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Got lucky randomly googling:

github.com/parsiq/parsiq-solana-hclient v0.0.2

Layer 1 integration is coming soon per Parsiqs roadmap. Guessing this is it given the upload date

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fuuck its happening


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fuck all niggers. fuck all jews. fuck all minorities and janitors. parsiq is the coin of hitler and the third reich.

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Checked and don't know what to make of that kekked

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checked, parsiq threads are always blessed with good numerals

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who cares?

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Don’t know what to make of hitlers vision for the resurgence of the glory of the aryan race?
Are you serious???
Are you brown bro be honest

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No, I turn bright red in the sun, paracetamol white when normal, transparent and blue during lockdown. I'm Scottish.

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Wasn't solana old news, I might be misrembering something though. Good bullish confirmation regardless.

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normies dont like nazi, if you want them to buy your bags it has to be family friendly. This is now the vegan green new deal 4ir pod tesla resetters token

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Prime example of cope.

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they are so desperate when their "token not needed" is dumping and dumping. Trying to sell old news as new thing.

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Solana’s logo was on Anatoly’s bed sheet that he presented in a chink AMA a couple weeks back as an example I think

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The GitHub was created Jan 5th 2021 faggot

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Less than a month ago? So? Hardly going to slap it together on announcement day?

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Please explain to a brainlet why this matters.

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Parsiq are integrating with an L1 project, we've known this for a while but not who, this find shows they have been working with Solana 1.3bn Mcap and top 40. This is just another step in Parsiq integrating everything.

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Nobody said it was announced brainlet. We simply found the GitHub.

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Where did I say it was announced cockwomble?

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all jewish holders of parsiq must be stripped of their tokens.

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Maybe their gold teeth too and give them a bit of a slap?

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Where is everyone? Supposed to be celebrating here.

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Sorry, I was buying some FTM. I only invest in good projects and PRQ and FTM are my main two holds. These two things are going to make me very happy

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Im currently offloading a couple shitcoins. Gonna add 10k to the ol stack in a few. Time to celebrate will be once I’ve fattened my stack

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Seethe harder, cya at 10 dollars

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Congrats both. WAGMI

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im gonna cum. keep pumping and dumping this shitcoin

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Pump incoming in 1 day 3 hours 45 minutes.
T. Insider

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We are due a pump, risk of IL incoming. Are you ready for that?

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didnt you say this a few days ago for that exact date
i thought i screencapped it but my screencapture software must have geeked out

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the rewards i get for never sleeping
got my clock set for it

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Thursday confirmed announcement day. AMA on Okex tg would be a good place for it. 36,000+ members.

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