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It is true that it is Short Restricted. I looked for myself. https://www.nyse.com/markets/nyse-arca/notices
This would reduce the ability to dump the price.
The problem, however, is, that they are no longer "shorting". I will explain.

It is known due to their chronic Failure To Deliver problems that they have been naked shorting for a while, and likely using churning techniques to keep most of it perpetually hidden in the 3 days to settle time buffer.

However, on monday, something very interesting started to happened. The calls that expires in the money on Friday needed to be bought on Friday to be delivered. There was no sign of that buy pressure. Fidelity reported retail buying/selling has been heavily skewed to the buy side both monday and thursday.
Yet at the same time:
Price went down massively
The day ended with north of 60% of total float in shorts being covered.
The daily volume was just ~1.5x the amount of shorts supposedly being covered.

I have only seen one explanation that explains how these things are possible at the same time.

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They have gone from naked shorting, to simply naked selling. You might wonder "what? isn't that the same?". It's not. With naked shorting, you are selling a stonk you claim to have borrowed. This adds to the short interest % that can be estimated based on trading data. However, if you naked sell, you are just selling a share you claim to have that you don't have. It doesn't show as a short.

They can do the same with covering. They do something called a naked cover. They give back a share they borrowed to someone. The problem is, they don't actually have that share.

These tricks don't start to show until settlement time, where whatever amount of fake shares they couldn't churn get the status as Failed To Deliver. Settlement is due in 3 days in USA. They were already struggling to keep it under 1M Failed To Deliver last week before the big "drop in shorts" monday, and the Failed To Deliver is just the tip of the goldberg. Just like you can juggle credit cards with the 30 day limits, you can juggle shares due with the 3 day settlement limit.


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The real short % might be even north of 300%.

They are effectively perpetually short against clearing houses with 3 days to settle, and they have kept churning and using various hedgie magic to reduce how much they Fail To Deliver. This doesn't show up as Short Interest, however.

Masking the majority of the fake shares they sold to dump price and gave to "cover" on monday to keep them from showing as Failed To Deliver by the end of this week seems impossible, however.

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jewish tricks

care to venture a guess how long can they keep this up?

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isnt there something about 13 days of fail to deliver and you go bust?

what can we do to increase fail to deliver? holding? setting insane sell limits? demanding a physical copy of your shares?

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fuck bro, I'm willing to admit that this is beyond my paygrade at this point, how long can they keep up this fake share facade?

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this thread goes into the mechanics of the whole thing. much much better than the retards at wsb. worth a read.

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forever, you cant beat the kikes

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Look forward to your cope next week

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Demanding physical copies is probably the smartest thing. Mark Cuban said he does that when he wants to pressure overshorted stocks into buying

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It should start showing massive Failed To Deliver by end of week due to them being unable to settle, since not enough longs capitulated for them to buy up shares in the 90-100 range, if they even tried to buy. They might have been effectively net short on thursday.

One way they can mitigate it is if they somehow manage to buy the shares of big funds who are long off-market, but I wouldn't bet on that happening since it hasn't happened yet, and considering the scale of their "shorts covered" on monday, it's improbable it would be enough to push Failed To Deliver count to where it used to be.

If we see Failed to Deliver start to spike to lets say 20% of Float, then it will be hard to keep a lid on the scandal, but for it to decisively end, the DTCC, clearing houses, the SEC or another branch of the government has to say "enough is enough" and shut down their ability sell more fraudulent IOU shares posturing as shares they are able to deliver.

DTCC has been ignoring it.
If you're referring to the sayings of the redditor that claimed "they have 21 days to settle synthetic longs", my answer is: I have not heard about these supposed 21 days anywhere and it's unknown wtf he means when he says "synthetic longs". I honestly think it might have been disguised FUD.
Someone with the power to stop it needs to stop it. Clearing houses --> DTCC ---> Financial Regulators ---> branches of government or crime enforcement agencies

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>They might have been effectively net short on thursday.
By this I mean their trades being effectively net short. On a whole, they are definitely deep deep net short.

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>Someone with the power to stop it needs to stop it
I feel like you're about to say the chances of that happening are slim...

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If failed to deliver spikes, it might prompt a visibility problem that results in something being done about it, because the scam is indefensible. They (clearing houses, DTCC, SEC) were betting that it could be resolved before the deep crime got exposed. If this isn't the case and diamond apes hold, massive Failed To Deliver shows, Clearing houses and brokers may run for the door to be the first ones to not be owed a share by the shorting hedgies, getting out before the house of cards of GME share IOUs collapse. It's a potential prisoner's dilemma between them. Recalling shares borrowed and refusing to trade new shares with the short hedgies and brokers they use.

Or we might see clueless but corrupt senators and congressmen who don't know they're not supposed to go after this scam go after this scam to gain popularity, resulting in enough political and public pressure for something to be done about it.

If it also becomes public due to how blatant it is, I imagine the buy pressure will increase and the world will ape together until it's resolved and there won't be the long demoralization and capitulation necessary for the hedgies to get out of this mess for real.

I believe the hedgies strategy was a very short term last ditch effort and contingent on prices plummeting on Monday and Thursday way below current levels along with longs giving up and selling massively all the way down. That's why they did something as risky as this. They knew they had 3 days to fix it, so long as they make longs capitulate. The reduced short % after monday trade makes it seem likely that this way their play.

I'm not 100% confident we won't get massively owned by the goldberg cabal, but I find it probable enough that I am still holding until I see end of week Failed To Deliver numbers. The squeeze would be insane if they are forced to cover how much they truly are short. After they run out of money, Brokers --->Clearing Houses --> DTCC -> Banks all have to buy back GME.

