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This is their ultimate goal. Let's say it happens exactly how they want it too..How will things work in 2030 if we own nothing and don't even have a form of currency to buy stuff with? Will everything be treated like a library? We just borrow things and give it back when we're done with it?

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Lemme borrow dat whip of yos whiboy, i promise I brang it back

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My favorite thing about this whole retarded conspiracy is when you ask a retard "If they did want to ban private property, why would they release a blog post telling you?" and the only answer people come up with is "Uh, in Satanism they like, have to tell you"
So the "rules" of Satanism are something to the effect of "If you are going to ban all private property you have to get a Danish politician to release a blog post 15 years earlier, spitballing about an "everything for rent" economy".
And people actually literally believe this. They literally believe that the Satanic NWO who plan to take all your assets HAD to write this blog post because that's the rules.
And these are the people you're sharing investment advice with...

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Read a book

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When they say "you'll own nothing" I like to assume they mean cars & housing

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So what have you done to stop this?

Thats right exacly nothing

They tell you because normies literally dont care

And they dont have to do anything, normies want them to ban private property soon

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they will give you money that has a burn time on it
so then you have to spend and if you try to save it disappears
this is why they love crypto

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what's the appeal of owning shit? i own massive amounts of shit and I'm still unhappy.

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they are normalizing the concept just like trannies, fags and niggers have been.

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Insider here
You need to learn what the word “own” means. You’ll still own things in the same sense you “own” your house. However as long as you’re a useful “goyim” then you can “own” things other might not. Such as the good food and shelter.

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Most people don’t even understand the current paradigm they live in so naturally when they try to comprehend the new system they have to make retarded guesses/stretches to fill in the massive blanks.

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"Hey bro the UN just arrived in tanks and they're telling us to all get out of our homes because we don't own them any more"
"Oh don't worry about it bro, I read this blog post back in 2020, it said a lot more things could be rented instead of owned in the future, this shit seems weirdly acceptable to me now"

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It's basically advertising it as something good. Looks like a colgate commercial. Owning nothing = happiness. Yay no more responsibilites.

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people in the 50s could make the same hyperboles about cultural vslues yet here we are

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It's where things are trending. For instance, streaming services, digital replacing physical, lack of privacy, the surveillance/welfare state, the increasing popularity of leftism. Young people own very little (Millennials control less than 5% of wealth) and are terrified of climate change, if they're told they have to change their lifestyle to owning nothing and sharing everything to save the world, many will see it as gaining more than they lose.

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Show me where they said
>”You’ll intermarry and be happy!”

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you never even read the underlying article; they brainwashed you again like the good chud you are.
you'll own nothing because, that's the premise of the utopia presented in the article, after energy becomes free, everything else will be free, too. it's not about socialism at all, but an infinite surplus after an unprecedented technological breakthrough and the societal changes it would lead to.

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nobody will need to be forced out of their house when the general populace is gradually immiserated to the point where home ownership is a luxury on the same level as yachting.

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People in the 50s were right and here we are with niggers chimping out, fags and feminists brainwashing children in schools

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>The year is 2020 your town is full of pakis and your grandson wants to cut off his dick, and you'll be happy.

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>believing in fairytales
lol u gay bro

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I like having shit like kidneys and a functioning heart and liver.
If you don't own anything, who owns you?
I'm inclined to believe you people are either niggers, pajeets or Chang shills.

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my favorite part about dunning-kruger retards is when you take a few minutes out of your day to research the topic before you confidently express your ignorance, the answer is very often in plain sight
so when it comes to societal changes, the psychology is well documented: you prime people to it by repeated exposure over a long enough period of time, as the human brain loves familiarity. hence why news of government lockdowns "leak" a few days before any such event
don't let that stop the 110 iq mongoloid from acting like an expert. they literally believe that everyone else HAS to be dumber than them, because they see idiots running their mouth and don't stop to think maybe the silent ones are smarter
and these are the people we trust to be mid-level doctors, bankers, lawyers, software engineers, politicians...

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Basically this >>27527374
So yes a glorified library. If you use spotify or pandora you don't own the music. Netflix, you don't own the movies, and when more ride sharing companies/services pop up it could be cheaper to use them vs actually owning a car. Even more so in a city.

The doomsday fucks always makes everything to be satanism/doomsday and its not going to be the case. If anything life will actually be a lot easier.

You won't have a ton of debt. You can travel often and work virtually anywhere. You'll have more information about things on par with professionals. So ya you will own nothing and be happy

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tokenized social credit, you get to do as much as you can stack
housing+utilities+transportation+entertainment+travel will be the equivalent to 10k LINK
TSLA will give you a neuralinked buttplug on top of everything else if you do stack with them tho

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how fucking dense are you?
"They" 'll disown people by raising property taxes and adding fees, taxes and regulations for purchasing hard assets. (to protect you from volatility... or executive order 6102)
Nobody will arrive with tanks, this isn't a fucking movie.

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i hate this mentality vehemently. I want to own everything i have, the idea of renting and borrowing and loaning is aids. I want to be able to say "yeah, this is mine, and I can do whatever the fuck I want with it". Fuck streaming services who have ultimate say about who gets to use their services and what's on them, fuck banks who decide how much debt you have and what you can loan.

