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I lurked over 4chan for 14 years and this is the first time i stayed so long time here

ngl, this board its cocaine

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you're here forever

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Welcome to /biz/

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this board is addictive as fuck you're right

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Do the needful sirs

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Welcome to the best board

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this is like 2016 election /pol/
big rush of newfags to dunk on plus reality providing endless content

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Lurk more, faggot

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I've lurked a couple times.
I'm now emigrating from /qa/
Immigrating to here.

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I spend all day refreshing biz, lurking, and trying to find gems. Already got 3x returns on 14K initial investment. Should be 7 figures+ EOY. Best board on 4chan by far.

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lurk more faggot

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Buy rubic sir. It is our coin

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He's not joking -- this board can legit make you money if you're not retarded and actually know how to find good entry/exits on investments. Also gotta know how to spot Pajeet posting and Pump and Dump posting.

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I'm out of here the second GME tanks/moons. Please God, it's soon.

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me too exactly. was super into /pol/ 2016 but it's a dumpster fire now and hardly has any substance since the donald and q faggots overran it. ever since coming to biz last week i've been investing and actually making money. i'll probably never go back to faggot /pol/ again.

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Should I invest in coffee?

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yup crypto + /biz/ is pretty addicting

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>Should I invest in coffee?
Caffeine 200mg pills are way more cost efficient.

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I always tell normies this but they look at me like I'm suggesting they smoke crack.

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You had 14 years to buy BTC where were you?

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I've been on here like it's my job since 2017. I'm not sure how healthy it is but I'm a crypto millionaire now. Following the breadcrumbs and finding good projects, the intense price movement, the memes; I love it all. I'm like a drug addicted gambler that's always chasing the next high

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but are you /fitlit/

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Are you me? 2021 /biz/ is about to be the next 2016 /pol/. Fun times.

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What did you end up getting rich off of?

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i miss the corona days when the dow was crashing and burning everyday
now that was a fun time to be in this board

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so true. making gains is a drug, I don't even spend the money I am making, just chasing the next dopamine hit of a 50% daily pump.

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Insider told me a study comes out tomorrow that coffee IS good for you

get in long

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I began browsing 4chan in 2009 when I had first got my pc in the 7th grade. I started on /b/ because at that time the porn there was grade A and /b/ was different back then too as oldfags know. Over my highschool years I moved onto /v/ and /fit/ and saw the bitcoin boom. I wanted to get in so bad but being 13/14 at the time I simply didn't understand how to get in on it and felt too young to. Around 17 my senior year of high school in 2014 I began browsing /pol/ because by that time /b/ was dead and faced the redpills. Got real interested in stocks because at that time I was in Finance class and it all seemed so easy. Put money in. value goes up, pull money out. Sounded like my dream, to make money doing nothing. If I had not discovered 4chan I've no idea how my life would be but I would imagine shittier. This place has taught me so much. It really seems we're here forever. Th-thanks 4chan...

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It really is. I've been meaning to do 2 discussion posts for university for the past 10 hours and haven't gotten to it yet.

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It's not that addictive anon.
Just realise that it is OK to go for a walk to close the tabs for a while. It is OK to miss the big ticket insider goss. It is OK to not buy the latest shitcoin when it comes out for guarantee'd 20x. It is OK to look away for a while.
You just have to be comfortable with knowing might miss the next 100x.

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It's like /v/ but with money. While pol is like reddit but without updoots.

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/biz/ is the obvious final step of board progression once an anon reaches maturity.

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/b/ -> hobby board such as /v/ or /mu/ -> /pol/ -> /biz/

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/biz/ -> make it (and finally be free of biz......... hopefully)

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I can't even imagine how shitty /b/ is in 2021. I haven't checked it in years and I don't want to. There is no way it is aging well.

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/Pol/ is a disgusting cesspool now. Let's make gains brother and never forget NS is key.
Read Siege.

