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I am a working student at a bank and all of the experts working here are literal retards. It's all boomers who act like actual newfag pajeets on /biz/. They talk about advising their clients on selling stocks when they go down and want to buy stocks when they're up, you can't make this shit up they're literally the meme. They also don't understand long term strategy, if something they bought goes down, they just exit and sell the bottom. And when they see something like silver or some random vaccine stock go up, they buy the absolute reddit top. And they manage private banking clients, 7 figure portfolios. It's literal clown world, they all somehow lucked into these positions and managed to make money during the last 12 years of the most insane bull market ever. Also they don't even compare themselves to something like the MSCI, they compare their performance to cash holdings without even accounting for inflation and call a 4% profit pa a win. The institutions are dumb money.

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this is why anyone with half a brain loves crypto
its a meritocracy instead of a fucking top heavy system carrying a bunch of braindead deadweight boomers who offer zero to negative real value
crypto lets you exit this system where you would otherwise be supporting the leeches.

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The biggest white/blackpill is when you realize that authentic 4chan users are the pinnacle of human potential.

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just get ready for when the rug gets pulled on these boomers and they go looking to crypto holders to foot the bill
thats when you leave the country if you are US based
these leeches have zero savings and are relying on pension funds that will likely go bust or are all in on stock portfolios because number always go up.
just know that their is a huge incentive for this entire class to get wiped out financially so it will happen.

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Is this a reference to the Wheel of Time?

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I'd take Bogdanoff over bankers, for sure.

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Never trust anyone else with your money.

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its interesting everyone complains about boomers playing on ez mode because basically if they just bought any real estate or stock it was GG and they now have 10-50m even if they only put in chump change
The smart ones are closer to 500m
The zoomer and millenial NPCs bitch and moan about this then go home and drink a 6 pack then go wagecuck for another day
the smart ones among us see that crypto is the golden ticket for this century and are loading up as much as possible. Its really not that complicated to become wealthy but many will miss the oppurtunity due to being braindead. For example redditors "fighting le man" by buying specific stocks.
That is like saying I am fighting the casino by getting millions of people to play at that casino. Absolutely low iq take. The people opting out and going all in crypto are the real anti establishment people who hold the power to do actual long term damage.

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I mean, it's not even a bad joke. It's just true. I am an allin linkie since early 2018, we literally outperformed everything and it wasn't luck, holding a dumping coin with a dead team isn't luck, it's collective insanity or vision. But we were always right.
Yeah I agree, this shit can't go right forever. Last year half of all dollars in existence got printed I believe, it's end times now. Only crypto will survive.

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Don't spread the word. Not everyone can be rich.

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One of the biggest white pills is realising how clueless normies truly are. Their delusion gives them a supreme confidence but when you peak behind the curtain it is a total mess.
This is your competition in the workplace, this is who you have to out perform to survive. When you recognise this, you realise:
>You will make it.
Not because you are fucking amazing, because everyone else is fucking mediocre.

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its not even about the dollars being printed the problem is that the entire boomer generation is just deadweight and they refuse to trim the fat so to speak.
For example: instead of seeing a company like Ford that loses money year after year and thinking ok we should trim some of the middle managers who add zero value
they decide to to give handouts so that the company can stay afloat.
By doing this they are stifling innovation in the industry as a whole while limiting job prospects for those with actual valuable skills because mr, joe boomer middle manager gets to keep his 200k salary manager position while offering zero real value because his job became automated.
The money being printed is just the tip of the iceberg with how disgustingly corrupt the entire system is. It is more than the money. These people are limiting the growth of humanity as a whole and the worst part...?
the tax payers and people who are paid in USD everywhere are paying for it all..

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I have worked in sales for several years. Different companies, products, b2c, b2b ect. most people either buy or politely say they arent interested. A few gets really mad, yells, call u names and act like complete assholes. never really thought much about it until a younger i was training asked about why they got so mad at her. I didnt really have a good answer. After a few months i noticed what they all have in common. they were all boomers. I started asking my other coworkers and yea, since i mentioned it, it was always the boomers. from then on i started noticing how they act in every context. politically, socially, economically ect. everytime something wasnt right, when i looked closer, there was a boomer behind it. slowly i started hating them.

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It's funny even when I try to spread the word to people who I somewhat cared about they are so quick to reject it and say oh well id rather just keep my money in FAANG look at how good those do
I think its an interesting case because the early adopters of crypto are mostly tech minded people not finance minded people.
Now we have slowly absorbed some of the finance crowd but most dont touch it because they don't understand it.
I think the big difference is the tech guys see the potential for crypto to eat up a large portion of the world's value over the next decade and they can believe in that vision because they understand just how amazing the underlying tech is.
The finance minded guys just see it as another pump and dump because at first sight it does look like a pump and dump ponzi scheme... of course the ones who read deeper (or have an assistant read deeper for them) are the ones who hop on the train... quietly of course.
Every time dollars get put into BTC it is value being transferred from the hands of the old money to the new money. Even if old money holds crypto they do not proportionately hold as much power in the crypto world as the legacy finance world.

