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How long before he tops himself?

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if he went all into litecoin with 6 million he would make ~300 million

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even if he loses all his money, he's already a celebrity.

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Yeah the guy who lost $45m

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He already withdrew 13K before things started going south.

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He's locked in an 8 figure profit and became famous. He'll probably go to work for Goldman as head of meme stock analysis and be a talking head on CNBC for as long as he likes. He'll write a best selling book and advise on a blockbuster movie about this fiasco starring Brad Pitt as himself. I think he has most certainly made it you retard

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what are you talking about? hes either a paper trader or he cashed out at the top and is shopping his updates

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literally doesn't look like a greedy or FOMO fuck or anything to me. i think he will hold just for memes, and is generally trading for funsies. doubt he will ever regret not closing at 400+, he just doesn't look like that kind of person to me. could be wrong tho.

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He withdrew $13 million. Dude is set for life. And that's assuming he isn't larping about holding. It literally takes 5 second to inspect element and change the numbers in your browser back to where they would be if you didn't sell, then screen shot it.

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If he doesn't close his positions by tomorrow I want to nominate him the biggest idiot of 2021: gets handed a once in 100 000 lifetimes opportunity but squanders it because of reddit onions of all things, holy fuck

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Bro he's cashed out over $10mil

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wrong. the SEC is going to launch an investigation and pin this whole `gamestop` thing on him. the judge will throw the book at him. that's what the movie will be about, only it'll be Christian Bale that stars as him

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I never bought GME retard, but imagine thinking this guy will come out of this anything other than hugely successful. Absolutely braindead

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>Stop talking shit about my hero0o0o0o0o!!!!

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but he is also taking down 1000s of redditors with him
many of which are now in complete financial ruin
which is pretty fucking based

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can sec cucks charge him with giving illegal financial advises? what's the punishment in us for doing something like that? i think if they ever try to chase him down, that's gonna be their main argument

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The man’s cashed out fuck-you generational wealth money. At this pointing, he’s only holding to see whether he builds 3 or 10 non-profit children’s hospitals in his hometown.

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Robinhood ceo?

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>$10m fuck you generational wealth

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>10s of millions
>fuck you money
>generational wealth
Wow, you really don't understand just how much money you need for those things to apply, do you?

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even if gme goes to zero, he took out 13MM already. For a normal guy, what the fuck does it matter whether you have 13 mil or 50 mil? Also that's assuming he didn't actually take all of it out. He could very well just be using inspect element to make it look like he's still holding. Couldn't blame him if he did that; the retarded reddit crowd would kill him if he sold.

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That's like 400k/year safe income. Maybe its not "fuck you" but its differently generational wealth. You'll be passing that down if you don't mismanage it.

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He doesn't need to work for the rest of live and will live like a comfortable 1%er.

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what anon did not mention was that he is taking his winnings and dumping half into chainlink half into silver, plus all the royalties from the movie deal. he will have fuck you generational wealth

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He sold, didn't he?

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By next week he'll break the high score for most an heros caused.

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no way, this ugly boomer will never be anything but a punchline

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where is this image from?
I saw it a while ago and thought it was incredibly based, but didn't save it and couldn't google fu my way to it for months, until a few days ago I entered the discord for some coin and someone had it as his profile pic
I was so happy, you wouldn't understand
now I see it again, which is cool even though I had already saved it
but if you tell me where it comes from I'd be very grateful

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Ihave found a new defi BAEX(#baex), does anyone know about it? That's a binary exchange with USD/YEN, crypto and many other stock indices. Seems profitable and safe with Yahoo quotes source and algorithmic profitability

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He only took out 13m

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That's not generational wealth or fuck you money. He can definitely retire. He cannot live like a 1%er. You are talking about people that have literally billions.

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He's going to be played by someone like Brad Pitt in the Netflix movie they are making about this.
Dude is set for life.

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you have to be 18+ to post here

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Anon, that is a man women would fuck even if they DIDN’T know he can lose 20 million dollars like normal people can lose quarters in their sofa.

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Anyone know how old he is?

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>brad pitt 60
>dfv early 30's

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If he cashed out anything at all, he's set for life. Who cares about the rest of it.

