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First for PLTR

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first for WSB is a bunch of mouthbreathing retards

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Stop posting dead anime girls

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the sqeeze is squoze

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is CLF fag still alive?
Also don't buy Rolls Royce

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What are good value stocks for building a portfolio?

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Anything noteworthy happen this week so far?

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420 blaze it

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All I want to do is have sex with men and have my stock prices soar

why is this so difficult?

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At least those are real companies unlike the NAK ATTACK.

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No, that's what I'm doing too. Sometimes good shit does come up, like salmon anon's find.

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I want to hold hands with rkg

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First confirmed Reddit tranny committed suicide

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I hate Jews.

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Ah sweatie, I believe you're wrong.
>pic related

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sava promised an alzheimers cure just like most of those dirty kike pharma companies promise cures and reaped a massive profit

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If you open up these GIFs are the same time it looks like Greta is reacting to seeing a black person.

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is trading the only way the average person can get rich?

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imagine missing out on an obvious 50x stock and instead buying the top of said stock holy shit lmfao

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I dont think im fucking cut out for this shit this is the SECOND doge pump I still had bags from the first pump in what 17??? I litearlly thought this was going to 1 dollar I have like 200k. and I lost on NOK and BB what the FUCK AM i DOING WRONG

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there's also crime

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It's not a cure moron it's a treatment. The first Alzheimer's treatment that has shown cognitive improvements. So far no safety issues.

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You could also do real estate, marry rich or instantly become a government employee and accrue 3 pensions over a lifetime.

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buying the top and then HODLing it because anonymous basement dwellers told you to

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u can sell illegal substances or rob a bank :)

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I've run it through my mind about a hundred times and I can't imagine any other way that would be as efficient and worthwhile

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yeah I'm shorting SAVA, either I lose money and one of the worst aging diseases in the modern world is cured, or it's another jewish pump-and-dump lie and I make bank, it's a win-win

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You’re clicking order when you shouldn’t be. Stop

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give me 1000$ before you liquidate your account

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A startup space company called Astra is going public.
Invest at your own risk I ain't touching it.

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They don't list the stock i am looking to buy. Can I call any broker and ask them to place an order in the NASDAQ? I am not from the US.

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they all promise cures
thats the big pharma kike
i know that their shitty little treatment is just a 2 month delay of symptoms before sudden and rapid onset

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I think pic might be a crime

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Mr. Powell has basically price fixed everything up to the 5-yr and I would not be surprised if he did the same to 5-yr and beyond

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I never throw anything away so I've got years worth of shit kek. I change my closet out between spring/summer and fall/winter.

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You're ngmi

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clftranny I take it. Death is too good for that faggot.
I saw that, congrats to SAVA bros that was a rocky ride

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Are you guys MGTOWs?

>> No.27567586

Buy $SHSP before the big run up in a couple weeks.

Backed by Motley Fool

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>which nearly reached orbit on a launch in December

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No. Why do you keep asking that?

>> No.27567613

No, why do you ask?

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Are you guys MGTOWs?

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What about CLF I seen some guy shilling around here looks like he made a lot from that is it too late?? also heard a tip buying SU is a golden goose because people gonna realize we need more oil

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canadian oil... ew.

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I don't get this, when people talk real estate here do they mean real estate agent or investor?

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$BERY is best. $COLD, $CLNY, $T, $ACI

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No, I love 3DGF

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MARA/RIOT/BFAR bros, I think tomorrow will be a very good day for us if these BTC prices hold.

>> No.27567769

Lmao fuck clf tranny

>> No.27567803

why won't GME pump again? There is literally billionaires like Musk who are gonna pump it again

>> No.27567822

Should I buy Ford?

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When can this faggot reddit shit end so that my BB stabilizes back to where it was before we got caught in the crossfires?

Also, what's up with the unusual $40c for late Feb 2021 for a stock bouncing off of $11?

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what are some good oil and natural gas cheapies?
pretty sure the the green energy meme is a fakeout

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okay but anything legal, is the question, marrying rich was really the only other suggestion

>> No.27567886

how do you guys find undervalued stocks? im bored and figured dissecting random companies off the robinhood popular list would be a good place to start.

>> No.27567891

Nah man I'm just too poor to have a gf and hoard my tiny amount of shekels from working. I'm probably autistic, and I probably jerk off too much.

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Buying AMC and GME was the worst decision I've ever made financially, and I'll never do anything that stupid again.

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Back to your reddit tranny containment board you faggot

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Two more -50% days and I buy

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This is Frankie. He will grant you a nice and peaceful sleep. But only if you say

>Good boy Frankie

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find penny stocks, find new IPOs, DD, technical analysis, go nuts

>> No.27567937

Yeah, I really see that sentiment growing among more and more people everyday.

>> No.27567946

does this board do TA?

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why was mark cuban telling plebbit to HODL gme ??
whats his game plan

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Why Ford when TSLA?

>> No.27567960

>how do you guys find undervalued stocks?
Are you seriously asking how to consistently and unfailingly make money as a day trader?

>> No.27567969

>FOMOing into a pnd
Start from index funds first.

>> No.27567981

$18 GME? I think the floor is $40

>> No.27568021

my worst decision was selling GME at $37 because i didnt expect reddit would be so dumb to pump it like this

>> No.27568037

he knows...

