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Please be nice UNI for your free $8000.
You didn’t sell did you?

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They doing airdrop again?

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No, they already gave you free money, don’t be greedy

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why do you continue to make these same type of threads over and over again. There's some people who sold as soon as they got the airdrop and yes they had paper hands, but nobody had any idea whatsoever that this token was going to blow

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LMAO cope

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Lmao, did you miss 1inch too? Theres still time.

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I did sell. And now I'm holding ETH and REEF. Thanks uniswap! I'm so glad I used you a year ago and then found out about the airdrop yesterday.

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Moron, anyone that had ever used etherdelta in 2017 knew that Uniswap was a massive technological breakthrough

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Can't believe I sold this shit for $4

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oh man I remember etherdelta, needing to watch a video on how to do it, setting the gas at the right amount, good times

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deposited the ~2000 UNI airdrop to Aave as collateral to open more leveraged LINK long positions (lost over 500,000$ of LINK during black thursday coronacrash)

i'm low key retarded re: trading (see above), so locking it up as collateral has been a blessing

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How's that 8 thousand dollar PS5 treating you?

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I started using UNI literally a few days after the snapshot.
Feels incredibly fucking bad, man.

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literally never selling, this is the most obvious moon mission ive ever seen

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>but nobody had any idea whatsoever that this token was going to blow
aside from all the people that didn't sell
people were making fun of you ps5 fags on the day of the airdrop for selling so soon

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Of course not.

Just holding 400 uni will guarantee me a passive income. $1.5 per uni held per day. Glorious

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Can I avoid taxes if I buy this on uniswap than on coinbase?

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This piece of shit is still down from its initial pump

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what did you mean by this? what are you doing with your uni?

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fee sharing on v3

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I sold. I missed 1inch.
Rubic any good? Dodo?

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$1.5 per uni every day?
you what m8
this true, we make it?

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I went and looked back and the first day I ever used uniswap was Sep 3. No tendies for me. Just stupid SENT gas and mining fees

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I miss all the airdrops cause I'm clearly a dumb niggerfaggot that should kms.

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A very kind anon broke it down a few days ago on an UNI thread. Essentially with V3 and the fact that Uniswap will be the biggest DEX in the space, its estimated the there be billions in volume. Holding UNI you are entitled to the fees from the DEX. A passive income of 27K - 216K is very possible. The airdrop you were handed was literally a make it stack. I will be holding my UNI - never selling

I wish I screenshotted his post. I usually do screenshot worthy posts but that one escaped me.

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I was so pissed when I lost $60 on BRDG back in June, little did I know there was 8k sitting there from my shitty little fomo buy :P

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Do you need to keep the uni in metamask for this? I transferred to binance last week

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Wait? Where does it say you get fees from the Dex for just hodling the UNI airdrop?

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oooo thanks anon

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I have 8 uni on Kraken
Do I get any gibs?

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Please be fucking true

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Wait for V3 and just keep holding.
There's a reason why UNI is pumping (apart from giving the RH the finger)

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>this is what the PS5fags tell themselves to cope
Anyone with good judgement could tell the governance token for the most important crypto exchange would be a moonshot. It doesn't get any discussion because the only people accumulating are smart retail investors and the institutions. UNI was the Make-it Test and you failed.

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i have around 500 uni, should i hope for it to go down to the mid 18$ range for another buy, or just dump more in now?

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how do you find out about airdrop crypto?

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Hold where?

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PS5 holders be coping, kek

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UNISWAP engineer here. This guy is talking complete bullshit.

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I sold for a PS5. My only hope is GRT

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Assuming this is true, each UNI should be worth thousands at least.

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Why tf would you buy a PS5 when you can get a gaming laptop that can handle games and mining

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Hence why its not true. We would have no way to leverage UNI tokens to that extent for interest payments.

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What your thoughts on an expected price here soon?

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soo are we getting dividends from holding UNI

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Should I hold my UNIs anyway bro?

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This guy is FUD'ing by the way.
I'll just leave it at that.

Often times we wait for kind anons to give us gems of information, Im just passing it along for the good karma. Im not selling even if it hits 50+ (which it will since its trending to enter the top 10 coins). With a fee share valuation of $0.18 (very conservative ) per uni held per day that's a passive $27,000. Hold your UNI - thats the end game

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yeah i trust you over that LARPer

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I am not going to make any comments on realistic price valuation. But I will say that holding is not the wrong move. I am just saying that $1.5 per uni token thing is a flat out lie and we wouldnt even put it to a vote.

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Sold for YFI then into FARM....not bad

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I didn't know I had it until last week. To be fair I was going to buy it when it became available, I just gave up before that happened and came back now.

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He went from $1.50/day to $0.18/day: >>27566396. But even that seems too high

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uniswap signed its death warrant when they went with optimism over arbitrum

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