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I’m starting to think that we are not actually sticking it to the man

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>thinking reddit is right about any social cause, ever
this was your first mistake

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>babbys first hodl
if you haven’t lost your networth at least once you’re ngmi

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> Hoping that Reddit, the most gullible and easily manipulated holding pen of goys on the planet, have enough critical thinking and resilience to see this through without folding to the predictable mass of smoke and mirrors deployed.

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Shorts not covered, buy limit suspended. shortscalls are also suspended tomorrow

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i will agree, IF NOTHING happens tomorrow and we just go to like 40 or 50. i will admit you won and it was all part of the jew plan, but some movement, and ill never sell. You jews better make all the investors whos off limit stop buying GME right now.

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their whole plan was retail investors being retarded and greedy
and by G-d has it worked

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>saying G-d instead of God
jew alert!

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What if the Jews let the price go up so they can have more money when they short the stock?

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Stick it to the man buy buying physical silver or gold.

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>You jews better make all the investors whos off limit stop buying GME right now.
Your hatred of Jews is just as deluded and confounded as your trust in "the Plan".

Hate is bad karma.

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bad juju is no joke

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this is the hopium i needed.

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They hate us 'cause they ain't us.

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Skin in the game or not, there's plethora of lessons to be learned here. Fiat money isn't real, but it sure can be used to obfuscate objective reality. Paper-handed FOMO retards are gullible, sure, but the severity of this shilling is amazing. They've really done fuck-all in terms of real action, it's all been manipulation of the narrative surrounding this whole thing that they've used to effectively scare off so many people. The divide and conquer tactics with other shorted stocks, the last-ditch shill campaign for silver, the blantantly false reporting on existence and quantification of the shorts, the trade limits and FUD surrounding safety of funds in the hands of less than neutral brokers, the demonizing of holders and retail investors, the encourage to give up by 'trusted' and 'sympathetic' talking heads. It's breathtaking, I applaud the effort and results they've thrown up against this blunder. Unfortunately, Red team is still going to win because this has always been hedge funds and intelligent whales against fat and lazy hedge funds and their hubris. BlackRock and Vanguard took sides last September, them not needing the backing and guarantees of large cosingers assumedly means they're not playing with the same bag of tricks or cash as Melvin & Co, but the even a casual schizo could guess that Red team hedge funds have engaged in pro-squeeze shilling and other asset cultivation. Notice how Robinhood is directly linked to Citadel, Melvins backer. Also note that Vanguard and Fidelity did not once limit retail investors purchasing power, most likely because they themselves possess real shares of GME, no need for a clearinghouse.The days to come will be exciting. Morals and ambitions aside, the teams of people arranging this dispersal of the squeeze effort are highly skilled, it's beautiful to watch it unfold if you unfocus your gaze long enough to more of the movment.

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All over-the-counter trades need to be made illegal, and data centralized and made fully public and free.

Shorting is invalid. It creates an asymmetry because UP increases forever, while DOWN decreases only to zero. This creates a situation where anyone bigger than you can destroy you. If you think a stock is going down, then don't invest in it.

This whole situation we have in the U.S. where companies can skirt regulations is indefensible. Simply program the law directly into the code and manage nationally. Simple as that. They want it so complicated nobody can trace it.

Essentially, The People have zero power or the world would be fine. It's time for a new paradigm. This scandal (yes, scandal, though you will never hear that wor again in post-Empiric America) has changed my mind about A C C E L E R A T I O N.

Burn it down, or die starving.

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Thank you for your shekels, goyims.

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throw that shit away and buy crypto

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You realize /biz/ is a Jewish board, right?
Why do you think we're all celebrating today?

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This whole thing has cemented me going all in on crypto. This shit system doesn't work. Jesus I can get my funds in minutes using crypto but it takes fucking DAYS to transfer fiat?! Why the fuck are we still using this garbage?!

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This, Shalom!

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>shorts double down at 400
>buy back in at 20
>recoup all losses.

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kek literally what happened, thanks for playing bagholders

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Anytime you accidentally find yourself among a mob of angry and irrational political protestors, it's very important that you take a step back to assess the situation. In 100% of cases like this, you are being used as a pawn. The only difference is to what extent.

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Meh you are sticking it to a small portion of the man.
The other men are now in on it too.

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well said, rabbi.
should keep your armed security bill down.

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every time anyone disdains any social site, they give away their extremely low IQ.
it's the same people, dumbfuck.

