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I actually feel bad for GMEbros

even though I didn't get in on the pump and had no stake in it I really wanted to see hedgefunds like Melvin capital and others suffer more.

It was supposed to be a bang but turned out to be a wet slurpy fart

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I thought that gentiles found a way to nonviolently revolt against kike parasites. guess that leaves violent revolt on the table, boys.

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not me, im glad theyre losing money for being retarded. if they want something done they should get off their asses

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>if they want something done they should get off their asses

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just bought some shares on todays low

this ones for you boys

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>Feeling bad for this
I hope they all end up homeless

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Eh. I’m hoping they moon. I was betting against redditrannys at first because they got TOO cocky and started to flaunt their gay faggot shit on my board. But now the FUDbros are getting TOO cocky so I unironically hope they moon.

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Can’t wait for the eviction loss porn

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Meh, the smart redditors and those that were around before the casuals started raiding made bank. It's the casuals that are left out to dry so who cares?

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Thank you for you support faggot.

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I feel sorry for the ones who got in when it was too late and sold for a significant loss.

I absolutely do not feel sorry for those who doubled down multiple times.

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lost 2000 on the meme stocks listing to reddits bullshit. Very disappointed in myself considering i made over 50,000 in my long term stocks last year. But good life lesson

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Can we dispel the notion that the autists on reddit did any serious 'damage' to wall street? Any dunce can see the house always wins. If you think a shitty pump and dump scheme is going to take down decades upon decades of financially consolidated power, you are fucking brain dead and probably a liberal

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Yes, we know they manipulated and jewed their way out of it. That's what Jews do. Thinking you can beat them at a market stacked towards and built by them is fucking retarded. Anyone who says this is "about sending a message" as if crashing some hedge funds with money sent to other hedge funds is retarded. Should have cashed out at the top, but alas, they fell for their own greed. Best case scenario is this makes a bunch of tards with mothing to lose collapse the system by creating unrest

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Yeah this. They're all retards but the retards who were mislead get my sympathy. The ones who fell prey to the sunken cost fallacy should an hero.

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i know people who could have gotten out of this with roughly 700-900% returns and I even told them that they should cash out and enjoy their money but no, every imbecile I spoke to just kept memeing and saying it would go to the moon.

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I do feel bad in the sense that I don't think many people expected the kikes to just block trading on the stock and kill momentum with such blatant market manipulation.
I think a lot of people also got in without realizing that the SEC isn't their friend.

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>They're all retards but the retards who were mislead get my sympathy
the white european gentiles are the only ones to get my sympathy

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>Very disappointed in myself considering i made over 50,000 in my long term stocks last year
based, how'd you get to that point?

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They were destroyed by their own overconfidence and stupidity. The initial squeeze followed by the trading shutdown should have been a sign not to press your luck anymore, but they trusted the plan even harder based on nothing but misinformation and hopium. I have no sympathy for most of them.

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Not mine, they're just like Qanon fucks imo. Totally deserving of the shame and Ridicule

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Wsb pretty much revealed the stock market to be massively fraudulent for millions of normies. That is pretty good. They were to the stock market what Trump was to the government basically.

They might have won for now, but not without revealing the games are rigged.

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im glad you're still going to be poor

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>They were destroyed by their own overconfidence and stupidity

They were destroyed because they didn't realize how rigged the stock market was, which is what they're awake to now.

Without restricting buys and halts in which the whole system colluded Wsb would have succeeded with the squeeze without any doubt.

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The real redpilling will now occur when they see SEC isn't going to do shit about any of the blatant manipulation. I don't even expect Robinhood to get a fine, lol.

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reddit is full of clueless, self-aggrandizing, circle jerkers who just randomly decided to demonize a money manager with a position in a failing retailer.

they deserve to be bag holders.

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I don't really disagree and it doesn't refute my point. There was no reason to believe the squeeze was still viable after trading got massively throttled to save the shorts. After this point the movement was fueled by pure delusional hopium or a desire to pump and dump the rest of the retards. Instead of telling the truth and facing reality they doubled down and lost everything.

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yeah, i was hoping this was the ultimate way to strike them where it hurts safely. The problem is their counterattacks were pretty fucking gruesome for the reddit faggots who were mostly doing it. They literally took down the entire market, stopped trading on 20 securities, stopped brokerages from even working. And that was just last week

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What's your guys speculation on the price? Is $90 the bottom before a pump?

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>voting is fake
>medicine is fake
>stock market is fake
You want a real "redpill"? Think about the sort of stuff you aren't allowed to say on the internet. That's what actually gets you anything in the world, and it will be a fleeting win.

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yeah, they couldn't win by playing by the rules so they changed them. hopefully this at least redpilled alot of people. they need to know they can't win.

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its going to get worse for them, GME is closing below to the 20 MA so ALGOS will start selling tomorrow

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Still pretty high if true

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killing jews?

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$20 at best. But it has to return to form at $17.50. The company is not worth more than that.

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I still think silver was a ploy by the hedge funds to get back some of their losses from gamestop. It sucks but I made a shit ton of money from the pump so who cares.