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You said this really well, I see this in that bank as well. A good 5 out of 8 hours is team meetings and calls for retarded logistic topics and managing calendars, it's like the office life is not a means to something productive but the end, then 2 hours per day are appointments with clients where they sell the assets that had a bad week and buy the ones that are "hot" and one hour is literally just walking around getting coffee. And these guys make a comfy killing. And also when you try to talk to them about monetary policy, fundamentals or anything tech-related beyond facebook tier shit, they think you're casting spells

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So you are telling me the banks would get out-competed quickly?

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yes its sad. They have the mindset
>"Oh I have 40 hours to work this week so I will make up 38 hours of busy work so I can get my salary"
instead of thinking how they can use that time to improve
I wonder what creates this mindset

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should i read this?

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this, the mouth breathing boomer on my block made a small fortune just buying and holding a rundown condo property in shitsville until a developer came along and offered them a cool 2.4$ million to bulldoze it and put in chink developer high rises

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comfort. they're way too comfortable.

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buy an ar15 and stockpile ammo

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the entire US will get outcompeted easily, the only thing supporting the entire system is the power of the USD
Younger, smarter people in the US are not thinking about their future being limited to the US we are thinking about our future on a global scale. Why would we stay in the US where we will have to pay huge cap gains taxes/wealth all to support boomers on life support?
We can easily move to somewhere like singapore where they have no cap gains and only 10-20% income tax. and the difference being that tax goes towards improving public facilities, creating a high quality school system etc.
If you are paying taxes in the US you are literally entering a ponzi scheme as its about to fall apart.

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>I wonder what creates this mindset
The system we live in? That we have to work these shitty jobs to make a living. That no one really fucking wants to do that. That they get paid fractions of what banks earn? That their entire life is a fraud and their souls gone from sucking too many decent people?
I am currently working from home and I have spent all morning shit posting and researching crypto projects.
Not everyone wants to be a good slave.

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If you read it as a teen it’s one of the greatest things ever written but I don’t know how an adult reading it for the first time would react.

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Clueless zoomer please work a job for a couple years before spouting more nonsense here.

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>we have to work these shitty jobs to make a living
no you dont.
People do that because they are too lazy to go out and create value in the world. Or they just have no value to offer.
If you are working a job and do very little work then your job is just glorified welfare/UBI
You complain about getting paid a fraction of what banks earn yet you brag about spending all morning NOT working. DO YOU EVER THINK TO CONNECT THE TWO?

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OP you fool, can't you see how GOOD that is? You can't make money unless there are fools willing to part with theirs. The weak are consumed by the strong, their money becomes mine.

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The unfortunate truth. 4chan literally shapes reality. In many ways we are the #1 enemy of TPTB (high iq freethinking autistic dissidents who see through all the bullshit). Normies will never understand.

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I don't complain about shit, stop projecting, get a fucking job and a real perspective. Wait til you're in the real world. You've sprouted paragraph of bullshit across this thread.

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just inverse boomers lmao

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>boomers brain cant find a single logical counterargument to my statement so his barely functioning brain comes up with an emotion based retort that I should "find a fucking job"
hey bud, ill never work a job in the sense you are thinking because i have 2 brain cells to rub together.

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>And when they see something like silver or some random vaccine stock go up, they buy the absolute reddit top.
>without even accounting for inflation and call a 4% profit pa a win
I believe it. It's the only way we can live in a world where the housing bubble happened. Hilarious how some stumble to success.

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interesting point anon.

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>I wonder what creates this mindset
I explained exactly why and you didn't understand
Fuck off clueless cunt. You are poor and think putting 10k into crypto will change the fact.
>smart ones among us see that crypto is the golden ticket for this century and are loading up as much as possible
You were late. You are still poor. You will never make it.
>ill never work a job
No shit, unemployment benefits is peak performance for you. No talent, no qualifications, no experience, no clue.

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and let me use this boomer as an example. Notice how angry he gets when I talk about thinking on a global scale instead of a national scale. It is almost like you can see the smoke coming out of his ears as his brain tries to compute the concept that we are able to opt out of this broken system that the TV has told him is the best his entire life.
This is just a low iq, closed minded type of thinking where any idea that is new is automatically disregarded. This will ultimately be many boomers downfall as t hey fail to adapt to the coming changes in society. They will just become more confused and more angry as time passes.

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I've been thinking the same for the longest, how much of society is just normies copying shit done by 160 IQ autists?

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notice the coping mechanisms of the boomer.
he sees the peak human life as going to college, getting a job in an office where you do nothing the entire week and collecting a salary aka welfare.
If you try to question this type of thinking the only retorts are name calling. I would guess that the reactions to specific stimuli that this boomer is having has been programmed into him by many hours of television watching.
notice how he assumes that I am poor and will never make it. This is likely a look into how his own ego views his id just projected outwardly.
Don't you think that if you responded to me with a question or logical counterargument instead of childish emotional name calling then this conversation would be much more valuable for all parties?

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Imagine unironically believing the crypto markets aren't completely controlled by groups with billions of dollars of capital who profit off of stupid poor people, just like the actual stock market.