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the truth unfortunately

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>bag holders
>bag holders
>bag holders
this is a humiliation term. shill.

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>>thinking reddit is right about any social cause, ever
>this was your first mistake

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>hates on reddit
you have extremely low IQ.

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The amber droplet hung from the branch, reaching fullness and ready to drop. It waited. While many of the other droplets were satisfied to form as big as they could and release, this droplet had other plans. It wanted to be part of history. It wanted to be remembered long after all the other droplets had dissolved into history. So it waited for the perfect specimen to fly by to trap and capture that it hoped would eventually be discovered hundreds of years in the future.
It was a concerning development that he couldn't get out of his mind. He'd had many friends throughout his early years and had fond memories of playing with them, but he couldn't understand how it had all stopped. There was some point as he grew up that he played with each of his friends for the very last time, and he had no idea that it would be the last.
Dave watched as the forest burned up on the hill, only a few miles from her house. The car had been hastily packed and Marta was inside trying to round up the last of the pets. Dave went through his mental list of the most important papers and documents that they couldn't leave behind. He scolded himself for not having prepared these better in advance and hoped that he had remembered everything that was needed. He continued to wait for Marta to appear with the pets, but she still was nowhere to be seen.
The chair sat in the corner where it had been for over 25 years. The only difference was there was someone actually sitting in it. How long had it been since someone had done that? Ten years or more he imagined. Yet there was no denying the presence in the chair now.
Turning away from the ledge, he started slowly down the mountain, deciding that he would, that very night, satisfy his curiosity about the man-house. In the meantime, he would go down into the canyon and get a cool drink, after which he would visit some berry patches just over the ridge, and explore among the foothills a bit before his nap-time, which always came jus

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If it dips to $60 I'm back to where I started. Is there any reason to assume it will bounce back up to $150, $200 or beyond?

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I have hope. The biggest bloodbath of all will be released on 4chan when people who sold on losses realize they missed out on immense gains topkek

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leave me out of this

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I know two people who have 80Mil and 150Mil invested in GME respectively.

They still believe in the squeeze. The price would be at least 900$ if there was no manipulation. The short are still high and normies are starting to short GME as well, there will be a squeeze.

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>>thinking reddit is right about any social cause, ever
>this was your first mistake

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originally we weren't even fighting "wall street" considering hedge funds are the largest holders of GME stock as well

Reddit was literally target some unlucky hedge fund with 50 employees

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you have extremely low IQ

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>>thinking reddit is right about any social cause, ever

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Kek, sorry bros this is going back to sub 20. Buy puts, buy puts, buy puts, save yourself.

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lmao wow

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>evokes tribalism to engage in fallacy
you have extremely low IQ

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the whole 'stick it to wall street' thing was just to cover their own greed, not that I didn't find it fucking hilarious

it was pretty clear Wednesday that the buy and hold thing was someone elses exit strategy

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>>thinking reddit is right about any social cause, ever
>this was your first mistak

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100% lost everything 3 times and now I'm on my way to the top baby

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we've established you have extremely low IQ, no need to prove it.

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All my money is invested in paper and memes. I'm fucked am I?

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Samefagging this hard

>> No.27554844

unironically neck yourself newfag. I'm glad you plebbitors are too stupid to sell though. Enjoy the ride down

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At this point I'm convinced it's over and I'm only in it because I'd gladly pay 5k just to not miss the golden goose bus that everyone else would miss out on. Losing 5k to a bad call I can handle, but losing 40k because I got paper hands and bailed early? That'd fuck me up.

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tribalism. low IQ

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>>thinking reddit is right about any social cause, ever
>this was your first mistake

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>>thinking reddit is right about any social cause, ever
>this was your first mistake

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This desu. I've got 20% of my initial $1,000 investment left to lose at this point, which I would be fine with. But I unironically would an hero if I sold and it actually squeezed.

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Set sale limit to 800 and forget about it

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oh, i'm here forever now, and, with nothing more than simple pure reason, i'm going to systematically take from you every pithy kitchy joy you ever savored in your "clever copy-pasta'd nomenclature" while thinking you were better than the rest of the world, and eventually... this place will be useful again once you sink into the torpor of your overleveraged self-aggrandizement

you are less than a chimpanzee.
you are a sheep.
you truly are pathetic.

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>IQ posting
holy cringe

>> No.27555393

Is there anything more pathetic than ”2 days to settle a stock trade”?