>> No.27568053

Until March hits. They will do an offering to reduce their debt load and support their pivot plan.

>> No.27568075


might be he hates a major short that's in GME. he seems like he holds grudges. or he could just like the idea of fucking over someone who shorts 140% of the shares

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Has anyone heard from CBAT fren lately? Now that the GME shenanigans are done with, I'd like for something new to get excited about.

>> No.27568081

The squeeze hasn't even happened.

>> No.27568085

Im starting an experiment
Buying 5K of SPY in an account and not touching it for a year.
Another 5k into crypto without touching it
Ill have 5k to "trade" memes of /biz/ on another account and see how much of a difference it makes.

>> No.27568113

I can't afford Tesla.
Also, I don't want to get on Mr. Musk's Wild Ride.

>> No.27568127

Ford makes money. Ford and VW will likely casually have single years where they have more EV sales than everything TSLA has sold to date.
Yes, sometimes I look into tea leaves and then flip a coin

>> No.27568141

My one concern is, why the fuck didn't they dump bags on redditors at $400? They had an ATM shelf offering ready to go.

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Is there a way to filter who gives dividends? I just started and am waiting for my funds to appear on Wealthsimple. Because they're not there, I can't look at the stocks. Does Wealthsimple have it so you can sort by who gives dividends? Can you sort by price or sector (technology, farming, etc.) I want to try penny stocks as well as others.

>> No.27568147

investor. buying rental properties. most people who don't know anything about it overestimate how easy it is, it's highly market dependent and third party property management crushes your returns. there is also a lot of cheap money out there.

>> No.27568155

You can sell your soul to the Jew.

>> No.27568159

dropshipping is perfectly legal

>> No.27568190


they are going to have to issue/sell shares at some point. you think they have any chance of pivoting to online or some hybrid?

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My 30 seconds of research seems to suggest no

>> No.27568208

CRBP + ATOS virgins our day of reckoning is soon coming

>> No.27568214

>does this board do TA?
Yeah, sometimes.
>does this board do TA correctly and reliably?
Different story altogether.

>> No.27568218

What about it

>> No.27568220

Isn't suncor's earnings coming up tomorrow. I hold 9k of SU. shits gonna double in the next year or so.

>> No.27568235

just do the opposite of what wsb does

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Losing reddit more money is pretty based. Metromile is directed at poor people. The more poor people the more money this company gets.

>> No.27568240

No, women just have no interest in me so I pretend to hate them when in reality I want to kill myself every waking moment of my life.

>> No.27568244

You do realize there is no future for Canadian meme oil right? Conservaniggers have been pushing it for years after simping for Alberta. Literally everyone outside of Alberta wants to see it burn. The conservative party itself wants Albertaniggers to fuck off and die.

>> No.27568247

le leddit army would have destroyed any chance they have

>> No.27568251

I saw NAK mentioned earlier. Is it a meme? It is like 0.60 cents a share. Used to be almost $20 at its peak years back kek

>> No.27568253

no idea, depends on your broker. you can filter them online though with Google.

>> No.27568304

if they didnt use the atm stock offerring then they were never intending to use it in the first place
it was just bait so Cohen could accumulate more shares
they have enough cash to pay off debt without an offering

they just had to do this to tell short sellers to fuck off since Melvin kept buying puts to suppress the price down

>> No.27568319

Please report results next February

>> No.27568329

Mark Cuban is Jewish. Never trust him.

>> No.27568332

buy BLUE thank me later

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>> No.27568336

Family friend buys properties when credit is being tightened and sells when its being loosened
I don't know what the hell he's doing in the era of eternal ZIRP

>> No.27568341


because the juice has yet to be squoze. Psyop city here then suddenly QUIET. check em

>> No.27568347

can GMO salmon survive on the moon tho?

>> No.27568363

the squeeze was just a myth. Even if it did exist, they've proven well enough that they got every trick in the book to counter it. Rules and laws don't apply when you got this much money.

>> No.27568367

F doesn't require constant fear the SEC will royally fuck it, plus my F leaps are looking pretty good these days

>> No.27568374

Fuck ATOS, that shit dumped on me hard but luckily I was skeptical and pulled out pretty profitable.

>> No.27568434

Pltr bros..

>> No.27568440

what are you even talking about, no one gives a shit about the protest bullshit and TMX is going fine

>> No.27568448

I made 40k from GME going from 70 to 400. Should I do dumb shit like YOLO it again or safe shit.
10k into TSM on Friday
10k into BILI on Friday
What to do with the remaining 20k?

>> No.27568449

Fair, so it's dropshipping and real estate investor, real estate investing scares me though, I've worked with real estate before and the whole thing is just exhausting, but maybe it would be different if you did it somewhere that isn't trash

>> No.27568451

Self driving cars are for homos

>> No.27568469

This thread has a "DD needed for biomemes" policy.

>> No.27568480

Goyim Going Their Own Way

>> No.27568481

I'm in AMPY and SM. Feel very strongly about SM, and lukewarm about AMPY, but I think AMPY has more immediate room to climb. The average of oil stocks are up 65% from their lows, but AMPY is up only 50%, despite them being in a better position, financially, than others who went up more. I own 4500 shares of AMPY @ an average of 2.2(2.03 right now), and 1500 shares of SM @ an average of 2.31 (9.10 right now).