By holding what he has left to the end, he can get rich while still saving face.

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Pretty sure the SEC would fuck him if he did that.

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I don't think he's been pushing the hold no matter what, buy on this date, sell on this date train. So no conspiracy pump scheme there. And to my knowledge he doesn't sell his investment advice or instruct people to buy stocks. He's more about presenting his thought process and entertaining on stream. So no illegal or malicious advisor suit will stick. Someone might try to strick him with a lawsuit though because he earned big and retards list big.

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Yeah people have no idea how much money is out there. 10-30 million net worth is just upper class these days. 500k a year salary is upper middle class.

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literially what changed, that this incident desereves a whole movie. I hate this society

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So what? He’s an unfuckable Reddit dork who lost a ton of potential money. I’m sure women will be lining up to fuck him.....

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That would only get you a middle class lifestyle in the Bay Area. I’m not kidding. That’s not FU money.

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im not 18 (im older) but im 18 inches deep in your mom

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1% income in the USA is 400k a year. You don't understand how few billionaires there is.

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>live like a 1%er.
you mean getting prostitutes to eat shit and finding new ways to lord over the peasants? sounds uncomfy. Bill Gates is constantly working to fuck over the Earth, and he's worth billions. sounds like a bad deal

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he has 13 million dollars bro. they're making a movie about his life.

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He doesn't have to live in the Bay Area tho because he doesn't have to work a tech job, he can live in the most low cost of living area in the US and live like a king

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>paying millions to "save face" with anonymous retards on rebbit

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ok when you put it like that I'll tell you were the image came from, it's an /x/ meme.

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early 30's

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Depends on your social circle. If I had 10 mil Id still be hanging around regular blokes, holding a job, and spending normal amounts of money. It would indeed last a lifetime.

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so don't live in a retarded area like SF or manhattan then. There's zero reason to be at those locations if not for work, and with 10 milly you don't need to work.

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But npcs got excited and bought some silver.

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He might actually be in danger if he cashed out, that site is like a cult and some people have lost everything on this bubble.

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hospitals cost hundreds of millions to billions

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If you can’t choose where you want to live, that’s not FU money.

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he can pay for his parents and his own retirement.

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He threw in 750k. That shows his achievement was that great.

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Wagie, why the fuck would you live in an expensive shithole when you can trade from anywhere? You could live off 13 million for 50+ years if you go van style on public lands.

>> No.27554261

watch the imaginary numbers go up, and pretend that something happened.

>> No.27554262

Whatever you say mate, maybe that's your definition. My definition is not having to work ever and living a high class lifestyle with a mid 6 figure income safe yearly.

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Thanks, I thought it would be from there, it gave me those vibes. I tried looking for it there a couple of times but I guess I wasn't lucky.
Any more info on the image?

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they're literally gonna make a movie about him

>> No.27554307

project harder incels

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Besides there being the entire rest of the world to live, with 10mil and not having to work, there really isn't that much difference besides having more of it in your house and paying higher taxes. But its not going to make that much difference in your quality of life because you don't have to do commuting / daycare, etc.

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he’s married you fucking loser

>> No.27554415

it's an edited face, the original face is from a police sketch

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You can live in a mud hut in Africa too!
Fucking normies, get off my board.

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Thanks, got any links just so I can finish?

>> No.27554650

forget it I just found it by looking up:
4chan /x/ police sketch meme black hood
thanks a lot

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You just don't know it yet but this will be the catalyst for major retail shockwaves in the future. Mark Cuban understands this. There will always be something else and this is only the beginning.

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>if its not san francisco, its a mud hut in africa

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>he's married already
>he's cashed out a huge sum
>he's getting a movie made about him with a lead A-lister to play his role

>> No.27554943 [DELETED] 

also it's interesting that it's supposed to be creepy, I thought it was meant to be funny, or maybe that was the point
also anon who deleted their post, I see you

>> No.27554971


Getting hired by Goldman because of your personal trading performance... lol

>> No.27555030

>That would only get you a middle class lifestyle in the Bay Area. I’m not kidding. That’s not FU money.

