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The AWS of Blockchain edition

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scam, token not needed. this can be done with better version of etherscan kind of small api's.

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Any long term price predictions lads? I am personally predicting a price between $100-150 in 5 years time.
My rationale for thinking this is as follows: I see the Graph doing a 10X from now and finding itself firmly in the top 5 by market cap. In addition to this, I see the whole sector ballooning by X20 in the next five years.

Maybe that's just pure hopium on my part but I don't think it's unreasonable. If anyone is thinking the 10billion circulation of tokens is going to be a problem I can understand that, I feel it's not going to be a problem when delegation is considered.

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>5 years
too long. 3 years. max.

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70 cent floor is rock. Fucking. Solid.

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already being utilized by major blockchain names.

cope harder nufag

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Why won't it go down already? I just want to buy the dip but it's waiting until I go to bed to dip.

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the needful sirs

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$1 before valentines day. I can feel it

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whats your stack looking like bros. currently at 1,600 GRT

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You're gonna OD on that hopium. You probably got a small bag and hoping to make it big, am I right?

What is more likely is that we will hit 20 bucks in a year or two. Considering the progress that crypto has made in the last few years with all of the working products. The Graph also fills a huge need and most big-time crypto investors already invested early into The Graph.

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Why isn't this dipping below 70c
I had the opportunity to buy at 55c but I'm brain dead just fucking shoot me.

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recently graduated from toyota peasant of cyberspace to plug craftsman of butts

GRT Stack Rankings

>Pope/church - Dev team

>The Google King (500,001grt) + of Blockchains (99th percentile grt/hr)

>The API Prince/Princess (250,001-500,000grt) + of APY (percentile grt/hr)

>The Bitcoin Barron/Barroness (175,001-250,000grt) + of cryptocurrency (percentile grt/hr)

>The Lambo Grand Cross (125,001-175,000grt) + of Ferrari (percentile grt/hr)

>The Garlic Bread Grand Officer (75,001-125,000grt) + of Money (percentile grt/hr)

>The DD Commander (50,001-75,000grt) + of Tits (percentile grt/hr)

>1st Class White Knight (35,001-50,000grt) + of Supremacy (percentile grt/hr)

>2nd Class Never Knight (25,001-35,000grt) + of Womanhood (percentile grt/hr)

>Schekel Merchant(20,001-25,000grt) + of High Yield Savings Accounts (percentile grt/hr)

>Bag Trader (15,001-20,000grt) + of Bagholding (percentile grt/hr)

>Plug Craftsman (10,001-15,000grt) + of Butts (percentile grt/hr)

>Pajeet Farmer (9,001-10,000grt) + of Crypto Scams (percentile grt/hr)

>Toyota Peasant (7,501-9,000grt) + of Cyberspace (percentile grt/hr)

>Sausage Laborer (5,001-7,500grt) + of Hotdogs (percentile grt/hr)

>McDonald's Slave (3,501-5,000grt) + of Reddit (percentile grt/hr)

>Chai latte Beggar (1,501-3,500grt) + of Iraq (percentile grt/hr)

>Dollar Store Pariah (501-1,500) + of Food Stamps (percentile grt/hr)

>Torn Condom Untouchable (1-500) + of Ass Problems (1st percentile grt/hr)

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>me after dumping 10k USD into this coin and waiting 5 years

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forgot, anon who posted this also included:

ADDITIONALLY: one whos indexing will go by their handle followed by their caste. delegators may state their caste, followed by loyalty to their indexer

>we shall format it as such:
>(stack amount)(grt/hr)=
>(Graph Lord)(Googler of blockchains)
>(Graph Knight)(plugger of butts)

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Set a market limit to buy once it drops to a certain price?

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Your rationale is just a restatement of your original prediction. You've essentially proven that 2+2=4 by stating that 2x2=4 and that 2=2. It might make sense in your head but you haven't brought forth any actual supporting evidence.

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If it hits $25 I'll be set for life if I live within the means I currently do. I'm more interested in the speculation as to where GRT and crypto in general might be in 5 years time.

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>tfw still chai latte beggar.

i've got some work to do.

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The AWS is aleph.im fellow graphstronaut.

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same here bro. I was feeling okay about my 2k stack but...i dont know if im gonna make it.