>> No.27568518

I love RKG so i put in a buy order for that salmon stonk at 6.69

>> No.27568528

50/50 invest/memes

>> No.27568551

>10k TSM
Thats not a yolo....

>> No.27568572

what should my first trade be I have some money to throw away

>> No.27568581

Just buy more. I'm going to back the truck up if it dumps after the lockup ends.

>> No.27568586

don't bother arguing with anti-oil retards, particularly the ones talking about canada. Worse, the ones who think they have an understanding of suncor's business

>> No.27568591

>Should I do dumb shit like YOLO it again or safe shit.

What memes should I invest in?

>> No.27568593

All mining exploration stocks are pnd material. Unless you're trying to ride the pnd you'll have better luck with the lottery.

>> No.27568596

does gme still ahve any potential of at least going back to 400 or something so i can get my limit sell thru

>> No.27568612

What's your day job?

>> No.27568614

it bottomed out and is reversing
this will x2 at least on technicals alone
also curing cancer bro

>> No.27568618

what's the connection between rkg and salmon other than the smell

>> No.27568620

SMG. This year I am experimenting on a new trade style. I call it "Johnny Appleseed". Basically the premise is this. You pick high volatility stocks in the lower price range. You buy on a red day, and on a green day you sell all your intial capital when it allows you to keep some shares. You keep what you leave in and forget about it. You hold forever.

>> No.27568625

if you want a YOLO in semiconductors, look into UMC

TSM is boomer bluechip for safe bet / protecting wealth

>> No.27568632
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>he actually bought sndl

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First ever mass suicide of reddit users

>> No.27568656

yeah he doesnt buy any of the stock himself.. but how could advocating holding for a squeeze that isnt happening be in his interests?

this is some weird optics

>> No.27568658

>p-p-please stop buying!!!!!!
We barely scratched the surface of the fuckery. How the fuck can you cover 50 million shares while retail is holding half or more of the float?

>> No.27568664

>What memes should I invest in?

>> No.27568666

I am asking if I should YOLO the 20k or play safe shit?

>> No.27568668

Isnt it deceptive with people pumping crypto so hard after pulling out into gamestop now theyre dumping back in?

>> No.27568669

yes and?

>> No.27568688
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buy KTOS and hold it until at least July, they make swarms of AI powered killed stealth drones

not this year, maybe in the far future under Cohen

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>If you open up these GIFs are the same time it looks like Greta is reacting to seeing a black person.
it does kinda

>> No.27568698

Thoughts on longing DXY?

>> No.27568714
File: 2.86 MB, 720x404, 1605440748868.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sum up your portfolio with one webm

>> No.27568717

Buy a fraction of a share instead

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GME bro, I....


>> No.27568728

Finally a based Canadian who knows our main secondary powersource aside from Hydro will be filipino's in hamster wheels.

>> No.27568729

NOK and/or SPCE

>> No.27568732

not important, i have 3k

>> No.27568733

You don't know how to invest or trade. Simple

>> No.27568746

There's no way this is legal.

>> No.27568776


What else?

>> No.27568800

I was going to tell you a decent looking company to invest in your industry so you could have a positive learning experience but now I'll just tell you to fuck off, nigger. DYOR.

>> No.27568817

story? the asian girls cute

>> No.27568821

Fine, YOLO on TSM 120 calls Jan 2022

>> No.27568822
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>> No.27568823

Since most threads are pozzed with redditor fags delusional they just lost their life savings on GME, I wanted to ask here: what is your guess and realistic expectation tomorrow for GME? I think it will get up to $200 a share, or close to it, as the redditors try one last push to max out their credit cards and buy stock to keep it afloat. then it drops and slowly peters out to 40 this week.
I have 23 shares in it but I sold all my others last week in the mid 300s and made about $3000 after getting my initial investment back, so I am not really worried. I think I will dump the rest of mine as soon/if it gets above 150, then maybe buy one just for the memes.
Genuinely curious tho what is gonna happen. It has been fucking fun (and I made money)

>> No.27568841

until you have a portfolio of 1000 3 figure positions? sounds messy

>> No.27568844

NOK isn't a meme. It's just a Finnish $4-5 bag for the past 20 years.

>> No.27568859


>> No.27568862

Im curious if youre comfortable running your numbers by me. What are some factors you look at and whats the cost of third party tenant management

>> No.27568863

Lmao wtf was that

>> No.27568865

you didn't get to 40K just playing safe shit, dont forget that

>> No.27568890

ITM calls aren't YOLO tho.

>> No.27568891

I dunno, 12 months is a pretty decent time period. Past results never indicate future blah blah blah anyway, but it would be interesting to see.

>> No.27568902
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>> No.27568916

its gonna moon.

trust the plan

>> No.27568934

Still tell meee
why does my job matter in whether you would tell me or not sir?

>> No.27568940
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fuck you, you get a jpeg

>> No.27568943

no more than 20% memes. you actually have some money now dude. learn to invest with a bigger bag.

bigger bag = safer investments.

>> No.27568950

now it's both which is what makes it so powerful

>> No.27568952
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>> No.27568970

Below $60 easily

>> No.27568974
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>> No.27568978
File: 2.74 MB, 576x1024, 1608950335410.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27569000

Was it a short ladder attack?

