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What are the chances that it'll reach more than 150$ during the day?
What are your guesses?

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It better stay below $100 until I get my fuckin play-check on the 12th that's fuckin what

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44$ EoD tomorrow. screencap this.

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It will hit $200 if the jew doesn't keep pulling tricks.

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daaaamn a motherfuckin' dip huh?

Lookin a little tasty down there. Stonks are still fucking dumb tho.

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0 chance.
If you're still holding kys lmao

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No fucking idea. We're in uncharted waters now.

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It's going to tank in the morning like it did the last two days, bounce up a little, then trigger massive auto sells for anyone still holding at the original price.

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I just wanna buy in for more, hopefully it opens around $50-60.

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fockin ate jews
not racist just dont like em
simple as
fockin outrage

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The recent events should have made things very clear for us. Even if we all band together, we CANNOT beat the Jewish people.

After losing a thousand dollars on GME, I now know that I'm simply a goyim who's sole purpose is to serve God's chosen people and all of you are to serve them as well.

The stock market is not for us to manipulate and we should all just keep our heads down, focus on being happy and go back to our normal jobs.

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It’s not going up unless the trading restrictions are lifted and new people buy in or one of the hedge funds sells their shorts at a loss.

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>hitler was right

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>Tell everybody openly that your plan is to hold forever
>Hedge funds coordinate to maneuver their shit to do as much damage as possible to holdies
who would have thought telling the people you are trying to attack all of your plans might end badly

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After this shitshow if their isn’t another holocaust there is truly no hope for humanity.

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its more than obvious they are pulling all sorts of illegal shit to ladder it like that

they won't give up they will keep counterfeiting more stocks the whole thing will crash and gov will have to bail out

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I think you should all sell. Why? No reason.

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I hope so, then I can buy more shares

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Crypto is pretty dumb too but gains are gains

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It either dies completely tomorrow or the vacuum left behind by the demoralized newfags gets taken by all the rich people that started moving in on this back on Monday. The fact that so many stock veterans all started making $800 calls and buying thousands of stocks makes me far more hopeful than all the creepy cultish circlejerking.

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Are you fucking serious? I'll be fucking ecstatic if I can get close to breaking even at this point.

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spoonfeed link pls
also LINK if you can spare kind sir

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How does $4 sound

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I expect a lot of memes will be made as the fallout hits.
Pic related.

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Anon did you invest money that you NEED?

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It’s going to $15

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It's gonna be over by then you dummy

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>after hours market has barely any movement and they're still trying to ladder (look up latest real time trades on nasdaq)
>restrictions on shorts tomorrow
>unrestricting GME purchases on major brokers
>metric fuckton of 800 calls
Tomorrow we'll go past 100 again, no doubt. It may dip, it may not. The premarket will determine how things look. If there is momentum, then we're going to explode upwards most of the day. If the growth is slower, 11pm to noon will be the top for the day and the day after will blow it to 300+.

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Don't care. Not letting my dreams be memes

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except that chart is meaningless in this situation nothing that ever happened before applies now

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This post glows

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No but pretty much all of my crypto gains since starting in October, 7.5k. This will be my first big loss investing if it can't turn around.

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bruh this shit going to $60 at open believe that and $20 shortly after

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Please leave already with your bags

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I can't think of anything more jewish than scaring people into abandoning a great get rich scheme meant to destroy you just to take it over and use it to destroy your enemies mental health while also profiting from it.

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If it helps, 7.5k isn't much when you get in a position in life to "make it."

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Where did you read something about the 800 calls?
More info please

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We’ve been in uncharted waters since brokers limited buying stocks.

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Well that doesn’t account for a short squeeze where the shorts sell at a loss.

But to be honest I’m wondering if they ever actually had enough stock/capital for that.

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> What are the chances that it'll reach more than 150$ during the day?

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It's over retard, if you're looking for an entry point wait till it's in single digits. If you're still holding shit you bought at triple digit prices then I don't know what to tell you.

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Tell that to the calls.
I'm in it to lose my money or blow my load to the gains.
Been day trading it to a small profit in the meantime and learning how to read patterns.
GME isn't over yet. It may see a dip, but it'll be over 100 by noon, more if all the recent news affects the price like it ought to.
Either way I'll learn from this, and hopefully financially gain.

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Holy fuck if it hits $20 my puts will literally make me rich

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Honestly, it's time to take the L. Wall Street won.

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I know but this fucking sucks, especially after btc and eth were stagnating I thought I could finally make some big gains. I was dreaming of making 6 figures off this and making it would've been in sight.

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Even I could figure this one out anon.

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This. Hedge funds and financials institutions thrive because nobody knows what the fuck they are doing. Reddit and /biz/ splash it everywhere for the world to see.

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it’s already sqooze
everyone else is bag holding

I’m going hard on Lowe’s because $ROPE is gonna moon

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The plan for the hedgies was always to lower the stock price as much as possible brainlet.

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when to buy more then?

