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I found this on another thread, is this real? Idk man Scion Asset Management's (Michael Burry's fund) position was 1.7 million shares, at least in December 2020, and this says they dumped 1.7m. I'm genuinely not a shill but Burry buying this all the way back in April last year gave me confidence so this makes me kinda nervous

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You can literally go on nasdaq and see the hedge funds selling 100 shares back and forth to each other to lower the price

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VW was 53% shorted for reference

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I’m not personally heavily invested in this but are you saying there is still a “squeeze” to come?

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I'm asking about Burry's fund possibly selling their entire position of 1.7m shares

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If I’m reading this correctly, it’s over. He’s been in it since last year, he’s made his profits because GME was $4 when he bought in. It seems like it’s officially done BUT what I don’t understand is why DFV is still in it then. Is it really for the memes? Does he still think it’s going up? I know he made out with $13 million, but still. Where do we go from here

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he's already secured himself a small fortune to keep himself from ever needing to report to a boss again, the rest he's probably using to make a statement about something, or (more likely) to keep the cult-like following he developed hanging onto his every statement by showing his "commitment" to the stock so he continues to have power over potentially millions of people. that power in of itself could be worth the millions he's letting slip away as GME falls. or, maybe he genuinely believes that the stock is going to continue to rise, and he's only squirreling a small bit of it away as a plan B.

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report date 1/15

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he's stated on stream he's long, like real long. believes cohen can flip it around

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