>> No.27569009

oh. he might be running for office soon. could be his meme entrance

>> No.27569011

reddit is full of retards who dont realize GME doesn't have >100% short interest anymore
they're quoting data from fucking January 15th

all the usual estimates we've been following (e.g. Ortex/S3) have already shown it with a VERY steep decline in short interest as expected. Bagholders are so fucking delusional, how the fuck is a pump from $20 to almost $500 not the fucking squeeze?

>> No.27569016

Calls are yolo, TSM has to go up 14% just to break even.

>> No.27569027

I started from 500 and went to 8k playing kinda safe stocks and getting lucky with options. Then I went full retard with my portofolio and played GME, lucky I had the sense to sell the moment it hit 400. I sold on the way up instead of the way down.

>> No.27569054

Even US bribes are gay. Have to be done as "speaking fees" instead of briefcases full of cash being handed off.

Pay my speaking fee of 0.05 BTC.

>> No.27569060

mfw i'm 90% in memes with similar bag

>> No.27569064

Don't think it'll go higher than 160

>> No.27569069
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>> No.27569083

based KTOS shill ty

I dont reespect tickers when theres a dollars sign in front

>> No.27569093

I honestly have no idea what's going to happen. There's been some new form of fuckery every single day, so no matter what happens, I don't expect any major upswing. Maybe $150?

>> No.27569094
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>tfw bought the top of GME, AMC, and BB

>> No.27569097
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>> No.27569106

I'm long DXY. The thing is every one is betting on inflation destroying it but gotta remember EVERY single country is printing. The question now comes down to this; can the US outpace the EU in GDP growth this year and vaccine distribution (Euro makes up 55% of DXY, Yen 15%, Pound 10%) in that case for DXY to rise all it needs is to beat the EU

>> No.27569126
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>> No.27569142

Being a greedy piece of shit

>> No.27569161

is AQB a buy? spoon feed me you faggot niggers

>> No.27569163
File: 155 KB, 600x600, 1612212592882.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone shill me on NPA? I see that options go live tomorrow and was thinking about getting in on some leaps at open.

>> No.27569167

this is what I'm experimenting with. buy value stocks and sell on a short gainer or hold. too soon to tell if it will work or if I will be left bagholding garbage. my realized trades have been 8.95% return (3267% time adjusted return), 1.98% return (724% time adjusted return), 1.53% return (557% time adjusted return), 6.46% return (139% time adjusted return), 3.73% return (97% time adjusted return), 2.78% return (72% time adjusted return), 1.92% return (117% time adjusted return), 2.25% return (820% time adjusted return). holding four stocks that are down 2.5% each.

>> No.27569175 [DELETED] 

Its when hedge funds sell to each other at lower rates in an attempt to trigger stop losses and margin calls. In the days of high frequency trading its become extremely effective at creating fake spot prices. Retail investors are obviously not selling. Basically it creates the illusion of a low price.

>> No.27569184

christ brendan schaub might be the worst fighter ever

>> No.27569190

I voted biden and didn't buy gme, thoughts?

>> No.27569194
File: 2.25 MB, 1920x1080, i feel great.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27569224

Does that not depend on the strike price? How is that any different from not just waiting for a earning calls YOLO?

Safer investments like?
Before I liquidated everything for GME, I had stocks in companies I thought were undervalued. Should I go back to them?
Or is 40k "big" enough that I should consider being smart and just rolling a bit of it in SPY?

>> No.27569230

I hope my limit order goes through

>> No.27569237

Is GDP growth really the only/dominant factor? Fiscal recklessness is about equal between the two governments?

>> No.27569242

I wish I understood any of this and could have played the game and made crazy profits but i still barely understand what a short is so I didn't go near that shit. Whoever is playing it at this point is a lot smarter than me when it comes to stocks.

>> No.27569243

based insane qanon.
What makes you think that? I have a sell order for all of my shares if it hits 65 actually so I still make about $1500. I can't imagine the feeling some of these retards have after seeing the price sit above 300 for so many days. Shit I feel like a retard for holding onto 23 and I am making money.
Yeah, I saw that. They were ADAMANT that it was incorrect. Shit man, when it sat at 330 and up for like two days I realized I was pissing away free money-I literally will make over $5000 just by shit posting on 4chins and watching redditors lose their minds.
I am thinking mid 100s for a bit is most realistic, 200 would be nice.

>> No.27569247

It will crash down to 5 dollars thus fulfilling the gamestop business model of selling shit people don’t want then buying it back for 5 dollars

>> No.27569252

Over shilled but ARK is invested and I do dedicate my savings to Mother Cathie.

>> No.27569257

Gross, based

>> No.27569264

NOK is solid and the price is at the bottom right now, just hold for a while

>> No.27569266

Still better than buying at 400

>> No.27569270

I don't know why these always crack me up. I used to have a folder full of them

>> No.27569283

Its probably priced in at this point with everyons bailed and took their losses god I felt like a whore today.

>> No.27569307

get some PCN and BCX, use the dividends to buy options. PCN pays out monthly.

>> No.27569332


>> No.27569348

I know what it is, I'm asking if that's what really happened today.

>> No.27569365


what broker do you use? i recommend opening up a boomer retirement account like an IRA.

Put a little bit of cash in there. buy a couple of boring stocks, or etf's. do this just to practice. it's good for you.

>> No.27569366

yes you fucking retard.