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The scarier thing to me is whether or not you’ll really be happy. If you’re happy then you’ll probably be just fine and dandy in your boiling pot. Maybe some polcels will hold out. It’ll be like the Brave New World where John The Savage tries to stop the people from killing themselves with drugs and they just flip out and beat the shit out of him.

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like brokers banning you from purchase of certain stocks, because they are "too risky".
Ironically bank of America (Merrill) was the only one who didn't fuck over their own customers for once

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>people woth less tome alive to accrue wealth and assets have less assets as a result
Wow what a fucking shock

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makes you wonder if the wealth gap will simply be amplified. Ivory towers, walled areas for the wealth, and rent-a-home for everyone else. Guess it's good I'll be on the rich side.

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This is the first time I've heard anything about the conspirators being satanists, just greedy and power hungry. I assume the rational behind publishing stuff like this was to make people acclimated to the idea of it before it happens. Look at the mask mandates and travel restrictions, in less than a year people have allowed governments to strip them of all their rights and been grateful for it. With enough brainwashing you can convince plenty of people to hand over their right to private property too. You make it sound was crazier and more implausible than it is.

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I don’t see a “middle class” existing by 2030. I think Biden will be the thing that finally kills it.

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How rich do you have to be for wealth side? Is a high level doctor's salary enough or do you have to be gates level?

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You think people like gay people the same way they did back in the 50's dumbass? Americans went to war over a small little tea tax that is only a fraction of what we normally pay for all goods and services today.

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You'll sleep in a pod, eat worms, drink urine, own nothing, and YOU'LL BE HAPPY

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Honestly I don't even know man. I'm shooting for multimillionaire to know I'm comfortably in. It'll take a few years to get there if I can, with any luck.

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Cool, what is your career?

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eh, I think the word "middle class" will be use much more often. Scores of people would just be trapped in a perputual debt cycles where its incredibly diffcult to generate wealth.

Even if you make 250k yr as an engineer your debt load is 350k+ The federal tax regime barely moves changed at all between presidents

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Crunchy, chewy? Like a gusher? Fucking wild chinks.

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comp sci in neural networks/AI, which means I won't have to compete with pajeets for low level work and can focus on automating their jobs away. Feels pretty comfy, neural networks and AI will inevitably replace most modern jobs alongside advances in robotics and I'll be at the top of it.

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if you got a stimlus check you are on the wrong side.

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>If they did want to ban private property, why would they release a blog post telling you?
They're trying to get the masses on their side, they need the public approval for the plan to work

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sounds comfy as long as I can't taste anything and I can still shitpost

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Decentralization of power, the disappearance of ownership truly mean what the government own everything, which is one centralised entity that doesn't have your best interests in mind

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>infinite surplus after an unprecedented technological breakthrough
>noooo you can't eat meat anymore

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Why do you guys think they aren’t putting the kids back in school? Indoctrination camps in buildings with bells and shit is much more useful than giving them a laptop and having them play vidya or browse tiktok etc all day.

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It's a flex. They're saying "this is what we're going to do, and you bitches aren't going to do shit about it."

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not going to school encourages them to fuck around and be degenerates rather than learning or being successful, the less wealth people have, the easier they can transition them into a "own nothing" scenario because they give up nothing. Just my thoughts, anyways.

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Say no more f.am

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>unprecedented technological breakthrough and the societal changes it would lead to.

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This must be bait, but I'll bite.
It's predictive programming, also this conversation never happened outside of your head.

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That's what they're counting on.

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You will take dailies estrogen pill and your wife will be happe with bbc

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This just means you won't be able to afford a house in the future, or a car, and will rent everything. You'll be happy because of all of the distractions and instant shallow gratification of the senses. Society is authority driven, people need their lives managed and can't self-actualize a purpose for themselves.

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>No food rations for you today, your accelerated heart rate and galvanic skin response when you saw a nigger indicated racist thoughts; a commiserate amount of points were reduced from your social credit score.

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They will be able to destroy any dissident and forbid anyone from middle class to rise to their level, if they have their way they're basically making sure no one ever challenge their power

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They never had a chance

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>based on the input of the elite who are so detached from reality this this is what you get.
I'm not worried they're just detached from reality so we get these kind of commebts from them.

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You won't be happy because happiness is about making your situation better and having some kind of randomness to play with, in their utopia you'll have no room to better your situation, you'll just be set from birth to life. Only a child, and May be a woman, would be happy with this existence

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Reputation rekt list:
Political establishment
Educator trust
Financial institutions
Media organizations
Their little monopolies and racial division is all they have left. Every pillar of their power is being decimated.

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You missed the point. They don't care about reputation anymore, because they don't think they need it.

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This is retarded
Fucking congratulations, you are now HOSTAGE of big corporations and the government.

What you think of that?