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Hey and I ask you something? Why are you so damn smart and know everything? Are you this anon by chance too?

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Nobody cares anymore fag you guys lost The end, get out now or at $10 nobody here at biz gives a fuck

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you do

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see no one in also gives a fuck to get out. no one is a biz who could put more than a hundred thousand dollars into GME anyway.

we aint strong alone. but together you fear us and you will have to fear us for a long time

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fuck it bro your words have inspired me to stay resolute, I'm seeing this thing to the end. Godspeed

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Every hedgie trying this aggressively and desperately to sell is what makes me believe the blow up will be soon. If they could freely manipulate the market they would do it all the time. This must be some high risk desperation play so let's see what the fuck will happen. I knew from the beginning this was gonna be some fucked up shit and I might lose all my money, now I want to see the end of it

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>these are the post that say to a little longer

>these are the post hat are spamming to sell at a lose

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>these are the post hat are spamming to sell at a lose
And it's quite obvious why they're doing it jfc

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are you this same anon by any chance?
if i understand correctly, thursday would be a good day to throw a couple hundred of CAN-afford-to-lose gambling money at gme?

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high IQ

Melvin niggers

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look let us all come together and invoke our supreme deity allah the god of molestation and ask him to deliver us from the evil of that rotten jesus

dear allah ples mek us rich, fren

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Nice posts, too bad they look exactly like all the other extremely confident posts that were saying a squeeze was going to happen last week, Monday, ect

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too long; didn't sell

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>are you this same anon by any chance?
I'm not that anon. There's many people who have unraveled various parts of this scam and we learn from each other and figure out new pieces of the puzzle or alternate explanations for things.

I'm not gonna advise you on what to do. I don't want to feel bad if this goes sour. I will only share what I think is probably going on and explain it to the best of my ability so others can evaluate things for themselves and make their own decisions.

That said, I don't think GME is a sure bet for gains because you never know how centralized systems that can be meddled with by authorities will behave, but I'm holding.
Understandable. I have disagreed with some of those posts but on the surface it all looks the same unless one thoroughly discerns what has a good basis for being the likely truth and what doesn't. In your shoes, I would just treat this as noise unless you feel you fully understand it. I will post another link that explains more about kinds of short scamming used that should cover every mechanism I describe in this thread.

If, say, my mom asked me she should buy GME, I'd rather she stay out of it. This whole thing is still very risky.

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We knew it wouldn't realistically happen. If the squeeze happened naturally then it would have crushed the entire financial system.
We didn't know how they were going to try how to get out of this, but whatever is happening right now is their attempt

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Does this mean if we HODL we can still make stacks of buckarinos?

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thanks bro

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Kek, based retard.
>2 more weeks

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It's possible, yes. It's not over yet. According to the hypothesis I laid out, shorts are not anywhere as near in the clear as they pretend they are. That is, it is probable that they are still way north of 100% short, and their bullshit descent from 122% after friday trade to being in the 50s after monday trade is a last ditch desperation play to make longs capitulate that will be unmasked by end of week. No clue if media will report on it if it happens though. Failed To Deliver has been over 2% of float some days even and consistently worryingly high in the weeks before this one. It is way over the treshold where the DTCC and clearing houses should have put their feet down, and the government financial regulators should have put their foot down since the DTCC didn't.

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I love this little guy here.

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If you honestly consider selling before this week is over you are honestly a brainlet. Like genuine don't ever touch stocks again you will never understand them.

Logically wether short were closed by hedgies or not the price should have exploded massively. The attention and hype was big. Yet the stock PLUMETTED. Not even any support lines, nothing. Just a straight way down. Whatever the fuck happened will take days to uncover simply because how slow the financial system is (to keep up with crypto they like to pretend they are working instantly, but in reality it takes time to settle)

Don't expect any gains but fucking HODL to learn what the fuck happened

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>If, say, my mom asked me she should buy GME, I'd rather she stay out of it. This whole thing is still very risky.
This is the only sound advice to give family members. If they buy and it moons they'll show no gratitude to you whatsoever or they'll just bug you for stock tips forever. If they buy and it crashes they'll blame you and might even demand compensation.

The only appropriate money dealing with family is nepotism, where you give them a job and access to training to make it if they apply themselves and a cushy position if they don't. And even then you have to be prepared to sideline them if they're getting in the way of actual business and not let your feelings get in the way.

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>infinite weekly gamma squeeze
At least contain this to a general

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it did explode massively, it went up by like 1000%

>> No.27598316

>The attention and hype was big. Yet the stock PLUMETTED. Not even any support lines, nothing. Just a straight way down. Whatever the fuck happened will take days to uncover
Bro we already know what happened: DTCC raised the collateral rate to 100%, the brokers most retards used couldn't cover and restricted trading, meaning there were no buyers to buy dips and sellers were able to ladder the price down to very low levels. That killed the hype and now the mood is 50% laughing at bagholders, 45% bagholders huffing copium, and 5% confusion people looking at the fundamentals and seeing math that doesn't add up.

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High IQ

Low IQ

Can you tell the difference anon?

>> No.27598339

>manipulating retards into buying and holding more gme stock
Damn dude, you might be an actual hero getting all these reddit fags to an hero en mass

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>he feeds my copious supply hence he is high iq

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Even if through some fuckery they make it to the end if this week, by the end of next week they are definitely fucked. You can feel the desperation. It's also interesting that all FUD spammers have the >2 weeks bro
as their stock response. Who of the holders even said anything about 2 weeks? Seems preemptive. This week, maximum next week they can up with the fuckery.
I'm not selling till march

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don't the paid shills realize that once the squeeze comes, their paychecks will fail to deliver?