"Hmm, what should I do with my newfound wealth. Oh I know, I'll move to a horribly mismanaged state where I can have the privilege of paying 10 times the amount for the same shit I could get anywhere else. But it's ok, I'll have lots of woke friends and vegan bistros to eat at."

>> No.27555349

He lives in Boston, fuck face

>> No.27555694

10 million is so much money you don't even dream of ever being worth 10 million.

Shut the fuck up.
You would piss your pants if u made 1mil.

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You must be from the third world

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It’s not fair. You shouldn’t be obscenely rich and handsome at the same time, that’s like cheating

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>dude Im reddit famous for 15 minutes this is worth 45m

>> No.27556319

>adam driver as vlad tenev

>> No.27556345

He's literally in danger. There's more than 8m people idolizing him. They all know his full name and the city he lives in. It only needs ONE deranged loser out of over 8 millions to freak out over his losses and make it personal.

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pleae dont kys please dont kys please dont kys

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the dude started with 750k capital to throw at a meme stock, pretty sure he's loaded anyway
there's no difference between $10 million and anything less than ~$300 million anyway

you can only use so much house and only have time for so many hobbies, and a flight is a flight until you own your own plane

>> No.27557245

he gives off glowie vibes

>> No.27557285

lel, even worse
>I might get myself fucking murdered by some schizo and I didn't even get the money to show for it

>> No.27557449

It's was 50k check his earlier posts.

>> No.27557504

>this dude is going to get dozens of redditors to off themselves
Holy based.

>> No.27557523

Calm down. I know some of the equipment can be spendy but to "build a hospital" does not cost billions. You'd almost never be able to find a fucking hospital.

>> No.27557661

Lmao those eyes

>> No.27557896

>salary as a metric when it comes to rich people

>> No.27557978

It is a bad deal. But you're not going to be able to give generational wealth without doing it. That's the trade off. Rule in hell rather than serve in heaven.

>> No.27558085

This is the funniest part, his "What's an exit strategy?" meme came true and he literally can't sell. The stock will fucking implode if he does, the spell will be broken, and while most will blame Robinhood and ebil hedge funds and shit, some ruined lives will want to point the finger at him. I would legitimately try to fake my own death or something, live on as a legend and a martyr and quietly abscond with the dough.

>> No.27558174

He took profits when calls expired, also he bought in at $4-$12
He made a fuckton of money
If he had sold at the top and posted it on Reddit then he'd have a fucking nightmare with the SEC

>> No.27558198

who cares, the guy one the lottery basically. a bunch of reddit fags pumped his bags. Take what you have left and buy Chainlink. something with fundaments.

>> No.27558210

Correct. This was a black swan because literally nobody ever expected retail traders to be a threat. Now the entire game has changed. People are now even more aware of how corrupt everything is. This is just the beginning of something far bigger.

>> No.27558265

imo him letting what he has left wither until everyone gives up may be a smart move. imagine if he had left at the 300 or 200 level. some retard who sunk all his savings would've inevitably gone and tried to attack him.

>> No.27558930

With 10 million we have one rich guy. With 20 million, we can have two.
With 299 million, we have atleast 29 rich guys. You are a dumbfuck

>> No.27558938

Dude you're here making fun of people along 10million a lot of money while gambling your 10k on shitcoins and praying u make an x2.
Literally euphoric over making a few grands, lmao.

>> No.27559040

Pains of hell

>> No.27559107

He has much more than that right now.

>> No.27559203

>only $13million

>> No.27559294

started with 50k actually.

>> No.27559570

What do you mean "can't choose?"
He can choose anywhere he wants to live, including the Bay Area. He just won't live the way you want to, there.

If you think compromising between living very well at all, and living exactly where you want to isn't Fuck You money, I don't know what to say.

Besides the fact that what you're talking about isn't "Fuck You" Money, it's "Niggers and Kikes tongue my anus and pay me for it like the good goys they are" money. There are three families that have that much wealth and we both don't know two of their names.

>> No.27559736

Can you imagine having 50 million in your hands and then just watch it all slip away so you can be internet famous?
I mean he will still make a killing but I feel that in my gut for years.

