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meanwhile their CEO makes 1000 times more money than them

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the CEO takes all the risk unlike you wagie. this isn't socialism.

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The CEO earns 100,000 times more money than them. CEOs rise up against this inequality

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Bernie will never be president

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LMFAO is this really what u believe, they can fuck a company up, get a golden parachute and do the same thing 100x over before they die

You can't be serious lol

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The CEO earned their wealth.

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some of us don't have parents that give us money to gamble

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my manager makes about 25% more than me
my district manager makes about double
my regional guy makes double that dudes money.
my area manager makes 4 or 5 times that.
and above that its gets nuts.

my ceo is responsible for the jobs of 40k employees why the fuck should be make even remotely close to my wage as a front line sales person.......

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fuck off with your socialism faggot, no one's forcing you to work for your current employer. if you don't have any skills then you don't deserve higher pay, simple as.

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you can work minimum wage jobs for a year or two after that point you need to put your money into investments. Go homeless and live off day trading a few dollar profits.

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If you want equal pay, you can head over to Venezuela any time.

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I work at a decent sized, high-end, employee-owned engineering firm ($300M revenue) and my CEO doesn't even make 10x what I do.

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>nobody's forcing you to work for your current employer
except for, you know, the fact that he'll starve to death if he doesnt

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Then go be a CEO, oh wait you can't because you're a mong.

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He's closer than you'll ever be wagie

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If you want a free market, you can head on over to Somalia any time.

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Stop being suggestively anti semetic goy.

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I like this new pepe. Who would have thought, getting rid of a mustache would have such a profound affect on the way someone looks.

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Im on autismbux and made 3x my autismbux income on XRP this past weekend in 48 hours.

Im afraid theyre going to kick me off autismbux if i keep this up

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Our best salesman makes more than our CEO.

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we get you read your first communism for dummies book in college OP, but no one wants to hear it

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Help society and society helps you sweatie :)

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>nigger land

Look free markets dont work hurr durrr.

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>new pepe
jfc this board really is dead

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Even in practice that doesn't scan, if a big CEO tanks their business the fed will just float them lol

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I don't owe (((society))) jack shit

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Yeah, I would say it's been garbage for over a month.

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1000 times?

>Look it up
>He is worth 3230 my wage.

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*9 to 3
im a part timer :)

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Try 7-5

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I work for a small business. Realistically the owner probably makes like 4-5x my salary at best. My boss probably makes 50% more. This is all stupid though I can hate my job just as much as someone working for a mega-corp.

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Jokes on you
My hours are 11-8
Fuck commies

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Take a look at Robinhood.
CEOs make a lot fo money, because the people who can handle the job are rare.
Maybe if Robinhood paid out for a decent one, theirs wouldn't have gone on national tv and torpedoed the entire company inside of 5 minutes

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You're a fucking moron. If you haven't been paying attention to American business & politics for the last 40 years. CEO's are born into their positions. They were born with connections and a network for their everlasting wealth. The best we peasants could ever hope for is starting a business or building something of great value or getting rich off crypto. I wish conservatives wouldn't defend billionaires acting as if they could be one someday, YOU WILL NEVER BE RICH, maybe have a million or two if you play the markets right throughout your entire life, but never rich.

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again, idiot, he takes no risk. If he does go to jail, guess what? He'll be playing tennis and eating lobster dinners every night in this so called, "jail". We live in a caste system and the media and american exceptionalism is lying to you.

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You damn wagies if something goes wrong can get another slave job, the entrepreneurs take the direct risks.

That's basic economy and commercial rules.

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lol, no, CEOs bounce from position to position. There's no real risk, if he invests the money properly, hell, even in an index fund that he's made. He'll be set for life. You're completely blind if you think CEO's take any sort of normal risk you or I think of.

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Haha going to clean toilets tomorrow at 6 am

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Yeah but my other option would be NEETing it up. With my measly $60k a year I have money to invest.

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stay jealous because you're too stupid and poor of a fuck to ever put the time, risk and effort to amount to that success, I own a large gym chain and could never work a day of my life again, but I have to hustle my ass day in and out to look for more business always, I STARTED OUT IN MY FUCKING GARAGE SEWING MY OWN GYM BAGS FROM LEATHER I BOUGHT ON CRAIGSLIST.
being at the top is stressful as fuck, eat shit you high school diploma redneck and cry like little chink bitch, or man up and start your own livelihood with 50 dollars and effort

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Well, CEO works 1000 times harder than I do so it's fair

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He killed the company with an interview, you fucking moron.
But you're probably right. Grab a random fry chef to run McDonalds, I'm sure your socialist dream will work out great when proposes $30/hr and free food for the masses.

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He earns 16 times more than me and I'm still annoyed.
I work for IBM

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>caring about how much money someone has
>being angry that someone else has more fiat dollars than me

I aged out of being a teenager 6 years ago

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But I do 1000x less work and stress 1000x less than her (Best Buy corporate). I’m cool collecting a $80,000 salary to “work from home”. I check some emails, go to the gym, check some emails, go to Target, check some emails, take a nap, check some emails, fuck my girl. Probably only “work” 20 hours a week. Been day trading like a mofo since March. Covid is the greatest thing ever.

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literally what is an ETF.

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Do you think most major corporate CEOs are company founders you dumb little capslock nigger?

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fucking lol.

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What’s the CEOs punishment for tanking the company and those 40,000 people losing their jobs?
Fucking nothing he gets a bonus and another exec job somewhere else. Fuck off back to your underage containment board, we’re not commies but we don’t suck cock like that here

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>employee-owned "firm"
fucking lol.
good luck with that.

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It supports my BAO habit. I made 30,000 dollars just on sats.
Jump on nigga

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Gotta fund crypto somehow. Hoping to retire in a year

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you can't even spell "sweetie" correctly.
go back to your plebbit socialist safe-space utopia, you dependent cuck.

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You're looking at the 1% (even less) where if something goes wrong they get bailouts to let them survive.
But small/medium/big(not huge) activities have risks.
Btw there are legislations about minimum wages, I'm not forcing you to get paid shit to do the job. You don't take it? Nice, rebel all togheter against minimum wage, I hire fucking mexicans.

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>my manager makes about 25% more than me
>my district manager makes about double
>my regional guy makes double that dudes money.
>my area manager makes 4 or 5 times that.

No they dont

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being this new
>oh, sweatie...

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