>> No.27548457

What does that even mean

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people like you are why the big brain move is to buy the dip

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He's shorting GME.

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Just bout my first put. We'll see if I get wrecked.

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Explain the float here then

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I really hope you didnt fomo into gme...

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Mfw I bought at $8

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I frankly am disappointed in /biz/ for not shilling it at 10$ at least.

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I don't care if it goes to 0$, I'm not selling

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Either the stock is falling due to illegal manipulation from a "short ladder attack" or people getting scared off ("organic"). If it's illegal, then the SEC doesn't care, and they can just keep borrowing money.

If the SEC doesn't give a shit about Rule 204:

Then the short sellers can just keep going on and fail to deliver forever. Doesn't that mean the short squeeze will never actually happen?

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For what purpose though? If you wanna hold my bag thanks I guess but you're just hurting yourself.

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Dubs say stock drops
trips say it takes off
quads say it moons more than you could possibly imagine
quints say this shit will be so unpredictable billionaires will shit them selves.

>> No.27549040

There's too much disinformation floating around, so instead of potentially locking myself out and selling at a loss, I'm just gonna sit on my shares and pretend my 300 is lost. That way if it moons, I still win and if it shits the bed, then it's no surprise at this point.

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Oh it's gonna be below $100 for a long, long time...

>> No.27549058

Hakob my man, such a high price?

>> No.27549087

like your crotch under a black light?

>> No.27549150

ok goldstein

>> No.27549165

$0 or $32000, no inbetween.

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pic related

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>tfw small port can't afford GME puts

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Same fren, same

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The VW squeeze was orchestrated by the CEO of Porche. He stealth bought all VW shares until he had a 74% stake and squeezed hedge funds to the tune of 30 billion.

Most of the GME squeeze has happened Melvin avoided Bankruptcy with a loan. The only possible squeeze now is on other shorts positions.

But who knows what the shorts are at now?

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They didn’t

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You guys want a REAL redpill, you drooling faggots? You got conned. Duped. Tricked. You fell for a simple us vs. them pump and dump without ever thinking about who "us" was and how you were going to beat (((them))). You walked in to a market stacked to scam retards like you and assumed just dumping money in would work, that corporations made of people who have done this for longer than you've been alive had an error that would make you RICH! And all it took would be dumping in all your money and never taking it out, GENIUS. You fell for the stock equivalent of a Nigerian prince scam. That's right, no matter how awesome and savvy you think you are, you walked along with other sheep and off the cliff when you could have cashed out at any time for likely over 100% gains. You listened to fucking Redditors and meme millionaires like stupid fucking goyim, and look where it got you. How's it feel, being down that money? Hurts, doesn't it? It's okay, you showed (((them))) by giving it away to other hedge funds who can use it to do this same shit with another company. You're literal NPC's buying junk from the player to hold on to the end of time, in the name of DA PEOPUL. I hope this is a lesson to never fucking try thinking for yourselves or disagreeing with those who know better because you will get burned like the dumbass you are. You were even warned, people GAVE you advice. But like a child ignoring the adults saying the pan is hot, you touched it and now you're hurt. I'd say you've learned a lesson, but honestly, have you? Did you REALLY come out of this smarter? No, you're still a dumbass. You're still a /pol/tard underageb& who follows Q blindly and calls everyone a shill if they hurt your LARP. This is just the beginning of a lifetime of failure from you unless you wisen up, but you won't. Be thankful you might still be able to wageslave your debt off by the time you die. Me, though? I cashed out at $460 and rode puts the way down. Suck my dick. Choke on it.

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This is bear trap. GMe is best stock. Very xcellent company and the short sellers have to buy infinite stock and make price infinite high and 1 stock means you will become world elite. We are like the avengers fighting the evil hedge funds who are thanis. Thanis is on the attack. Those who have no faith sold now, but we, we strong avengers with diamond hands and we hold and win in the win in le epic showdown and btfo the rich while ruling elite

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Today I sold out the rest of my shares at the same price I bought in a week ago. If GME were to ever moon, this would probably be the time now that I've gotten out.

>> No.27549626

It’ll be zero in the next 48 hours

>> No.27549629

this, but unironically, checked

>> No.27549653

Its at 40% right now

>> No.27549698

>shorting gme
Lol I thought about opening a short on GME yesterday but got scared. Shorted bed bath instead bc it’s a shit company that does share buybacks while laying off workers

>> No.27549772

Let the dumbass autistic niggers on WSB go down in defeat. In all seriousness no one should be dumping more into this shit. This is not the battle you want to stake your millions.
Most of us who had cash in in from /smg/ sold out already so you are going to get crushed

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>redditors and cryptards don’t know what a put is

>> No.27549857

Why not buy March or April puts?

