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anons, please, stop the infighting.

Let's just stop talking shit about the reddit diamond hands, and use them to make gains.

There is too many threads declaring gme defeated, I suspect most of the people declaring wsb 'lost' is mostly shills.

I don't think they have the ammo to keep this going, manipulation costs money, and to this point they have put in us either a great sense of defeat or a great sense of smugness at not having fallen for the pump and dump.

I suspect all of the threads making fun of reddit are shills and attempting to divert attention. Stop talking shit about the reddit diamond hands, and use them to make gains.

How do we fight psy-op defeatism? And instead inspire a real win here.

>>27550709 inspired this post, I think he raises some very valid points. We are the wind at the whales back, and if we want to exploit melvins very exposed asshole they need us.

Fuck the shills, fuck the scummy jew hf's. Band together and fight eachother another day.

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I know it's fucking stupid to put all your life savings into a meme stock, but fuck, we can all make so much money AS WELL AS make fun of that shit.

Let's push this shit over the finish line.

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I just mock them because I'm a sadist.

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I only have 2 shares, which doesn't help a huge amount but it also means I don't care if I lose it all. Will hold to 0 if I have to. Good luck, things can go either way

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If some redditor can withstand the MSM doxxing him and losing 10 million dollars on top of that then I can afford to hold for as long as he can.
They can try to make everyone else sell but at this point the majority of people are in the negative as of now and they've all retreated into their shells until we see a green day.

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The longer it goes on, the more red pills will be handed out.

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I shit you not, I went to one of the pro HODL GME threads on reddit just now, and 75 percent of the people commenting were bots.

Which of course spells doom for GME, but then.

Why would anyone/any firm want promote holding GME with astroturfing? What is there to possibly gain? It only delays the inevitable.

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I emplore you to take the information warfare back at them.

Get a chrome extension that auto-likes hashtags on twitter, fuck, spin up some sort of auto tweeting army on some free vps somewhere.


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>I suspect most of the people declaring wsb 'lost' is mostly shills.

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I can only hope that if the worst happens we get a Capitol 2.0 situation and Wall Street is griefed down to bedrock in Minecraft

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We lost the ability to work together and instead just call each other faggots. I don't even think the "He will not divide us" flag missions are possible to coordinate now.

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I want to just sell at a loss and dump my remaining cash into RBC, but I swear to God if I sell tomorrow I'm going to miss out on it instantly rocketing to $800. I know it won't go up no matter how hard I hold, yet I'm afraid of missing out on the gains.

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look a shill, notice how he is doing exactly what I said he would. Just fuck off back to your coins and stay out of this.

We must aggressively push back on this bullshit. They have the tv stations, but the internet is ours.

And sorry about my retarded grammer im high as fuck, pic related is shill faces when we come out in force tomorrow.

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man I love that video but I can't find it. Saw it on facebook like 5 years ago

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You're sounding pretty schizo mate. Did you not see the wave of support for retail all last week? It was tv, radio, newspapers. Celebrities, politicians, pornstars. If anything it was so over the top it makes me think it was forced by shills.

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I'm not a shill, I missed this one and by the time I noticed it was 2hot4me, but watching all these dummies waste their money on something that was shilled on reddit makes me laugh. Yeah it's going to be an epic wealth transfer just like le wholesome Bernie wants for us working class redditors so get in at 300, chuck in more than you can afford to lose, and stick it to the boomers because it's going to be worth literally infinite dollars. I missed the boat so I have no skin in the game but people I don't like are suffering so I'll take the time to kick them while they're down.

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It's back down to where it was before the aborted liftoff. It's still possible to make 4x even without a true squeeze, what could tossing a couple hundred at it hurt? Maybe it works out?

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how many shekels per post do you get?

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I do this for free because you guys are hilariously fucked and in yet still posting this pump and dump shit here on 4 channel. You’re not welcome here

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I don't think there are any bots on /biz/ for either side. This is a sports match at this point, and everybody will larp tomorrow about how they were on the right side anyway. Enjoy the ride and remember that you got yourself into this mess, don't be a reddit bagholder if things go up

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I mock them because you look at them and only see s.oy and s.oy mentality.

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yesterday this place was INFESTED, and I think they noticed we noticed and have upped the quality of their shilling.

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>Maybe it works out?

Are you listening to yourself anon?