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fucking pissed i didnt buy more when it was crabbing at 0.3

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>the AWS of blockchain
Dude I hold 50k worth of GRT and it's not the AWS of blockchain, RLC is the AWS if anything. GRT is the Google/Yahoo/Bing of blockchain.

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No need to worry, the volume is decreasing. It may took 4-6 day until it dip down because the top holder being greedy faggot 1$ EOD.

Don't get FOMO'D.

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i wanted to dump 10k in and delegate but the supply is doubling in a few months. might just do 5k

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we might be able to afford a used toyota corolla in 3 years.

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How about a decent house

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i dont want to be a fucking FIRST CLASS WHITE KNIGHT

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Supply won’t just be dumped into the market

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Can someone help me understand a few points when it comes to delegating? After the 28 days are up, are my coins chucked back into my wallet, or can I re-delegate them without having to pay the gas to get them there again? I'm still a stacklet so I don't have enough girth to make it worth the gas yet if I have to pay it every time.

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hoping for 50k at least
that's 1m at $20 which is pretty unlikely, but with delegating I should be able to get to 100k before I sell by adding a bit each paycheck.

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need to buy a car but dont want to spend extra money i could put in crypto

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Even if it is and the price tanks, use it as an opportunity to buy an assload of coins

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redpill me, it looks like its just gonna be market sold

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so none of the new coins released will be available for purchase?

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Why is it staying so solid around .75? Why aren't we seeing the dip everybody promised?

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Looks like we're not dropping from this level anymore
guess the only thing I am gonna swing now is $ROPE

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they go back to your wallet

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>pissed i didn't buy more when it was crabbing at .3
You too? I thought we had weeks if not months before lift off. Not days.

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Does any anon have the link where you can check estimated rewards for delegating . Thanks and also 16k graphlet here.

>> No.27571967

Lots of buy orders at .74 and lots of sell orders at .77 keep it crabbin around 75

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Forgive me, you are right. I'm making an assertion and not actually rationalising it. I do recall an analyst stating a total market cap of 22 trillion in the long term however I cannot find it to link to.

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It's a common psychological, everyone FOMO by 1$, How much ppl you think who bought at .80 ??

It currently bearish at the moment. If the price break below .73 then we can make sure it dip back around .60 to .75 again

Also the volume is decreasing since yesterday, see coinmarketcap.com

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Daft GRT - Tokinologic
>Burn it, blaze it, chief it, spark it
>Light it, rip it, snap - reload it
>Vape it, flame it, bun it, poke it
>Bake it, box it, cheech and chong it
>Hit it, zoot it, choom it, dust it
>Sack it, loke it, puff-puff pass it.
>Toast it, roll it, bong it, zone it
>Clear it, choke it, and shotgun it
>Trim it, grind it, hash it, keif it
>Roast it, dutch it - don’t Bogart it
>Smoke it, stoke it, dab it, torch it
>Doob it, spliff it, blunt and bone it
>Twist it, cone it, jay it, roach it
>Sessh it, spark it, wake and bake it
>Rig it, nail it, fade it, head it
>Stash it, bag it, quick re-up it
--De-flat-in' it.
--De-flat-in' it.
--De-flat-in' it.

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This pleases vishnu. Fucking kek

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>in five years
The Graph will have sucked up, consolidated and indexed every piece of data from every viable Blockchain. The Graph will have created a user-friendly, searchable version of WEB3 for each of those chains. For the entirety. For the whole. Of WEB3.

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That looks delicious as fuck.

>> No.27572269

Finish the sentence.

The Graph - The ______ of PRQ

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buy GRT and get bitches on your dick

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Was thinking the same, I kept waiting for a dump back to 0.3-0.4 to double my stack. Price already doubled so kinda worrying and wanting to just buy

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I'm holding you personally accountable if I don't make lift off but if I do I'll print out your post and put it in a nice frame for saving me money. We just past .76 again though so I'm feeling nervous.

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My point being..how much is that worth - do you even THINK!
Thanks. Kek.

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Bought 1k grt. If I don't make thousands I'm going to jump off a bridge.

>> No.27572725

I'd think that's a $100+ token at that point.

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Let me ask the following. Do any if you faggots remember the ARPANET? Do you remember the INTERNET pre-Google? Fuck jeeves and the rest of it. You needed to know exactly where you were going before even beginning. Google had an index and it worked. Now, it is shit in comparison. In terms of bias and filter. Google is a very valuable entity. The Graph has a different model, yet still very lucrative - even now. The Graph will do to WEB3 what Google did to WEB1-2.