New Fish Farming is gonna MOON

No fertilizer or other cost like other farms

>> No.27569385

Wise anon for not throwing money into something they don't understand. Keep that mentality for your entire life investing/trading and it will suit you very, very well. To be fair though, I would wager over half of the people here (and way, way more on WSB) understand even less than you and you just started getting into it. Scary shit, but that is why they are all losing money.
top kek

>> No.27569390

cringe and bluepilled

>> No.27569392

Out of the American "big 3", I'd say Ford is the best going right now. It's not saying much, however. In the realm of major car manufacturers, it's like 3rd from the absolute bottom ahead of the other 2. American autos are trash, are riding on a 50 year old reputation of being quality when they haven't produced quality in 40 years. They deserved to fail instead of being bailed out. That's all moot, because morons will buy them because the brand name. Ford.. the stock is cheap and the company is not ever going away.
t. Wageslave auto tech

>> No.27569410
File: 38 KB, 720x720, 8ac103856df12e9c2fabbe2575f7f4e6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is PLUG still a buy?

>> No.27569419

I use TD and RH

>> No.27569436
File: 162 KB, 1010x1200, Gigachad staring into your soul.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You know it needs to be a market order, don't you, anon?

>> No.27569439
File: 1.53 MB, 800x600, Chinese Cirque du Soleil.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27569453

I know. This is the part I dont like. I'll have to keep finding stocks to trade, so I think it should be solely based on charts, or whatever is currently meaning. Also my monitor tab will end up with like 100+ positions if I do like 1 every week or 2.

>> No.27569465

Oh no

>> No.27569470

They have a hanging law suit right now because someone played with someone elses money which doesnt bode well. Solid dip expected tomorrow ?

>> No.27569491

that's what my 401k is
I don't even know how much I have there anymore, all in index funds, probably won't look at it for another 20 years

>> No.27569521
File: 83 KB, 868x751, 1608252868882.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gevo has 96k followers on stockshits.

>> No.27569527

Like I said, I started with 500 dollars before making it to 8k and then getting 40k due to GME.

>> No.27569528

I am a gear head, restored cars with my dad in highschool, and still love them. I love older Chevy but I would agree. Chevy's new lineup is piss poor. The Corvette is sick as shit of course, but the Camaro is on the verge of being axed it is selling so bad. The 1500s have a hideous face and the interior is a fucking joke when compared to FERD

>> No.27569543


I'm also in AMPY, I have 13k shares and I've had them since about a year ago. They have good exposure to oil/gas here in the US ... used to pay a div, rumor that they may start again. I think it's a bargain stock.

>> No.27569549

Idk but I made a shit ton off that fucker in just a few days and bailed out.

>> No.27569576

Ummm guys why not just throw money on a solid ETF and dollar cost average?

>> No.27569586

If you buy $120 calls for Jan 2022 on TSM for $25 ($2500) that means the stock has to go up to $145 just to break even by the expiry date. The advantage is that with $10,000 you couldn't even buy 100 shares, but you could buy 4 calls, allowing you to collect potentially 4 times the profit, as long as it goes up.
Yoloing stock on earnings is just a gamble, if it goes up, you maybe earn 10%, and if it goes down you just hold until it recovers (hopefully).
Yoloing options on earnings is usually a bad idea because the stock will need to move a lot for you to just cover the premium. Even if the stock goes up 5%, your options will just get IV crushed. You could have ITM options that are actually worth less than you bought them for even if the stock went up.

>> No.27569601

actually me and the other guy aren't doing the same thing at all now that I read his post a second time never mind

>> No.27569621

I would say it is the dominant factor. The euro is printing like crazy and their debt is pretty high for GDP and the US has simply out grown debt and inflation for decades. Will this be a problem later down the line? Absolutely. But you can even see now as we approach a 1.9T stimulus bill the Euro has weakened as the vaccine rollout has been shit. While the British pound has strengthened as their vaccine roll out is great. The country that looks to pull out of the pandemic first will have the strongest currency. Also the EU will probably start measures to weaken their currency as too high makes it much harder to export. China is currently attempting to manipulate their currency downward as it's too high and making exporting more expensive.

>> No.27569632

the only advantage of using RH is that you can swing stocks and BTC within one platform without transfer wait times and fees
if you don't play with crypto or keep separate stack stop using those and open account with Fidelity or some other real broker

>> No.27569668

So OTM calls for cheap premiums is the way?

>> No.27569672

Better chance trading to riches than winning the lottery, that's for sure.

>> No.27569689

Dont fucking sell BB. I put 500k between BB and PLTR, and I know they will both succeed. Fuck Reddit for all of this, but you need to keep holding.

>> No.27569690
File: 1006 KB, 720x408, If I'm red, we're all red..webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, this one.

>> No.27569700

But I do, and I do it for my sons custodial account too. I do have a little extra here and there to gamble with though.

>> No.27569714

adjust. instead sell the initial capital + gains and roll over into another stock. then buy back into the original stock if the original stock dips below what you bought it for the first time. you have to think that the stocks are valuable long term for this to work though.

>> No.27569718

Are those commission free as well?

>> No.27569728

is Disney stock safe

>> No.27569744

i'm too impatient

>> No.27569750

Most people here want higher returns than that.