>> No.27555450

>claims reddit is somehow less valid than his own tribe
because he has has an extremely low IQ

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The shills are sewing discourse because they don't have much fight left. We can still cause the infinite money glitch, don't give up hope.

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>cringe posting
holy IQ

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you will never be a women

>> No.27555603

exactly why i’m still holding.
if we sell, will we take out lives together?
will we hold hands?

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and yes, if it's an attempt to persuade, it's by definition a shill.

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I repeat, please do the world a favor and kys

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no shit sherlock
and it's "woman", singular.

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i’m not a shill i’m a fucking bagholder like all the other kids said i would be and i’m bummed about it nigga

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Anons, please, stop the infighting. Let's just stop talking shit about the reddit diamond hands, and use them to make gains.

Fuck the shills, fuck the scummy jew hf's. Band together and fight eachother another day.

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what are you talking about?
you can't even use your own terminology correctly.
do you know what "samefagging" is supposed to mean here, or are you just a fucking parrot?
wanna cracker?

>> No.27555905

what does it all mean though?

>> No.27555946

prove it.
post face and order ticket holding a spoon, or we not one of us believes a goddamned word you say

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>19 posts by this Bagholder
Wew. Can't wait until you faggots get the fuck off this board.

>> No.27556426

Aint reading that shit
"Reddit spacing" may be bad but this aint any better

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Say what you want about the tranny Jannies in this Hellscape we call home but at least they let us have true free speech. WSB is literally run by the biggest bunch of twats ever and are likely on the take. At least here I know everyone is autistic not just acting like it.

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More buy orders than sells on fidelity. I may not be a smart man Jenny, but I do know what stock is.

>> No.27556755

go back, immediately

>> No.27556758

>beautiful to watch it unfold
True story: I met one of the people who does this for a living in L.A.

He's a literal black faggot with buck teeth who dances at gay bars and bulls for cuck marriages to make meth money (he steals from them when they aren't looking), worked for a corporate security firm to plot false flags against competitor's clients, and then moved into paid shilling during BLM after being fired by his firm for getting in a fight with police who were trying to stop arsonists from burning down a mom-and-pop store.

He's a disgusting, sociopathic, sick useless sellout fuck with no morals, dignity, or integrity

Knowing who and what (((they))) (SHILLS) really are like, was an immense redpill for me. Keep that in mind as you read the shill posts here. Some of them really, genuinely, truly are, people you would be justified in murdering.

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How many Wall Street elites have gotten richer off of this movement to hurt the Wall Street elites?

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People buying stonk is good right?

>> No.27556835

definitely not a shill guys

>> No.27556925

>reddit spacing
is not bad, it's called paragraphs and it wasn't invented on reddit. it predates old English and is evident in Egyptian hieroglyphs. you have low IQ.

>> No.27556960

Just imagine if they realized the guy in their gif up at the top is Jewish too. Absolute schmucks.

>> No.27557015

>impotent threat

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Hmm. GME and AMC were the most traded stocks on Fidelity, both were bought more than sold, and somehow both stocks tanked? Seems legit amirite guize?

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>> No.27557367

i mean to even consider take a job as a shill you have to be at a pretty bleak point in your life

>> No.27557427

>losing your networth on this shit
Hold on a second, there pal.

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I agree man. This antisemitism is evil.

>> No.27557606

>He's not investing to make money
>He's investing for a social cause
>He's assuming untenable positions for upvotes
>He's doing it for free

>> No.27557638

No. It's fucking ridiculous. Here is how you shill crypto to normies:
>Don't you hate that it takes days to send money
>Check out this shit. It's instant. More secure. Impossible to defraud.
It's the easiest fucking sales pitch imaginable. Hey? You don't like X right? Well check out Y!

>> No.27557707

>retailers buying low amounts of stocks 1-10
>institutions dumping millions
that could be why idk m8

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This board has IDs eh

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>this board has ID's so that means you're samefagging
i can write the hash algorithm that generates those ID's in my sleep, you braindamaged fuck.
Arguing against someone else repeatedly doesn't equate to "samefagging", you absolute retard.
Samefagging is when you pretend to argue against yourself, and those ID's clearly expose you. But you don't fucking have a clue what you're seeing and saying all day. You ARE, a parrot. A drooling troglodyte fool your mother regrets not drowning. "eh"

Pic related is actually you.