>> No.27559983


>> No.27560014

Yes weak chinned low t peasants will never know what its like to stand for ideals over your own selfish existence.

>> No.27560140

This fucker has outperformed every single link marine here with a single 3 month play.

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>I might be broke but at least i suicided myself while being famous

>> No.27560456

>3 month play
he started buying GME back in Q4 2019

>> No.27560460

Isn't he a banker or something?
He was probably worth 7 figures even before this gain.

>> No.27560469
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5 shekels says he sold at $55 mil and has been calculating and shooping his 'yolo updates' since thursday.

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Or you could live off 13 million for 50+ years in a house....

>> No.27560700

finance educator at an insurance firm i think

>> No.27560760

>loses $10M in a day and isn't even phased
How can /biz/ even compete?

>> No.27560983

As if that's a story worth even telling...
>Guy catches a whiff of a good stock trade to BEAT THE BAD GUY
>Make a bunch of money and lives happily ever after
I fucking hate modern society.

>> No.27561725

He will be in jail within 2 months and his bank account will be confiscated before he can even pay for a lawyer. The question should be how many years does he get in federal prison, I would guess at 10 years desu.

>> No.27561854

hes going to jail lmao

>> No.27561928

>posting your gains on a forum made for posting gains is illegal

white people everyone

>> No.27562273

I honestly think I wouldn't be upset because at a cashed in $13m you're set for life.

There'll be plenty more 2x opportunities where you can just throw in 100k-200k as play money.

The average /biz/ anon has like what a $60-70k networth and they throw in $5k-$10k into pajeet shitcoins chasing gains. $100k to him is like $500 to the average anon.

>> No.27562455

Everyone on reddit is fucking retarded for treating him like a hero.

If dude was selling covered calls he could have milked this shit for a 1-2 million per day, and an absurd amount of money all the way down selling calls to all the dipshits who think hes some hero.

Make no mistake, dude is most likely printing money.

>> No.27562626

he needs to put like 16 million back in

>> No.27562720

you hate him cause you ain't him

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>what a retard! i totally would've sold the exact top. only $13M, that's fucking nothing LOL

>> No.27562761

not for posting gains, but actually making gains goy

>> No.27562819

He is going into DeepFuckingHiding if he has half a brain

>> No.27562915

wreck your reputation forever for greed, yeah no thank you

>> No.27562951

Even if everything goes to 0, he cashed out 12 million from a 50k investment.

>> No.27562983
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>My hero make 10 million and you only made a few grand you idiot
>GME to the MO0O000OO000ON!!!

>> No.27563138

>He is going into DeepFuckingHiding if he has half a brain
Yep. He justed and dabbed on some of the most corrupt and ruthless white collar sociopaths on Wall Street.
They're going to try and make an example of him one way or another.

>> No.27563338

yeah lol thats what i was thinking too i sold near the top but i dont know if i would of held the way he did.

>> No.27563425

>implying that it isn't virtuous to make money while sticking it to Wall Street
You need to go back.

>> No.27563428

that 30m is a drop in the bucket for gme basically at this point. all of the institutions bought the same price he did

he never told reddit about the fucking short squeeze he just posted gains and bought before everyone else did

>> No.27563450

Plus the irate follower who snaps and thinks it's all his fault.....

>> No.27563674
File: 107 KB, 1167x656, 332B9566-C259-4C11-B202-CF14C0209E19.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They're already blaming Portnoy for the GMC dump and he wasn't even in GMC. It's like they already forgot that Robinhood and Citadel et al are the bad guys.

>> No.27563684

How he even get doxxed?

>> No.27563711

You could live like a king off the interest alone without ever touching the principal you stupid fuck
Why is /biz/ this dumb

>> No.27563914

gme is a cult

>> No.27564051

The initial option was 50k retard

>> No.27564147

>that 30m is a drop in the bucket for gme basically at this point.
>he never told reddit about the fucking short squeeze he just posted gains and bought before everyone else did
He's the poster boy for a trade that cost the hedgies 3.1 TRILLION. A trade that other hedgies were long, but one that revealed how reckless the short seller's risk management was. The global financial system was literally on the brink of crashing.

>> No.27564563

Meh, the hedgies will do it again.