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How much GRT should I buy? Like is this a meme or what? I got BTC. Should I convert all that to GRT and go all in? Am I an idiot?

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So. What's it really worth if it succeeds in doing >>27572206 this?

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Fucking hell I want Italian food now.
GRT is a not a meme, it's a decent long term hold I'd recommend picking up at least 10k, at least enough to delegate for a bit.

>> No.27573347

I'm sure within the month it will take a nice nosedive even if it pumps.

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that face when lowly Schekel Merchant thanks to 2 yr old doge bags

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I sold all at .65

I want back in

gonna need a dip

>> No.27573500

Should I convert my linkies to grt???

>> No.27573667

How many linkies?

if you have 1-500 sell all for GRT
if you have 500-1000, self half for GRT
If you have 1000-10,000 sell 1/3rd for GRT

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To be fair this is probably the best coin to OD on hopium with. We know the market cap is going to be huge. The only question is how high can it get.

>> No.27573787

50:50, don't sell everything at GRT.

GRT is 2 month old coin, it's unpredictable.

>> No.27573821

I have officially acquired my suicide stack of 10k GRT, and I'm going to delegate it tomorrow. Here's hoping we all make it, anons.

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Boi, I'm just gonna start telling you guys when I sit my limit buy orders trying to catch a dip so you can catch the upswing and make money.
Literally every time I set some reasonable limit buys it just pic related's.

>> No.27573930

Where/how do you even delegate it? Is that even safe?

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Hold on guys, gotta show Graphie Shapiro my new tattoo

>> No.27574075

retard. The rewards are absolute dogshit. Just swing a bit of it

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Dumb question here.
What is delegating? I know what google is I want a biz answer.

>> No.27574136

based. Swinging is absolute bullshit. Just delegate to p2p

>> No.27574303

It's waiting on my money to clear

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In bed thinking about buying more comfy GRT

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In 2 hours, Im about to dump 103million GRT on binance at market price

You have been warned

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>Tfw I'm a plug craftsman of butts

>> No.27574689

I don't even fully understand The Graph, but I know it's going to soar just due to the name alone. Best branding in all of crypto.

>> No.27574782

You want a biz answer? Do your own research you dumb nigger

>> No.27574885

Where are you storing your GRT? I hate storing anything in metamask for too long. Given that it's an ERC20, I could put it into my hardware wallet, right?

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That's what they said about NRG. lost 5K to that scam.
And here I am with a 20K stack of GRT
Let's gooooooooo

>> No.27575041

i'm just staking mine on crypto.com at 3%
maybe i'm dumbass, but comfy having the illusion of more control

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File: 3.43 MB, 300x364, 75C8A2F8-6C58-40AE-A18A-C2DDB16A7DA5.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I got 550 of them
Will I make it as a hot sexy goyim?

>> No.27575050

$100 ea puts this at 1 trillion market cap. That’s not going to happen.

>> No.27575084

This strategy is actually smart and effective.

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Not gonna risk this again. Just sold all my shit and will buy back in 3 hours if he was just trolling. Better safe than sorry. got dumped on with other shitcoins before

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Welcome to the club, fellow suicide stacker. WAGMI.

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File: 3.55 MB, 4088x5586, 1611039941953.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]





>> No.27575218

Prove you even have that many.

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>> No.27575295

>token not needed.
The tokens are what fuels indexing and curates it. wtf are you on about?

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I'm currently all in on XLM. Should I switch to this or hold for now? Both seem like solid long term holds.

>> No.27575385

I wonder if it's too late already. My stack is only 1700 but I was gonna put in a few hundred a month to grow it by EOY, hopefully before it hits a dollar.

>> No.27575405

What's wrong with erc20 wallet? Gas fees when selling or converting?

>> No.27575417

That looks tasty you fucking wop.
Fuck it I’m buying more grt

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Get a suicide stack at least, so you won't kys when it hits $10 EOY anon.

>> No.27575643

lol so you spend all the interest in gas putting redelegating ?

>> No.27575652

Okay, so I’ve got a 1k stack (most of it bought around ~.55) right now. But I’m using Coinbase. How necessary is delegating in terms of making it?
I’m planning on dumping my next few paychecks into more GRT regardless.