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The blackpill set in when I would make funny observations about stuff and people in my social group would repackage stuff I would say on facebook for a normie audience in order to get likes.

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>notice the coping mechanisms of the boomer.
He said two paragraphs deep as he realises everything I said is true.
t. Millennial

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imagine not understanding the core fundamentals of crypto
how do people such as yourself even make it onto the internet?

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You're clearly seeing something I'm not anon, can you elaborate on this

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and here we see the next stage
instead of emotion based name calling aka anger
we are now in the denial phase
where the boomer simply replies "no thats not true! It cant be that im wrong!"
keep going buddy I will get you to acceptance eventually

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Idk theres been some fucked up shit on here.

Like the dude that made a thread on how to create/grow crystals but it turned out to be a formula for mustard gas and killed a guy or the aluminum in microwave meme..yeah not always man

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You're going to have to go back zoomer

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My dad works at McDonald's
the thread

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next up is depression, try not to drink yourself to death boomy

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thx senpai

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I'm beginning book 8, writing can be stupid (endless descriptions about dress being provocatives, but not as provocatives as that one) but the universe building is addictive. Don't know if I would recommand

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You are a jobless, broke zoomer handing out pareagraphs of advice on careers. You are not seething at being called out, projecting. Carry on young man.

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A schizo posting on 4chan yelling nigger inaudibly through a mic is more original insight, technological development, theory, philosophy and culture than a search past several continents could muster until you find another schizo yelling inaudibly. Even I can't keep up, Anon. I say based and nigger just to fit in to the hive mind and sustain my soul.

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This reads like a huge cope.

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I just think back to high school when I saw everyone wearing these shoes. It felt like a black mirror episode, where everyone including the teachers were wearing this shoe. With 4chan you have to fact check eveything which if you are successful it will reward you greatly, otherwise you will have fucked yourself.

You slowly get into the habit of sourcing new information in regards to wealth on&off /biz, which I don't think boomers do very often if at all. If you were a successful boomer that did well in the 15yr bull market you'd very tempted to look at things to reinforce your world view. I read somewhere that said adverstising companies have perfected the art of marketing to boomers but when it comes to the younger generation they are completely clueless. They said boomers liked to be treated as like royalty hence the phrase "the customer is always right" being born during their era.

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I wish I could hear more, Anon. Would subscribe for this kind of chat

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Do you believe everything you read?

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and again he is expression his depression outwardly trying to redirect these ill feeling towards himself because the TV told him that man cry = bad
i feel pity for those such as yourself bud. You know if you want some advice I will offer it to you since im in a good mood.
If your job consists of you spending the entire day shitposting then you should begin allocating all of this extra time towards a project. It may be learning a new skill, sharpening the skills you already have, starting a business, improve your physical health. If you start to put this time towards productivity then you will begin your path towards self actualization and this gives you a good chance to get out of your depressed state.
Don't worry I don't take the attacks personally I am used to dealing with emotionally repressed boomers that do not know how to express themselves.

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sperrys are comfy as fuck

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ok think about it like this
Currently the system is supported by younger people joining the workforce and paying taxes, putting money into stocks, buying real estate, etc.
This is how the system continues to grow as a whole and those who have been contributing to the system throughout their lives are rewarded. Whether it be through the stocks they hold increasing in value or through receiving social security through the government.
Now we have the largest generation quantitatively in history the boomers. They are reliant on the milleanials and zoomers to support the system through buying these stocks that they hold or paying into social security.
Even if we assume that zoomers/millennials did this we have multiple problems.
1) boomer generation is way larger
2) millenialls and zoomer have very little wealth due to wages not keeping up with inflation
this means that milleanialls and zoomers can not support the system because they do not collect enough wages to actually support this system.
The other part to this is stocks are massively overvalued and so is housing. The boomers figure that younger gens will be forced to buy into these assets to pump their bags so that their savings dont get killed by inflation.
Heres come the WILD CARD
instead of buying into these massively overvalued assets so that boomers can cash out on us we have decided to INNOVATE and CREATE (something that boomers never learned how to do) so that we have a way to OPT OUT of this terrible system
This leaves the boomers as to being the ones holding the bags when it all comes crashing down since there are no greater fools left to enter the game.
The US will continue to print USD to support the system but consider the boomers on life support and due to crypto we have them in "check" due to our INGENUITY and INNOVATION
they are left with two options
1) get in the new system (crypto) which pumps our bags
2) get left behind
smart boomers (saylor) come to this conclusion and buy crypto

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and of course the alternative to the saylor play is to be left behind
The boomers who refuse to accept that we have beat that will hold on to their old ways, refuse to adapt, then look for government bailouts when it all goes to shit.
The problem will be that since they are the largest populations there is no way to bail them out. There is no one to foot the bill for them since younger generations are opting out, or just make so little they have nothing to offer in the first place.
The USD can try to print money to bail them out but at the end of the day that cannot solve all problems and if they push it too hard it will just cause the house of cards to fall more quickly.. sort of what we are seeing as we speak

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If you are not born into the elite and have zero crypto you are unironically ngmi and will be a favela dweller

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basically it all comes down to the brightest minds in our generation realized that the current system is shit and so instead of whining they created a different system that is better for a multitude of reasons. Game theory says everyone will eventually adapt to the new system eventually... and so far game theory has proven correct.