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I have one share, that one share I bought from money I made fucking around so I only have to gains to be made sell limit is set at 1000000 other then that I am good

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The fact that no
body checked my triple 7s even to call me names shows these GME shills are all from Reddit. Please go back

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you aren't wrong, but that isn't the point.

I would like it to work out. I don't have many, but I'd like more under 30 year olds to have the money to not be slaves to these old retarded fucks.

At least make their system implode, do you enjoy how it is right now?

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I'll never get why shills target 2+2chan. Reddit is where the money is.

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No thanks fucko you’re the one who lost all your money

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Chill man, we all want to make money here. Attitudes like this are why we will fail this heist.

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I think you mean “checked” I know this is all new to you

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we usually don't check low quality posts unless they're more special like hexes

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I see reddit bernouts throwing rent and their savings into the fire and I cringe. I see bizniggers here wanting to beat the kikes and I want to double down. I’m torn.

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So if some rich and successful man decides to jump off the skyscrapper you will follow him too?

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I just wish I bought now instead of at 300. Now I'm gonna buy here to average it out. Fuck it

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True but I’m still pissed about my triple sevens that went unacknowledged also being real for a second you guys should use your time on something else. If you’re going to try to pump this you’ll need all the Redditors to stay on their marks and they will be off to posting about AOC or some shit. This is a doomed mission and I don’t think you should be trying to suck more people here into it. Plus it’s repetitive and annoying at this point. Ok real talk over

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This is not financial advice but...


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it was never about making a profit

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Most likely. He'll trigger a chain reaction if he sells since he became the unofficial face of WSB.
So long as there's faith to be had we have to hold strong.
If the media is still screeching to sell despite such a massive dump and we have retards in power like AOC on our side then there's still hope.

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Patience /biz lads, we buy in under 10 then run it back to 50. Let the s o y boys lose their money then we come pick up the scraps and bank. Don't help these biden supporters

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they cont because the boards they attack can actually moderate. There is no moderation in 4chan unless you do something against the rules or janny is just having a shit day.

Pic rel is 4chan in a nutshell

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Can i get just some actual hopium in here and not just psychopaths who take pleasure in my pain

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they have to buy your stocks when whoever wants their money comes knocking on the hedgies door. as a retail investor you just sit and wait until the big guys decide they want their money. When the whales squeeze you dump. easy as that. there has not been a dump its just been a downward manipulation tactic.

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increased volatility means it could swing a lot in either direction so it could go back up


a professor values GME to $47 on pure fucking fundamentals in an optimistic scenario so there shouldn't be too much downside from the current price, and the share price could be perpetually inflated above fundamentals like tesla because of the memes and the marketing value of the media attention

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Shut up, faggot.

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A professor? Holy shit I’m back in

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take some of this hopium anon, do your part to fight the flame war that is currently distracting us.

that's good news, but I honestly couldn't care less about fundementals. This is a pure market mechanics play.

How do we rally? What can we do to keep a clear channel of communication with people who want to push back against the shill campaign?

Here is a discord server id, join if you want to help spread the joy of stocks we like.


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this movement was completely crushed by cheating jews and ddos style flood of narrative shilling. it's a coin toss whether the stock goes up or down. nobody know where short interest is, and we all know the (((fundamentals))) aren't there.

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What is your point? Us buying and holding can help weight the coin to one side.

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GME puts chads, stand up

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>Let's just stop talking shit about the reddit diamond hands, and use them to make gains.
CHECKED, shill them coomer coin

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The guy you linked says he's a poker player. Lol

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this. I think the glowie meme unironically killed it.

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what is the point of posting this?

because you're paid to.

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Aswath Damodaran
he was quoted by swedish news media

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because you retards should have sold by now.
I do it for free, thank you

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Not trying to be a defeatist, but they know what they're doing. Same tactics every time. /pol/ is a fucking cesspit of shills and they attack any legitimate movement with a flood of disinformation. You saw the same shit during the election against Trump with the corona narrative, the blm narrative, the economic narrative, the racist narrative, same fucking style of attack that happened to biz/wsb.

This is our megaphone and they just fill it up with piss and shit til all you hear is a cacophony of bowel movements it and we can't rally behind an joined effort. That's how this works. On top of that we have to worry about the outside narrative shifting from the MSM; they went for "muh poor hedge funds", financial terrorists, potential economic destruction, white supremacist movement, attacking jewish hedgefund stakeholders on holocaust remembrance day (which was fucking hilarious).