>> No.27575833


>> No.27576049

3.8k grt tokes. Am I gonna make it?

>> No.27576431

I’ve only got 500

>> No.27576661

how does 500K sound?

>> No.27576858

That sounds beautiful, like a dream
Enjoy your gains my friend

>> No.27577038

GRT hitting $1000 sound too good to be within the realm of possibility.

>> No.27577132

only 2k graphies please give me time to accumulate

>> No.27577148

maybe in 10 years, anon.

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how come it didn't dump once it reached .725 points today and yesterday?

>> No.27577260
File: 419 KB, 680x854, grt priest.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We had his blessing.

>> No.27577394

you know why. look at the chart one more time.

>> No.27577510

>crypto is a joke and btc will never be more than a $10 meme
are you faggots from 2007?
sound so familiar

>> No.27577528

Not that necessary. It's about 15% return in number of tokens, which is good, but I would save up until you have more to justify the gas cost.

>> No.27577696

>"Oh Shit it almost hit 1$ guys, newfag gonna buy this coin when it almost reach 1$"
>"Oh shit let's GOOOOOOOO.....Time to swing and make newfag FOMO at this coin"
>"That's a brilliant idea duuuudd."
>"HODL !!!! DO NOT SELL !!!"
>HODL thread everywhere
i mean...

>> No.27577881

That literally puts it at $10T market cap though. Not going to happen this cycle, probably not even next cycle.

>> No.27577958

is schizo posting on the menu today?

>> No.27578141

If my little measley $1600 some investment out of my wagie checks can turn into 4.5 million in 10 years, I'll have achieved my goal of becoming financially set before I'm 40 a lot more easily than I ever expected. Don't play with my dreams, it can't be, but I absolutely want it to.

>> No.27578156

>anon speak the truth
>"S-Schizo !!!!"
>not even check the archive
holy shit anon you're such a fucking faggot

>> No.27578215

checked. based.

>> No.27578241

$1600 all in GRT? Significant gains will still be seen..

Could be $16,000 EOY for all we know. Possibly more..

>> No.27578353
File: 404 KB, 840x854, schizo wojak.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27578592

Yes, all in GRT with only a little ETH to move it around. I fully expect $10 EOY, $20 next year, maybe up to $50 someday but it's too soon to reasonably predict anything further down the road than that. I'll keep holding, we'll see where this goes. I'm trying to protect my psyche (and maybe others) from getting clouded by hype and hopium.

>> No.27578674

Is this shit dumping tomorrow?

>> No.27579978

not much past 0.70 imo

>> No.27580054


>> No.27580156


>> No.27580345
File: 617 KB, 811x506, 1592124246547.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Just failed my last final
This shit better moon to 1000 or its gonna be 14h a day behind assembly line for me

>> No.27580401
File: 112 KB, 774x803, checkem.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>$100-150 in 5 years time.
Try 5 days

>> No.27580567

I'm broke too, mostly in GRT/ETH/BTC. Put a little into Rubic to see where it goes.

Hopefully going to escape 4 figure hell eventually.

>> No.27580657
File: 47 KB, 720x720, BZZT BZZT hallo Bogdanoff, eez me, BOI SMINEM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can someone photoshop this with some GRT stuff? Our boy is even wearing blue, the color of the grt gang

>> No.27580714

mid week dip bro you still here? you think .70 is the new floor maybe .65 can be reached?

>> No.27580723

imagine holding this instead of using it to gain more kleros.

>> No.27580804

PNK is a retarded idea nobody but weirdos will ever use the courts.

>> No.27581157

First I thought
> gotta buy 5m more so I’m a Lambo dude
But then I realized, I’ll just become a Lambo dude anyway soon from the staking

>> No.27581168

Buy used

>> No.27581187

the Asian gf of blockchain

>> No.27581288

Limit sell at 0.95

>> No.27581330

of course, looking for a toyota/honda around 4-5k grand

it'll be my first car, and hopefully the car to last me until 2025

>> No.27581397

I set some sells at 0.88

>> No.27581429

Big brain move

>> No.27581446

The 28 days are after you decide to undelegate. If you just want to keep delegating you don’t have to do anything once you’ve delegated. Your rewards are automatically added to your delegation stack, so it compounds.

