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How long do you bums think this Bull market will last for?

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This is a pretty enlightening chart

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There are some more interesting charts at lookintobitcoin.com

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6 months, tops.

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Should last until summer at least. Probably won’t crash as hard as in 2018 either. Too many new people with skin in the game, lots more institutional support, rampant inflation, and the GameStop fuckery redpilled a lot of normies on how jewed stocks are.

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it's over, you just don't realize it apparently

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Top will be in by summer next year. It will shatter expectations though.

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THIS MARKET IS NEVER GOING TO CRASH! Shit Anon, I am so rich, I don't even know where to put my money. Biden and the FED just keep giving me money for stocks. I think i might buy some more DOGE coin tomorrow.

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The only chart that matters

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>I posted it again!

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17th of december

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Top 42k bottom 30k 10 year cycle