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they're not wrong. they can order society around with impunity and blatant disdain for the masses. can't say I'd be different in their position, just wish they'd leave a way out for those that see what's going on and want a way out

>> No.27533376

this is the way out, anon. Crypto is our way out. It's our ticket to the ivory tower. As long as you play the game and spread your investments wide, you will win a ticket. Never forget that. They can't leave a generic way out because too many stupid people would be banging on their door begging to be let in. You have to find that door yourself and make your own path, and in doing so, prove that you're worthy. We have been giving the easiest chance to get legitimately wealthy in probably millennia, do not fuck it up.

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>not investing using astrology and gematria

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I'm pretty sure the original "slippery slope" was literally "miscegenation? what's next, letting gays marry?"

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>How will things work in 2030 if we own nothing and don't even have a form of currency to buy stuff with
Ask wallstreetbets lmao

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You also won't have a free opinion, or incentive to take on risk or innovate anything. Information will be filtered and remain static.

And who is going to be in charge of all of this? You're actually ok with a small oligarchy that actually DOES own everything and rents it out to you, under whatever conditions they impose?

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>doesnt believe in the influence of the satanic underworld into this realm

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Who has ever said this?

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Jesus fucking christ

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Let me put this in terms you'll understand.

They're prepping the bull so he's nice and lubed up to fuck your wife in the ass while you watch and masturbate.

>> No.27533883

It's already happening. Countries have been in lock down alongside other non pharmaceutical intervention when there is not even an association between lock down and death rate.

They have destroyed entire industries of private business and ruined peoples independence under no scientific justification. You become a social outcast for bringing up things that were given prior to 2020 like not vaccinating people not at risk, herd immunity, the complete lack of evidence for the efficacy of quarantine, contact tracing, masks, social distancing.
Denmark protested for 9 days to stop a law that would allow politicians to order police to forcibly vaccinate people
Australian State Victorian government amended a bill that was going to allow members of parliament to arrest people after a group of senior lawyers told them to watch themselves
There's german covid detention camps

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It doesn't matter I'm still not gonna have a girlfriend

>> No.27534343

>Why would they try to make you comfortable with the idea of something unpleasant?

Based retard.

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at least i get my citadel

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your not from pol obviously

its is called differed karma, this idea is that by warning you that something is going to happen and making you subconsciously aware that it will happen then it is not their fault when it happens because they actively told you and you did nothing,

same as the scapegoat type thing which comes from when they would cast their sins on a goat and the murder it

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Bros that trip to mars got to me...
Imagine being in that space mission to mars to make it a habitable planet. Imagine 8 months on a comfy spaceship enveloped in the stars away from all the dogshit. The you arrive on Mars and it's just the dunes and the stars and your spacebuddies. You work on some water sanitation plant or a greenhouse. Away from shit like bills and mortgage and rent and where to call and what to do and where to go and who to call and that appointment with the lawyer and the gas company and those extra hours at work and all that sleep you're not getting and your brain is rotting.
Just the dunes and the stars. Working on something worthwhile. You would work and the sit back and relax, have a little stroll, play some cards with your marsbuddies or a nice maxout session at the gym. Then have sex with your sexdoll/s. And then next day back to work, but not in a hurry, rome wasn't built in a day.
Maybe something goes really wrong, but you lived a good life. A simple life without pretending to be a normie who does normie things and thinks normie thoughts and wants normie shit. You didn't blitz mindlessly through fourty years of your life. You weren't minmaxing every second. You slept, you watched the stars. You worked on something so mankind can start fresh and not make the same mistakes. It would be worth it.
I know it wouldn't be like that, but just imagine bros.
We wil never have that...

>> No.27535105

you should look up how inhospitable mars is and how they will be using robots to do everything that they control from their 20sqr foot home for 8 years before they have to leave before they get radiation sickness.

>> No.27535135

people will bring all of their problems with them. it might be just as well there's no closer planets for humanity to infect with its current mindset. space will still be there when it's evolved enough to not destroy everything for short term gain like a virus.

>> No.27535750

I know...
I just like to imagine shit and daydream because i may be 24 yo, but I'm still a 10 year old boy lads...
Call me a faggit i deserve it

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Listen to this guy

>> No.27536070

There will still be a currency. It's just that it's a central bank digital currency that can be perfectly manipulated, perfectly tracked, and your wallets can be frozen at the snap of the gov't's fingers.
You'll own nothing because ownership will be priced out of everyone in the lower class (there won't be any real middle class anymore either). In effect, it will be a techno-feudal society where you're barely able to make ends meet and earn just enough in your uber-style gig job to rent a pod and buy bug burgers.

>> No.27536204

You're fucking stupid. They won't force anything, they will just dose by dose habituate people.

50 years ago having a fag in your family was a shame and most people would say it's fine to kick the faggot out the house. Nowadays even calling one of them "fag" can make you go to jail.

Dose by dose, that's the plan.

>> No.27536330

>after energy becomes free, everything else will be free, too
People will work for free?

>> No.27536577

That would just be a difference between what people say and how the world really is. They'll still speak of a "middle class" but that "middle class" will have a lower standard of living as compared to the lower class of a generation or two ago.

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Jobs will be cut due to Green New Deals and SDG proposals, automation, and robotics

>thinking critically

>> No.27536725

feels good to major in robotics and automation

>> No.27536728

It will only be over until they can harness your soul.