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What’s crazy is this board literally made me a millionaire. It’s like I’m living some sort of alternate reality and I can’t tell anyone irl so I stay here so I can talk about it.

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Making money and shitposting with frens at the same time, what could be better? Welcome fren.
t. trading crypto and shitposting on /biz/ since 2016

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/biz is the highest IQ of all boards

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Get some kneepads newfag

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I can only assume it's trannies and nigger porn now.

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No this board is legit. I first came here in 2017 and got burnt with bitcoin. I didn't give up though. I've been lurking and investing for years now and I feel like a confident trader. I have a 250k portfolio. I've made 10k this week. I made 9k last week on gme. You can ABSOLUTELY make money here. You can also get fucked in the ass. Depends how smart you are ad how much reading you do I guess.

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I’ve lurked this board forever, and only now am I actually taking the financial plunge and posting. I thought about doing it after watching some bizonacci videos, but after he dipped out I lost interest. But watching this GME shit unfold was just way too interesting. Time to buy some LINK and ETH.

>i'll probably never go back to faggot /pol/ again.
I dunno anon, it’ll probably get better once all the refugees get btfo by natsocs and oldfags. Most of the retards will file out and the ones who remain will blend in. I wouldn’t post there for at least a year though, though I do intend to lurk.

Dangerously based anon.

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Unironcially this, I cant go back to pol after consistently lurking here for a week.

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How much did you start with?

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It must be the gamified aspect of seeing big green numbers increase that fuels the dopamine.

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Nick Szabo?
Also, SN=SN

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Just buy LINK and shut the fuck up /pol/ack.

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The pajeet posting i can spot. I’ve been here for years tho and still can’t tell the good tips from the know nothing retards running their mouths.

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I agree fully, you just can't fall for scams. I lurked /pol/ way more than /biz/ but check back from time to time. Might settle here again after what /pol/ has become. Telegram isn't bad either, lots of good discussions there.

Praying we take back that board. Glad to see a fellow Natsoc here.

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Link posting was prime /biz but I'm getting similar vibes from Reef

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/biz/ has made me so much money it’s fucking ridiculous

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despite all the redditors flooding in, this board feels more to me like classic 4chan than the others, it's very quickly become my main board. which probably means it's gonna go to shit and plummet down to being the worst board by far, like post 2016 /pol/

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how does one make gains

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How anon? Help a poorfag out.

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will lurk more before shitposting in a more serious manner

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Same. We are a special breed.

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Can I still ask you questions?

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So it's your fault?
Things on /biz/ have financial consequences, lefties and commies can't survive here.

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Not really, I'd say /lit/ is

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Based Mosley posting

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Thanks you anon.

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it's addictive because once you start making money from good advice, you keep thinking you might miss out on the next big advice
but it's complete shit right now

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Chainlink mostly but also I saw tqqq and fngu shilled a lot in /smg/ whereas everywhere else on the net says not to buy 3x leveraged funds because of muh theta decay but the dudes in smg were like that’s bullshit
So ya, bought lots of link/tqqq/fngu and now I’m worth millions, crazy shit

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Love this board, buy some shib!

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>1 post by this id
Fuck off pajeet

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It’s this /v/ or trap threads for me. I feel /biz/ is helping lessen my degeneracy.

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Wait, there's good advice here?!

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>been on 4chan since ~2012
>thought this shithole website died after 2016
>coming of age and becoming more interested in personal finance
>come to /biz/ during the gamestop shit and its kek

You knew this was coming after the gamestop shitshow. ill lurk

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Only if you’re high iq enough to recognize it without an upvote tally to lead you by the nose so it probably won’t work for you

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the best you'll ever find, if you know how to filter it (intj/intp iq only)

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Fuck you kike

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i admire the fuck out of /biz/

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There’s gems dropped here literally everyday by generous anons

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why only 105-115 iq?

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ok boomer. Books are useless in 2021

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Things like: GRT on Thursday, grab and hold

>> No.27553940

Those actually fucking trip me out in a psychedelic kind of way. Can't stand those

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How about fucking off.