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i don't work in high finance but i'm a wagie corporate accountant at a $2 billion dollar medical device company. it's amazing how much retardation and waste occurs at high levels of leadership, objectively stupid ideas and processes that do nothing but waste time, money, and resources.

if i have to do this shit for another 40 years i will literally kill myself.

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Crypto is a trustless system anon, meaning it makes no difference what you or I believe, the blockchain is transparent and impossible to alter. Once a transaction occurs, EVERYONE can see where it came from, for how much and where it ended up and if there's gonna manipulation, it always shows.

That's why when a dev holds 50% of his own token we know about it and can avoid it. Crypto is the future and one way or another it'll replace fiat. My guess is, normies will only adopt it after the (((they))) have cemented their positions at the top.

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I always think this when I look out the window and see shitty logos or ugly things. Like what kind of fucking retard is responsible for making the dodge caliber? Who makes these disgusting cars and buildings and logos and clothes? That's when you realize just how stupid 110IQ coupled with normie flouride brain stasis really is.

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dont they have the power to regulate crypto to where it becomes worthless?

>> No.27542944

I don't think that it'll replace fiat, I just think that it'll become way more valuable before they shut it down. I could be wrong on this one though.

>> No.27543076

>Shut it down
I thought they'll shut it down when BTC hit 20k and they didn't. They're not gonna shut it down, powerful people are gonna stake in. How the fuck would they shut it down anyway?

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I wonder sometimes if this whole WSB stuff happening has brought some of those people over here because of that whole "Like 4chan found a bloomberg terminal" message written on their page. Are there any dumb institutional money studying us? I mean, there may be some since faith in hedgefunds must have been decimated, and that bitcoin segments have been on CNBC for a while now. Rich people must be feeling uneasy about things and looking for answers. The redditors coming here now may not have been the only ones.

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nigger cattle "yes men" boomers approving absolutely retarded ideas every the step of the way, all the way up to retarded boomer executive leadership that earn 7-8 figure salaries. partly because they're afraid to be the voice of reason, but mostly because they think that "yes sir" will somehow get them to the very top. fun fact, a coworker that does inventory accounting says the moron boomer executives at my company decorated their offices with couches and chairs that cost $20k each.

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mostly correct but boomers wont be holding the bag, normie millennials will, then America will crash

>> No.27543736

What is the incentive?

>> No.27543760

>Are there any dumb institutional money studying us?
Yes, and smart money too. You have to assume that any future "organic" effort will be psyop'ed and act accordingly. This doesn't mean ignore it, but it does mean that you should understand that very very smart people will be attempting to steer it.

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Why do you think crypto and not physical resources will be what's needed in the end times?

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Does this mean that big money people will commission cute anime girls drawings for us?

>> No.27544462


Oh, I just realized the memes would suck.

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I just want to become a jeweler bros.. I like gold and silver and diamonds I like making stuff..
Thr biggest problem with this shit is most jobs are just robotic brain dead busy work.. If people could actually work at jobs that they are interested and passionate about everything would be different..

Something shocking I learned that before the industrial revolution most 99% people were self employed and things were normally family businesses like shoe makers watch makers etc, I'm sure that many of these people didnt like it but they were put into it by family pressure ex your dad was a shoe maker and wants you to carry on his legacy, the problem with this is theres less mobility so you would be stuck at the same spot as your ancestors. But at least in this system YOU are in charge of your work, you get the fruits of your labor so its possible for you to work really hard and become a master shoe maker who is well known and grows into a huge business..

I don't like the faceless sterile corporate stuff.. You are just a replaceable cog, while in the past you would train under a Master, there would be a master apprentice relationship so it's more personal and humanizing, you help him for cheap but you also learn tons until you can become him in the future,

I think it would be cool to be a merchant or store owner in the middle ages or something.. Anything where you are in charge of your work

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if they try to over regulate
then we take our wealth to a country with friendlier regulations
theres a reason why they aren't going down that road.
why do you think that?
transfer of wealth. If they continue pumping the bags that everybody owns then they aren't gaining any wealth relative to their peers.
When there is a shake up (we are currently going through a massive one on a global economic scale) there is a lot "up for grabs" so to speak
Or think about it like this
if everyone gains 5% on their boomer stocks then nothing changes
if people start losing it all and getting wiped out they are being eliminated and someone else is absorbing all that wealth.
Wealth is rarely created, only redistributed.

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This. Saved. Nice whitepill anon

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>Once a transaction occurs, EVERYONE can see where it came from, for how much and where it ended up and if there's gonna manipulation, it always shows.
You're dumb money. Manipulation simply occurs off chain, and it takes years to discover. Whether it's cz liquidating the entire market through barts or scamwicks, or tether propping everything up with paper money, the market is completely manipulated and "the chain is transparent" doesn't work because it takes months or years to sort through transactions to see the manipulation. It's too complex to see real-time. And by the time you see it, they've already made billions.