What can men do against such reckless hate?

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Yeah whatever. I hold.

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I see that only in idiots echoing shill points without the benefit of being given a meager penance

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You're exactly right - this place has become too well known to escape the flood of shit that comes every time something gets too disruptive.

I have some ideas for something to be a true place of actionable communication, but it is but a dream at the moment.

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For some more hopium, check out this post fellow anons


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fuck off to reddit faggot

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keep sowing tribalism in hopes of disrupting how fucked your owners are

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This entire situation has eroded public trust in the stock market. You know what to do. Find a shitcoin to pump and dump and make millions by making redditors hold your bags. The oldest trick in the /biz/raeli handbook.

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Shitcoin of the week
100k market cap at $0.16
600k market cap to reach $1
Unironically the next moonshot


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keep coping schizo

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POND is better. Pump my bags GOOD SIR.

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no coins here please, you've got your own threads

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Nah, the people who support this have held tight. The shills make it appear like there’s more chaos than there really is

>> No.27564458

kinda makes you wonder why a bunch of saudi arabian people would kamikaze airliners into nyc and the pentagon on america's minecraft server.

>> No.27564607

Its leddit but have some hopium.

>> No.27564615

It doesn’t matter if people who would be cringey about whatever they supported are being cringey, we are not. And we’re on the right play here.

>> No.27564787

So you’re a faggot

>> No.27565157

big if tru

>> No.27565279

supposedly in Iraq, the population is so mistrustful of American troops that they refer to them as "the jews". Slang term for American troops is the jews.

>> No.27565353

If you can keep people buying high you can dump your bags longer

>> No.27565396

>How do we fight psy-op defeatism? And instead inspire a real win here.

Look anon, if the normands are trading without understanding wtf they are doing there's no helping possible. The wsb move was brilliant and if they kept the pressure there was no mathematical way the for the hedgies to win. Unfortunately redditfags are retarded and caved to FUD.

>> No.27565625

No you guys are all wrong. The problem is that pumping on distributed fashion needs to be focused. The minute that people started talking amc, nok, bb, aal, etc., it became unfocused and has stayed unfocused and will stay unfocused until anons coalesce around (1) ONE and only ONE (1) pump at a time.

>> No.27565695

we need to call them out then. get the focus back on gme. keep a singular focus anon.

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there it is

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It wasn’t even plebbit, it was brokers delisting stocks and limiting purchases along with typical after hours jewry

>> No.27566043

so just hodl for an eternity?

>> No.27566309

No, when it reaches a natural peak.

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we can work around that, just need to keep the pressure that is all it needs.

more than that, counter-shill. call them out ruthlessly. be nice and supporting about the message that we have eachothers back.

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why wouldn't the shorts have covered their original shorts then doubled down when the price was 400$, knowing that it could never last at those highs without a squeeze? genuinely curious

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File: 2.83 MB, 1280x720, 1588983152485.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm no expert on this, I'll admit. But from what I understand the act of them covering the old shorts, coupled with a lack of shares, make it unlikely?

I'd also like more explanation on that, if any anons can deliver.

>> No.27566949

Dylan Roof in better times

>> No.27566990

it feels like the movement/hype has been crushed, I'm about to OD on hopium and hope that there's some crazy move tomorrow morning form the big boys. I know that's completely delusional but part of me always wants to expect the unexpected

>> No.27567182

I'm beginning to suspect this GME and silver rush shit is just a way to take everyone's mind off the fraudulent election that the dems just fucking stole.

>> No.27567273

improbable, GME has been rumbling for awhile. Silver is peak shill.

>> No.27567331

based dubs

>> No.27567440

>a week of rumbling
yea just long enough to drown everything else out. oh well at least everyone knows that biden is in hiding and can't even move without 25k NG troops at his heels.

>> No.27567459

thank you for the basing

>> No.27567560

people have been talking about the unusual short interest for at least a year, shill harder. and you even brought politics into it, SHILL HARDER.

>> No.27567663

shut up damn bum, get to work to get money with dignity and you can make your own wealth without stealing, they are delusional if they really believe that a lot of bums with the minimum wage will be able to fight the giants of Wall Street

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File: 303 KB, 717x649, Screenshot_20210202-125859_DuckDuckGo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There was some serious meme magic in this thread earlier today. Loads of trips calling for the moon, loads of shills saying things like "if singles, stock tanks" but getting dubs.