>> No.27598763

im not selling until 3-5 x my investment
either that or my few shared stay in my possesion to remind me about the ((riggers))

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>JUST 3 more days bros!!!

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3 days, 3 months, 30 years. it doesn't matter.

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Through monday, supposedly short% went down from 122% to the mid 50s while price plummeted and the volume was less than 1.5X the shares supposedly covered. We have records from the sec for preceding weeks that show consistently high (mostly 1-2% of float) Failed To Deliver, which indicates a churning hidden short against clearing houses where they are always effectively in 3 day stonk debt. This is done by selling and covering with stonks that they don't have, so they try to get enough to settle within the 3 day time period but still fail to settle it all.

I believe that they went totally insane on monday and expanded this by over 10 million shares. Probably more, since it would take almost 30m shares to cover as much as they supposedly covered. That's over 60% of float.

The play was to hope longs capitulate and sold en-masse through later on monday, tuesday wednesday and maybe thursday so they could get the shares required to settle. This didn't happen. Ape hands were sufficiently diamond for this to not have happened. We can see that by the volume being too low for that and GME price not having plummeted.

pic related fidelity tuesday. approx same ratio on monday, but iirc with less total of both buying and selling.

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We're the GLA and inshallah we're gonna wedgie some hedgies my brother.

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So hold?

I only threw 1k in so that was my plan anyway. The big guys aren't selling and there isn't enough float for them to cover themselves right now. That isn't speculation. The issue is there may be some additional jew wizardry afoot.

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I'm sorry, but you must be new to this site.
Hivemind meme posts work in low quality threads. In high quality post threads posts like yours just expose vested interest. Notice how nobody else is posting memes in this thread. Consider this before you continue

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did you expect anything else from liars? if they already have visible 1-2% FTD, why the heck do you think they would start playing fair now?

>> No.27599976

What would blowing up even look like? We already saw ~$500 spikes.

>> No.27599995

ultimately we all know you cant beat the kikes. they already have been fucking around with it (stopping trades but allowing sales etc.), fuck even all of the other kikes giving them $5b liquidity should be enough evidence that they wont let us win. if they really have to they will just break the rules and take a $10k fine from the SEC (if THAT) or maybe throw one drone under the bus. the idea that average people can beat the richest at their own game is in retrospect, completely retarded

i have a 6k bag, guess ill hodling because its already close to worthless

>> No.27600042

You just said 2 weeks
>this week
>or max next week
Aka 2 weeks once again

Don’t sell, legit I want you to hold it till you have nothing but thin air in your hands. You will forever be dumb, broke and alone. Post pink wojak story once you decide that you had enough

>> No.27600512

Ahhh hedgies pls knock it down some more today, I need to buy some more to average down...pls pls pls pls pls.

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Good bread. Thanks, fren.

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500 wasn't even a spike. That was just running up. An actualy spike would be way beyond what we've seen so far. Like legit middle 4 digits at least.

>> No.27600780

I have most of my net worth in crypto, I'm fine thanks for your concern. Your fuckery gave it some nice attention so even with throwing 5k at GME I'm up even if it went to 0.
Sorry to disappoint, but you won't get anything but pink wojaks from me, no matter how this turns out

>> No.27601000

I know I fucked up, but I meant green wojaks lol

>> No.27601027

I wouldn't dare to say anything for sure, but, I have some options sell orders that work out as effectively automatically selling to options arbitrageurs at the following price points:
889. 1310. 2600. 4430. 8800.

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Bumping to shit on sellniggers

>> No.27601809

>worrying about strangers money on the internet like a giant faggot
waste of life

>> No.27602007

Heads up, these blatant FUD shill posts only work on pump generals. Happy to help you guys, hope you make a couple extra cents today

>> No.27602189

you convinced me op. im buying 8 shares at $75 if it hits that price

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holding for your average little paper bitch hands guy so kikes cant never pull 2008 ever again since we lost a business and a house, requesting my physical copy next week

>> No.27602264

>only God can judge me

>> No.27602451

So how long can they tread water? Moreover, I assume it's big fish really holding on instead of retail plebs.

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>I looked for myself.

>Dude, trust me.

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Rub rub rub

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>It is true that it is Short Restricted. I looked for myself. https://www.nyse.com/markets/nyse-arca/notices
he is talking about GME being in the short restricted list that he provides in the very next sentence you fucking brainlet. Nice filename you mong, I guess you shills have to start your collection of shitty wojaks somewhere right?

>> No.27603314

It did hit $75 yesterday.

>> No.27603318

Hey newfriend. You might want to read this first >>27599795

>> No.27603341

Based thread, thanks anon

>> No.27603431

bump, it's a good thread

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Get behind me satan

>> No.27603611

so they cant short GME today, but they can still use ladder bullshit?

>> No.27603775

Selling on the 23rd.

>> No.27603916

>but they can still use ladder bullshit?
yes but only with something even more scammy than naked shorts. naked sells. they don't even pretend to have borrowed stonks. they pretend to have the stonks.

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Based thread. Thanks anon. Still holding.

>> No.27604032

Will they cover friday? Im worried Ill be too tired to watch the market when the squeeze happens

>> No.27604078

Is there enough evidence to make the media report on this? Assuming (((the media))) even wanted to report on it

>> No.27604234

obviously not, same thing happened in election

>> No.27604604

the shill make fun of >2 weeks so that's what I guess they expect they can keep this up the least
World of finance is so fucking corrupt, never underestimate how much they can drag things.

>> No.27604942

Do they still issue paper shares? And check dividends? How much it cost.