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They aren't that sophisticated I'm afraid. Keep in mind that these are real people making real decisions and so they can't stray too far from the bounds of accepted discourse. They operate inside somewhat poorly defined boundaries but there are things that are either off limits or just so far off their radar that they will never understand it.

If you've been hanging around the chans long enough you can sense the astroturfing campaigns when they happen, they just feel, i dunno, off. Uncanny valley sort of feeling. So anyway, watch out for AI and Fiverr pajeets.

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become rene lalique. i wish i had gone into an apprenticeship as some kind of tradesman. like you said, a watchmaker or a shoemaker etc. even though these professions got wiped out, the ones that exist make good money

>> No.27545560

>he thinks they can just shut crypto down
this is how a boomer thinks folks
they are brainwashed into believing their government is some god like otherworldly power. They don't realize the job of the government is to steal from you and act on the interest of those paying lobbyists the most money.
its all just a ploy. They give an inch and take a mile. It's very easy to see what is going on if you think critically.
we are not talking about the end of times... we are talking about these BEST of time the world has ever seen and we are betting SUCCESS
physical resources are not scarce
and you can see here example A of a paid FUD campaign to trick you into not buying into the great system we have built within crypto
think about that
someone is spending money on a campaign that works to tell you NOT to buy something

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Yeah, your right. They would probably focus more on reddit, twitter, facebook, etc.

>> No.27545795

My dad is a precious metals boomer. Hes totally crazy for them always talking about inflation and federal reserve etc. Hes never touched a stock in his life, he managed to pay off the house but then my mom jewed him and took it in divorce.. I just think with boomers it really varies based on their mindset, if you go by personality types then an INTJ boomer will act way differently then a ESFP.. some people have the personality of thinking long term and trying to invest money and try things out while others don't like to invest and live moment to moment and rely on working the 9-5 and throwing money into the bank..
I think people overlook this a lot, not just with boomers but humans in general.

A boomer who is a based INTJ fellow autist bro will act much differently then a average Joe normie following his peers.

Some boomers are dead set to be stuck in their old world view while others are open to thinking new ideas and following new innovations..

Theres that one Aristotle quote
"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able toentertain a thought without accepting it"
I think its very profound.. Some people are totally willing to have an open mind while others are dead set black and white and will say a hard no to anything he doesn't believe

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>and you can see here example A of a paid FUD campaign to trick you into not buying into the great system we have built within crypto
>think about that
>someone is spending money on a campaign that works to tell you NOT to buy something
You're literally calling "new paradigm". Not everybody is going to be rich from crypto. Most have to lose. it's a 0 sum game, and the market manipulators are making billions every single day off what is basically the world's largest casino. For Bitfinex/Tether/Huobi/OkEx/Binance to make billions of dollars, someone has to lose billions of dollars.
t. bitcoin bull but if you can't see what's really happening and you think "we're all gonna make it" then you might as well go all-in on GME with the other redditors.

>> No.27546113

Yeah that stuff 100 years ago was insanwly high quality. I've handled some antique jewelry and watches and its so crazy how intricate and detailed they made stuff. The modern stuff can't compete.. I get the same feeling with the old neoclassical architecture why the fuck did they downgrade so much, everything is a sterile box with glass windows

>> No.27546205

Jesus Christ get a job and move out of your parents house kid

>> No.27546275


While not litterally all of is is gonna make it, surely the biggest beneficiaries are the people who got in early and the biggest losers are the zombies who get in super late. We are not late to this party, so I'd wager a lot of us will do really good so long as we remember to take profits and not watch line go up and then down.

>> No.27546382

Yes you are right about it being a "superpower" to be able to see both sides of an argument. Very powerful.
Precious metals boomers pretty much had the right idea the whole time... understanding that modern finance is made to steal money from the average person. The problem is they made a bet on the regression of humanity. Now we have an alternative that is a bet on progression as well.
Hopefully he had flipped all of his metals into btc by now.

>> No.27546616


You think the push for selling silver is partly because the institutions realize this? Unloading the silver onto the public and buying bitcoin with the money?

>> No.27546667

>another boomer comes in with the exact same response as the boomer earlier >>27537813
I truly believe that the television is used as a tool to force the watcher's brain to have specific reactions to specific stimuli.
Both boomers responded with the same exact reaction to the same post.
It's Astounding really.

>> No.27546738

>And also when you try to talk to them about monetary policy, fundamentals or anything tech-related beyond facebook tier shit, they think you're casting spells


>> No.27546880

Partially. See the whole narrative playing out right now is the exact narrative where precious metals should shine the most. global instability, massive money printing, etc.
Although precious metals are barely moving and btc is mooning
Why would anyone bet on gold/silver when there is btc? It makes no sense btc fulfills the exact same need without nearly the amount of hassle.
I dont think the insitutions care so much about selling off a little silver. I think on a larger scale they just care about people taking BTC out of circulation because now there is less out there for them.

>> No.27546971

The crypto segments on CNBC are such basic bitch stuff, the rich viewers really are clueless and just follow trends or throw money into hedgefunds.


