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Bnt - Original AMM
Aave- Original money market
SNX- Original derivatives
LINK- Original Decentralized oracles

Sushi and uniswap, watch your fucking asshole , BNT it’s coming for you and your forked code. Inferior pooling solutions only lasts for so long.

Also a bonus for those who watched everything moon.

Sergey said defi would be big a half year later literally all the big defi’s went x100+.

Guess what Sergey said would be next half a year ago. Yes that’s right decentralized insurance protocols.

Etherisc DIP- this coin will x20 and you won’t even know what happened. Are you gonna miss out again. Stay poor


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defi is a meme and hyper replaceable by design. There are no bluechips.

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pump bnt already jfc

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then what do you propose instead of defi?

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Alright faggots, I got myself 1800 bnt. What am I in for?

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These threads have been great so far. Can we start making a defi blue chip general? I need a safe haven from all the pajeet shills and gamestop redditors

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So am I just missing BNT?

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checking your stake constantly until the dopamine gets to delirium inducing levels, until slowly tapering off ass you acclimiate to being part of a new financial elite

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anon here from last thread who just bought in and started staking, only ended up paying ~$70 in gas fees. For some reason it wouldn't let me get into the eth pool so I chose link. Already made $0.20, pretty comfy.

What's the difference between BNT and XSN? I own an XSN node, just trying to spread my bets out on DEX and Defi.

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Fantom is what you’re missing.

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What's your thoughts on DOT?
Do you recommend 20/20/20/20/20 split BNT/AAVE/SNX/LINK/ETH?

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Need to look into this staking business. Last time I staked anything was pic related. I imagine things have changed.

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>Bnt - Original AMM
>Aave- Original money market
>SNX- Original derivatives
>LINK- Original Decentralized oracles
Would it be prudent to say that link has the biggest potential out of this list?

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i am a brainlet w 10k link that is on celsius rn. it seems like if i were to sell half go 50/50 link/bnt and put it all in the link/bnt pool i could quit working and live off passive reward income, is this accurate? i really want to move out of my moms house.

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I have 200k 50/50 between ETH and USDC and lately have been making $200/day on uniswap

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so are u telling me its unironically 0.2 eth to pool my bnt? the default gas for approval was 0.005 eth so i just went with it and its taking a while.

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You realize the USDC yield on Bancor right now is over 100% right?

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thats spend limit approval
actually staking will be a writing a new contract with a more substantial fee

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Yep pretty much. Bancor rewards are insane right now.

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so i gotta fukin wait a month till they drop arbitradhwad-w--wahtever just to afford to STAKE? reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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Wrong. It took Bancor 4 years to develop impermanent loss protection and single sided liquidity. Shit defi pump dump tokens are replaceable. Bancor is not.

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Last thread redpilled me on Bancor. Didn't even know about the Arbitrum solution they're building, I was all in on L2 solutions like $STAKE + $MATIC. Diversified and now whacked 1500 BNT in the DAI pool

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Checked. BNT will be $94 at the same market cap as Uni which is inevitable in the near future. You are going to be very happy with that stack

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Not with the current inflation though. I'll be happy for half that..

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Lets say I stake some coins and earn some rewards. If I go to restake my rewards do I have to pay a gas fee? how much is that fee generally?

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Yes Link will always be #1. But bnt is by far the most undervalued of this list. It’s going to moon hard. Consider yourself warned.

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I don’t know. You can’t stake Uni because it’s only a governance token. 65% of Bancor supply is currently staked. As that number increases, the cex supply decreases. This will cause the price to rise.

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>pump bnt already jfc
Not yet anon, not yet.
Accooomulate sirs.

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Its running about 90 bucks.
Do the math, you need a big enough stack for this to be worthwhile.

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>Etherisc DIP- this coin will x20 and you won’t even know what happened. Are you gonna miss out again. Stay poor

WHY? why is this any better than all the other insurance protocols?

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Yes you have to pay gas. It will be minimal once Arbitrum rolls out

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>BNT will be $94
Jfc anon i want you to be right so bad.