>> No.27567898

shill them decentralized exhanges like rubic

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File: 1.94 MB, 400x299, 1588996466082.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

welp, that's all for me tonight anons.

Here's a discord server id if anyone of you want to chill. shills will be banned. Have a good night, the fight isn't over yet.


>> No.27568086

sweep the old news stock off the front page of finviz, it’s been bumped off of top gainer to the worst of the day and eventually the volume should cease to exist and gme will be forgotten forever

>> No.27568294

you'd love that, wouldn't you? shill boi

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>> No.27568764

okay one more - look at this blatant shilling going on. fuck these people, they are shaking in their jew shoes.


>> No.27568809

Please do brother. I made 1K today buying and selling puts. If you could lift the price again before it craps out I could rake in some more dineros.

>> No.27569004

wut wut

>> No.27569108

Ah holy shit this really is q. Melvin harvested Q. Nicely executed.

>> No.27569322


I can jump over a chair! For my next trick, you will eat the bugs.

>> No.27569810


>> No.27569835

Yeah, hi. /pol/ native here. That doesn’t resemble Q posting at all. It’s just correct information.

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I mean, /pol/'s shit anyway. Hard to make it worse.

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File: 38 KB, 1035x442, Ted Jews GME.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


We like this stock

>> No.27570959

This is the smartest thing Ive read all day. U have a fucking 250 IQ. NOT SELLING FUCK SHILLS WE STAND TOGETHER TO FUCK OVER HEGGIES AND FOR GAINS

>> No.27571041

I miss they days where we got shit done.

>> No.27571167

Whats this

>> No.27571209

Sorry anon, but this is the leftist paradox. These are the same niggers who called me nigger for supporting Trump. They created this situation. I was just a sole spic supporting Trump unaware of the leftist racism until they started calling me nigger, spic, MAGAtard, and etc.
How do you expect me to support a group of people that want me in concentration camps for having my own opinions? Theres no comprise with these niggers. FBI niggers, put me on the list. I'll gladly use excessive force against reddit niggers to put them in mandatory ghettos.

>> No.27571219

Cool, I bought more GME.

>> No.27571233

Newfag here

Cashapp doesn't have gamestop

should i invest in AMC or NOK?

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So because of yesterday, Robinhood took away day trading or some bullshit. Does this mean that if I buy gme I won't be able to sell them anymore until a certain period of time? Because if I buy 10 shares I feel like I won't have the option to sell anymore if it goes up, Robinhood would have fucked me bad.

>> No.27571291

Apparently AMC hit $16 during after-hours trading. Might be the better bet.

>> No.27571346

>I suspect all of the threads making fun of reddit are shills and attempting to divert attention.

I'm already teaming up with the soys of reddit against these funds. Enemy of my (((enemy))) as it were.

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File: 2.92 MB, 300x375, 1612127038270.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuck off shills, those are mere distractions.

>> No.27571479

by giving them hope and then crushing it to create optimal copium returns

>> No.27571545

If you keep doing so the divide and conquer billionaires will surely be laughing at how easily it was to play you against them using something so trivial as 4chan vs reddit drama.

>> No.27571573



>> No.27571626

The charts dont lie, I'm just saying what the factual observations are. Just buy a few AMC in case you faggot nigger.

>> No.27571730


Also the basis of the female Nightelf dance in WoW.

>> No.27571752


Give a nigger a "you" with an asian girl pic attached

>> No.27571829


You're not supporting them. They're supporting you. They're fighting the kikes for you even if they are not aware of it.

>> No.27571887
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How am i a shill? i just want to make some money. isn't that what this thread is about?

>> No.27571926

i still have hope.
i know that all the largest institutions in the world are fighting this right now.
I know they've gone over every scenario and put things in place to keep this kind of thing from happening.
these are smart people.
they know exactly what's going on.
i have hope though that maybe, just maybe, they didn't include in any of their scenarios a bunch of retards.
like literal retards.
mentally challenged.
MILLIONS of retards banding together and being absolutely retarded. doing retarded things period.
maybe that's a scenario they overlooked.

>> No.27571932

Fuck the innumerable amount of shills on this board. I hope you shill yourselves in the ass.

>> No.27571999

They want to teach retailers a very very expensive lesson.

>> No.27572084

>they know exactly what's going on

They might know a tad more than the average person but they (being active traders) actually suck as a group and underperform as a group over the long term.