Babies first bitcoin lesson.

>> No.27546995


Should I go in and hodl? Might be a gigantic bubble, but I actually believe in bitcoin as fiat currency probably has a rocky road ahead of it. I think it'll survive the pop, but it might be a long hodl.

>> No.27547206

I seriously hope none of you believe this

>> No.27547214

the people who lose are the people who don't adapt
everyone who is currently in crypto will make it
you are low iq if you can't grasp this

>> No.27547392

There was also delete sys32 and the guy who fucked a skull, it's not all bad

>> No.27547661

very interesting point. If the system has worked well for you then why would you question that system?

>> No.27547706

>Like the dude that made a thread on how to create/grow crystals but it turned out to be a formula for mustard gas and killed a guy or the aluminum in microwave meme..yeah not always man
that shit gets shared on facebook now

>> No.27547862

You are wrong. 99% of all coins are going to 0. A lot of people are going to lose everything.

>> No.27548106

well if you want to use that as an argument why not say that 100% of coins will go to zero? It is true on a long enough time line.
brainlet tier logic

>> No.27548231

Maybe you should get a job writing trashy novels, you're really good at it.

>> No.27548564


Depends on the crypto, do your own due diligence on anything you invest in. But if you want my opinion (not financial advice) I personally wouldn't sell bitcoin or Ethereum for a loss at all because I see them still being here in 10 years. In the short term I don't know if its going down or up or crabbing or whatever.

>> No.27548681

Let me rephrase. Within 2 years, 99% of coins will have lost 99% of their value. Their developers and VCs will make, collectively, at least a hundred billion dollars off the losses of others. The other big winners are the exchanges who take 1-3% of all trades.

For these people to make hundreds of billions of dollars off worthless shitcoins, a LOT of people have to lose tens or hundreds of thousands. Life savings, college money, retirement money, people selling their house to buy, it's all going to go to 0. Just like it did last time. Bitcoin, Eth, and maybe one or two alts are real coins that provide real value but the rest are vaporware people are gambling their stimulus money on.

To assume that "everyone in crypto now is going to make it" is incredibly naive. IF you take the value of all shitcoins, it's about $350b. That's going to 0. BTC and ETH will take a very significant haircut just like last time. At least -80%. Even if it's an 80% crash from $1m to 200k, that is a huge amount of normies who lost absolutely everything.

Then take alts into account which will actually go to 0 and you have an entire market of people who gave up billions in stimulus checks to the whales who cash out. They can't lose because they own the exchanges, or just make a new shitcoin and give themselves 100b of it get for $0, remember.

>> No.27548871

What's gonna happen within 2 years, anon?

>> No.27549031
File: 50 KB, 585x512, 1584554133953.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27549144

thanks bud i learned how to write by posting to my frog friends about poop and pee online
ok you are right my phrasing is poor and not everyone in crypto now is going to make it.
Maybe a better way to put it is that everyone who is aware of crypto and understands the underlying fundamentals behind crypto has an excellent opportunity to make it.
Of course there will be those who gamble it away or HODL on to shit tier projects
Of course the VCs who have the most capital will make the largest gains if they allocate appropriately. That is how wealth works.
The point is that if someone is in crypto right now they have an excellent opportunity to make it with very little risk.

>> No.27549283

>because everyone else is fucking mediocre.
the hardest thing is having to navigate their mistrust and dislike of you. get skills and find a way to work for yourself asap.

>> No.27549509


>> No.27549561

Nobody knows. But what is absolutely certain is that bubbles pop. Nothing goes up forever and not everybody can 100x their money. In fact, over the very long term, society as a whole can't make gains which outpace the production of goods and services (2-3%). Whether it's another strain of covid, tether pulling the rug, or even just a couple whales taking profit, eventually there will be a race to get out of crypto just as the past year has been a race to get in. Paper values will completely evaporate and people will be absolutely amazed at their blockfolio losses. People with millions of dollars now will see their net worth go to a few hundred dollars. Don't believe anyone who says "this time it's different", "new paradigm" or "2018 will never happen again".

>The point is that if someone is in crypto right now they have an excellent opportunity to make it with very little risk.
Fair enough that you rephrased but this is the problem right here. Even buying ETH above $200 carries massive risk. There is a very real chance we will see double digit ETH again. The risk of buying now, and it not going below your buy-in, is almost 90%. And ETH isn't a shitcoin.
>Maybe a better way to put it is that everyone who is aware of crypto and understands the underlying fundamentals behind crypto has an excellent opportunity to make it.
The entire market is dumb money redditors who bought GME above $100, Tesla at above $3000 (old prices), and are buying ETH, BTC and shitcoins right now. Try justify the valuations of any shitcoin in the top 50. None of them even make a profit. They make a killing for their devs and VCs off the back of dumb stimulus money, but none of their products actually *do* anything, and even if their code does, the token isn't needed. It's another market-wide pnd and the US government is cutting the checks that idiots throw away. To assume any of these people have even a basic understanding of crypto is giving them way too much credit.