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I feel bad for the average, uniformed retail investor who got suckered into this. The faggots who were shilling this really fucked over a lot of innocent people. I hope they can learn from this experience

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Yeah it's too fucking funny

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You’re on the wrong website.

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>shills can't explain this

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why cant u guys VTWAX and relax? GME is part of VTWAX anyways too.

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You guys want a REAL redpill, you drooling faggots? You got conned. Duped. Tricked. You fell for a simple us vs. them pump and dump without ever thinking about who "us" was and how you were going to beat (((them))). You walked in to a market stacked to scam retards like you and assumed just dumping money in would work, that corporations made of people who have done this for longer than you've been alive had an error that would make you RICH! And all it took would be dumping in all your money and never taking it out, GENIUS. You fell for the stock equivalent of a Nigerian prince scam. That's right, no matter how awesome and savvy you think you are, you walked along with other sheep and off the cliff when you could have cashed out at any time for likely over 100% gains. You listened to fucking Redditors and meme millionaires like stupid fucking goyim, and look where it got you. How's it feel, being down that money? Hurts, doesn't it? It's okay, you showed (((them))) by giving it away to other hedge funds who can use it to do this same shit with another company. You're literal NPC's buying junk from the player to hold on to the end of time, in the name of DA PEOPUL. I hope this is a lesson to never fucking try thinking for yourselves or disagreeing with those who know better because you will get burned like the dumbass you are. You were even warned, people GAVE you advice. But like a child ignoring the adults saying the pan is hot, you touched it and now you're hurt. I'd say you've learned a lesson, but honestly, have you? Did you REALLY come out of this smarter? No, you're still a dumbass. You're still a /pol/tard underageb& who follows Q blindly and calls everyone a shill if they hurt your LARP. This is the beginning of a lifetime of failure from you unless you wisen up, but you won't. Be thankful you might still be able to wageslave your debt off by the time you die. Me, though? I cashed out at $460 and rode puts the way down. Suck my dick. Choke on it.

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Mark Cuban probably got a couple million dollars to delude Redditors.

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they have Qtard level delusion. I knew you should never trust reddit.

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Around Jews you always lose

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>silver was a ploy by hedge funds
That's just something newfags on WSB pulled out their ass when the original users tried posting about something other than GME on their own board

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you're literally retarded

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Trust the plan, two weeks, am I right? Faggot.

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Reddit and investing seem like such a horrible combination. The worst possible thing you could do to yourself when trying to make smart investments is to post your portfolio for approval on a site like reddit. Thousands of morons all upvoting each other for making the same retarded decisions.

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thats why i post my portfolio on /biz/ and get called a faggot instead, builds character

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You can't jew the jew at his own game.

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they beat the hedgefund for 3 days and then got greedy and are delusion and bleeding to 0 while everyone dumps on them lol. theyre still buying. down almost everything. iditos. all because that vw chart shows a dip before the squeeze. everyone else is selling knowing theyre retarded

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this has to be fake

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They were creaming themselves over fucking Jordan Belfort cheering them on.

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I only feel bad for my brothers on /biz/ who were swayed by the horde of Redditors into this. The Redditors can crash and burn for all I care, they're pure cancer.

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This board is only a shadow of the past. As soon as a price drops you immediately think its over. When it increases you invest because you think it's worth it.

You know why you're not rich? Why you are still here lurking for the next big breakthrough investment secret, but always buy some pajeet coins and lose 80% of your money?

It's because most of you are retarded.

You think Melvin, Citadel & the other shorters pulled all this off, with silver shilling million $ media campaign, facebook ads for slv, robin hood & Traderepublic blockages, short ladders, lies and more, just because they "already closed their short position on thursday"?

It is absolutely clear why cattle tier like you will never be rich. Go by silver retards.

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Does it matter if retards arent holding?

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Diamond hands faggot

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Nah, it was never supposed to be a bang. It's supposed to be a reckoning. Melvin is losing a shitton of money, that was the only point.

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oh wow, I'm sure your one share will show them and take you to the moon

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>if you still believe in the reason you bought the stock, and that hasn't changed, why sell?
Good advice. Unfortunately people didn't buy the stock because they wholeheartedly believed in the company

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>feeling bad for pic related


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They didn’t want anyone to suffer. They wanted to get rich but they got taken for a ride instead.

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>Hedgefund uses intimidation tactics
>Broker suspends trading when price rises
>Constant fuckery to demoralize people everywhere

Anyone siding against the GMEbros is a fucking shill or a abject coward. Probably the same people who think the election is legitimate.

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Anyone here who is upset about retail dummies like me making money on a shit company is probably ugly and under 6 foot (i.e., undesirable and weak) haha

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This faggot website is still telling people to buy, even though by their own data short interest is down bigly.


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but the people who made money are already out

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What the fuck constitutes a squeeze for these tards?

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>reddit is one of the main forces manipulating social opinion denying that anything about the election was weird despite massive fraud and irregularities


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Dunno, but it amuses me.

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holy shitahahahaha

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kek retard, ive been in crypto for 3 years now holding and accumulating while you larp as wealthy on reddit

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