>> No.27572285

RH limited buying. They did not limit selling. It was a truly evil and despicable move for them to bend the knee to their masters like that.

Let me out this in simple terms. They closed one door (the buy door) for the cattle and opened the other door (the sell door). So the cattle naturally flowed to the sell door.

>> No.27572319

what you morons have to understand is that they are going to continue trading with one another to bring it down hoping that people will start selling at a bigger and bigger loss. gme very well might go to what it was when people first got on. around $5 - $20. no joke we might see those numbers by EOW if buying keeps being restricted and normies can't use robinhood. at that point what is stopping you from buying? get a better broker, buy when it goes low enough for you to average down especially if you were one of the goons that bought in at $300. don't buy more than you can afford to lose literally just buy a couple of shares. if enough people do that it'll pump. fuck the squeeze we can't beat hedgefunds but we sure as hell can beat diamond hand redditors and buying in at $5 and selling at $100 if it pumps again is pretty good.

this is satire not financial advise and i do not current own any gme stocks.

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>> No.27572538

shill for what exactly? telling people to hold and buy dips?

>> No.27572547

Wall Street reference zoomer

>> No.27572594

the shill meta has been subtle infusion of fear to throw people off, relentlessly on all forms of media.

>> No.27573071

yeah good luck with that faggot

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I'm just disappointed our meme energy is weaker than their shilling

Where is your power and energy from last week?

>> No.27573272

The thing is GME has become so huge that pumping Billions into fraud to surpress the price is more viable than paying up because paying up is impossible. The cost explodes exponentially with rising prices.

>> No.27573279

I get it but they added some bullshit day trading insurance. Not sure if it works how I think it does but it stated that if I buy more shares I won't be able to sell the shares I bought for 90 days if I keep buying and selling.

>> No.27573332

Have you seen Tesla? The game has changed. Retail now knows how to hold. We won't be tricked into selling because of shorts anymore

>> No.27573429

why not? it was over 300 on friday, over 200 on monday and now it is under 100. do you think the hedgefunds are done manipulating the market? do you think people are gonna start buying at anything over 50 when the share is this volatile and people have lost thousands in the past few days alone?
i'm not saying to panic sell or jump ship or any of that stupid shit i just think that it might get to a point where it'd be genuinely insane to not purchase more. the hedgefunds are sending us a message right now and that message is "you are gay".
anyone selling at this much of a loss unironically does have paper hands, smart people already sold at least some of what they had at one of the many peaks. it could moon i am not a fortune teller but if you are holding now you are already fucked so you may as well ride along unless it will genuinely ruin your life.
i don't even own any gme but if it goes <$20 i will be buying like 2 shares max and praying it pumps again.

>> No.27573505

>I suspect all of the threads making fun of reddit are shills and attempting to divert attention
You suspect but you are wrong. You are a retard and dont belong here. We are laughing because you normies are a fucking joke.
Thanks for ruining biz, fucking homo cunts.

Who is to say those same people didnt fuel the memetic virus that was gamestop mania? Look at the people who have profited the most so far. Its been wall street. Melvin is literally nothing.

>> No.27573507

Reddit is better policed. WSB deletes and bans bots. On 4chan it's easier to manipulate people and /biz/ has unironically rich people. It makes the most sense to attack /biz/. Also notice how /biz/ went from one of the least frequented boards to the most frequented board.

>> No.27573578

They can drag it out. Remember how overshorted Tesla was. If you didn't plan to hold for at least a year you're a fucking retard

>> No.27573600

>Also notice how /biz/ went from one of the least frequented boards to the most frequented board
Because your faggot reddit and faggot discord got shut down then all the normies came here. That is the only reason.

>> No.27573602

good luck fag

>> No.27573741

With the way the brokerages have put on arbitrary per-person limits, the only way to protest is for as MANY people as possible to participate. You might get the normies in your life to [[need]] to protest by buying exactly one share

>> No.27573925

>losing 10 million dollars
he put in $50k and his portfolio is still worth $22 million

i mean, i'm holding a bag too, but let's be real about the situation.

>> No.27574200

invite ded can u repost

>> No.27574567

the entire point is to get your money into the stock markets and USD instead of dumping it into bitcoin, which they are trying to buy up quietly without causing huge price gains like happened the past few months. A huge amount of people sold out of BTC positions to get into this week's scam.