>> No.27536749

Out of all the things that’ll never be free, energy will never be free.

>> No.27537065

just being realistic, it's fun to dream. I dream of $100k BTC, unironically.

>> No.27537153

That's only a x3, be more ambitious

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You WILL wear three masks, except to eat your daily bug rations

>> No.27537659

why would you not have any form of currency?
You'll just have a digital currency, you can't store or exchange for any store of value. So basically never actually owning it too.
If they want to wipe it out, they could.

>> No.27537788

Then imagine the space verison of Coronavirus spreading in your space camp because one of your space buddies experiemented on a methanogen. It's 3am space night time, and you are hearing the painful screams of the girl from the medlab that just winked at you as she's being cooked from the inside.

You pray that the folks back on Earth will send help, ignoring the email from your friends asking why are you not coming back. Despair and terror slowly descends on you as the intercom says they've lost control of the infected. Earth says they are sending drones to capture you for experimentation for the good of mankind

>You slept, you watched the stars. You worked on something so mankind can start fresh and not make the same mistakes. It would be worth it

>> No.27537789

Trying not to be too greedy with my wishful thinking this time. I'm just thankful we don't have to wait 10 years to breach the old ATH of 2017

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File: 1.80 MB, 1242x2036, GateChrist.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Based and redpilled

>> No.27538283

I will own everything
And I will be miserable
t. jew

>> No.27538382

Realistically BTC will hit $100T, but it will also cost $500M for a gallon of milk at the same time due to hyperinflation.

>> No.27538476

Oh yes, it sounds great never owning anything - that way you are forced to work until you die. Cool!

Imagine thinking not owning anything is good you fucking moron. Also here's a hint for you - someone will still own everything.

>> No.27538571

The ultra elite have bunkers on New Zealand.

They don't care about the 99.9%

>> No.27538652

You're a legitimate brainlet. Most people are cattle, unironically, they are born to be slaves and are happy with slavery. Fill their bellies, legalize drugs and make sure they can be high every day, that's all they require. They are cattle and they WILL EAT ZE BUGS.

>> No.27538755

This, we'll be like fucking ants.

It'll be like Brave New World, where people literally take 'happy drugs' and shit.

>> No.27538857

Well imagine if you went to New York in 1821 or 1921 and told them what it's like in 2021. You'd be committed to an insane asylum if you survived the vicious beating you took. Idk what to call it when we can chart the slippery slope yet people still deny it existing.

>> No.27538950

yeah this is my worry, what a million will even buy in the future. Trying to diversify to other assets while crypto is still a growth sector, there's time but so many pitfalls and lies to be aware of. Just another darwinian filter I suppose.

>> No.27539115

The safe bet is to diversify at least 20% into chinese stocks, that way you aren't fucked too bad when the dollar goes sideways and at least don't become poor.

>> No.27539292

i fucking hate bugs, though. Do i really have to?

>> No.27539438

you will eat zee bugs

>> No.27539509

This will never happen, stop doomposting.

>> No.27539525

just kidding... it's communism, you will be dead long before that happens

>> No.27539582

its actually a subtle form of gaslighting.
it's so when they roll out something pretty bad but not quite as bad as 'you'll own nothing and you'll eat the bugs' normies will think "hey, at least we're not living in pods rite! hahaha"
they slowly shift the overton window by using this bait and switch tactic to condition new forms of control which are touted as 'necessary' ie gun control, censorship online, digital dollar, anti money laundering laws, patriot act, surveillance by 5-eyes, cia involvement in fringe movements, and so on

>> No.27539685

Point 8 seems particularly ominous.

>> No.27539696

It will unironically happen because part of the agenda is replacing FIAT currencies with federally controlled cryptocurrencies. If you can't even see what's coming you're NGMI.
Eat the bugs or be eaten by ze bugs.

>> No.27539711

It's called the Minerva Rule, and it does exist in occult circles. Whether or not that's going on here is up for interpretation, but that belief does exist for those circles.

>> No.27539780

No, they mean you have to rent everything, including money.

>> No.27539864

How can you even call it a conspiracy with a straight face?

>> No.27539872

>If you want to fuck someone without going to prison why don't you just rape them?
This is essentially what you are asking

To impoverish you and turn you into a pathetic, non-threat they have to coerse you into it
To abolish private property they can't just issue a decree. It'd be best if you did it willingly, like you did when you allowed your sons and daughters to choose their gender when they're 5 and sent them to hormone therapy to accommodate that delusion

You did all that willingly, they didn't even have to try.

You are next going to abandon all your private property, and you are going to be happy.
Van life sounds like a fun thing, doesn't it? Don't buy a house anon, don't marry, go live in a van, it's fun!! (Might be fun for a while until you actually want to a house at which point it's just a little harder than it earlier was and you're already used to your little van)

Canadians are so fucking stupid it's retarded

>> No.27539901

onions bugs: after you die, you'll be eaten by bugs as nature intended, and others will then eat those bugs.

>> No.27539909

>If anything life will actually be a lot easier.
Good post up until this. If you understood how wealth works, you would know why this is bad.

