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anons, please, stop the infighting.

Let's just stop talking shit about the reddit diamond hands, and use them to make gains.

There are too many threads declaring gme defeated, I suspect most of the people declaring wsb 'lost' are mostly shills.

I don't think they have the ammo to keep this going, manipulation costs money, and to this point they have put in us either a great sense of defeat or a great sense of smugness at not having fallen for the pump and dump.

I suspect all of the threads making fun of reddit are shills and attempting to divert attention. Stop talking shit about the reddit diamond hands, and use them to make gains.

How do we fight psy-op defeatism? And instead inspire a real win here.

>>27550709 inspired this post, I think he raises some very valid points. We are the wind at the whales back, and if we want to exploit melvins very exposed asshole they need us.

I know it's fucking stupid to put all your life savings into a meme stock, but fuck, we can all make so much money AS WELL AS make fun of that shit.

Fuck the shills, fuck the scummy jew hf's. Band together and fight eachother another day.

Let's push this shit over the finish line.

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Spin up the great twitter army, change the sentiment on facebook. Show them that the internet is still our domain.

Are we not legion?

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>oy vey stop it we’re paying a lot of money to break your resolve goy

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you post like a redditor

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shut up shill, I post like someone who has had a job before. ad hominems are shill speak.

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you are easy to spot. and now you have been outed and your thread will vanish, good bye. dont post here again

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He's not wrong. Why don't you keep shilling your p&d's on reddit or at the very least lurk for a bit before posting? You'd realize there's already coping grounds in the form of a few threads for AMC and GME.

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ooOooOoooOOoooo so spooky

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Melvin guy here. Luckily nobody will actually believe me and call it a LARP, but here we go:

- we actually did cover our shorts around $250
- we then astro-turfed Reddit and 4chan about buying more etc etc to pump the price even more until we hit market saturation (you guys only had finite resources...)
- we then re-opened those shorts at around $320 hence why the short floats never really went down

We now have even more money than we started with even at $90 - thanks for playing

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what makes you think we dont know that, fag

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I've seen this posted 4 times today, hmmmm I wonder why?

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Because I like to gloat at you little fucks who thought you'd try and take my money

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Hedge funds made money off of you retards

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>Leddit spacing
Never come back kike

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micheal burry is the guy from the big short, you absolute retard

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good argument

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how new are you? when did you start browsing here?

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2015, you?

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i was wrong about you. you arent a reddit main, its interesting to see the shills show up.im not sure what their angle is or if its just /biz/ anons trolling

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Ok Melvin guy

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I just want to make money anon, and I think we are onto something big here or they wouldn't still be trying SO HARD to get us off the scent.

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Do you realize the movie is based on an actual event and people or are you just pretending to be retarded?

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You want to be wealthy and invest.
Stop being out smarted.
You are welcome.

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it wasnt hedge fund crating fud btw. It was regular people wanting to cash out

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this is a shill practicing divide and conquor, surely you don't think we are that retarded?

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>stop fighting
>accuse anyone who sees gme for what it is a shill
Kek, based retard
>another loser who doesn’t want to work and become rich begs others to jump on pnd scheme
It doesn’t work that way, but by all means pump as much money as you want into this. You will be holding a bag and standing on the ledge of 9 floor building soon enough.

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>I just want to make money anon

thats what we're here for, but 4chan has never been about personal army requests or anything like that. dont become emotionally invested in GME. that stock is turning to shit right now and is like playing with a loaded gun.
take the risk if YOU want, but dont try rope other people into sharing your noose.

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Go and work. Not our fault you spent your early years playing games instead of getting a degree, good skill set and a good job

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I make 200k a year, what does that have to do with my argument?

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Have you seen WSB lately? Its population went from 1mil to 8mil overnight, alternate opinions in literally every GME pump thread is drowned out by 20,000 diamond hands comments. It's very cringe.

Not to cast aspersions but any place where alternate opinions are stifled is not good. /biz/ is unironically better at this point. Be proud, anons

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I agree 100%, confirmation bias is rampant on there. But that doesn't mean they are wrong on a fundemental level.

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Old news pal that spirit died years ago

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>use them to make gains.
real opportunity was above $300, it's mostly gone now

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That it is wrong and financialy uneducated. No, reading 2 pages on investopedia about short and short squeeze doesn’t make you a financial genius. Volkswagen situation is not comparable, go read about it. Reality is that you bought into pnd and you are trying to get other people on board. Not only is that unethical but also illegal. On top of that, all of you tards being in the red only feed the machine (wallstreet) you claim to be fighting. That money doesn’t get sucked up in the void, the wallstreet gets it. If you want to waste your money, do it, pump as much as you want into gme shit, but don’t be surprised when you are left broke.

This is your logic
>you claim the bear den wall in the zoo
>some people try to discourage you from doing it, some laugh at you, some try to reason with you
>you smile to yourself and think “heh, all of them are about to stop me from getting this sweet bear gold”
>you get on top of the wall, flip off the public and jump
>you land face first
>bear moves closer to you
>you look up and ask bear for that pot of gold
>you get mauled and bleed to death
>zoo sets up higher walls so retards would have harder time doing the same stunt you did
>it actually encourages braid dead faggots even more

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No, WSB itself made this happen by allowing "Diamond hands GME!" to be the only acceptable topic. Honestly, they became a cult of pump and dump when they should've all known to exit Thursday-Friday.

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I never said anything about short squeezes, or VW. SHILL HARDER.

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Really? Is that the best you can say you wage cuck?
No, I brought up those examples as you could use them as rebattle. Plus, all of gme arguments are built on those 2 things. Anyways, enjoy losing your money, don’t forget to post pink wojak story on your way out.

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Wsb has lost and the squeeze is over
I'm not a shill I'm just smarter than you and was doing this before you knew what a short even was.
Every buyer >$100 who hasn't sold will never see a profit.

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Dfv and da ebil hedgies got this retards tendies now. Play the game, risk it all, its gonna happen. They got some of my tendies too it is what it is

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don't the paid shills realize that once the squeeze comes, their paychecks will fail to deliver?

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i dont think they know yet

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GME news https://news.gamestop.com/news-releases/news-release-details/gamestop-appoints-chief-technology-officer?fbclid=IwAR2GHGJXJ52UEh7eZkwqmEHVC7KmLKYCiob6xKYk-WRO21KtjULgxKhCP-Y

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anon you make me proud.
logic shall prevail this day.

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Clear admission of market manipulation through public deception, i.e. securities and exchange fraud.


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>lord vivitar checking in

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price just opened at $114 einstein

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