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This $shib nonsense is still a poojeet scam right guys?

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yes, literally 3 faggots pumping the whole shitfest
I'd rather buy gme than this shit lol

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If these little faggots get rich I'm deleting the internet

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The coin was around as far back as August, way before Dogecoin was on anyone's radar and copycat coins started sprouting up left and right. It has a competent dev who's actually trying to capitalize on the newfound popularity by establishing an exchange that uses it as the primary token. Leash is an interesting concept as has done surprisingly well while Shib was crabbing for a day. It survived a huge pump and the dump afterwards was peanuts if you consider what it did on Friday. It's the most resilient memecoin I've ever seen and is about to get an actual use condition.

You could reasonably say it was a joke or scam a week ago (which is why I only bought $10) but at this point denying that it has upwards potential is cope

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Is not pajeet coin sir

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wanna 25x? get in fucking now

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If you have to trade 9 coins on 4 exchanges to get the coin, its shit and a scam.

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be poor if you want to, nobody is gonna do it for you

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Get in before it's too late or stay poor forever sir.

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unrelated question to all my Bank of America bros. when my transaction (deposit) is processing to my checkings account, can i use that money or so i need to wait until it completes?

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>buy eth on coinbase
>transfer to hotbit
>buy shib
fucking mongoloid

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25000x is what im seeing

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shib is a scam but dogola is the real deal, just let me shit out an ERC20 real quick

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December 31st, 2021. It's almost noon, I wake up, surrounded by hookers blow and prescription drugs. I get up and do a fat line of blow of off an unconscious escorts bare titties, after that, I walk towards the bathroom, trying not to trip over the naked whores who are all passed out on my yuge white alpaca rug. I reach the door to my bathroom, I grab the crystal door knob and turning it and opening the door to my massive white marble bathroom with an infinity shower. I step in, get naked and turn the 24k gold plated faucet knob to turn on my 24k gold shower head. I get in, lather my body in the finest soaps and products known to man. I get out, feeling like a new man. I then dry myself off with the highest quality towel in existence, it feels like your mothers ass cheeks, soft and delicate. I call over my butler, Mustafa. Did I mention that I live in Dubai? Anyway, I have him fetch me my tailored blue Alexander McQueen suit, with my brown Ralph Lauren Purple Label Crocodile loafers. He sprays me with Giorgio Armanis "Armani Code", he than hands me the keys to my brand new the 2021 Mercedes E63S AMG, which I purchased the day before for 1000000 SHIB. I take my phone out and send all the whores 50 SHIB each, for the night before. I do one last line of coke before I head out. Getting out of the front door, I press the ignition button on my keyfob twice, hearing the twin turbo'd V8 from the Merc come to life. I head towards the the sound of the rumbling engine, I get in, reverse out the garage. I open the gates of my massive mansion, I exit out the gates, instantly putting my foot down all the on the peddle. Speeding towards the heart of Dubia to meet with the sheikhs on which coin we're going to pump and dump today, before the new years. We're all sipping martinis and smoking cuban cigars on the top floor of the Burj Khalifa, 2700 feet above the Earth.

Buy low, sell high. Hold the fucking coin. Meme the fuck out of it. We'll all be fucking rich.