>> No.27539983

not onions, s_o_y_lent. fucking jannie language filters

>> No.27540006

They literally OPENLY TELL YOU what's going to happen at Davos / WEF. Yet people say it's not gonna happen.


>> No.27540015

Normies are too retarded to want to use anything other than printed fiat paper, and the goal isn’t some collapse. Fiat currencies will never go out of style.

>> No.27540094

this is like Stockholm syndrome. Satanists are defined by the fact they believe in the authority of nothing except their own will, they don't believe in Karma.
Ops image is just promotion of their ideas like commie documentary's on netflix or McDonalds advertisements.
The marketing for communism/socialism as a replacement of capitalism has been incredible because people actually believe they would be wealthier by losing the ability to be wealthy

>> No.27540132

>oh 100 rich jews have a plan so it will definetly happen...not like there aernt 7,000,000,000 people on earth who might think otherwise.

Im sure this will happen because a few people decided it.

Im sure there aernt other insanely rich people who disagree with this.

Im sure there aernt other really rich people who have an interest in you buying things.

>> No.27540146

Just control. Whether it's going to school or not, they are the ones in charge, and you must bear the cost of those decisions. You have no recourse.

>> No.27540154

normies literally only use credit cards and debit cards now, are you tripping?

>> No.27540167

>Normies are too retarded to want to use anything other than printed fiat paper
You're saying this like they'll have a choice. Paper currency will be so hyperinflated it'll be worthless, and you'll have to use the new digital currency with your card or smartphone. Simple as.

>> No.27540238

Grow up and think critically. Where did they say they would allow inflation rates to skyrocket like its ww2? Not saying that the future doesn’t have some nasty bullshit but instead of just throwing out random bullshit and misinformation, try using your brain.

>> No.27540286

the other guys aren't part of the club. they aren't at the davos meetup

>> No.27540382

>Paper currency will be so hyperinflated

I mean a lot of people dont actually have currency lying around...so in a collapse situation it would appreciate in value...unless the government started air dropping pallets of it.

>> No.27540437

It’s unironically 4D chess, so many factions at play with all sorts of effects and what not on the field. Hard for most to see it from a non red vs blue standpoint.

>> No.27540459

why would they believe in karma? karma is a hindu concept.

>> No.27540506

>You'll eat much less meat
>Polluters will have to pay to emit carbon dioxide
At least the other ones have reasons, this one is just straight up "We will force you to do something by 2030"

>> No.27540512

Okay so you're an actual brainlet and don't realize how currency works.

>> No.27540527

This, there is a shit ton of fiat in circulation but they’ve skillfully made it that it’s all spread out enough to where the masses are still poor

>> No.27540550

The IMF literally said we need a new Bretton Woods, but mkay.

Let's keep printing money and doing MMT. Sure it will end well.

>> No.27540555

>so in a collapse situation it would appreciate in value
from where do you think paper money derives value?

>> No.27540557

right, because they dont agree with it.

This stuff is like twitter, only 2% of america is on twitter and their opinions are wildly different than the rest of the country, that is why twitter users REEEEEE so much IRL when something doesnt go their way. They assume everyone agrees with them because of their echo chamber.

Globalist rich people are no different, they think everyone thinks like them or aspires to be like them, they have HUBRIS and are DELUSIONAL.

>> No.27540593

I just wanted a comfy life pursuing my own interests. Why did I have to be born just in time for this shit?

>> No.27540695

>where do you think paper money derives value?
Belief...much like all currencies

>> No.27540778

what are you trying to say, that the elites have no power?


>> No.27540786

Bruh it would just be the exact same as here eventually. You'd just be sitting on some computer but in space.

>> No.27540832

Jesus fucking christ take a college course in macro, you can take one for free kid.

>> No.27540846

The fact that they think they could make this a reality speaks volume of their delusions of grandeur, I don't think I know a single person who would prefer that shit over death

>> No.27540884

you must be a redditor who arrived here due to gme. godspeed lol

>> No.27541018

That "elites" are not one single group.

For instance, Elon Musk is now the richest man in the world his vision for energy (battery renewable) is in direct opposition to the other richest family in the world (Rockefeller) who owns most of Exxon.

Also, China would preffer that Alibaba be the big retailer over Amazon. See their is competition at the elite level too.

>> No.27541044

You should not think of them as delusional nor over generalize them. The 1% is filled with a lot of people. Some who just fuck around and act like yuppies and some who have been successful for centuries.

>> No.27541087

His image suggested they are trying to clear karmic debt. I said that is retarded

>> No.27541106

So where does it come from?

>> No.27541107

This is the dystopia alcoholic sci-fi authors wrote about.

>> No.27541231

>See their

Your grammar isn't very elite.

>> No.27541259

>paper money derives value?
but ultimately it derives value because it is backed by guns.

The dollar is the world currencie because the US has shown it will invade and kill like no other country.

>> No.27541291

You're in time for crypto, possibly the greatest opportunity to be on the better side of the wealth gap in history.

>> No.27541346

All value is ascertained from contractual obligations backed by force. Obviously. This is basic knowledge.