>> No.27549858

Why y’all keeping being Q into this? Nobody talks about A except you roomposters

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not selling nigger

>> No.27549892

For sheez homie I got dem $50 puts money printa finna boutta go brrrrrr nahmsayin

>> No.27549965

/biz/ had been shilling cheap GME shares in /smg/ all last year. You’re a moron if you didn’t see it

t. Moron who saw GMEchads shilling in /smg/ and didn’t believe them

>> No.27549970

300 and by friday 1k

>> No.27549993

Realistically, it'll be sub $80. If the jews pull out, then who knows.

>> No.27550023

i dont get it
whats the 55 whats the 7.23
this all is fucking magic to me

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Tomorrow all the redditors and normies will become millionaires. No longer feeling priced out, money will flow into BTC and the FOMO will snowball it upwards. Whales will dump and shake them back to their rags.

>> No.27550615

based and checked

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Im in guys. Dont be a pussy. Diamond hands faggot

>> No.27550761

>He stealth bought all VW shares until he had a 74%

I can’t see a way the WSB people have more than 10% of the stock...

>> No.27550811

Because I don't know what I'm doing and I just wanted to get a piece of the action bc I saw all the hype dying.

>> No.27550871

its up to the redditors to make sure to pump it in case any POC got in over their heads, POC priority one and we go from there. if you whytr you lose so you gotta buy some more

>> No.27551057

Serious question. Assume that the HF shorts are still in the game, what prevents them from doing short ladders attack again for the entire week?
This would potentially drive the price down to $10 or even lower, wouldn't it?

>> No.27551221

these are the people who are still holding, if this is not a sign to you stop posting and lurk moar

>> No.27551248

So we should just exterminate al the jews.... got it. Fine with me.

>> No.27551289

Come on Gamestop, I want to afford a 30 series out of this.

>> No.27551318

Fuck are you talking about glownigger

>> No.27551324

They'll halt trading for the day before it ever reaches 150

>> No.27551333

Lol more like 4.40

>> No.27551387

Pretty gay

>> No.27551428

you can see on options on yahoo finance
loads of 800 calls

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Why do these reddit dumb shills always correlate real life things with Marvel shit? Are they that much of escapist manchildren?

>> No.27551571

Bro these guys don't know about Theseus and shit; it's more or less their mythology.

>> No.27551618


>> No.27551637

It's incredibly cringe

>> No.27551641

Trust was lost, hype is dead, people ran out of money.

Go home everybody. Don't sell, at this point it's not worth lol keep the soivenier.

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They cannot differentiate reality from fiction.

>> No.27551717

Dude, it's over.
The shorts won. You squeezed it. That was the squeeze.
Fucking retards.

>> No.27551772

>a thousand dollars

I lost $4k today and im still fucking holding, you fucking pussy. This weak handed, weak willed shit right here is why nobody likes you and you will never be successful.

Man up faggot

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GME closed under the 20 MA
next stop 50 MA at 45.86
enjoy another -30% redditfags

>> No.27551801

This is pathetic. You're probably jerking your little pencil dick as you write this, shill.

>> No.27551898

It's gonna tank

>> No.27552083


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>+300 at beginning of AH
>-200 at AH close

>> No.27552481

dead dead dead dead dead

>> No.27552564

How I’m on “options” now?

>> No.27552674

They were made yesterday.
Have a look

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File: 52 KB, 679x376, Super Copium.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.27552764

Hold kek

>> No.27552877

How much do they lose if the options expire worthless?

>> No.27553122

God knows.
Anons can explain

>> No.27553145

My put strike is 40 so that'd be perfect.

>> No.27553295

Don't think it'll go under 60 bucks. Around 60 is where a lot of shares got bought on WSB. Unless them suckers sell at that point.

>> No.27553379

The 800 calls are Melvin calls. Gotta cover.

>> No.27553457

If an option does not reach it's strike price, or passed it, it will expire WORTHLESS. Meaning, any money you've put in, is now gone. That's why DFV stays in, he has a strike price of $16. Anything over that is more money for him, especially since he bought during an INCREDIBLY low volume in comparison to the last week or so. (Volume also increases option prices, the more something is in demand, the higher the price).

>> No.27553512

I sold two days ago at 300(90 dollar average price) and bought 20 2/19 puts

I also bought 14 shares in GME because it got cheap enough that I couldn't resist and I've already profited a hilarious amount from this fiasco.

>> No.27553564

I can understand being upset about the game being rigged far more than getting scammed. Scams happen all the time. Every broker stopping trading in it's tracks on a whim and halting a steady climb by $100 an hour just to kill it? Unheard of. If this died naturally I'd be upset but I'd accept it was my own fault. I can't accept that it's now worth $80 because this was entirely on Robinhood killing it.

>> No.27553622
File: 240 KB, 850x1309, __amber_and_baron_bunny_genshin_impact_drawn_by_nahanmin__sample-03438ac593a06c75b25533027cb534a7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can anyone redpill me on institutions supposedly buying calls for 800 dollars? Where can I find official confirmation of institutional interest in the squeezey peazy?

>> No.27553719
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What is this about? I found it in another thread (and just made a separate thread about this, not a shill) and want to know why Burry's fund sold 1.7m shares when their position last December was 1.7m. This real?