>> No.27569764
File: 825 KB, 960x540, 1456713164169.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27569766

Its for shit and giggles for some and teaching you not to overstay your welcome after two days of bad omens and just fucking blow your 295 load at 320 and not hold someone elses bag

Man im a fucking retard
But I will learn

>> No.27569776

I know better than to trust meme faces. If it goes through, that's good. If not, there's always tomorrow.

>> No.27569792

Depends on how long you hold them for no?
10 years? Sure
1-2 years? Not with the COVID

>> No.27569827


It looks like they have retirement accounts available. I would call them if I were you. Bigger companies like that usually will connect you with a advisor free of cost.

or you could try fidelity.

>> No.27569833

Wait til they open california, $20 spike in a day guaranteed

>> No.27569842

DCA is a meme I think, data says lump sump has higher returns.

>> No.27569843

i get the PLTR play but what makes you think BB will go up much more from here? It did like x5 in a single quarter already and was memed to death
Fidelity is I think

>> No.27569850

No, I think what happened was rebalancing. At the end/start of months, large funds rebalance thier portfolios. GME was massively up which caused large imbalance. This means they sold a bunch to fix their balance. For example, before the run up, GME might have been 1% of their account, but once it ballooned, suddenly it was 5%. So they sold back down to 1%.

>> No.27569853

I was under the impression most people here lose more money than they earn

>> No.27569883

I did that starting in March and even with this year's incredible gains, I'm only up like 20-25%. It's safe, but I don't blame young people for going all in while they have the chance.

>> No.27569927

I love this board! I thought I was rich already, doing 100% from last year. Up 25% already this year, but looks like there’s more game here. Noobs here. From /pol/ of course.

>> No.27569929

For earnings or year long options (aka LEAPS)?

>> No.27569943

>could've jumped and made $600 off fumo
>hung on and down to $200
I'm sure this is a long play but I'm kinda kicking myself for not making an easy 400

>> No.27569958

Disney is getting killed desu since covid though havent looked at them vs their competitors too much I have a suspicion they have lost market share since no capeshit has hit in awhile star wars dead amusement parks dead etc etc.

>> No.27569961

But is also riskier. Honestly if it's just SPY then yeah might as well lump sum. Any other speculative stocks though going in all at once is silly

>> No.27569993

I checked that board today to see how things were and it looks like 75% of it is demoralizing shill threads.

>> No.27569995

Idiots like you are so obnoxious.

>> No.27569999

DIS spent a decade at $100, once DIS+ was announced they pumped, in march they went down to mid 80s, so that's the bottom. Im of the belief that they'll be second to netflix in the streaming services. safe? well, they aren't going anywhere, they own fucking everything

>> No.27570010

20% is not bad at all for a safe investment like etfs or indices
i think most active traders make about that while stressing way too much over bullshit moves
boomerpill kinda comfy

>> No.27570013

Thanks. I'll admit I had no idea what the fuck I was doing with GME, I just had the gut feeling this was it when it was 70 and this was the end when it was 400. Probably never ever do something that stupid again in the foreseeable future.

>> No.27570059

probably safe but it won't do much
getting raped on theme park and cinemas fronts but doing well with streaming
will pump a bit when shit reopens tho I think the recovery is mostly priced i already

>> No.27570062

LEAPS since you said January 2022

>> No.27570067

are you telling me that they didnt crash the market this last monday by selling en masse and the price dropped?

>> No.27570076

Disney+ subscriptions up tho and that had a huge effect in on share price

>> No.27570080
File: 629 KB, 840x859, 446kib-808x805-pink-wojak-pink-wojak-11563399719gpwceuuqx1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27570081

I am up 30k since january. Someone was shilling Gevo here so I jumped in. Gevo has been flatlined and so I am just sitting here.

>> No.27570100

Well the deal is, you won. You won big, and when you win, it’s time to protect your earnings. Good job anon.

>> No.27570130

gay nerd

>> No.27570164
File: 94 KB, 540x720, 1538265339949.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sorry kid, no takebacks
if you want I'll take them back for $20?

>> No.27570186

>BB will go up much more from here?
BB will retrace to at least 18 or 19, and as RH allows buying BB, it will go up even more. Also, a lot of $40c for late Feb option interest, which is very interesting for me. I'm expecting BB to hit at least 20 by the end of this month for an easy (almost) 2x from my buy at 11 dollars.

>> No.27570189

Did you learn your lesson?

>> No.27570191


>> No.27570197

not in the short term, DIS got a large boost from accelerated subscriber growth in Disney Plus due to COVID. the stock price has adjusted accordingly. don't think that there is a lot of upside in the short term. parks and resorts division makes up a decent amount of company revenues, division crushed due to COVID. now is a bad time to buy in the short term because they've already achieved the price bump from accelerated subscriber growth and a recovery in the parks and resorts division has already been priced in. where is the upside

>> No.27570202

sorry wagie.. its over.

>> No.27570220


>> No.27570222

Yes, and some people are amazed by that.

>> No.27570227

My favorite recovery plays for a 2-3 yr horizon are RGS, SPR, CX, and SYY. RGS is the owner of supercuts, greatclips, etc. And recently moved to a franchise model and cut their expenses massive amounts by losing the costs of owning stores. SPR is highly correlated with Boeing and makes some of their parts so it's a cheap BA recovery play, CX is a global concrete company that would be great if Biden can pass an infrastructure bill, SYY is a restaurant play that also serves food to colleges. Oil is also a major option looking specifically at XOM

>> No.27570228

they can clearly do whatever the fuck they want and it'll work. they're above it all. They control the media, they control the exchanges, the control the prices, they control everything.