>> No.27541435

Know that i see i made a type i guess the whole argument or line of reasoning is invalid.

Everything is meaningless once a typo is found to exist, it's a tough rule of the universe.

>> No.27541478
File: 197 KB, 514x652, 1611880838533.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27541481

Fiat gets it’s value from belief like you said, the amount that is in circulation(which can be decreased via the stock market), the sweat and blood of human beings(taxes), and some other stuff. Now that’s it all digital additions of zeros the already complex system has become unfathomable. Money is a false god and the bankers are the prophets.

>> No.27541656

Wrong. Read a book.

>> No.27541682

I dont think their point is to "ban" private property. They predict it will simply become prefered choice not to own property and rent instead. Like with Steam vs physical disks. Its just the direction economy is predicted to lead towards irregardless of your (or their) feelings.

The dialectic there is not "to own or not to own", but "will I borrow from BigRent, or from shared stockpile". They aim to become the BigRent. But honestly its less controversial than that Fritz calling for yet another influx of brown labour.

>> No.27541708

No u

>> No.27541754

It's not paper currency that will be inflated. It's the debt used to inflate asset value (houses, stonks), that's the hyperinflation. Banks aren't borrowing to the hilt to go buy consumer staples, but they sure as shit will lend money out to prop up the various assets they control. They won't let consumer staples inflate, or they'd either have to increase welfare or allow wages to rise (both cost centers to these rent-seekers)

>> No.27541954

All this can only be done with social credit control, because niggers. Who else will suffer under social control? Anyone who likes privacy or anonymity. Which does raise the question of the basic intelligence or integrity of anyone who is on 4chan speaking in favor of it. You're either an idiot or a shill.

>> No.27542001
File: 182 KB, 544x288, 2395829358.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Its not that they HAVE to tell you. It's just that nobody bothers.
Look the CDC released a document describing excipients in vaccines. You're talking about carcinogens, metals, animal blood and human cells. An alternative media company wrote about it and made an article on it.
Then the mainstream media started saying they are liars after people heard about it.

The thing is though that all the while that the media says one thing and another media outlet says the other. People can litterly do their own research, do a simple search on google and find the information for themselves but won't.

Bro, I've shown that document to people plenty of times now to show people that there's more in vaccines than they initially tell you. They tell you about active ingredients but not excipients and residuals. The first reaction people have is always the same
>Thats fake!
Even though its a legitimate, official document from the CDC. I can show them the link and say: ''see! thats CDC.gov'' I can go to the site, search the document and open it from their website. And they still won't believe it.

If you want to learn more about whats happening here. Look up Jordan Maxwell.

>> No.27542018

>This is basic knowledge.
no it isn't
almost nobody knows that
99.99% of the population of the western world today doesn't even think about what money IS
10 dollars is 10 dollars to them. it can buy 10 dollars of uber eats

>> No.27542065
File: 1.40 MB, 1280x720, 1523074468856.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good perspective, anon. It's easy to get caught up in the doom and gloom sometimes. I am thankful for my stacks of crypto, but just wish I could make it in a less kosher dystopia.

>> No.27542073

Yeh cause so much is going to change in a mere 9 fkn years, this is inevitable but still hundreds of years away

>> No.27542252

all countries need oil (energy)
US military makes middle eastern countries settle oil trade in usd forcing demand for usd despite it having no defined supply since 1971

>> No.27542276

look how much changed from 1999 to 2009

>> No.27542960

Can you explain how by 2030 they are going to confiscate all the property people own without there being a huge Issue?

>> No.27543015

kek, I made this pic/meme.

>> No.27543179
File: 916 KB, 736x937, 1611113283734.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I already own things though, so why would I go to owning nothing?

>> No.27543333

increased identity politics racism, environmentalism, classim, ageism, sexism, scientism justifying more government until we have what Klaus wants which is property rights are controlled by "stakeholders"

more financial repression to make people unable to accumulate enough wealth to become independent via work
more tax on capital gains and anti capitalist narrative to stop people accumulating enough wealth to become independent via investing and speculation

>> No.27543390

oil is going away soon because it's not "green energy"

>> No.27543471

Imagine thinking this will happen without Vegas-shooter level domestic terrorism happening every single week.

Klaus and the rest of his faggot cohort are beyond delusional.

>> No.27543548

climate change is a narrative designed to make oil have more elastic demand

>> No.27543642

There's no specific set timeline, it's more general than that, but it's quite easy to achieve and it's happening right now. Some people will still own property, but it will become increasingly difficult for those that already don't have their foot in the door. Asset prices will simply continue to balloon through low interest rates and money printing until most of the population is priced out entirely. Even things like cars have gone up significantly in price in the last 15 years.

>> No.27543648

Anon. I have a house and a car both paid off. Explain how any of that allows them to take my house and my car.

>> No.27543675

>imagine thinking there's been terrorism not backed by an intelligence agency since Kaczynski (which was still mk ultra)

>> No.27543701 [DELETED] 

Oil is blood and there is no defined supply because just like the body produces blood the Earth will produce it perpetually. You can tap it and the Earth will create more of it. It isn't a fossil. Its blood. Earths blood.