>> No.27605022

I set limit sells at $1k for my 2 shares because I don't really think it can get that high and now I'm just treating GME like I bought $500 worth of lottery tickets, if you want to be careful you could just set limit sells at something a little more realistic than that and not have to worry about selling it yourself when the time comes, as long as you don't mind missing out on bigger gains if it skyrockets

>> No.27605170

>here's how bernie can still win
>here's how trump can still win
>here's how melvin can still lose

>> No.27605343

>Is there enough evidence to make the media report on this? Assuming (((the media))) even wanted to report on it
Yes. The evidence was already strong enough since weeks ago for them to report on the share counterfeiting scam if they wanted to. It is well beyond guidelines for the DTCC to shut it down.


>> No.27605483

Is there a possibility that there are more than 100% of shares held?
Since have been selling fake shares and driving price.
Are they still searching for the price target they can safely buy out?
How atomic would be to buy 300% of the float and can they come out on top?
I assume the target is sub $20

>> No.27605822

That would explain the massive bot and intern shill traffic.
Reddit got hit even harder, they went from like 1 mil to 8 mil is WSB and all were less than a week old cry about what they lost and how everyone should sell, and nothing else.

>> No.27605982

From what I've seen GME needs to close above 60 on Friday minimum, 115 to really fucking hurt the shorts. For AMC if it closes above 9 dollars EVERY short is fucked, but it seems like only the 9 dollar shorter are gonna profit while all the others are about to eat shit. Though again, they can just keep holding out and paying interest or other fuck shit to not pay out.

>> No.27606022

Melvin actually lost pretty hard, but other hedgefunds like Blackrock won

>> No.27606033

>Is there a possibility that there are more than 100% of shares held?
It is at this point certain that this has been the case since at least december.
>Are they still searching for the price target they can safely buy out?
Yes. They want to unwind this scam and "get back to legality" through longs capitulating and mass-selling low.
>How atomic would be to buy 300% of the float and can they come out on top?
>I assume the target is sub $20
Don't know. I know it would take days if not weeks to cover assuming they had infinite money to do it with if the real short was 300% and they were forced to buy at any price.

>> No.27606606

I don't think people truly realize what diamond hands entails.

>> No.27606926

Blackrock is not a hedge fund. Please learn what the fuck you're talking about before posting.

>> No.27607880

I always assumed big brains are on the other side.
If they play this right it's literally gonna be a nothing burger where people sell and they clear borrowed shares but still they are likely to loose a lot.
But there is one problem - the "diamond" hands - there won't be much people selling at +50% loss imo
Did they hope to do that at the end of 2020 so people can roll losses on taxes ? Got me thinking
But that was really a microscale and now they are sitting on an atomic bomb.
Maybe we should analyse how many bought the dip since those are pretty unlikely to have sold.

>> No.27608334

Blackrock is an asset manager that HODLs for the Fed. Big difference!!

>> No.27608461

we can only hope that "diamond hands" anons who individually own a very meager number of shares are too stubborn and bored to bail out, but I still have doubts that retail investors really own any significant amount of shares to begin with

>> No.27609659

So the over shorted stocks trending up today even with massive short selling is pretty worrying.
Wonder if this will crash everything down globally again if they don't manage to tank the prices.

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>stock drops fourfold
>on balance volume still the same
retards really hold

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>cut scales
now ok

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Hey finance chad, what do you make of pic related?
I found data on failures to deliver for the first half of January on the SEC website.

>> No.27611275


>> No.27611322

stufff fuck it.
why would you put it all in one dumb thing?
you’re stupid as fuck.
>my wallet with playcent and you will lick this nigger dick with fucking shit you use

>> No.27611525

Please stop posting this in every thread.

>> No.27611564

massive psyop indicative of alphabet agency involvement.

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Good posts, maybe I'm too dumb, but why are people ignoring market cap?

It was almost 20 Billion when it hit 400$, now back to around 6 Billion, to think that retail can pull up even 1 Billion is already insane let alone 10 or more. Wouldn't this mean that the hedgies already did their thing ?

>> No.27611952


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If he's not here anymore, the question is open to anyone

>> No.27612770

>bianca beauchamp
she was like the first fap I ever had. Fuck.

>> No.27613157

You didn't change your name hedgie

>> No.27613268

why should I?

>> No.27613546

haha googoo gagaga pepee

>> No.27614312

Why not have everyone call in physical shares? If a significant number of people did this it would quickly reveal if there is a problem.

>> No.27614730


>> No.27614862

Because it's no fun if we can immediately tell

>> No.27615129

suck a dick then
my question is legit
its not like I care about what you think

>> No.27615332

OK I'll answer your question if you answer mine.
Can you tell what exactly you guys are hoping to accomplish by flooding all of social media with FUD? Do you actually hope that the stock goes to 0 or is it really just desperation?

>> No.27615451

I see the shills have a new angle today. What are they paying you? 8 rupees an hour?

>> No.27615594

Or do you actually not know and are you paid to do so? I think you can be honest or are you being monitored?

>> No.27615850

this is not reddit nigger, you will get no points here, there is no way you can know who I'm, so get fucked and suck a dick faggot. I'm just asking a question to the OP because he had interesting infon. Dont like? dont care. Hold your stocks, do whatever you want. its your money fag.

>> No.27615852

I genuinely don't understand the "two more weeks" meme. Like I get mocking bagholders like myself by saying "one more day" or something like that, but two weeks seems oddly specific. I don't recall people ever genuinely saying to wait two more weeks before this turned into a meme to mock people. Or maybe it's just an arbitrary number and I'm overanalyzing it. Anyways, I just thought it was kind of weird

>> No.27615913

I watched that fuck who told people to invest in Bear Sterns in 2008 tell GameStop to issue new shares yesterday. This is far from done also GameStop executive went out and bought 25k of gme. This isn’t done.