>> No.27570237

you gabled and won, congrats

>> No.27570243

Thanks. I guess I will invest 50% into boomer core stocks and for the remaining 50% I will just do what I did before and put it in undervalued stocks and do a bit of options from time to time.

>> No.27570259

Hope it drops further, below 20 would be nice

>> No.27570279

Nigger how? Up only 20% since March? What are you in, the cruiseline etf?

>> No.27570288

wht do I buy tmrw

>> No.27570294

This is a liberal board

>> No.27570295

they had them by the balls and they just let it go
jesus H christ, the kikes won again

>> No.27570299

You should have sold you bags to someone else instead of buying more

>> No.27570307

He just loves pandering to zoomers since he owns the Mavericks. Zoomers are mostly NBA fans

>> No.27570308

My suspicion is that disney costs a fucking arm and a leg to do anything and their streaming is rather limited and they had to raise price to offset costs of developing more stuff for it while at same time we have gone back to needing to pay for cable as they snipe programs back and forth so your preferred service never actually has the shit that you want.

>> No.27570327

I got 25k in my checking. Would it be retarded to throw down 10k on Tesla whenever it dips eventually?

Please help me. I hate being a wage cuck. Sounds like TSLA will be worth a bit in 3-5 years.

>> No.27570346
File: 2.93 MB, 1280x720, typical skaven tech.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27570370

I would assume all subs are up even pornhub because everyones at home jacking off

>> No.27570371

Screeners like the ones in the OP

>> No.27570406

Sure, but that doesn't stop them from trying. I've outperformed double the return of SPY since inception. Now I'm getting into ETFs with my profit.

>> No.27570434
File: 108 KB, 1600x1200, 1547324264444.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my gut tells me the amazon deal is bigger than it seemed, why?
>new ceo is aws director
>contract was with aws

simple but there might be more to it than that, either way there is no reason for people to be so pessimistic about a stock that is as old as bb with so little debt and basically elminated it's hardware to invest solely in the brains it has....no fucking overhead

nok on the moon means nothing too right? check this.....


who hates russia? the white death? the fucking mongols of europe? are you fuckinig LISTENING yet?

>> No.27570468
File: 222 KB, 962x754, Chink shill.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27570476

I think (barring some miracle where it shoots to $69,420 tomorrow) they had them last week when it was low 300s for two days, and even shot up to almost $500. But people were either greedy, naive, and/or stupid and were blinded by those traits and didn't see it.

>> No.27570492

How often do you guys put more money in?

>> No.27570500

dont worry GME bagholders

your pain is still less than the pain I have for selling early at the first +100% spike. I only made 30K when I could have made 300K

>> No.27570510

He wasn’t posting with his trip at the time but I think he got a job

>> No.27570512

anyone got some thoughts on a smart share to buy tomorrow near/after open? 20k on margin, no GME or AMC.. made an easy 10% on tesla buying the dip last week looking for something similar

>> No.27570535

>I can't afford Tesla.
Buy a call debit spread then

>using rabbihood

>> No.27570574

I still need an explanation how kikes wiggled themselves and popped the balloon. Bears just like in porn are gay as fuck. How do you short your way out of a squeeze?

>> No.27570579

my 15 year old thinks it will be crushed like a waffle, per Musk

>> No.27570619

Go all into ARKX in a couple of months.

>> No.27570620
File: 31 KB, 676x593, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27570639

>See the GME shills
>Nah bro PLTR still has momentum
>Miss out on the thrill

>> No.27570649

I fell hard for the boomer pill. Microsoft, SPY, dividend funds. Then made some stupid mistakes because it was literally my first week in the market and I was flying by the seat of my pants waiting for a chance to jump in the market but not knowing what I was doing.

I guess even in a crash my portfolio is pretty rock solid, but damn I wish I put more money into SOXL, Qualcomm, TQQQ, anything else

>> No.27570651
File: 37 KB, 669x669, 1609878960848.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

BB has enormous potential, and now it's being discredited by people cause it got caught in a war on Reddit. I've been telling people it's the only stock that wasn't a meme at first, and has true potential in EV's and cybersecurity.

>> No.27570658

not me, but pls., pray, tell. Last Summer, that was the only way for me to get my gains back.

>> No.27570662

>Your actual losses are less painful than my potential unrealised gains

>> No.27570688


>> No.27570694
File: 251 KB, 900x710, 1611808193420.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27570699

they are doing fine
i work on their new New York HQ building in undisclosed role so I have some insider info

>> No.27570701

seem like decent recs thanks. was looking at XOM and KMI chose to only buy KMI but might pick up some XOM.

>> No.27570708

Instead of SPY try
Or my plan

>> No.27570714

They crashed the entire market in a hissy fit and blamed it on reddit. Then all the brokers restricted not sales, but buys.

