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Anybody here work with female coworkers or supervisors? How was your day?

>wageslave in what is likely a chinese shell company
>floor supervisor is female, known to be "strict but effective"
>today she comes in yelling at someone on the phone, slams her office door and continues screaming at them
>everyone working in silence, she comes out to tell me to finish my report by CoB
>skip lunch to finish early, still end up staying late but get it to her on time
>she wants me to sit down and read it to her, but its at least 10 pages of ass-kissing jargon before the technicals, tell her I'll give her the skinny instead
>welp there goes my job
>explain that "the skinny" just means "the details", get slapped hard mid-sentence
>don't know how to respond, but the way she's staring at me fills me with fear, anger, shame, arousal, and confusion all at once
>tell her I'm sorry and I don't know what to do here, she yells at me to GTFO her office
>start packing up my desk, she calls me in a few minutes later acting like nothing happened
>casually mentions "bonuses and promotions" for "loyal team players" who "embody company values"
>read her the numbers off the report and go home
>just got done shamefully fapping
>don't know if I have a job tomorrow

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i dont think it played out as well as you thought it did, skinny

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I have enough cryptostonks to last a few months if she cans me.
Hoping to 10x a shitcoin tonight so I don't have to go back tomorrow.

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I used to fuck my boss before lockdown and now it's like having an online girlfriend that is also my boss. My fucking feeling when I've already got one annoying fucking girlfriend

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>have a female boss
>have a meeting this morning to go over my progress
>ask a long list of dumb questions
>she answers them all, tells me I'm making great progress

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when LINK hits 1k I am literally going to pay money to experience this. Don't convince me not to, I've already made up my mind.

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So just embody those company values man, maybe she will step on your balls next time and give you another tip to climb the cuck ladder

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Skinny is two syllables
Details is three syllables

Congrats you lost your job over one syllable because you failed to say the word details instead.

I'll just give you the details would have the best choice of words, all you had to do was choose the right words.

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Hahaha played yourself, comfy though

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the skinny? lmao

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no i dont have a job i cuddle my cat and play with yugioh cards all day

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post cat :)

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I heard it all over TV as a kid/teen so I thought that's what it meant.


That is what it meant.


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I work in aircraft maintenance, have only one female co-worker who is our accountant. She's a shitlib, and I tell her she's a retard for listening to CNN and other MSM. She says she knows it's all stupid, but she can't stop. Then we have some of the snacks I brought for coffee break. Things are good.

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My last manager was some divorcee in her 50s. I just gave her attention and fucked her and she took it easy on me cause I sucked at my job as a sales rep

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Who tf says “the skinny”

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You’re her bitch now

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She wants your schlong

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>the skinny

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An autist that learned how to talk from looney toons

>I know because it’s me

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god i wish that were me

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giver her the ol skinnyroo

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Fine, nothing happened. You should have fucked her hard there in the office, just right after she was afraid you would sue her for assaulting you at work

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god I wish that were me

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2/10 pasta needs some serious work

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>expecting chink to understand idiom and colloquialism

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>get physically assaulted at work
>"gee whiz you guys I hope I still have a job"

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I work with 90% females but I’m in charge of all of them

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Should have given her the thicky

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>Details is three syllables

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sounds super comfy

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I don't appreciate the CBT but office lady attire and barefoot is my exact jam

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i never saw an asian in my life

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Wait she thought you were talking about your dick? Well in Aus “the skinny” is somewhat common colloquially, some terms and conditions forms are literally called “the skinny”, but unless I worked construction I wouldn’t use it at work

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based and earlygravepilled

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>Details is three syllables

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That's not how you say it?

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Thats pretty hot ngl

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tay and uls form a single syllable

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god i wish that were me

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I really can't understand how someone can live like that.

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i work at an all MILF office where we all wear business professional but i never do any actual work and just wait on them all day as they bully me and sexually harass me in a loving manner then i cum and wake up to go clock in at my 9 to 5 where nothing ever happens and i want to quit

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I'm an engineer. My manager is a woman with no technical experience, and I want to kill myself every time I have to explain basic concepts for the third or fourth time.