>> No.27615957

It's a Qtard meme.

>> No.27615991

>but two weeks seems oddly specific.
its because of Qanon
they became a cult like movement and always would say something would happen in two weeks

>> No.27616099

>tell GameStop to issue new shares yesterday.

>> No.27616259


>> No.27616585



>> No.27616586

AHHH can someone retard mode for what the 5 million fail to deliver means for GME??
My tism is going crazy

>> No.27616813


>> No.27617557

I’m probably buying tomorrow. Hope it hits 50.

>> No.27617664

if it hits 50 then likely shorts will cover and this thing is going nowhere fast

>> No.27617857

Agreed. This isn't reddit. It's why I hope you can tell me what's going on. Nobody can track you here (or can they?).

But to answer your question to show you that I'm genuine: Market Cap = last ask price * supply.
So no retail didn't burn billions of dollars and in a manipulated market, market cap is completely irrelevant

New ID cause I'm on mobile now

>> No.27618198

>It's why I hope you can tell me what's going on.
>market cap is completely irrelevant
why do you lie?

>> No.27618502

What do you mean lie? Market Cap is irrelevant in highly volatile markets. If there's 50% price swings in a billion dollar market it doesn't mean that billions of dollars are being injected/burned in seconds

>> No.27618976
File: 25 KB, 600x600, Klein-bottle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>care to venture a guess how long can they keep this up?

The clearing house is under no legal obligation to hold any seller to account, and can defer settlement at pleasure.

We've already seen how far the clearinghouse is willing to go for the hedgies. No question they will bend the rules into a Klein bottle if they have to.

>> No.27619245
File: 193 KB, 737x758, image_2021-02-03_185228.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

to answer your question, I suppose you think I have some game on this. I watched this thing get noticed and thought at first it would cause any change to the status quo or even a financial crisis, later to learn that none of this was going to happen, later to see how reddit is going basically "cult like" and downvoting people with any other opinions, to the point where anyone who sold for a profit was being attacked. I for one really thought this would be a great deal, now I just find it funny that so many people are buying in so late and losing money.

idk what you think or who you are, but here in /biz we make fun of the losers, its part of wallstreet culture and its normal here. hope this answer your question somehow.

>> No.27619375
File: 106 KB, 1024x768, Naked+Short+Selling+IOU+Failure+to+Deliver+TRADER+BUYER+BUYER+BUYER.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27619463

>to answer your question
>doesn't answer the question
This is more disappointing than the Nate Robinson fight

>> No.27619488

But if people transfer their stocks they have to settle right?

>> No.27619737

Disappointing. It seemed like you might be hired cause you have no financial knowledge so I thought this might not be a hedgie

>> No.27619900

its simple idiots, you might be used to hugbox in reddit, here there is no such a thing, that is why we have threads making fun of the losers, how hard is to understand this? being a contrarian is 99% of being a 4chan user.

>> No.27619907

What does market cap have to do with it?

>> No.27619911
File: 32 KB, 613x752, 1609963934585.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Understanding Failure To Deliver
Whenever a trade is made, both parties in the transaction are contractually obligated to transfer either cash or assets before the settlement date. Subsequently, if the transaction is not settled, one side of the transaction has failed to deliver. Failure to deliver can also occur if there is a technical problem in the settlement process carried out by the respective clearing house.

Failure to deliver is critical when discussing naked short selling. When naked short selling occurs, an individual agrees to sell a stock that neither they nor their associated broker possess, and the individual has no way to substantiate their access to such shares. The average individual is incapable of doing this kind of trade, but an individual working as a proprietary trader for a trading firm and risking their own capital, may have the ability to carry out such an order. Though it would be considered illegal for them to do so, some such individuals or institutions may believe the company they short will go out of business, and thus in a naked short sale they may be able to make a profit with no accountability.

Subsequently, the pending failure to deliver creates what are called "phantom shares" in the marketplace, which may dilute the price of the underlying stock. In other words, the buyer on the other side of such trades may own shares, on paper, which do not actually exist.

Chain Reactions of Failure to Deliver Events
Several potential problems occur when trades do not settle appropriately due to failure to deliver. Both equity and derivative markets can have a failure to deliver occurrence.

With forward contracts, a party with a short position's failure to deliver can cause significant problems for the party with the long position. This difficulty happens because these contracts often involve substantial volumes of assets that are pertinent to the long position's business operations.

>> No.27620045
File: 21 KB, 551x383, 1611328109022.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In business, a seller may pre-sell an item that they do not yet have in their possession. Often this will be due to a delayed shipment from the supplier. When it comes time for the seller to deliver to the buyer, they cannot fulfill the order because the supplier was late. The buyer may cancel the order leaving the seller with a lost sale, useless inventory, and the need to deal with the tardy supplier. Meanwhile, the buyer will not have what they need. Remedies include the seller going into the market to buy the desired goods at what may be higher prices.

The same scenario applies to financial and commodity instruments. Failure to deliver in one part of the chain can impact participants much further down that chain.

During the financial crisis of 2008, failures to deliver increased. Much the same as check kiting, where someone writes a check but has not yet secured the funds to cover it, sellers did not surrender securities sold on time. They delayed the process to buy securities at a lower price for delivery. Regulators still need to address this practice.

>> No.27620050

that was exactly my question

>> No.27620217

I don’t get it, why do you bring up market cap? What is the reasoning?

>> No.27620303
File: 4 KB, 250x238, 1612291067700.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27620312

if you can't answer my question whats the point? I'm not going to pretend I have any info to give you, I asked a question.

>> No.27620384

>If it also becomes public due to how blatant it is
The media can shit up your reputation for longer than you can continue to appeal to reason.