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Man won't you just look how strong that signal is

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ITT: Newfags
The quality has been dropping steadily for the past 1,5 year, but this time /biz/ is fucking done.

>> No.27554088

meth is even more cost efficient, more efficient in general actually

>> No.27554089

Fuck off were full newfag.

>> No.27554092

redpill me on reef

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It's full of discord trannies and other commie shills to a point that it's ridiculous. So many first replies are shill replies, idk if it's bots or what.

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delet this

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Definitely feeling similar vibes to 2017 during cryptos last rally.

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Summer 2019,this board was done. After the first Chainlink pump to 4$. I distinctly remember how this board was flooded with newfags with unironical 250 links stacks.
During the 2018 bear market and even before this board was so comfy. 10+ threads with 200 replies with high IQ discussions on Chainlink. This comfyness never really came back.

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thx for the protip, my man

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>dont invest long term because of muh decay
what are they even talking about? what decay?

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Pic related is my gains from 2017 when /biz/ was shilling eth hard. I stopped coming to /biz/ and relapsed on heroin, but ibleastbi got to keep most of my stack kek.

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Nice art fren.

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Day of the rope is coming for you.

Globohomo art posting time?

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/biz/ is where /pol/acks go when they’re sick of complaining online and ready to build the 4th Reich with crypto gains

>> No.27556038

pol is actually full of bots

>> No.27556262

/pol/ is a lot of fun until you start to realize people just make the same jokes.. and it just is full of hatred and makes you hate living. i definitely become more depressed when i spend time on /pol/, which I must admit I was doing quite a bit since 2016. /biz/ is chill, still involved with current events, isn't a hate chamber and gives you something other than hunter bidens cock to discuss and think about

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This board unironically has the best memes. I've been here for 3 years and have contributed many. I hope you newfags enjoy them

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/biz/ is the final boss of 4chan because it's the only board where people have skin in the game. money is on the line here.
urbit will melt faces for this reason.

>> No.27558116

Same, haven’t been so addicted since 2009-2012 /jp/

>> No.27558670

we might just get /biz/ back on the original website again

>> No.27558681

Lel I always pretend to be communist on /pol/, it’s so easy to make them rip their hair out

>> No.27559048

If you're making money your degeneracy will only increase.

>> No.27560232


moar plox

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/b/ -> /mu/ -> /fa/ -> /fit/ -> /lit/ -> /biz/

I've spent a decade in this darkness and I think biz may be the way out.

>> No.27561850

once you make your first 5 figures from reading on here you'll be stuck 4ever

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>finds biz
>starts looking at charts
>holy shit, they’ve all gone up
>I can’t lose
>goes all in
>exit scammed- doesn’t know it
>spends his last years shilling a dead project he knows nothing about to nobody
Today it’s cocaine, tomorrow it’s antibiotics for a nasal infection
Enjoy your stay fren!

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we used to be a comfy board with pajeets now all you reddit fags are here and you don't even know how to what option trades are. im not sure if any of us will make money now

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money is the worst drug ngl the first and the last thing I do every day is looking blackfolio and biz.

>> No.27563219

I kick myself everyday knowing that if I just clicked /biz/ instead of degenerate /b/ I would be a fucking millionaire.

There were times where I was even interested in crypto, but I didnt know where exactly to look and every other website looked scammy. Hell if only /b/ boardcasted a bitcoin thread I wouldve jumped on this board when I was like 16.

25, but at least I secured my LINK ss. At the very least I may make it after all

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2005 donate or die

I hope to see more bullshit from you fucks in the next 16 years.

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thanks to this board I finally have the expendable income to give mini-donations to streamers half the time they show booty, encouraging them to do it with increasing frequency and duration

>> No.27564491

We get to laugh at retards now tho.

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This is the correct answer.

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Buy $CLF Mr. Rogan


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