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I had a nightmare the other night about working for women again and it ruined my morning. I never ever want to go through that shit again.

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i really don't know how can you guys tolerate violent people like that, if some woman started screaming at me and slapping me my self-defense instincts would surely kick in. i probably wouldn't beat her up but i certainly wouldn't let her slap me.

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Can't stop beating off FUCK

>a sort of based shitlib

Nobody knows how old ours is. My guess is 30-50s

Too many simultaneous thoughts going on at once
>what the shit she just slapped me
>I'm fired
>holy shit I just got slapped at work by my boss
>I'm fired as fuck fml
>I have to cancel crunchyroll premium now
>this bitch just fucking slapped me, was she always this sexy?
>I have to sell some ETH for the next few weeks fml
>what if they send people to my apartment like in Mr. Robot?
>holy fuck I might actually die from this if I'm not careful
>why did you think "the skinny" sounded better than "the details" you autistic faggot

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Anon listen to me, there is a golden chance here to develop a femdom relationship. Do not waste it. If you play your cards right in a couple of months she could be making you lick her feet, insulting you and spitting in your face. Do not throw this away, life is giving you something precious.

Tell her you are sorry and start acting weak around her so she knows she is in charge. Let her boss you around and disrespect you. Best of luck anon.

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It's an actual thing people say

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>details is three syllables
o i am laffin

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God I wish that were me.

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> Have a female boss
Quit and do a mans job instead, even if it'll grind you down fast you'll feel 10x better which will make you work harder and actually get shit done and not go home thinking about how retarded your coworkers are and how much you hate them, eletrician, plumber or any physically intensive work would recommend.

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Couldn't finish reading that, just delete the whole thing and stop going in.

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Why did you act like a child?

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I was in the military prior to this(MUH ZOG REEEE), got injured in a training accident and can't do much of anything too physical anymore. So cryptostonks and officeslaving it is until we make it.

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Mind giving the sauce?

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>I have to cancel crunchyroll premium now
do it anyway faggot, nyaa.si and qbittorrent

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I've only ever had 2 female coworkers

>Secretary at my dads lawyer firm
>Get like 1 call a week that I just send to one of the associates
>A Japanese girl is an associate at the firm
>She smells nice and mires me

Other one

>The water delivery negress comes (she brought the jugs that plug into the dispensers)
>Have 2 cups of water in front of her
>Daaaaaamn slow down nigga, deez bitchez iz heavy!
>She said it in a joking manner
>Drink another that I'm not thirsty for
>Yeah reality check I drink water when I please.
>She gives me a look, the word equivalent being aight den
>Go back to my gamer bunker

Taking a look back, she wasn't really a coworker

I no longer work there and plan on operating a farm till I die, I haven't started yet but I worked as a farmhand for a bit and it was beautiful down there and it made me happy.

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>don't know how to respond, but the way she's staring at me fills me with fear, anger, shame, arousal, and confusion all at once
>tell her I'm sorry
what kind of cuck are you anon holy shit lmao
that's a woman you're dealing with, and quite an emotional one at that
her general behaviour just screams she craves somebody's cock BAD, she wants to be put in her place
giving rights and careers to women was a mistake.

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>dude why didn't you just chimp out so she could summon Simpcurity to beat you up instead?

I don't know, got it off here

CR is more convenient for watching on a TV

You sound like a faggot, and I just beat off for the third time to the memory of getting slapped by my female boss.

>dude why didn't you just chimp out so she could summon Simpcurity to beat you up instead?

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enlightened and neetpilled

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>>I have to cancel crunchyroll premium now
This is the most pathetic thing you've ever posted. Here:
Now you never need to pay for shitty translations ever again.

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You sound like a faggot, and I just beat off for the third time to the memory of getting slapped by my female boss.

You city slickers just don't get it do ya

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I'm not telling him to chimp out I'm telling him to be a man. Imagine letting a woman talk down to you like that and still calling yourself a man.
Of course, the fact she can get you fired and have security throw you out is why I'm saying giving a career to cumsocks was a mistake.

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Buy some RBC anon. It’s not a shot coin but it’s bound to moon to $1 soon and beyond. DYOR