>> No.27553744
File: 65 KB, 556x451, C50A0766-6643-45C4-9BE3-19BDBE2BB17D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lookie lookie fren

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>> No.27553826

Bump this could be bad

>> No.27553839

I got 31’s for pennies today

>> No.27553885

Also is this shit goes down to 20 dollars I'm buying 100+ shares cuz I just know these retards got one last fight in them especially considering robinhood is not limiting shares.

It's the big brain move for the long term.

>> No.27553908

what if the point of this nonstop doomposting and demoralization wasn't to make you sell?
Maybe they want you to cash out early during the rebound and feel like you saved your bacon?
thought experiment anons, prove to me you're not a bot.
Assuming the price goes up, when to sell?
>lmao he thinks it'll go up
>no retard, just assume it did

>> No.27553920

>1 post by this ID

>> No.27553950

Damn you have balls of steel

>> No.27554029
File: 89 KB, 800x450, 1604705408030.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What the fuck are these maniacs even doing?

>> No.27554053

Not buying until it reaches a dollar

>> No.27554090


>> No.27554093

The last short float report we have is 121.98%.

>> No.27554104

so you're saying it's a new paradigm?

>> No.27554150

Wow NGMI ever ever Ever

>> No.27554189

Old and fake and gay
Si is 53 or some

>> No.27554210

Can you put link to this thread anon

>> No.27554297

I think Europe bails out too and we wake up to like 65-75 premarket and just bottom out out 47.

>> No.27554345

That’s not even Yahoo finance...

>> No.27554365

This whole “financial revolution” was bs from the start. I think other hedgies saw what Melvin was doing and wanted to get in on the fun, us plebs just hitched for the ride. I don’t know how it ends, but 2021 is off to an amazing start.

>> No.27554368

Idk how to do it the right way lol

>> No.27554457

I hope that some retards keep buying this and get to 100 before plunging to 50 so i can sell

>> No.27554514

Dead cat bounce coming either way to suck some more airheads into it. Then the abyss for a good long while. I do think gamestop in a few years will be a rebuilt company however.

>> No.27554651

Yeah, incredibly cheap. Especially for AMC they're super cheap as well. Already up 1k with my 40's. I've got some AMC and GME. GME has a higher put to call ratio though, meaning they'll cost a bit more, but AMC is still about 50/50.
I feel bad for all the people still thinking this will moon after a 3k% increase.. including my friends but I mean whatever, still gotta make my money.

>> No.27554654

Even if it turns into a nothingburger people will turn to crypto instead of the regular financial system out of spite.

>> No.27554708

dead cat bounce on open

>> No.27554718

Real life stay at home trader here. I don't kill it in the markets, but enough so do make a decent living. Here is a hint with GME: whenever the masses go into a stock trend, like they did last week until now, the stock will never go up and instead, will go down, like it has. When the majority has given up hope and have moved on, that is when the mooning begins. You're welcome.

>> No.27554720


>> No.27554733

It’s not complicated. Why is everyone so confused? They NEED to cover. If they didn’t they wouldn’t try every tactic possible to stop the pump. They could just not pay, but they’re not doing that because they don’t have that option.

All you do is hold even if it’s $1 because when it’s time to pay up the price is whatever people want it to be. No one is able to respond to this and prove it wrong. There’s a reason they’re trying so hard. Either way this week will be fun.

>> No.27554769

Hilarious how much they spent on billboards just for it to drop $200 in two days

>> No.27554903
File: 13 KB, 480x360, ballpit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

im just gonna tune out /biz/ and sit on my shares

>> No.27554992

they covered their most dangerous short positions already with that bullshit in Thursday. Also volume has been enough to cover if they've been buying shaken off paper hands this time

Brilliantly played this had no chance of mooning after halting all buying, and the best part is they get to rid of an up and coming Bulgarian who changed the game on them by removing trading fees. How dare he even make them feel an ounce of anxiety that wasn't caused by another of their tribe

>> No.27555049

Yeah it’s not, it’s from a previous thread last night. Still it is relevant information

>> No.27555161

Are you implying it somehow isn't over?

>> No.27555169

jews lose
r*ddit loses
Either way it works out.

>> No.27555176

Does anyone know what price Melvin shorted at?

>> No.27555292

Set price at 1500
Wait for Friday

>> No.27555307

From your experience, do you have any ideas why this happens? Or is it a natural process

>> No.27555355

>trigger massive auto sells
So I should invest in car stocks?

>> No.27555379

wasn't there many other platforms that did the same?

>> No.27555381

I will buy GME when it is $5

>> No.27555388

I’m implying that either Melvin and their backers get out with minimum losses, or the other big players betting against them raise the price again. Honestly, I’m losing faith, so I’m just holding onto my shares as a reminder of how the game is played. BUT if I’m wrong, I have my sell limits ready just in case.