>> No.27581521


>> No.27581577

Imagine you had bought an asset now worth $1M for $10k. The question for these investors now is “would you like to sell, or stake and get 20% APY on that $1M (so $200k free per year from your $10k investment) that’s looking a lot like it will be $2M soon?”

>> No.27581852


>> No.27581900

Staking is not without its risks

>> No.27581964

Hey man, we'll blast through 4 figs on GRT alone easily. I've got a 4.5k stack, I'll be in 6 figs when it hits $22.5 and I'm still not selling.

>> No.27581987

My question is what am I looking for when delegating?

>> No.27582024

what are the risks?

>> No.27582049

Losing your crypto

>> No.27582119
File: 61 KB, 434x400, 2ADD5313-51EC-45D1-8E5D-AA6739829FF0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guys, it went from 0.7-1.5 to 5+
How is that possible ? I’m only delegating 36k
Potential rewards went to 0 when it happened (and ... well, they went up really fast with this new rate per hour).
Anyone has an explanation ?

>> No.27582230

Yep. It’s not a guarantee. It’s kind of like exponentially multiplying your stress!

>> No.27582315

the forever crab coin. fuck this shit

>> No.27582341

I should've got more at 0.37. Only bought 600.

>> No.27582424

GTFO of this coin if you're expecting a quick pump and dump. It's engineered to make you rich over the long run, just buy and stake.

>> No.27582435

Yeah! The 30 ce- I mean 40- 50 cen- 60, uhhh, 70 cent crab coin.

>> No.27582485

Why are you not staking with an indexer to get 5x-10x that return?

>> No.27582488

what do you guys think of COIN?

>> No.27582490

What gas fees are you paying for when you delegate? Is it the tokens getting deposited to you?

>> No.27582493

Got 5k lying around, what do you guys think would be a good entry for GRT? Always liked the project, but it looks a bit overheated rn. Debating between just buying more BTC or throwing it all into GRT.

>> No.27582551

imo diversifying is never a bad idea, and I believe in GRT. I would personally probably go a bit wider though.

>> No.27582580

Why tf isn’t it coming down, trading activity is 65% sell as well

>> No.27582584

not if youre staking bancor

>> No.27582589

> $1T mc
Sure it will happen, but it might take a few years. But the market for what the graph is doing will absolutely grow 1000x to be worth trillions.

>> No.27582900

For all the "supply" fags who are worried. If you wanna be a fag:
>just delegate 100$ until 1 month before the new supply hits the market.
>On that day, undelegate 50% and hold 28 days. >Sell on the day you receive your undelegated tokens.
>if price dumps, buy more GRT
>if price doesn't dump, redelegate and eat the loss (which will eventually be compensated again thanks to delegation rewards).

Now, if anyone has any brains, they will just hold because price will NOT dump. 100% GUARANTEED.

>> No.27582916


>> No.27582942

GRT is going up again lads. I had an order for cheaper but I FOMO'd in at 77.1c

Good decision so far

>> No.27582950

100$ delegated? is it even worth it at that point?

>> No.27582959

In 10 years time this is likely a $50,000 coin. Once GRT is adopted it'll be running trillions of queries each year, with each query burning GRT.
People need to stop thinking in terms of current supply. If you're willing to hold long enough, then the make it stack is only 100.

>> No.27582961


>> No.27582962

>just delegate 100$
wanted to say "delegate 100%"

>> No.27582981
File: 56 KB, 597x519, 69.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And here im stuck with 0.16per hour

>> No.27583043


>> No.27583051

Honestly im a poorfag, i just got my stack at 0.20
And i think this rate is not gonna last

>> No.27583064


I always wanted more but I had my funds in other shitcoins, I thought this would moon late. I have been holding a lot since 30c

>> No.27583122

whats that site again?

>> No.27583201

The graph stake machine dot com

>> No.27583237

So mean. I've got a 40k stack.
Should I put another few ETH in for 10 more K?

>> No.27583243

should i delegate 1260?

>> No.27583250

thanks bruv

>> No.27583296
File: 79 KB, 800x533, 1612260695025.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Im a pajeet farmer who is so close to becoming a butt plug craftsman.

Why are GRT threads so comfy?

>> No.27583297
File: 440 KB, 480x480, Zika Smash.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I sold at .80 if it hits .80 again I'll be forced to FOMO

>> No.27583459


Yes you can send it to your Eth address for cold storage.