>> No.27543765

I personally think while it’ll be similar, both Europe and America will have two different types of dystopian nightmares.

>> No.27543774

I can see it happening by say 2090 with the idea of ownership phased out gradually in future generations, but 2030 no way. Too many people who are used to ownership.

>> No.27543810

yes, literally coupons

>> No.27543906

based. I hope there's a tree of life synagogue mass shooting every single week.

so? if it's GRU targeting mossad/ZOG i'm totally fine with that.

>> No.27543913

There isn’t any Vegas tier stuff happening now though. As long as they don’t turn up the heat too fast the normies won’t flip

>> No.27543935

>why cant everyone be like me?

>> No.27543948

research what happened to landowners/certain races in communist/socialist revolution.
As people become increasingly poor and tribalistic they are more willing to believe narratives that blame their poverty on relatively rich people. This facilitates communist revolution
This is assuming you maintain your wealth through the coming manufactured crisis like the '08 caused by basel II capital contraints etc

>> No.27543968

The middle getting the the life choked out of it is a recurring thing I'm seeing, are HOA,s going to become more prominent in more countries ivory areas priced out and more private police forces like in england? ( I'm a patty so I can't speak for thier effectiveness)

>> No.27543974

mccarthy was right

>> No.27544019

The US is the final battleground. If it falls, individual freedoms in the rest of the world is fucked. They're the only ones with guns. And RN things are looking bad.

>> No.27544032

they’ll wipe the middle class out first, people are begging for daddy government to take care of them especially in the west, read the book 1984 it’s inevitable and desu it’s what people in the west want. They want the government to take full responsibility for their life, the average Joe in the west is incredibly weak and getting weaker by the day.

>> No.27544036 [DELETED] 

They'll find a way even if anon here can't give you an explenation immediatly its not as if he's the one coming up with these things. Agenda 21 works the same way. It allows governments to seize farmer assets like farm animals because they produce to much Co2 and thats bad for the envoirment. It allows them all kinds of draconian measures in the name of climate control.

Similarly how Covid is being used to violate your rights and control your body and health.

>> No.27544050

Major urban centers I can see being fully pozzed Klaus hives by 2030, but it will be much more difficult to implement in more rural communities where things like vehicle ownership are a must, and homes are still relatively cheap.

>> No.27544082
File: 90 KB, 899x464, the chad central committee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's nothing but a neo-liberal power fantasy, capitalism is failing and we'll be getting chinese world domination by the year 2030.

>> No.27544116

go and do economics 101.
Inelastic supply refers to demanded quantity for a given price. The reason the us can set up the petro dollar is because there is no substitute and energy must be bought.
Climate change is subsidy for alternatives but they do not have the energy densities for industry

>> No.27544118

Communism never works and it will keep never working.

>> No.27544151

>Crash the economy
>Crash fiat
>No one has jobs, everyone is poor
>Government offers you some E-Coin UBI payments each month
>You have to give up assets though, it's "only fair" rich people shouldn't get it.

>> No.27544191

The revolutionaries in the US aren't commies though, they're fascists. It's the commies that are already in charge.

>> No.27544210

Based quads, checked.

>> No.27544241

blaming jews for your problems is identity politics to bring about socialism.
you are a useful idiot or a shill

>> No.27544314

If anyone wants a good read on the subject get "blacklisted by history"

>> No.27544353

it goes much further.

Technology: Outdated after 2-3 years so why buy it? Just pay a monthly fee to use it and change it against a newer product.

Movies: Netflix, prime ect. Buying a DVD of a movie does no normal person anymore.

Cars: Most new cars are leased for 3-4 years.

Why not rent clothings too? You have a subscribtion like netflix that sends you new sets of clothings once a week or month and give the old back.

And so on. With a bit imagination its possible. And it will happen but it dont have to be a bad thing as long as we are still allowed to own things we really like.

I also dont believe that Schwab would like to have this future he described he is more analysing our social behaviour and predicts in what direction we went.

>> No.27544399 [DELETED] 

>Go and do economics 101
No thanks I have indepedent thought. Brainwashed shill.
Climate change doesn't exist. Climate is volatile and in constant flux. Climate change, that concept in your mind as you've been taught doesn't fucking exist. You're a braindead parrot that can't think.

>> No.27544417

You've got that completely backwards.

>> No.27544424


No, it's by 2030.

>> No.27544444

there is no difference
the narrative communists vs national socialists is irrelevant to the fact they both lead to autocracy

they don't care how you come to support autocracy whether it is racism (blm, nazis), environmentalism (stakeholder capitalism), classism, scientism (covid 19, climate change), ageism

>> No.27544526

I literally said that. You don't even have reading comprehension you are beyond help

>> No.27544579

They don't have to take them. They can price them in a state currency and inflate that state currency, force you to transact in it, and have you give up your property because you can no longer afford to keep it sovereign because you don't have enough good boy points to be allowed to earn and transact in the global currency.

This will coincidently keep you docile, occupied, and in a smaller ecological footprint.