>> No.27555440

The sooner people start accepting hat we got fleeced the easier it is to move on with life. Bag holding 17 shares cause i missed the 400+ pump.

Of course this is much harder if you lost more than the 4k i spent.

Two months and my bank is back to normal.

>> No.27555461


>> No.27555490

It was over Monday by 10am

>> No.27555591

It does help that Dave Portnoy sold his meme stocks, everytime he sells stock/ crypto it moons right after. Maybe there’s still some hope...

>> No.27555642

What are your sell limits bro.

>> No.27555652

this, the big jews are waiting for the peasants to wander off so they can squoze themselves
there's no honor among jews when it comes to money.

>> No.27555920

Too obvious.

>> No.27555935

If the squeeze is somehow over (through very illegitimate ways), then do I basically get to bank these capital losses for a later year when I make more money?

>> No.27555976

The experienced traders sell into the hype. You keep a small position, in case it keeps going up (it rarely does) but take profits. Then weak hands sell when they realize its not going to moon, then you come in and buy cheap again. Rinse repeat, depending on how good the stock is.

>> No.27556057

“As an example, take a situation involving four investors. Annie owns shares of GameStop, and Annie and her broker have an agreement that allows the broker to lend Annie's shares to short-sellers. It lends them to Bob, who subsequently sells those borrowed shares short in hopes that GameStop's share price will fall.

An investor named Chris ends up buying those borrowed shares from Bob. However, Chris has no way of knowing that those shares have been borrowed from Annie. To Chris, they're just like any other shares.

More importantly, if Chris has the same kind of agreement, then Chris's broker can lend out those shares to yet another investor. Diane, another GameStop bear, can borrow those shares and sell them short.

In this example, the same shares end up getting borrowed and sold twice. The short interest volume these transactions add to the total is twice the number of shares actually involved. You can therefore see that if this happened throughout the market, total short interest would eventually exceed the number of shares outstanding and approach 200%.“


>> No.27556058

$5 in after hours. All Redditors dead from suicide

>> No.27556060
File: 287 KB, 1280x1188, KEEP_HOLDING.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.27556072

Unironically? $420.69 If I really pull it off we live in a simulation.

>> No.27556099
File: 53 KB, 948x337, GME.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27556122

Oh yeah, short ladder after another... cause that's actually how firms cover their positions.

>> No.27556154

ngl I kek’d

>> No.27556155

whats if this does happen

>> No.27556184

Would have fucking hit 1k if the RobinKikes didn't put a stop to it
I want to fucking know when a court date is so these faggots can get what's coming to them

>> No.27556193

Are we still over 100% of the float though?

>> No.27556213

I don’t understand this chart. Wouldn’t the price go all the way back to $20, or even $4 before mooning? Seems like VW dropped to the original price before the squeeze

>> No.27556215
File: 28 KB, 1115x695, 1611857578627.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27556218

That's really clever. Thank you for sharing.

>> No.27556224


>bought 775 shares on margin @136
>hasnt posted before the market closed

>> No.27556305

and get your $4 settlement? kek

>> No.27556309

100000% that’s why I’m still a little hopefully it’ll go back up. Not past 1k, but enough to cause a little frenzy again before finally crashing. The VW squeeze did not have manipulation from brokerages like GME, this is a whole new ballgame

>> No.27556318

Show nose jew larper

>> No.27556424

Reposting because I'd like to discuss:

I think we're going to continue to see a decline because the SSR uptick rule is kinda meaningless and is probably the reason we saw the little parabolic movement earlier today that eventually reversed back into a decline:
It'll keep going down. But I am not sure that means shorts closed, since they could theoretically open a short, sell on the uptick multiple times to other shorts, bleeding a penny at a time, and then wait for some dummy who's actually holding to try to sell and then realizes they cant. That dummy then sells below the last uptick and the shortsellers can start closing their original shorts in succession as people panic and think theyre missing their chance to exit.
This seems like a game where you seriously want to be like Porsche and be a single player holding *all* the chips. You can't really trust other retail players to not bitch out in a situation like this, or FOMO retail to not buy the micro dips and sell uptick'd tops so the shorts can close.
This is an actual you-need-to-have-balls-of-steel type endgame while being able to discern if the chances to exit are bait. This is likely going to end badly for longs because there are too many fucking weakhanded players involved.
Just my dumbass perspective though, I'm not an expert and I'm learning as I go.

>> No.27556440

At this point I just want to see a green day
Sometimes I think this is God punishing me for taking get-rich-quick schemes instead of just staying with WKHS, I would have made solid gains from them. Even if GME was for a good cause, I should have known they would have never seen any real punishment.

>> No.27556459

The key to being successful is to know when to take profits and not get greedy. Of course, you might hit the jackpot and get a moonshot stock, but most times that wont happen. Selling when everyone is screaming "buy" is the hardest thing to learn how to do.

>> No.27556464

I just wanted a bit of cash for a femboy at weekend... didn’t want to change the world

>> No.27556531

This is what Im afraid of. Every day pathetic normies sell is just more and more shorts covered.
That being said, much of the trading has been 100 whole numbers of shares. What the fuck!