>> No.27583494

please no, I need to accumulate

>> No.27583607

think about diversifying with REEF, it has similar potential, and FTM, it has higher potential, but is less likely to make it of course

>> No.27584002

shill me on both

>> No.27584163

Absolutely retarded. Just buy grt. We know GRT is going to 10x

>> No.27584375

That would be higher than bitcoins current marketcap are you retarded

>> No.27584548

Doubt it. His model involves BTC mooning 20x as well. 100 usd per is like 100x which is an mc of 1 tril while btc would be 12 tril.

>> No.27584645

when is ETH skyrocketing? this WK?

>> No.27584791

I'm about to go to bed but there are regular threads on them these days, check them out some time.

By the way REEF is slow but it's pumping a bit now since Binance is giving it some mention and is rumored to be staking it.

Yeah GRT is awesome too, I hold all 3 and in the order of GRT then REEF then FTM

>> No.27584854

It's advanced so far it won't sky rocket unless there's a major breakthrough with ETH 2.0

>> No.27585062

Seriously BASED and sensible anon

>> No.27585674

Does this account for the increasing supply? How much is the token issuance per year

>> No.27586550

3%. And once more subgraphs are added tokens will be burned/more people will be delegating/indexing

>> No.27586658

Is it going lower?

>> No.27586759
File: 26 KB, 400x400, 1611164913106.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>40k stack
You're guaranteed to make it anon. I'm so jelly.

>> No.27586839

yes, this, thank fuck because I need time to accumulate

>> No.27586881


>> No.27586887

Look at the graph. a lot of people are sitting on 3x bags in a short amount of time. Could dump at any moment

>> No.27587030

you're still gonna accumulate at this price?

>> No.27587147

yeah duh, this is a project for years not days or weeks

>> No.27587334

If it drops below .6 I'm buying another 10k.

>> No.27587507

>be me
>be newfag
>fomo into GRT - buys 2500
> delegate for gainz
> need ethereum gas
> gas fees 0.03 eth
lolwut? Selling my effereum stock boys this shit is fucked.

>> No.27587528

is it added automatically into delegation stack? thats kinda a bummer if at some point u want to check out monthly rewards, even if u have multiple stacks, taking it out just to sell is gonna lower ur compounding power

>> No.27587599

AWS of Blockchain is NuCypher. This is google of blockchain, don't confuse these two

>> No.27587717

also just realized every time u delegate back in, u lose 0,5%, combine it with 28 days and u got shitcoin ala grande


>> No.27587833

I got 1.7k delegating rn, how long does it usually take to realize rewards ? ive gotten 5.2 GRT for a week delegating, so if you have a similar stack size its worth it

>> No.27587973

Redpill me on Nucypher it looks pretty promising.

>> No.27588087

Easy, don't be poor

>> No.27588270


So u got 3.5euros worth in A week lmao, def not worth delegating that then

>> No.27588328

Why does MetaMask price GRT gas fees so much higher than ETH for me? Should I just manually calculate my gas and try to move it? It's asking for $11 in gas just to move 24 GRT

>> No.27588331
File: 1.78 MB, 1993x2048, Screenshot_20210107-000741.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

774 stack here. Will buy moar

Transferred my stack to Ledger from Coinbase last night for security; bastards at Ledger don't support The Graph though so no idea how much my stack is worth daily

>> No.27588397

>I am personally predicting a price between $100-150 in 5 years time
Kek. Take less drugs.
I'm in over $30,000 on GRT, I like it a lot, but there's no way this gets over $5 in the next 3-5 years

>> No.27588407

Go back to Freddit nigger

>> No.27588520

It will reach 1-2$ this year and then will slowly grow with the overall growth of crypto

>> No.27588530

>$5 eoy

>> No.27588881

This is realistic.
I think $1.40 max by EOY, likely doubling from that by 2023.
I'd be really surprised if this ever rested above $5 for any significant amount of time.

I wish, but that is extremely unlikely. GRT is going to be a textbook example of a stablecoin.

>> No.27588983

why the fuck i need to put in stable coin when i have 10x over night in crypto...fug off pajeet

>> No.27589091

>calls me pajeet
>can't put together a coherent sentence
Only pajeet here is you.

>> No.27589228

It's mid week and a day or two before the pump. We're due a drop to about .65 aren't we?