>> No.27565443



>> No.27565643

That's not generational wealth.
It might be. Doesn't change the fact that it's something completely unexpected that will change the perception of the market.

>> No.27565906

Spotted the late link buyer

>> No.27565988

It's speculation but seems accurate to me. The squeeze was last week but the banks ran out of fucking money to give out. That's why they shut down retail trading so hard. Citadel ran out of money and told RH to SHUT IT DOWN because if it got too much higher then it couldn't be stopped. Shit was about to actually collapse so they threw out all the stops to slam on the breaks. If the Bloomberg Terminal screenshots going around are legitimate then it might pump again tomorrow so that they can give the people "their victory" without ever actually having to do anything. It will stimulate the economy a shit load, the govt gets out relatively unscathed. The institutions going long make a nice profit and the shorts are bloodied but survived. It's a nice little narrative.

>> No.27566133

>LINK buyers bought in three fucking years ago
>Many of them are now fucking retired
>Like one guy goes long on a stock and it works out
>Best Trader Ever
Nah, you're a cunt. I got into LINK late as fuck but those dudes that saw its potential that early are smart as hell.

>> No.27566217

So was he behind all the shilling, or was he just the giga brain that made people aware of it?

>> No.27566264
File: 37 KB, 417x338, bear vs bull market.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It all comes tumbling down.

>> No.27566295

the jealousness here is palpable. just be happy a white man got rich from some kikes, faggots

>> No.27566481
File: 121 KB, 973x1024, 1611777959345.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

he killed more redditors more than any faggot niggers in this board will ever kill in their lifetime. in my book, that's based af.

>> No.27566518

So you’re telling me we are one step away from destroying wallstreet, banks, and the government. Holy shit we need to keep doing this on multiple fronts, fuck those pussy mods on Reddit, because I like the fucking stock.

>> No.27566767

Are you retarded? Even one million is “never work again” tier money

>> No.27566928

Are you retarded? People with multiple millions are at LEAST middle upper class. At least. And over 10? That’s just rich.

>> No.27567010

Sure it is. Why wouldn’t it be

>> No.27567024

No. You WERE one step away and they had to take drastic measures to stop it from happening. Please realize that the entire market is rife with fraud and is so incestuous and interconnected that a major disruption like what happened with GME can topple the entire thing. That has now been stopped and I believe they are going to give holders a win TOMORROW AND TOMORROW ONLY. If I'm right it will pump to $1200 tops tomorrow before crashing right the fuck back down for good. I'm not saying that will happen but there is evidence to suggest that it might. Millions of dollars spent on $800 calls and institutions grabbing whatever shares they can with their spare change.

>> No.27567223

Man.... That is literally not true. Classes are based off statistics. Statistically 500k a yr is amoung 1% (im pretty sure less) of america. That's not "middle class" no matter what area you're in. The area is just upper class.

>> No.27567226


>> No.27567228

Pretty unbased and evilpilled if he cashed out millions already but is leading normies to slaughter

>> No.27567262

he pulled out 15million on a 50k bet. He is going to be just fine

>> No.27567279

Why not both

>> No.27567361

Because generational wealth isn't just money and it INCREASES generationally.

>> No.27567508

ngl that sounds kinda based

>> No.27567585

sounds exactly like what anyone on here would have done

>> No.27567612

Sorry m8 not gonna buy your bags, they look better on you than they look on me ( cashed out at 333.33)

>> No.27567633

Sounds jewish

>> No.27567687

There are alot of salaried wealthy individuals. Not all extraordinarily wealthy people are business tycoons, lol. I personally know of someone who makes around 1m salary working at a bank

>> No.27567704

>his kids invest
Wow that’s hard

>> No.27567706

You do realize retail at this scale can easily and retardly spend a couple million on calls right?

>> No.27567743

Whatever, time to start doing this with multiple stocks. I’ve got loads a money so I already started yesterday.

>> No.27567844

fuck you're insane....

>> No.27567930

What? He’s a professional investor. He’s been a millionaire for years now. Didn’t you fucking morons watch his streams months ago when he said to buy?