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so are you telling me that Bancor will be an AMM DEX on L2 soon? Before Uni v3?

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When is Arbitrum?

Also can you recommend a movie? I am looking for something to watch.

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Yes this. I have to wait to get more fiat this week. Pump it next week Bog

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Arbitrum is suppose to launch this month. Fingers crossed. My favorite movie is “Six Degrees of Separation”. It’s unlikely 99.9% of this board would like it. I’ve seen it at least 25 times and every time I catch something new.

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Then how is it possible Sushi mc is 5x that of Bancor right now... wtf

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That sounds fucking interesting anon, I've read about SDoS, so assuming the movie is how we all have mutual connections?

Ex-Machina, very good dystopian film about AI

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on top of that bancor has IL and will be crosschain

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>I have 200k 50/50 between ETH and USDC and lately have been making $200/day on uniswap

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I'll check it out, thanks.

Already seent it. Was decent. Similar is a movie called "Archive" you might like it. I think its on Amazon Prime.

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How does this compare to XSN? 1mn chad here and bought BNT today.

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Fuck this and there fees, I have to hold 30 days to make back my gas money and pay AGAIN when I want my coins back

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technically it is already crosschain with EOS

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that would pretty much make me a millionaire, I don't see it happening desu

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why can't uniswap just implement a similar insurance structure?

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What pumps uni?
What pumps 1inch?

I get its crypto and literally nothing makes sense. Op's price would be absolutely fucking crazy.

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read this:

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They might try. But it took Bancor 4 years so it might be a while. Uniswap is the cheap knockoff version of Bancor. Kinda like Band is to Link. Pic related.

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I am financially ruined.

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it's hard to have full trust in their success due to their questionable track record, they lost a lot of trust, the price of being first and having to experiment and fail

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Understandable. I find it reassuring that they didn’t walk away when things got difficult. It would have been easier to walk off with everyone’s money but they used the experience to build a better product instead

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swap platform with high staking rewards?
loan platform?
another swap platform?
all your data are belong to us.
>Etherisc DIP
blockchain insurance?

am I getting everything? or am I just retarded.

and here's another product implemented ChainLink.

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wait is optimism really the name of it or are they memeing?

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I feel like this can't be overstated enough. They raised 150 mil in ico and could've walked away but kept at it and make a better product even though biggest dex right now stole their work. Feel like that bodes well long term but who knows

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I'm going to go all in on BNT next week anons. Well, I'll keep the relatively small amount of ETH I have, but the rest goes to BNT.

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thanks to this and the previous thread, i bought and stakes 1200 BNT. thanks fellas.

now some advice - should i throw 2k into GRT or more BNT? Also, my only other holding is a large undisclosd amount of XMR. As this thread is one of the only non-pajeeted on the board, let me ask the intellects here what they think of this?

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just google it anon. a monkey could do it. just make sure you have enough eth for gas.

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You should just all in on BNT if you are gonna stake. The rewards will be a lot higher

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this is true. ultimately i guess i am asking what this thread think the prospects for GRT are?

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depends on your stack i guess? and how much gas is going to take away from yur total

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I only have about a grand to throw at this. I assume it isn't worth staking?

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ALL profits go into AAVE SNX and ETH. Daily I'm flipping FTM MIR and BAO after runs. I am done with the food tokens atm other then BAO. The memes are too good, and I am already up.

Gonna grab some more SNX soon, whenever ETH pumps once it stabilizes the whales switch sUSD to iETH. If you havent figured out how important SNX and sBTC sETH iBTC iETH and their indexs and commodities are to the system you are missing out.

DO NOT SELL you UNI. Hayden is in talks with L2. Thats why the accumulation has been gradual. They will reward LP pools UNI who make the switch to L2. So have your wbtc/eth pairs ready.


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Yeah you really have to wonder how tempting it would be just to take everything and run. I would be furious at the world. Especially Hayden. Makes me wonder if building the best dex in the world is revenge.