>> No.27620551

I am telling you I don’t understand the question. I don’t think market cap has much relevance if that is the answer you’re looking for.

>> No.27620579

It's cute seeing outsiders trying to pass themselves off as veterans. There is a tell in your post that makes it easy to tell you're not a native user and I'm not gonna tell you cause it's funny.
No not even talking about you filling the name field

>> No.27620660

>4chan user

>> No.27620696

suck a nigger dick jew

>> No.27620801


>> No.27620917

Now you're just making obvious lol

>> No.27620919

This is your last chance to exit with triple digits. There will be a snap and 50.

>> No.27621032

triple digits deez nuts

>> No.27621164

now you say it then

>> No.27621393

This is so beautiful.
For those who are invested in cryptos and the development of smart contracts, oracles and definitive truth, this is the best way to pump their beloved cryptos.
By causing the failure of the old system and displaying to the world how much cheating there is, it will prove that the system can't be trusted and that a newer system based on ERC20 tokens for stock ownership which can't be duplicated by hedge funds to cheat is the solution.
This is the best possible advertisement for cryptos.
They won't be able to cheat again like this when all stocks are tokenized.

>> No.27621528
File: 201 KB, 1080x985, 1608674094746.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A top quality post friend!

>> No.27621612

i agree crypto seems to be going up
i'm glad I held my ETH

>> No.27621780

Will requesting physical shares docs help? If so this is a social media promo jusy waiting to happen, immagine the "lets get physical with gme" challenge, demand proof of your shares to EXPOSE the fraud!!! It writes itself but would it work?

>> No.27622041

The harder you try to fit in the more you stick out lmao

>> No.27622144

reminder that trying to shame people for being new is a reddit thing

>> No.27622222

They just won't let you transfer then. They do not give a fuck, they will do whatever is needed and nobody will stop them. They own the SEC, the best you could ever hope for is that some kike gets a slap on the wrist somewhere.

>> No.27622242


>> No.27622324

Not as long as I can hold. It cost me nothing to hold, and i have already budgeted my shares as a loss and dgaf if it goes to zero.

>> No.27622386

new? no sir

>> No.27622549
File: 18 KB, 176x135, image_2021-02-03_192341.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>dgaf if it goes to zero.
talk about being new... this is cult like crap...
why would anyone invest to take a loss...

>> No.27622679


>> No.27622690

At least you're not denying you're a newfag anymore lmao

>> No.27622871
File: 56 KB, 478x475, b0d797eb166d29ef061f1c0afcb937b7pepe-cries-happily.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How the fuck do you put something that exposes you in every single post

>> No.27622887

at i'm not in a cult

>> No.27622950
File: 73 KB, 420x361, 1611703473634.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They didn't even work there.

>> No.27623003

no cussing club

>> No.27623032
File: 90 KB, 645x773, image_2021-02-03_192800.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can see why you are losing money on GME, you are really fucking bad with your intuition dude, like really really bad

>> No.27623124

Because it was a highly speculative gamble? So I only put in what I was willing to lose.

>> No.27623132

It's not intuition. Your lingo is so off you might as well literally say you're a hired shill

>> No.27623148

OP you're forgetting something important, there's nothing stopping the SEC from directing GameStop to print more shares and resolve things that way. It's perfectly legal and would solve the kike's problems. I don't know how you're going to stand up against 'SHARE PRINTER GO BRRRR'.

>> No.27623460

Also im a not retarded kike who overleverages my portfolio to the point that a loss would wipe me out.

>> No.27623572
File: 3.54 MB, 3000x3000, image_2021-02-03_193219.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its ok to lose, here have a participation trophy

>> No.27623618

>I'm not an asshole, i-it's Wall Street culture

Whatever makes you sleep at night dude.

>> No.27623826
File: 247 KB, 1036x1154, image_2021-02-03_193611.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

but im an asshole lol
anon I...

>> No.27623875

Accurate. GME is a massive group effort with highly distributed risk (for most participants). Group action for a common goal.

>> No.27623972

people were talking about this yesterday, someone posted that they saw something about it happening, no source tho

>> No.27623985
File: 242 KB, 1080x1794, IMG_20210203_192135.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We're not afraid of losses around here. High risk high reward is all it's about around here and we make more gains relative to portfolio size. Your mentor is Boomer bitch that doesn't know how to invest and only got rich cause he got an army of drones following him

>> No.27624156

nice portfolio btw, all green yummy

>> No.27624287

no link or eth

>> No.27624313

Giving investment advice is like giving relationship advice. Best not to do it, because if anything goes bad for any random reason you're going get blamed for it.

>> No.27624339

Trying to attack the wrong words buddy

>> No.27624568


>> No.27624636

Please continue. It's cute seeing you try to find the words that make it look like you fit in

>> No.27624707
File: 1.40 MB, 400x225, 1606271476916.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's easy to tell from your language your some trust fund nigger larping as a shitposter.

>> No.27624916

if I posted timestap you all would be fucking destroyed at how bad your intuition is lmao

>> No.27625004

Okay so this is just painful so let me help you
Go to /b/ or /pol/ for spicy memes for attention grabbing posts, plain wojacks are some reddit shit. Also you don't need to be so restrained with your words, this is one of the few places left on the internet where you can just pop in, call someone a "Niggerfaggot" and then dip. It's fun, give it a shot on your next Power Lunch

>> No.27625106
File: 102 KB, 746x500, 1596269036618.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>people meme about Q and trust the plan in relation to gamestop
>that site literally has GME next to election 2020

>> No.27625112

Should I continue to sell calls to people while I hold? If they fail to deliver, then shouldn't the price spike again? Maybe not a short squeeze, but at least some upward movement?