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>> No.27559747

no, what's gay, is refusing to grow up, and jumping into someone else's argument to expose the extent of your low IQ on an anonymous imageboard because you're too much of a pussy in real life to accomplish anything.

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We're in this together fren

>> No.27560389

you are gay :^)

>> No.27560757

nothing has even happened yet. quit crying.

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Too many

>> No.27562743

Hatred of jews is not baseless hatred, it is not wrathful. It is love, love for mankind, to want to eliminate the wicked among us.

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>> No.27562992

ok, buddy. ruin the board, and you'll eventually get bored, beavis

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How exactly did you meet this gay stripper again?

>> No.27563082

And once they’ve sold off we hold all the cards

>> No.27563333

at an airbnb, why?

>> No.27563383


>> No.27563414

we (not exaggerating) should have killed the feminists with our bare hands 30 years ago, they've ruined the kids.

>> No.27563550

Yeah honestly all that is coming out of this is minor volatility in the market for a while, more pump and dump shills literally everywhere, and retail investing will be affected severely.

>> No.27563611

I wonder how many redditors actually believe in this poor vs. rich crusade and how many are using it as cover for their get rich quick scheme.

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>phoneposter filename
you niggers need to leave

>> No.27564007

did you smoke crank with him? im not accusing you of tuching his weewee but you shared a pipe of crank

>> No.27564109

wtf is crank?

>> No.27564168

Manipulation of the market to serve one's own interests is also "bad karma". Jew.

>> No.27564266

meth, he busted it out and you took a hit thats why he told you all that shit right?

>> No.27564353

I am so glad I cashed out during the "IT'S A RIGHTEOUS CAUSE!" shit when it hit $400, and bought back a large chunk at the $190 dip. I literally recouped expenses, and now can just sit here and either sell when it booms, or hold onto it after it dips and give no shits either way.

Thanks for making me 20k, Reddit. If you leave everyone else holding the bag, that's fine by me.

>> No.27564444

no. he was talking a mile a minute while a couple of us played basketball and probably doesn't remember a damn thing. what does this have to do with anything?

>> No.27564562


Ok nevermind, nice digits

>> No.27564720

kys retard

>> No.27564822

Correct. I'm sympathetic to the bag-holders, they were legitimately fucked.

>> No.27564990

Shalom, brother.
Yahweh is smiling upon you.

>> No.27565101

Post picture of nose.

>> No.27565136

They were always a bunch of greedy bitter cunts dressing their money chasing up in some fake crusade

>> No.27565163

next time figure it out the first time.

you can't fucking help these kids, and we sure as hell shouldn't support them.
it's not our fault your father was too weak to stand up to your spoiled bitch mom.

we were ALL fucked. they immediately blamed retail so they can stop the next collective trade under the guise of protecting the markets. "never let a good crisis go to waste"

>> No.27565241

post an actual argument

>> No.27565270

you stuck it to the man, but there are so many men it wont even matter
poor fool, the gme was ricked from the start

>> No.27565334

Post a picture of your nose.

Does it have a nice big hook?

>> No.27565365

You win the award for the most retarded cringey autist I've seen here today.

>> No.27565624

you talk like a woman, but then you're too young to remember when the broken sons started talking like you.

>> No.27565711

>selling right before the finish line
Kek now they were able to cover and the lead went from a garrenteed moon launch to business as usual

>> No.27565714

still waiting for an actual argument.

>> No.27565717

Post nose.

>> No.27565852

we're done dude, and if you ever posted a picture of yourself online, then you deserve whatever you got. wtf makes you think you're worth it?

>> No.27565935

Post nose Jew.

>> No.27566002

I would rather watch my 1k go down to zero than sell at a loss. So I guess I'm hodling forever

>> No.27566222

if you don't need the money then it's actually a better risk to leave it in on the chance that the squeeze happens, unless you are confident you can reinvest it on a better probability.

>> No.27566532

Probably the most well thought out post on /biz/ today.
Thanks for the read.

>> No.27566583


>> No.27566586

as it stands now, there's no interest shorts have covered and the shills are still trying to part people from their shares, so obviously you have negotiating power.

>> No.27566656


>> No.27566721

correction: there's no *indication shorts have covered

>> No.27567773

Reddit spacing is when you press enter twice, not once

>> No.27567987

quit being retarded.
i'm going to get food.
quit watching the chart. it's after hours and you can't do shit.
check it in the morning and make smart decisions.

>> No.27568013
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