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I bought GRT at $0.08 no joke. I sold it at around $0.60 for bnt. You would probably do great with either. I think bnt has further to run than grt but no one knows what will happen

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Link is the most important project of them but snx and aave might see larger gains in the short term from here. Bnt could have the largest growth as a % though since it's still oddly cheap.

Do people not buy bnt because sad jewess? Is that still a thing? I may be wrong if there's something qualitative I don't know.

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Here is what I'm thinking

bancor has 2x locked value compared to loopring
but $BNT's Market Cap is 30% of $LRC... Based on TVL $BNT should be worth 6x current price putting the price well over $12. and that isn't factoring in a potential retail investor mania on coinbase

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Source on the rewards or are you guessing?

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thanks for the response. tough decision trying to pick between two promising options. why do you think bnt will run further?

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0xMaki from sushiswap also runs powerindex.io, which I am a part of for CVP farming, I've been with them since PIPT. 0xMaki said it in discord. UNI hasn't really been doing any partnerships because they do not have too. They have been working overtime in prep for L2. The rewards will follow a LRC system for major pairs eth/dai eth/wbtc etc...

It is supposed to be at the end of FEB. But with devs you never know. Bentobox was supposed to arrive 2 weeks ago at the latest, and now they dont even mention it anymore...fucking Banteg

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Would staking 500 bnt be worth it? If I get this right, I could swap my vbnt for more bnt and stake that as well? How does even work? There literally has to be some downside to it.

>> No.27562151

>It is supposed to be at the end of FEB.
Uni L2 is supposed to be end of Feb, did I understand correctly?

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Based Canadian Poster.
Canadian Union of Fascists checking in.
Can you give me a quick rundown on SNX?

>> No.27562607

So what if Uni releases v3 with L2 implemented sooner? Why would anyone still switch over to Bancor

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impermanent loss + single sided staking

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Alright you bastards, this and the previous thread are really convincing me.

But this sounds too good to be true. Tell me how I'm going to lose all of my money.

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if I add BNT to be able to stake more LINK will I be staking both for 100 days?
this shit-s lit

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smooth brain here. got 10k sitting on my metamask as ETH. Should I buy 5k of BNT and stake 50/50 or all in BNT? or what?

>> No.27563632

Definitely leave a bunch of your eth. very safe long term investment

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I don't see the point of GRT.

>> No.27563734

You can stake ETH by itself. You don’t need to buy bnt unless you want to

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Because defi is being hyped so much right now and bnt has about 1/100th the market cap of similar projects.

Also grt has a lot of coins to eventually dump on the market. Like an insane amount. The tokenomics of bnt are a better hodl imo

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yeah cool, this was my primary factor in favour of bnt - re the incoming token dumps. thanks for affirming this.

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You should wait to stake. The gas would cost more than rewards. Wait for Arbitrum or until you have a bigger stack

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I can just stake my ETH? Someone post a link please

>> No.27564332

just google it anon, you cant expect that much spoonfeeding

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True I’m being lazy thanks anon

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Ye i know, but how to maximize gains? Also would like to buy BNT since undervalued. But should i buy and hold until arbitum or stake? How much are the expected rewards for ETH and BNT staking. How much the kike(gas) fee?

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Yes you can. Go to Bancor’s website. If you need help they have great customer support.

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Nate seems salty as hell about uniswap kek, can't blame him though and he makes some good points (pic rel.)
This really does seem stupidly undervalued compared to competitors, they're literally the only AMM with both single sided liquidity and IL protection, and they're also working on L2 scaling via arbitrum as well as a Polkadot bridge. Meanwhile, fucking pancakeswap and band protocol is valued over Bancor, truly clown market

>> No.27564802

The rewards are posted on the Bancor website. Bnt rewards are much higher than Ethereum. Maybe do a split of 80% ETH 20% bnt if you aren’t sure. See how it goes. They are both great coins and you will make money no matter what.