>> No.27556574

We are at like 40%

>> No.27556601

>got in @ 230

I'm a bagholder aren't I?

>> No.27556640

>flip a 2 faced coin
>call heads
>use jew alchemy to freeze the coin several times in mid air to allow metal workers to fashion it into a decahedron
>let 5 minutes pass by so talmudvision can graciously confirm that heads never existed
> all while people scream at YOU for being retarded
>haha its tails idiot
Nope, this is some really gay shit. None of you are smart or informed, this is just gambling at a jewish casino.

>> No.27556654
File: 14 KB, 500x313, a5cab971-7a17-4935-a621-4e2ee55407f7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

reroll of truth

>> No.27556675

160%, the kikes are afraid.

>> No.27556689

XRP style

>> No.27556695

if the squeeze has been squibbled already why did they go so hard with the propaganda the following days? they literally had every major news outlet saying reddit fags were trying to pump silver

>> No.27556710

So that just means that moon is impossible right? They were able to buy up enough paper hands' shares after manipulating the market I guess.

>> No.27556765

Reddit tourist

>> No.27556786

oh no lmao

>> No.27556791

>2 more days goyim, trust the plan!

>> No.27556799

Sure thing Schlomo

>> No.27556843

GME was moving at record volumes. They drip brought over the entire day, for a couple of days. Only idiots would think they were somehow going to be forced to cover all the shorts in one instance.

>> No.27556864

feeling real fucking FOMO because I wanted to short it on monday, but all the retarded attention it was getting stopped everyone form opening any retail trades.
fucking reddit ruins everything.

>> No.27556879

I predict we go up or sideways tomorrow. It hit a low of around 77 dollars today and bounced up. The drop was almost a straight shot down, meaning it was the climax of the downtrend. Mark this post.

>> No.27557024

That all makes a lot of sense. At the peak last week I couldn't bring myself to sell. Greed really is one of the strongest emotions

>> No.27557050
File: 2.71 MB, 429x592, terry dance.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27557113

So they could cash in on their $100 shorts

>> No.27557249

>If they didn’t they wouldn’t try every tactic possible to stop the pump.
They did it because having every single one of your dumbass clients go bankrupt because they poured their life savings into a meme would be BAD FOR BUSINESS. If a single client goes bankrupt, that's fine. If millions of your clients go bankrupt (and stop using your dogshit app/brokerage) then you just lost your revenue stream. You're seething because mommy took your fork away before you could shove it in an outlet

>> No.27557286

£100 into 2.4K profits last week which has now dropped to 400 today. Feels bad

>> No.27557298

its 53 % if you calculate it Short / (float + short)
Proper way to calc it has always been short / float

>> No.27557353

Maybe I'm just a smoothbrain, but I can't find that number. I'm only finding the 226% number from 14 Jan.

>> No.27557401

I know for a fact it will close at around 50

>> No.27557426
File: 77 KB, 499x280, 2019-12-23_15.15.43.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This but unironically

>> No.27557453

Bought a decent chunk at $90 and I assume the retard pumpers will let me cash out at >130 at least.

>> No.27557459


These anons spoonfed me, bless their souls. Bless their assets

>> No.27557466

That doesn’t matter because shares can be loaned or returned twice example:

>I owe you two shares so I buy one share on the market and return it to you. Then you sell that share and I buy it again and return it to you. Same share and now I owe you no shares.

>> No.27557474

Buy the dip, fags.

>> No.27557528
File: 55 KB, 500x319, Hedonist's Trolley.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So redpill me on this.

If a stock surges under high volume, then declines under low volume, what does that mean?

>> No.27557550

GME The Standard!

>> No.27557626
File: 8 KB, 289x251, le happy trap.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>>27546284 (OP)
>if the jew doesn't keep pulling tricks.
Never going to happen

>> No.27557657
File: 676 KB, 1210x851, Janet Yellen to meet with regulators.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

WSJ just published this.

Breaking News:

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has called a meeting with top financial regulators to discuss recent volatility in financial markets related to GameStop, a Treasury spokeswoman confirmed Tuesday night.

>above is literally the entirety of the article for my paywall challenged frens

>> No.27557658

Isn't it illegal to privately sell publicly traded stocks?

>> No.27557704

Bought 3 stocks today. I'm in it to win it bro.

>> No.27557744

Any quality loss porn yet? People regretting hard?

>> No.27557792
File: 67 KB, 500x568, 1612306573661.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Even worse, and that's quite the accomplishment considering he rarely bathes and just pulled out of UR MUM

>> No.27557873
File: 36 KB, 340x371, 8871d3b625c89460c9f5e70e8453c936.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm in the same boat anon. I am praying to Allah for us.

>> No.27557883


>> No.27557919

So consider if you had sold half your gains. You could either be riding on free shares now or ready to triple the amount you had. If it had mooned, you would have still had half your shares involved and you could have bought on the way up. You are correct, greed is strong.