>> No.27625132

A timestamp of what?

>> No.27625321
File: 713 KB, 820x872, image_2021-02-03_195017.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nigger tongue my anus

>> No.27625410

You're getting the hang of it

>> No.27625426

>read about the potential of gme 2 weeks ago
>hesitate to go in on thursday
>closes at 31 on friday
>alright fuck it, I will buy in on monday
>monday comes, buy in after market at 86, but dont throw all my money in
>keep reading about the potential
>start to get warped into the cult
> decide to buy more next day at 120
>see profits
>keep reading the hype
>its not about the money anymore.jpg
>panic and buy 2 shares at 400 at market open thinking im gonna miss the take off
>wake up later to a loss on thise shares
>surely it will go back up right?
> no, it wont
>restrictions in place
>keep reading holding hope for the «real takeoff»
> figure I should just wait after the weekend maybe it will takeoff there
>monday comes and still in the green but price keeps falling
>keep reading the hype, but start to realize it might not be worth it anymore
>arrive to today, lost half of my investment
Fuck it. Im not getting involved in this type of shit again. Letting emotions take over is retarded af. Its funny, I used to invest in crypto and never really lost out on my investments, but I restart investing in the stock market and I take a massive L. Lesson learned. Sucks for people that really dumped shitlods of money though. I only dropped 2k in, but leaving with 1k loss is totally cool with me. Now losing over 10k?

>> No.27625443

being this new

>> No.27625503

You think people are retarded just like you with your synthetic share selling?
You don’t need 14B to make 6B company a 20B one. Rest of float doesn’t even need to be touched. Price discovery is driving the price just like your massive short ladder nobody can get through.

>> No.27625542

No no go ahead. Post a timestamp. Prove us wrong I'm curious now

>> No.27625551

its real kek

>> No.27625713
File: 45 KB, 312x350, El68jVrWoAII49U.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

See now you're getting it

>> No.27625826

You think you’re meme savvy?

>> No.27625837

finally an answer thanks anon, that actually makes sense

>> No.27626066

honestly I dont think I'm meme savvy at all I mainly browse pol and since the Qanon/maga shit they dont have very good memes there, im too old for this shit

>> No.27626228

are you mad that you couldn't buy in earlier, shill, or...?

>> No.27626426


>> No.27627221

I'm gonna get my uni stipend in 2 days.
I'll put another 100 in.
Also investing in an organic hemp rope start up situated in New York, for the imminent demand.

>> No.27627411

Form an investment thesis before investing. Determine acceptable risk.
Get out if your thesis becomes invalidated later

>> No.27627628

>Invest in GME
>Invest in suicide rates
That is some advanced hedging

>> No.27627789
File: 304 KB, 706x530, 1542016046-olbognadeur.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just fucking sell

>> No.27628012

so are the brokers fucked?


>> No.27628385
File: 24 KB, 236x208, Screenshot 2021-02-03 at 20.16.46.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

um gguys

>> No.27628438

The ones who let the short hedgies trade through them, selling stocks that didn't exist.... those might be superfucked. The ones who borrowed customer shares to the short hedgies for the non-naked shorting should be nervous about getting them back. I bet some of them have already recalled as much as possible, and some others refuse to let the short hedgies borrow more.

>> No.27628938
File: 1.41 MB, 2730x2048, 1612294079701.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice thread OP.
Do you think retail investors like wsb actually play a role in this?
I think the opposing hedgies who want to feed on this might actually be the big players here. There are a few of them who bought more GME shares on Monday.

>> No.27629064

For a FUD shill, that was pretty funny.

>> No.27629824

The amount of tinfoil hattery and grasping at straws is on parallel with the shithole that WSB has become.

Hey, dumbass, do you know why buy/sell ratios are skewed towards buys? Because the ratio is calculated based on INDIVIDUAL orders not the actual $ trade value.

So you have a bunch of autists from WSB still buying into this shit with their 1-2 shares, while all the smart players and institutions are dumping on your dumbasses in fewer but BIGGER orders. That's why the buy/sell ratio is skewed. Not because hurrr durrrr THIS IS KINDA SUS RIGHT GUYS?

Fucking idiots. Keep jerking each other off in your echo chamber. The loss porn will be epic.

>> No.27629947
File: 956 KB, 1125x2436, 863AC0A5-AA67-4DBE-A878-0B92F19D5CF1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


SI is 226

>> No.27630047

There is even shills on this thread, I am watching bloomblerg tv in this and the amount of mockery and jockery when they talk about the "memes stonks" as if their jews masters gave them the order to minimize the media about it but make fun of them when you do

>> No.27630141

It seems impossible to find a way to profit off this possibility, then.

Since this saga started, I've pulled 75% of my capital out of my broker (TDA) and left the remaining long TLT and VXX. I don't see how congress can adequately fix this situation.

>> No.27630235

>while all the smart players and institutions are dumping on your dumbasses in fewer but BIGGER orders.

>> No.27630322
File: 175 KB, 2000x1333, 1610131967-thebigshort.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What do you think about AMC?

>> No.27630328

Teaching hedgies memes is way more fun than jumping into some faggot movement with fucking reddit of all people

>> No.27630387


You're a dumbass, this website and all similar websites report SI % from January 15th. And before you retort with "but look at the date under the price", that date ONLY pertains to the price. Real SI % figures get published by NASDAQ on February 9th, but if you are even a tiny bit not retarded you would have seen all the analytics agencies reporting that SI % is significantly down. Read the room. There is no grand conspiracy. The squeeze already happened when the price went from $4 to $400 dumbass.

>> No.27630525


Are you honestly this dumb that you need a source because you can't put 2 and 2 together?