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Nate seems salty as hell about uniswap kek, can't blame him though and he makes some good points (pic rel.)
This really does seem stupidly undervalued compared to competitors, they're literally the only AMM with both single sided liquidity and IL protection, and they're also working on L2 scaling via arbitrum as well as a Polkadot bridge. Meanwhile, fucking pancakeswap and band protocol is valued over Bancor, truly clown market

>> No.27564964


Ty for responses

>> No.27565036

It is a clown market but long term I find that it usually evens out eventually. Smart money figures it out and the sheep follow

>> No.27565213

Anytime m8. I will try and help when I can but I don’t want to tell you what to do when no one can predict what will happen. It’s a bull market so everyone will make money no matter what.

>> No.27565228

Follow the money. 85% of LM rewards tokens went straight back into the protocol. That’s 85% of whale money that is banking on Bancor just getting started. It’s always the best platform for whales by miles, with Arbitrum it will be the best platform for minnows too.

>> No.27565297

im pretty balls deep in BNT with a LINK cockring keeping everything tight
I held LINK into six figure hell, I hope BNT gets me to 7 figs

>> No.27565369

Checked and thanks for posting this. I didn’t know impermanent loss could rek your profits that much jesus

>> No.27565557


Ye I get that. I guess ill just buy BNT for 3.3k and hold ETH and BNT on metamask until fees go down.

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>> No.27565700

you might as well stake, with 3k BNT it'll take a few weeks at most to pay off the contract fee

>> No.27565915


not 3k BNT but 1.6k which is worth 3.3k

>> No.27566435

Thanks one more dumb question gas fee is $200 for me to stake 10 ETH do I go for it? Are the returns worth it?

>> No.27566625

Source on Sushi’s IL protection? Sushi doesn’t have a L2 solution, single sided liquidity or 140% APYs. I think you might have been duped. It might do well short term though.

>> No.27566693

The gas will most likely be $60-$70 even though it estimates higher. And yes the yields are worth it. You will make that back in a week or two

>> No.27566734

Fuck yeah thanks brother

>> No.27567012

Got some leftover to invest LTO or DIP?

Also wow Bancor’s liquidity page is nicer than Uniswap’s

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Staked it not even 24h ago, and already made 5 BNT. I have been watching it since I sold after the ICO and finally pulled the trigger and bought 2.5k Vey comfy but am still kinda annoyed that it will take a week to get the fees back.

I can only recommend you to try defi on Binance Smart Chain. It is growing rapidly with already over 1.2B tvl.. Binance got a huge userbase and BSC is more normie friendly due to much lower fees and the trust wallet support. The two biggest bsc projects are Pancakeswap (CAKE) and Venus Protocol (XVS):

>TVL: 560m
>only 1/3 of the marketcap of Bancor
I use it to borrow busd and mint VAI to buy more crypto while enjoying 20% apy on my btc. It got developed by swipe which got acquired by Binance, I think Venus is "CZ's defi". Very high potential midterm imo and still undervalued even after the recent run.

>TVL: 500m
>Marketcap slightly lower than Bancor
The uniswap of BSC. Already had a big run in the last weeks so it might need some time to cool off. Anonymous team and unlimited supply make it hard to recommend.

Bonus pick: For the degenerates there is DITTO, anonymous team meme project. What it has going for it is pancakeswap partnership, being the first ampleforth clone on bsc and it's tiny 1.8m marketcap.

And lets be honest here, none of these are comfy long term holds like bancor. CZ claims that BSC is decentralized but BNB whales dominate it. There was no XVS presale but they farmed it via launchpad and pancakeswap. It was only limited farming but the whales still got enough to manipulate the price for the first months. Sot he BNB whales clearly accumulated large amounts and recently started pumping it.

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So if i pull my gains from my /biz/ pumpdump wallet with 55k USD i could be earning $100 / day effectively.

>> No.27567608

There is neither single sided liquidity nor there is IL protection: https://sushiswap.fi/swap
Perhaps it's on their roadmap, but that's a different story

>> No.27567631

Do rewards scale with the price of BNT? If I buy BNT now and the price goes up to say $10, but the bancor exchange on goes up twice in daily trade volume, would I only get twice the staking revenue or five times?

>> No.27568359

>Binance Smart Chain
this looks like etherscan to me? or did I find the wrong website https://bscscan.com/

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