>> No.27557950

>they are going to hunt down and kill each and every single one of the last few gme hodlers

>> No.27557952
File: 9 KB, 349x314, 570102038.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why do they always have to connect literally everything they do to some form of shitty pop-media.
fuck sake, it makes me hate the few things in pop-media that I actually like.

>> No.27558134

This guy gets it

>> No.27558150
File: 13 KB, 184x184, 1608669544452.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>’m just holding onto my shares as a reminder of how the game is played

thanks for the hopium, gonna do the same I think (10 @360GME, 50 @15AMC)

That is what I'm betting on lol its actually called the Portnoy Effect

>> No.27558167

Will end up around 60-70 for a while before all the wsb cultists realise everyone else has already left and sell back down to 20ish

>> No.27558197

While all you niggers are still talking about Gamestop, Qualtrics IPO'd at a reasonable price even. Food for thought

>> No.27558256

Ouch anon I did a bit less than half that. Gonna hold to 0, I'm never selling at a loss

>> No.27558267
File: 16 KB, 474x337, th.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

WSB won. GME was $10, Now its $94. Shorts were hoping to bankrupt GME and be up $10, but they are down $84 (840%). Shorts are paying 30% premiums. Shorts get no upside to hold at 840% loss. Shorts will not see upside for a long long time. Short Sellers will not get a good nights sleep, they're in a panic. Shorts should cover at $94 rather than $1000. If one short covers, he sends prices up, making other shorts suffer. At 840% in losses its better to cover now than later, still the shorts will use all kinds of psychological tactics to find shares to cover. The chart matches VW almost exactly, before VW shares shot to $1,000.

Longs, let me tell you that the hedge funds are still scared out of their wits. If you look at the charts from mid-December to early January, the price was creeping up, but it appears that they were engaging in shorting a lot more shares than they should have, to overcome the buying interest. They really had to work hard and spend a lot of money to keep shorting to depress the price. Then like a pressure cooker, the lid blew off and there is a mess all over the shorts' kitchen. They are trying to put the mess back into the pot using other hedge funds' money, and are trying to short it again from higher levels to get the price down, but they will never be able to get it all back into the pot. The short interest is still at 121% so they can keep shorting, but this will backfire again unless they have the assistance of brokerages like Robinhood limiting share buys. But since most of their shorting took place at under $20/share, they will never be able to clean this up without going broke first. They are engaging in scare tactics and disinformation to drive you out. One word of advice though, if you are on margin I would pare it down on any spikes, so that you won't be taken out on a margin call if this price drops too low.

>> No.27558393

can anyone explain why the infinite money meme isnt real?

i mean i know it cant be real but im not knowledgable enough in finance to know what the hedgies can do, because the way that reddit makes it sound is that they owe 120% of the existing stock...which means that you could literally own 1 stock and theyd have to buy it. but i know that cant be true

>> No.27558442

Yeah, if gamestop died by itself it would be a different story. Melvin is basically waterboarding everyone's cool uncle to death.

>> No.27558505

>but i know that cant be true
you realize it's bullshit when you learn that GME stock can literally just be fabricated from thin air unlimited.

>> No.27558516

Something I don't understand. All these people shilling for people to hop onto GME, I thought obviously it was because they're looking to drop their bags. But after 3 straight days of -30%, wouldn't they have just sold by now? So who are these people trying to convince everyone to buy GME? Legitimate retards?

>> No.27558518


>> No.27558587

I hate this faggot with every ounce of my body.

>> No.27558595

yeah he's just a low IQ reddit retard. anyone who is even paying attention realized it is the settlement firm behind all of these transactions from all of the places that shut down the trading

>> No.27558600

75 EOD
500 Start of Thursday.

>> No.27558665

Really want to buy puts but afraid these retarded cultists could take this thing to the moon post squeze out of sheer retardium.

>> No.27558668

Retards or trolls.

>> No.27558695

Belief, anon.
They aren't shills, they are true believers.
Can't kill that. Can't reason with it either.

>> No.27558702

They're in too deep. They made heavy losses and they think if people buy up stock, it'll drive the price up again.
Imagine putting your entire lifesavings into this stock and then it completely tanks. You just lost 65% of your lifesavings. Believe that the stock will reach new height if people just "hodl"? Or will you give up and accept that you just lost more than half of your lifesavings in a single week.

>> No.27558725
File: 59 KB, 725x1024, 1608666604208.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Ahh the hopium, its so refreshing. ty.

>> No.27558735

Lack of life experiences to relate to

>> No.27558862

Reddit overestimates how much stock retail investors own. I think hedges will try or already have snuck in short covering. Total volume in the last few days was technically enough for this to happen. Also short % data lags and is not a daily thing. [email protected], but I'm not sweating it.

>> No.27558876

That hurts thinking about how much I missed out on just from being greedy. Oh well, there will always another opportunity elsewhere

>> No.27558891

You should really be questioning all these "people" shilling for people to sell their GME.