>> No.27567963
File: 30 KB, 820x795, pepea.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ive been holding puts since 400

>> No.27568117

checked and based just went all in on 1000 litecoin

>> No.27568128

the plebbitors are braindead to get out with profits, they want to STICK IT TO THE MAN! HOOOOLD DIAMOND HANDS!

>> No.27568146

Why would most normie retail investors spend millions on calls when the stock is so low? That’s the kind of delusion only the most cult-absorbed of the WSB can have and that’s a minority

>> No.27568193

Hahahahahahahahahahaha this cope

>> No.27568322

A millionaire? Yeah, probably.

>> No.27568534

I just want a reasonable explanation as to why he didn't cash out the rest of his gains last week Thurs-Fri when he was sitting at $50 million fucking dollars. Sure, he cashed out $13 million already, but why would you ignore such a large gain on your investment like that just to watch it dip to less than half?

>> No.27568537

No one cares about the bay area

>> No.27568674

A google search literally takes two seconds dude

>> No.27568850

because he's a reasonable individual who has legitimate stake in thiss cause outside of making a profit. I bet you theres a part of him thats going to pink face about that the rest of his life though (in the case that his fame doesn't bring him 10s of millions in royalties from articles and interviews and cameos and movies and tv shows)

>> No.27569109
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>checking that post

Shill-drone detected

>> No.27569312

Everyone is confusing the wagie that takes your order at Burger King for the CEO of Burger King. If RH is "free", how the fuck do they keep it going ? Because you saps ARE the product he's selling, in this case, to Citadel. You're Wojak, and Citadel plays Bog. Being such a small fish in the food chain, RH simply can't handle the collateral for a record number of call options. It's like you showed up at Buger King, tried to pay with a Billion Dollar bill, and REEE at the wagie saying "erm, i don't have change for that". Meanwhile, RH has got enthusiastic support to cover their collateral, since they've proven to be excelent suppliers of krill for the whales to eat. And they're always hungry. Always.

>> No.27569476

a goldman trader doesn't make $13 mill in one year anyways. maybe $5 mill in a good year.

he could easily raise money to make his own hedge fund and charge 2% fees on deposits and 20% fees on profits and make way more than a goldman trader, that's what michael burry did based off his own personal trading performance.

>> No.27569581

It'll never stop. He's been using the sugon method this whole time.

>> No.27569813

he doxxed himself by giving an interview.

>> No.27569886

My girlfriend is 25, has an undergraduate in international studies and makes over 120k a year at goldman lol

>> No.27569918

san francisco is closer to a mud hut in africa than most cities

>> No.27570236

he still up $20mil

>> No.27570523

t. neet

>> No.27572573
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>10 million is so much money you don't even dream of ever being worth 10 million.

>> No.27573472
File: 33 KB, 640x355, richietenenbaum.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anyone have this guy remind you of the royal tenenbaums?

>> No.27574408

exactly. he literally doesn't have to pay taxes a day in his life now.

>> No.27574666

He was worth billions but still died like a crack whore that sucks nigger dicks in a motel.


>> No.27575693

eh, just lucky
no one could have predicted what would happen to link way back then.
theres plenty of projects that sound great on paper but they just never manage to get their foot in the door and eventually gets left behind or just stuck in place.

>> No.27575777

>redditors coming here to simp for their hometown hero

>> No.27575811

More like gets offed by some Redditor that threw their entire life savings into this

>> No.27575875

Yeah, think of all the updoots he's going to get!

>> No.27575947
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Wait a second..

>> No.27576067

Do you understand the concept of taxes and cost of living? Most people making 500k will never get near 20 million networth.

>> No.27576082

Being rich is way better then being famous. Being famous in the 90s would have been ok, but now it must be a nightmare.

>> No.27576153

If he was a smart investor, he would have sold both his options and shares at $300, but because of his fanbase, (reddit Idiots) he was handcuffed. He has leveraged his clout to MSM so he can get a book deal and keep said clout. He's still up like $20 mil according to his posts on WSB (if still real) so he's still in the black.

>> No.27576181

I kind of respect him for keeping the delusion alive and not abandoning the rats he pied pipered to their room.

>> No.27576278
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>> No.27576691


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