>> No.27570724
File: 1.78 MB, 400x279, 2vufrSJ - Imgur.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27570738
File: 497 KB, 654x663, 1598403164347.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ill show you a little math on Jan 2022 calls:
100 strike @$36 means you break even at 136, or +6%
[email protected] = 145, +13%
[email protected] = 150, +17%
[email protected] = 157, +23%
[email protected] = 164, +28%
But remember, if it doesn't go up, you lose money each day to decay, and higher strike means higher decay, and if it come Jan 2022 and its under your strike, its worth $0. Thats why it costs less because there is more risk and a higher bar to break even.
The closer you buy to a strike price of zero, the more closely it will follow the stock, but you can afford more calls than you could stock. With 10k you could buy 2 $85 calls which would basically act like leveraged shares at x2.

>> No.27570752

>was in here telling you guys about UAVS when it was $2.50

>> No.27570764

>Sounds like TSLA will be worth a bit in 3-5 years.

No. it's one of the most overvalued bubbles right now.If you want you can throw some money in, but Tesla could come crashing down any day now once competition starts coming in

>> No.27570769

SPY is poor return. Buy value froma SPY or DOW.Can’t go wrong for long.

>> No.27570779

Amazon is going to make some weird moves. I think they are going to cut a lot of the fat as new ceo I am assuming led a revolt against the hairlet.

>> No.27570794

sir buy my calls very cheap sir

>> No.27570831
File: 359 KB, 1250x703, jadawillsmithtabletalk08cuck5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27570838

It's kinda sad how they are now. I'd buy a Kia over a new Chevy car. US manufacturers can't make an overhead cam engine worth a shit. Ford is Ford. It breaks, easy enough to fix. Same as always I guess. .

>> No.27570844
File: 2.82 MB, 1320x504, 1603613140005.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27570847

yes because i could have literally just retired if i also didn't trim 1500 shares after Q3

i held GME for like 5 months only to come out with a measly +500% or something

>> No.27570858

I like the majors and XOM is more focused on the US compared to Shell/BP who have more of a focus on the EU which doesnt seem like a good oil landscape

>> No.27570915
File: 133 KB, 1080x984, 22ee8069-397a-44a5-a1ea-0c10ed7c247f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27570963


>> No.27570965

>you'll never make it and have your own name written on your jacket

>> No.27570980

I actually have a huge NOK position but then again the price of NOK is so far from ATH and at the bottom of the range I see a huge potential for upside
BB might go up but I'm hesitant to buy into things that already ran 500% so recently

>> No.27570983

someone bake you lazy faggots

>> No.27571021

I think it was actually moving too fast so they wanted to smash it before it was out of control, I'm keeping an eye on it, it was good to actually see it move though because I've been working with it since November and I was actually planning on just holding it for a few years or something until it go all fucked up and weird.

I'm kind of weirded out at the moves made toward jack ma and now bezos is resigning. I don't know if they are connected but I actually was brainstorming about a lot of it tonight and what it means but i just have a lot of loose connections. I agree though, I think e commerce in general is going to start shifting in big ways.

>> No.27571044


>> No.27571092
File: 55 KB, 480x473, 1610596396134.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

can confirm
losses you can get back, the feeling of potentially having made more is impossible to extinguish

>> No.27571100
File: 181 KB, 500x267, 858f6142-3ff1-4185-9d4b-cb04cb9b70cb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27571115


use that and figure out what strikes gives you the best profit for whatever price target you expect in a year or so
Buy deep ITM if you want to basically hold shares on leverage, this way you won't be chasing theta

when delta is basically 1, you're not losing any value to theta since it's almost entirely intrinsic value already

>> No.27571172

makes sense. RGS seems interesting going to do some more research. think current price is a good entry price? seems like it spiked and dropped over the past couple of days.

>> No.27571185
File: 105 KB, 640x827, 24bcb100-53c2-4dbb-a4ea-a6e0adc44bc3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just like posting images

>> No.27571202

Well friday gave a solid rally and out for everyone to take at least a 10% profit. Instead many (myself included) held. Learned a valuable lesson in taking profits and not to day drink and do stocks

>> No.27571308

i will make 100K from other plays eventually but i will always remember i am still behind because of my mistake with GME..

>> No.27571371

HEXO men thriving while SNDL boys are hurting.

The eay it was meant to be.

>> No.27571375

Shouldn't you be browsing one of the excellent crypto threads on this board?

>> No.27571660

SNDL is only down today because of the offering.

>> No.27571688

There are penny stocks that go up %500 every day

>> No.27571773
File: 1.62 MB, 1717x2048, 807a72aa-10a6-4d72-92a9-43798bd25c0f.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27571924

GME i was comfortable putting a lot of money into
volatile penny stocks like that i'd only put like $1K at most

GME's risk-reward was a generational opportunity im not going to see for another few years

>> No.27572046

not /ptg/, always positive even when the sky is falling

>> No.27572179

DCA is your friend, friend. Never too late. I'm in FNGU and TQQQ as base ETFs and I try to buy the dip whenever I can

>> No.27572223

how can you lose money in this era? system is rigged to go up, just ride it until it implodes.

>> No.27572344

TQQQ is a day trading fund, losing like 1% per week to contango
Checking on FNGU...

>> No.27572346

too risky, it’s speculative right now.

>> No.27572354

Same. I'm thinking 150~160 and then decline.

>> No.27572542

FNGU is even worse than TQQQ and should not be used in the same sentence as DCA
If you're bullish then buy QQQE and maybe a little TAIL (ironic I know because it's just like the aforementioned money losing TQQQ's)

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