>> No.27549622
File: 340 KB, 1364x1818, wagies_BTFO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>based 4chan crypto NEET smears poop dick at the kinoplex
>cringe ledditor making $9/hr has to clean it up

>> No.27549647

>the market is completely manipulated and "the chain is transparent" doesn't work because it takes months or years to sort through transactions to see the manipulation.
Fusion reactor + quantum computer large enough + team effective and efficient enough + algorithm powerful enough + blockchain crafted enough could do it overnight in theory.

>> No.27549769

all the pajeets shilling their useless shitcoin and the dumbasses who keep falling for are the pinnacle of human potential?

>> No.27549829

>the guy who fucked a skull
Fuark thanks for reminding me. That shit was hilarious.

>> No.27549961

>They will just become more confused and more angry as time passes.
boomers are all dying off in the next 20 years

>> No.27550011

99% will not get it kek

>> No.27550016

like he said
You can justify your position but at the end of the day if you compare the innovation being done in crypto compared to the innovation being done in us companies or real estate then its no contest
Its also a lot bigger than that are crypto is about to disrupt the entire global financial system. Of course there will be booms and busts as with any market. Of course the busts will be severe as with any emerging market.
Overall it is an amazing opportunity. If I asked you would you rather hold SPY, BTC, or USD for 10 years which would you choose?

>> No.27550119

Maybe eventually, but but the time we have that, we will probably have far more complex chains too. I doubt it will ever be feasible to analyze chains to the extent that you can catch the manipulation in the act. And even if it someday does become possible, they'll just move the manipulation to private chains which pool to public tokens (like how the scammers at tether do it), or do it entirely offchain.

>> No.27550160

>black mirror episode
> where everyone including the teachers were wearing this shoe.
Homework is Black Mirror Bandersnatch.

>> No.27550295

>things just happen
Yes, anon we get it. Real life markets have been in bubbles for ages, people have went broke before. People get run over by cars, wars happen, there's a predicted pole shift for 2046, ultimately we all die, one way or another but I fail to see your argument here. Sounds like a bunch of nihilism meant to convey "don't do anything it's pointless" but that would go against our main directive of being human or life in general desu

>> No.27550299

he's not even wearing gloves, we even successfully gave him aids

>> No.27550601

There are always opportunities in the market. Between March and July, the biggest opportunity was speculating where dumb stimulus money was going to flow (BTC/Tesla/memestocks/etc) and frontrunning it.
The opportunities now are unironically not in crypto, or are shorts with a long expiry date so you can survive a 200-300% rise. Gold is so undervalued it's a joke, for example, but many value stocks are also dirt cheap.
I'm bullish on crypto. Don't get me wrong. But if you don't understand that this has nothing to do with fundamentals and everything to do with idiots who think they're going to buy a house with the millions they make going all in on crypto with their stimulus checks, then you don't really understand what's happening.

>> No.27550702
File: 9 KB, 259x194, maybe one day.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It'll mostly be for USDT or major chains to start with for institutional manipulation, but yes, maybe one day.

Ultimately there is nothing wrong with buying and selling at its core, and moral grounds for influencing people based on where you lead them.

In reality, we should just do without the derivatives system. It was the environment that permitted GME Gamma to happen.

>> No.27550828

ahh so this is why you are a doomer
you are a gold holder
you are entitled to your opinion but there is a reason why btc has surged 13x while gold has floundered. Try to look past your own biases and form a new thesis before you let your wealth diminish in value further.

>> No.27550962

Institutions are starting to view bitcoin as legitimate and it is the only value system that can't be frauded. Eventually, it will be widely accepted and until then it'll keep mooning as more and more big boys buy into the idea.

>> No.27550964

the post in your image was not screenshot worthy

>> No.27551015

Kek I made that thread. Glad the screen cap is still floating around. Yeah OP boomers are retarded. I've spent over half my life on 4chan and because of it I'm ridiculously wealthier than people that I know even 20 years older than me. 4chan gives you a bullshit detector and forces you to automatically connect the dots on everything. The boomers never had to do that they come from a time period where you could buy a house in cash with a year's salary

>> No.27551501
File: 588 KB, 737x897, 1610602403903.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i know fren, its depressing. i was just talking about this with an old army buddy of mine yesterday. everything from lampposts to iron wrought park benches were taken from us. so we can live in ugliness and they can keep us depressed and uninspired.

>> No.27551882

>my shitcoins are going to go up forever
No, I'm not a doomer, and your opinions are not validated by a rising price. I also have money in crypto. But you're the same breed of stupid who conflates market green and euphoria with real fundamental value. It's a dangerous thing to do. The market is dumb money. Realise this, accept this, and understand that the market is in for a massive, massive correction, and you'll be positioned to take advantage of this when it occurs.

>Institutions are starting to view bitcoin as legitimate and it is the only value system that can't be frauded.
Institutions can also be dumb money. MIchael Saylor, for example, is an idiot who doesn't even understand what bitcoin does or how bonds work. Most people buying Bitcoin don't understand what "money" or inflation are. They're going to be just as caught off guard as the rest of the market. Remember - there is just as much fraud in BTC as there is in the rest of the market. Being able to hold your BTC without a third party is a good way to combat fraud, but the value of the BTC in your wallet is much more easily manipulated.