>> No.27589339

Nope, not anymore. Now we’re just passing checkpoints

>> No.27589875

Whelp bought back in. I should have trusted mynown analysis in the first place rather than the randomer in yesterday's thread.

>> No.27589905

41,000 graphies now

>> No.27589985

Never listen to swingies. They all have an agenda

>> No.27590105


>> No.27590217

Are you expecting another DOGE? Go back to plebbit ok this is an EOFY investment at the minimum

>> No.27590282

Yeah I realized that when I tried to swing it and lost some money yesterday. Just need to buy some rn

>> No.27590485
File: 307 KB, 1016x1350, SmartSelect_20210203-120855_Binance.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27590771

Just bought back my swing at sell price. FML watching it all day was too dramatic.

>> No.27590856

Welcome back, wasteful son

>> No.27590898
File: 300 KB, 945x745, 1612132684827.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27591014
File: 149 KB, 481x179, 2431053131.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he swung?
>poomp et

>> No.27591019

It's possible we could push past a dollar today. Fuck knows what that could trigger.

>> No.27591026

Everything's been bleeding apy steadily, as is to be expected with the pools being more and more diluted. Where do you guys see it settling?

>> No.27591038
File: 72 KB, 1125x1443, 16DA572F-A499-49E3-8F9F-4186A1979D38.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw bought at pic
>tfw dumped at .6
want to kill my self bros, it’s atleast going to come back down to .7 right?

>> No.27591102
File: 401 KB, 945x745, 1612150587690.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so be honest, how many of you got liquidated because you sold above .7 and are waiting for it to swing back down?

>> No.27591116


>> No.27591126

It usually dips tomorrow but if it gets through 0.8 and settles today I don't think we'll see lower 0.7 tomorrow or any time soon

>> No.27591214
File: 330 KB, 1144x888, 1612135215629.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

.8 is the new floor.

>> No.27591236

Not me nigga. Shit moves slow but its a great test of discipline and patience for some new to crypto like me

>> No.27591311

All I understand it's providing means to do distributed computation on data. Data is encrypted and never gets decrypted on computation node. This is at a glance.

>> No.27591339

I bought 1.5 million doge coin as a joke when it was at .0077 and sold at .0082 three days before it 10x'd
Some days I just don't want to live.
I could have made over $100,000

>> No.27591416

is this the monthly pump n dump, or is it as legit as link?

>> No.27591456

>100 grt
I hope this makes some money. I lost 150€ on fucking memestocks

>> No.27591520

200k here.

>> No.27591533
File: 1.15 MB, 1680x840, grt2damoon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you can try to swing it, but many lost souls were abandon in liquidation hell as the price steadily climbs.

ye been warned.

>> No.27591535

How does 110 bucks sound?

>> No.27591680
File: 7 KB, 250x200, tuxedo pepe pc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm happy for you GRTanons, that was a pretty brutal hold from listing. Those of you that didn't sell can consider yourselves battle-hardened. I also like that you reversed the 'x of blockchain' meme and threads aren't as cringe anymore, good job.

>> No.27591739

I swung link at $4 then got priced out, I swung prq at 0.33c and for priced out. I'm not fucking swinging this

>> No.27591796

I was all in on link until I realized they are going to spend another year not hitting their marks and releasing the needed updates.
It will probably go up eventually but its seeming pretty weak at this point

>> No.27591921

at what price would you recomend getting back in on link? 20?

>> No.27592241

If you have the money I'd just buy what you can and DCA down.
I'd be surprised if it goes below $20 again but I'd be even more surprised if it went above $30.
The $30 ceiling will be the next big hurdle and unless Sergey can actually do something this year it just doesn't seem likely.

>> No.27592332

.80 floor today

>> No.27592548

I have a ton of money saved up from wageslaving, I'm just getting into this shit, I'm thinking about starting slowly but I'm afraid I'll look back at all my savings and lament what could have been when this bullrun starts and I'm only like 2k in.

>> No.27593045
File: 21 KB, 225x225, 13855273.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27593315

Do it, stop being SUCH A FUCKIGN PUSSY

>> No.27593446


>> No.27593881


>> No.27594672

>what is etherscan
The absolute state of normies

>> No.27594833
File: 26 KB, 374x400, 1611944116999.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Conservative estimates on this coins value 5 years from now?

>> No.27594885


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