/trueoffmychest. If tour that dumb to listen to influencers thats your fault. Take responsibility hold the L and beeter yourself. Im not saying you anon but just in general. fuck social media influencers who just bandwagon faggots. People think they a full commies because ReDdIT and twatter said so. Yet about to foreclose on their house. no sympathy over here it sounds heartless but fuck them. the research and information is there.

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>I am left holding 83 shares at $17

This was my first trade ever, lost 1.5% of my net worth. I don’t think this business is for me

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not a faggot, just a retarded ape with hands of DIAMOND

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i shatn sold only buy and hodl

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it's only a loss if you sell lmao
I just like the stock

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I'm holding $pikachu harder than I'm holding GME right now

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dear anons, can you please educate me. I don’t understand the system, worldwide people are buying GME stocks, call it just a hype however this should make GME valuable right and thus driving the price up even just a bit.

Yet we see right now is a slow decline.

So you mean to say, even if i can make all the people in the world meme my company and buy all my stock, i am still not valuable?

I am not at loss btw, [email protected]$, i still have a lot of profit, but whats happening at the moment does not make any sense.

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That sounds like actual trading requiring statistical justification for taking the risk...the original pump to 400 was just easy money.

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>tfw bought 15 shares at $8.40 and 5 more shares at $11
Watching hedgefundies seethe was well worth it. I'm not even mad. Watching billionares actually get on tv and cry, and watching some wall street "analyst" resort to the PUREST form of cope by calling any young people that got into this "incels" was fucking hilarious. I got to participate in that, so I don't feel bad at all.

That's what they don't realize what they're up against. They are starting a fight with millions of people who are at a point in their lives that they have nothing to lose. And they are starting to worry.

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Nah you have to lose money to learn not to trade like a retard.

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Pump queue is now on cryptocurrency. XRP and Doge pumped next to Waves

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They'll have to pry my 38 AMC stonks from my cold, dead, diamond hands.

Also if any of you lads have some cash left, heating oil is approaching it's yearly high. You can definitely make some cash and HODL MORE FUCKING AMC you beautiful bastards.

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Bunch of people has bought at high prices, they freak out and take their loss. No one other than the sheep at reddit are willing to buy stocks in a freefalling company for 100$ a piece, so you guys are stuck buying each others stock until you run out of steam and the stock falls back to where it belongs at <5$.

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>Bunch of people
you mean paper hands portnoy?
his sell helped lower my average price per share
feeling comfy now

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exactly i dont give a flying fuck anymore, what little cash i had i know i was just gonna blow on stupid shit, at least this investment gurantees me a laugh out of all this madness. If it costed me 400 bucks to make some jew piss his pants i consider it a good ticket, if it moons great. if it doesnt oh well.

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Idk, are you watching the order flow and seeing the accumulative delta? Either there is more selling than buying happening right now or its a conspiracy and the price is fake.

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Price goes to 1 cent?
It's ok
Melvin buys 99.9999% of their stock back for that price and closes 99.9999% of the position?
That's fine
I'll sell them my 0.0001% for millions. If they don't buy, they rack up interest forever

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Y’all know amc reopened across the whole country with mask restrictions right? You might not have wanted to sell just yet.

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Holding. I have been stressing a bit though :(
Pissed off at myself for not selling at 17$

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gl feeling comfy buying a shit stock with no future at an insane price. I actually feel really bad for you sheeps who did not sell @300. No one can time the market. You will not now, never hit the peak. Take all the profit you can get and once you fall into the red, take as little loss as you can. If you own GME, fucking sell it right now before you lose more.

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That's not how it works, imbecile
He can just sell what he owns to someone else and buy it afterwards

>> No.27606918

Funny how much you hedgies feel like you need to offer me financial advice :^)
I just like the stock

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>maybe they'll turn around long term
They won't hit 190 in normal conditions unless theres some kind of hyperinflation. Not even close.

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You're probably right desu but it's still way too little money to neck yourself over.

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Never bought a single share of GME or AMC. Kind of wish I did but past experience of bubbles steered me away from them.

>> No.27607622

sold AMC at $16 thanks for holding my bags bro

>> No.27607882

I bought 10 shares at 230 and sold them at 280 when the initial crash started happening, I should have sold at 400+ but I have to admit I really believed the 1000 meme
At least i didnt lose money so it could be worse
The mental distress from this stuff is high caliber stuff idk how wsb retards can yolo their whole life savings

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Good for you turning a profit dude, I know what you mean the last week has been so fucking stressful I just want to break even and get out now so I can relax

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Bought at 13, could have sold pre market for 25 but beleived in the meme. We will probably break even at least though. Don't sress too much. There are also enough other good stocks to play to make some money.

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Same. Some of the doctors I work with told me about a few penny stocks that have a high potential to boom (NMTR and SENS) that I just put a few grand into.

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Interesting interesting

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Come say hello. Let's pump together.

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