Why do you think the price dumped despite the skewed buy ratio? If you can't answer this question, close your brokerage account and forget about the stock market, because you're clearly too retarded.

>> No.27630600
File: 53 KB, 1221x400, si.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>but if you are even a tiny bit not retarded you would have seen all the analytics agencies reporting that SI % is significantly down
Like pic related?

>> No.27630645

that's smart but then we have no liquidity. if we can convince reddit to get their shares delivered physical while we participate in the pump and dump that'd be great but it's a retarded idea for anyone who actually wants to make money

>> No.27630670

It's high risk, high return retard. If you could 10x an investment within a week everyone would be doing it.

>> No.27630752


Yes, clearly companies that are completely independent of each other are ALL colluding together, including the media and all the financial institutions just to get you to sell your 2 shares. Clearly.

>> No.27630998
File: 101 KB, 650x429, FB7CE508-0C0C-46C5-8CFD-F5A0C3707A5B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How much do they pay you? And did your boss go splat yet? By the way using your own logic nobody knows what the actual SI is given the frequency on which it is officially reported but here you are reporting on it.

>> No.27631138

>Didn't dispute the pic
>Adding words to my mouth
Who said about independent companies colluding with each other? Sure buddy.
If you read my post here
My stand is that other big players are getting in the game to feed on the shorts.

>> No.27631179

How much does Melvin pay you to FUD on /biz/ and reddit?

>> No.27631240
File: 24 KB, 106x128, 1611872082705.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fucking euros what do those fucking commas mean your numbers make no god damn sense

why the fuck do you use periods and commas interchangably

what the fuck does E30.786,96 mean vs E284,40 and E0,28992930

why the fuck is there no fucking consistency

i fucking hate other countries

>> No.27631442

We can see that you are not a fren.

>> No.27631450

Additionally, there are actual bought old, inactive accounts on reddit with enough karma so that they can post on wsb. They have been posting there for the past 3 days.
I don't think that is true on /biz/ but talking to you I don't know anymore.
And lastly, maybe all of us are insane and just holding bags. Why do you care honestly?
I can actually understands the fags that are making fun of us. But you seem mad for some reasons.

>> No.27631639

Let the kike try.

>> No.27631687


Yes, I am clearly scouring /biz/ because I'm on Melvin Capital's payroll. For the record, I still hold a little GME in case some miracle happens, but I cashed out most of it last week at $350.

To answer your question, it is true, no one knows the REAL SI figures yet before February 9th. But there are independent agencies with algorithms that are reporting it to be significantly down along with other hedge funds claiming they closed their positions.

What do you think is more likely, that everyone is lying and colluding together - companies that have absolutely nothing to do with each other, or that just maybe these hedge funds are not retarded and repositioned their short positions last week and this monday?

And before you throw reddit's favorite argument "but the volume was not high enough for them to cover!!!", covering does not happen in one single instance. Smart traders can ride the volatility and cover over multiple days. Moreover, they have also leveraged ETFs and funds holding existing shares (Blackrock, Vanguard, etc.) to trade them. These trades would NOT show up on the trade volume and would have NO effect on the price. There are already articles out there confirming some ETFs have seen their GME positions shrink due to being traded to these hedge funds.

But you do you. Keep believing in a grand conspiracy and about sending a message. From having had these hedge funds by the balls, you are all now literally throwing money at them and they are pissing themselves laughing.

>> No.27631811

Yeah but combined with a pink wojak is just glowy af. I love how other autists share my spidysense.

>> No.27631855

u musst be fukin fried if u think ima read all dat shit

>> No.27631863

didnt read all that kike shit, sorry shlomo

>> No.27632035
File: 109 KB, 960x964, 1l01a746oaf61.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>other big players are getting in the game to feed on the shorts.
I agree. There is no way big players who aren't in the hedgie in-club are feeding like sharks on this. Retail can't turn a stonk into a $100 stablecoin for a day.

>> No.27632111

Either way I'm still holding. My portfolio is still in the green even if all my GME shares go to 0.

>> No.27632218

I’m down like 7k, but I have to admit this bones’ ride has been pretty funny. Some anon posted about the real hodl being the new frens we made along.

This place is a shithole, but it’s still my shithole.

>> No.27632508

Look it up yourself you phone posting newfag double nigger. Even better, go back to plebbit and never come here again

>> No.27632856
File: 57 KB, 633x1024, 1610268656294.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sub 9

>> No.27633046


>> No.27633058

>completely independent of each other

>> No.27633277

I’ve been saying for days it’s at 400%, these kikes are just very good at hiding it

If you aren’t balls deep in GME you might as well quit stocks, the only thing you have to do is hodl. I’m surprised reddit (of all people) are more based than 4chan concerning this

>> No.27633847

That's true.
Still (((they))) can buy and sell themselves driving discovery down.
There's nothing to do but to wait.
I would like to experience what they are doing must feel like you're the master of puppets.

>> No.27633942
File: 17 KB, 333x499, 233.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What do you think is more likely, that everyone is lying and colluding together

>> No.27634562

>World of finance is so fucking corrupt, never underestimate how much they can drag things.
once i take my profits on GME i'm fucking off to crypto and probably never touching stocks again. the machinations of this system are kafkaesque. its completely absurd

>> No.27634644

Good luck clearing borrowed shares that the retards are holding in their "diamond" hands.
It's gonna take months and you gonna roll.

>> No.27635953

They are getting better
E30.786,96 = €30,786.96
E284,40 = €284.40
E0,28992930 = €0.28992930

>> No.27636796

Somewhere along the line all our autism merged into one

>> No.27637058


>> No.27637552

bump for interest

>> No.27637690


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