>> No.27551920

So much is at question about the depth of involvement of various financial and regulatory actors in the GME thing that I'm not really confident making any objective statements about who is behind what or is the ultimate beneficiary BUT what I do know for certain is that all the social media posting and normie involvement has generated a glut of data and correlative inputs for analysts and AI to pore over for the next few years. Maybe this won't be used to its full potential by the fatcats resting on their laurels at the various strata of management and bureaucracy, but for particularly clever analysts, quants, and people on the cutting edge of machine learning, etc? I don't know the extent to which the FBI, NSA, CIA, etc. concern themselves with the goings on of internet communities as it relates to financial markets (as opposed to threats of radicalization, domestic terrorism, etc.) but it doesn't take an entirely schizotypal demeanor to imagine that powers and movers have taken interest.

>> No.27551981
File: 103 KB, 720x718, 3AD257D0-EC37-4C89-B67B-B2AD816F3D5D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If there’s money to be made, then governments will look the other way unless heavily pressured to do otherwise. Just look at the CIA connections to Colombian cartels in the 80’s: they’ll either have a stake in the success when it’s not a controversy, or they’ll run it behind closed doors when it is. Thankfully crypto isn’t inherently incriminating or unethical, as long as you pay your taxes on time like a good little goy then I’m sure the SEC or IRS won’t run any legislative campaigns for its regulation. I guarantee that more powerful insiders within the government sphere have investments in Bitcoin/Altcoins than one would guess or assume.

>> No.27552204


>> No.27552234


You should look into the Dead Internet Theory. I do believe that there are already thinktanks, alphabet agencies, marketing agencies, all levels of government and people in power alike are trying to not just study our habits. But also steer people's behavior and perspectives.


>> No.27552390

Singapore is a government hellscape good luck selling your soul

>> No.27552484


He probably spent the millions on new trucks and boats, too.

>> No.27552694

The only way you can commit fraud in bitcoin is by finding someone's seed phrase or by fucking over the fiat side of a trade. There are no false transactions. The issues are with elements beyond the blockchain, not with the blockchain, and as well see larger players come in, we'll see better security options start to emerge than just writing a seed phrase down on paper.

>> No.27553033

I've been in this space since the early days. I had to buy my first BTC by meeting someone in a starbucks and handing them cash. You are simply stating that there are booms and busts in crypto. Theres are booms and busts in any market friend, that is how speculation works. Good luck if you are looking for a massive correction in crypto. I currently question as to whether a US stock market crash would even dump crypto for more than a few days.
>saylor is an idiot because he has allocated his resources for maximum gains
you sound like you are super salty about BTC stealing PM's lunch. I suggest you get over the anger and denial phase and get on quick before you get left behind. Remember gold was 1900 this year while btc was 6k
now gold is the same and btc is 36k
I was like you and held bullion because it made sense until I realized that btc will just keep eating up market share of gold/silver.
I've heard its great there. Haven't been yet but I plan on visiting soon.

>> No.27553283

>wind felt good against his bare chest
This reminds me of a scene with either Rand sparring with Lan or maybe Perrin blacksmithing (or both, lots of bare chests in WoT).
>could be here" he thought, "I've never been in this neighborhood before..."
This sounds like Rand's crazy ramblings while being chased by Darkfriends.
>"With a car, you can go anywhere you want" he said to himself
For some reason this seems like a reference to Skimming/Traveling to me. I haven't read the series in over 10 years though so I'm probably completely off.

>> No.27553702

This, if you know people are doing retarded shit, take advantage of that.

>> No.27553996

>with seven figures
There are actual spergs in /smg/ who make 150% a year consistently with six figure portfolios.

>> No.27554121

True schizophrenia posting. This is an interesting theory but he lost me when he started talking about how he could "feel a childlike essence" emanating from what he thought was possessing the Chans. Sounds completely like someone was astroturfing the board and he just took it to be an AI. However, the comment about duplicate threats got my mind whirring. There are multiple archives for 4chan and a number of boards, couldn't someone write a program of some kind to post requests to the history and check for duplicates, maybe by searching very specific words/phrases? I imagine you can't check every post because of the limits of the site but you could check a percentage and use it as an index

>> No.27554131

Some 4chan users are at the very far right side of the bell curve like that /sci/fag who solved a millenial prize problem but most are midwits or retards

>> No.27554230

You have to admit that they're special for being here, though, this board and website itself collates a very specific personality type

>> No.27554366

Their money is in unstable assets and doesn't grow in value, that's the definition of incentive for a downturn.

>> No.27555269

>Remember gold was 1900 this year while btc was 6k
Btc was not 6k at any point in 2021 dumbass

>> No.27555560
File: 83 KB, 1120x634, D46xgY_XsAALCpt (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>hey bud, ill never work a job in the sense you are thinking because i have 2 brain cells to rub together.

>> No.27555562

Hunter S. Thompson is alive?

>> No.27555808

Remember when 4chan autism located this specific gas station?