>> No.27558936

hahaha feeble little jew get rdy for when dad can't cover your crack addiction while you poop on public tennis courts

>> No.27558940

I got out even with a few shares to spare and shit like this makes me want to double down, even when I KNOW it's fucking retarded, and kek'd my ass off all day trolling bulls. Don't think I will though

>> No.27558999
File: 76 KB, 512x452, med.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We should be fine, these retards can easily rally it 40 points.

>> No.27559125

Probably another fucking dump lmao. What the fuck are you retards expecting? The excitement and the meme is over. You're throwing money in a dying company at this point.

>> No.27559197

People like that usually don't lie to you. They lie to themselves.
Now, they are faced with the reality that they might lose it all.
That's unsettling to accept if you lied to yourself.

>> No.27559233

My only regret is not cashing out with 10k unrealized gains but at least I didn't actually lose any money

>> No.27559269

got room in the same boat anon?

my 6 [email protected] and 100 [email protected] 15 will be a permanent stain in my portfolio. holding zero is better than selling to the jews at $5

>> No.27559497

The only thing I did wrong was
a)not buy more GME when it was under $100
b)not sell when it was even higher (exited at $342, which it literally never got back up to since I did)

>> No.27559619
File: 38 KB, 1035x442, Ted Jews GME.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I like this stock

>> No.27559620

I like you anon.

>> No.27559792


>> No.27559794

I hope so, seems like this same discussion is happening on reddit but is just heavily downvoted.
Hopefully the cult sleeps soundly tonight and keeps their groupthink.

>> No.27559875

kek redditards btfo

>> No.27559957

>minimum wage
I can’t tell if that image is meant to be ironic or not considering the political views of people who make that much an hour.

>> No.27559994

Explain how they managed to do that with pathetically low volume then.

>> No.27560012

At this point reddit I feel reddit is making shit up. They're giving DBZ moveset names to whatever is happening.
I mean what's next? DESTRUCTO DIP?
Fuck outta here.

>> No.27560074

Nope. Not dragging me back in.

>> No.27560076

It’s not a private sale, you would be buying the same stock on the market.

>> No.27560096
File: 40 KB, 487x365, EszWZdwU0AszQx-.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not selling.

>> No.27560104


>> No.27560113
File: 9 KB, 246x250, 1611850245690s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27560152

https://seekingalpha.com/instablog/11442671-gerald-klein/3096735-anatomy-of-a-short-attack The term (and description) has been around since at least 2014.

>> No.27560175

same shit. I was a retard thinking we could fuck hedge funds.

>> No.27560239

You really don't understand their EARTHQUAKE EXTENSION?

>> No.27560271

More weak minded people entering creates a violent feedback loop for short laddering.

>> No.27560287

No Idea
I feel like part of the reason the stock isn't going up is because robinhood is a no go zone. so with robinhood exodus, people who want to buy are having to wait until money goes through or have given up.
Other part is of course the alleged short ladder attacks

>> No.27560447

Do you feel better now?

>> No.27560461

Thanks for making me not want to die

>> No.27560476
File: 435 KB, 1200x675, EtQ7xrwWQAwqJBK.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i'm bullish on GME but zoomers want instant gratification and newfags can't into volatility, i can't tell you if it will go up tomorrow or in a week from now

>> No.27560498


>> No.27560516

I hate people who post good shit like that and the GTFO of a thread. 1 post by ID. Bitch we are dying and you give us crumbs

>> No.27560580

Why anyone would open any sort of position on a stock this volatile at this point is beyond me. Go short on some other stocks. There's another correction coming.

>> No.27560863
File: 157 KB, 2870x312, faggit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's a bot anon

>> No.27560971

so not hitting $44, then?

>> No.27561173

on what basis are you buying GME instead of something like ETH?

>> No.27561827

It's good copypasta is what it is.

>> No.27561868

You'd have to be retarded to think that it wasn't over the moment trading was restricted. It was inevitable that people would take profits. It was certain that the price would go down again. Would you "bet" on a certain outcome? Of fucking course you would. Hedgies shorted. New millionaires cashed out. Price fell. Hedgies recouped their losses, shorted again. Newbs get wrecked. OGs pull out. Price goes down. Hedgies make money. Enter death spiral. I bet the hedgies made more than they lost on this. The one good thing out of this is that millions of people see that free market is a fantasy. If we don't get a massive push for decentralized finance on a global scale after this, I'll have lost faith in humanity and will probably kill myself rather than live in a world where people are slaves to big money corporations with no service to offer, no product to sell, no thought for their fellow humans. Don't occupy wallstreet. Walk away from it. I guarantee those cunts will try to follow us into a game they don't quite understand.

>> No.27561899

Reddit gold and upvotes.

>> No.27562055

>he doesn't know what a sort squeeze is

>> No.27562206


>> No.27562302

i think you are going to make it

>> No.27562370

Based and bazpilled

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