>> No.27574596

>Triple sevens
Ok shillfag

>> No.27574669

Anyone got the robinhood employee blind post?

>> No.27574884

muslims just hate jews, therefore everything they consider evil, bad, destructive, suspicious, etc. is a jew, or jewish.
basically exactly the same thing that pol does, they just afix jew to the end of the word instead.

>> No.27574936
File: 585 KB, 1000x1428, smoking Komoe drinking.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The best part out of all of this are people questioning the media and the megacorps after all of this.
I had family brainwashed by CNN, CNBC, and Fox, and they are finally questioning the propaganda.

Thursday was probably the killing blow, huh. I legit think there was a chance back then, but they control too much to simply lose this way.
They had so much time to regroup, use the media, deploy distractions, etc. so they're way up now. I'm a bagholder all the way to $0 both as a reminder to this kikery and hope that some retards never forget how they trampled you yet again. All I ask is for the people to realize their neighbors are not their true enemies but those elites at the top.

>> No.27574978

Other people are Selling GME
are you saying I shoukd sell?

>> No.27575531

That's different. Move to a non cucked platform. Vanguard is probably the least cucked in terms of standing up for the common investor but they have a legacy of discouraging frequent trading so I'm using Fidelity for this atm.

>> No.27576186

Cool take, schlomo.

>> No.27576269

/pol/ is the best board on 4chan bar none

>> No.27576308

> ...and THAT’s when we’ll cover!

>> No.27576542

Paying tens of millions to paid shills is better than losing billions to WSB. Paying SEC's fines is nothing compared to profits from manipulation.

US population is cattle. They will make sure this kind of shit happens never again.

>> No.27576610

pls Jews just let me break even at 300 and I will never touch your fucking jew game again PLEASE

>> No.27576945

Low effort, Also 4chan has a surprising amount of influence on the more "normie" places on the internet. (Pepe, HWNDU, wojack, etc)

On reddit, if a shill is found out for spreading falsehoods and other kikery, that account is pretty much done. Its pretty easy to look at a user's profile on reddit and tell how full of shit they are. On 4chan, nobody gives a shit. People dont even care about IDs from one thread to another.

>> No.27577028

>newfag unironically thinks calling each other a faggot on 4chan is something new.

>> No.27577399

>reddit spacing
If that isn’t enough, your faggot jargon gives it away

>> No.27577515

>muh reddit space
been here longer than you faggot
not that that's worth bragging about

>> No.27577729

It așa about getting fucked by the short ladder hedgies

>> No.27578000

Thanks anon. Why even read the thread when you have every reply in there?
See this line break? That is a normal line break.


if that shit is spaced like this,

then it is reddit spacing.

>> No.27578112

you missed the train, should have bought when it was still few bucks a piece.

>> No.27578178

why is the prevailing narrative that the shorts have been closed now? even monday morning everyone was saying the squeeze hadn't happened yet? is it just based on the price going way down? surely it's pretty obvious that it's market manipulation.

>> No.27578394

reddit wanted to play the game and they got to play the game, things go different with the big boys and redditors will learn it the hard way. you never fuck with the chosen people.

>> No.27578403


Best post on /biz/ right now and the ultimate redpill.

>> No.27578423

>Silver is peak shill.
Interest in silver is the only legitimate thing to come out of this.

>> No.27578491

honestly you all are faggots. last week /biz/ was pretending to be the ones who came up with the idea.

>> No.27578595

Does the word "shill" even mean anything anymore?

>> No.27578685
File: 137 KB, 1024x1016, 1602757617013.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Checked and based
>Still here and ready to answer the call of the autist

>> No.27578819

From asia here, late to the gme game
Idk about you but if the price drops to somewhere around 10-20 I'll be buying, it's throwaway money, idc where it goes but i do think if the price drops significantly, other people will buy as well as long as the squeeze hasn't happened yet

>> No.27578989
File: 19 KB, 385x383, 1612189608816.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

there is pasta from this site that goes all the way back to 2009 that uses
>reddit spacing
You fucking half a donut

>> No.27579487
File: 27 KB, 200x140, proxy-image (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should I
Side with the S.O.Y redditors
Or side with their jewish enablers, which they are too conditioned to call out?

Maybe I'll stick to my crypto and make fun of them both

>> No.27579903

It wasn’t just the spacing, niggers, it was the verbose homosexualism in the tone

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