>> No.27544581

So you think the world economic forum is going to take over by Trumpists installing them? Come on

>> No.27544586

low iq, they're conditioning you to acept it just like they do with trannies, socialism, immigration, BBC, women smoking cigarettes...read "Propaganda" by edward bernays, your iq and also depression level will go up 20%

>> No.27544664

what did trump do but create more division? he is not the president, there's literally a tranny as the health minister

>> No.27544665

Yeah those nutjobs at the capitol sure looked like commies to me

>> No.27544697

What r u on about m8y?
Me m8,s son Denao has loads of stuff on finance.
His wheelie mobile
His kipper
His sweeties
His miss,s makeup
Everything is financed and it's grand.

>> No.27544740

It's more technocratic fuedalism, rather than communism.

>> No.27544749

Kys faggot

>> No.27544782

It wont happen by 2030. It is impossible. The citizenry thinks too much for themselves still. They are too difficult to control. They still refuse to WEAR THE MASK

>> No.27544838
File: 109 KB, 768x768, xi jingping young.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

one thing that should be noted about this is that they want you to rent everything so that they can provide you the shittiest service possible while still getting the same amount of money from you. in the bleak neo-liberal future you will be forced to work, every single one of you and then you will hope that it was socialists that got you.

>> No.27544847

Commies now are extremely different. Yes they are all just losers to everyone but the commies now are just ineffective puppets. Remember the “garden” they tried to grow at CHAZ? If real commies took CHAZ, it would’ve been a showdown, a fucking bloodbath. A lot of these guys nowadays can’t even read Karl Marx whereas the starving commies back in the day fucking could recite the Prussian philosopher word for word. Not trying to imply that we need true commies or anything but these “commies” don’t seem frightening nor threatening and are likely a distraction

>> No.27544852

And if that anon can't read, here's a good video primer about it.

>> No.27544861

It is what it is

>> No.27544904

So buy Chainlink to avoid being a bug eater and continue eating steaks.
Got it.

>> No.27544932

I have never met anyone who remotely cared one iota about climate change, let alone we’re terrified of it.

>> No.27544975

I'm afraid of not eating bros.

>> No.27544997

this is a tepid IQ take. I don't "blame them for my problems," I simply identified the problem accurately.

>> No.27545001

Dude you sound like a schizo, you’re giving us a bad look.

>> No.27545024

the only thing left is maybe the US military isn't comped and will defend freedom, self determination, property rights. The us military is dependent on the us gdp though. Biden has already taken an axe to it

>> No.27545078

Bruh, in the UK people are clamoring for the army to go on the streets and arrest people who break lock down rules. Literally mass hysteria.

>> No.27545119

they're nazis, as are all jews. name one other group who commits genocide on stolen land because of a myth of racial superiority reinforced by arcane, quasi-religious rituals.

>> No.27545160

Yes, you'll be a slave.

The minute you stop working, well then... you get nothing.

>> No.27545274

Lol Europeans are way more obedient than Americans. Took Americans centuries to worship negroes. Yurop literally spreaded its legs in like a decade or two.

>> No.27545302

it's neve been intellectual it is tribalism. All extremist positions are untenable intellectually, particularly after the empirical results of autocracy in 20th century. If you think social fomenting social unrest via what I mentioned can not escalate to an autocratic revolution where undesirables are taken out of their houses tortured and murdered you are ignorant of history

>> No.27545306

What difference does it make? They're still things they'll make it impossible to own.

>> No.27545322

Have you not met S_O_Ylent millenials?

Also they are brainwashing kids now, see Greta and stuff like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NOlisYp7w4

>> No.27545335

Most people on /biz/ are consoomer drones.

>> No.27545396
File: 135 KB, 854x1280, china 5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

even today under capitalism billions of people are being forced to work under the threat of starvation. they are given pathetically small salaries that is just about enough for rent and food while they work 40 hours a week. if these neo-liberals are allowed to continue in power they will ramp this up, only the eastern tiger can save us from this.

>> No.27545510

these doomer faggots are just projecting their weakness onto everyone else, if these retards try to force this by 2030 it will be mass pandemonium in the USA and everyone with a brain knows it

>> No.27545512

if jews disappeared tomorrow you would still live in an economic hamster wheel created by an military industrial complex created in response to the expansion of foreign autocrats. You're a useful idiot or a shill

>> No.27545531

>Most people are cattle, unironically
see, the people who post this never make the leap to realize that includes them
just because you're posting on le ebin biz and you totally know about whats about to happen, it doesn't mean you're somehow going to sidestep all of this just because. you're not as smart or special as you think. notice your wording
>fill THEIR bellies
>make sure THEY can be high every day
you are part of THEY. YOU will fill your belly with bugs. Maybe you don't do drugs, but there is almost no man without his vices or pleasures out there and rest assured, you too will be judged.

>> No.27545656

you realize the chinese countryside if full of hundreds of millions of literal slaves who live in worse squalor than the congo right?

>> No.27545660
File: 85 KB, 306x288, (((You))).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Found the glownigger

>> No.27545674

of course, palestine would cease to be occupied and 90% of the military industrial complex would cease to have a purpose. you are not very intelligent, i'm afraid.

>> No.27545696

Sound like you’re not taking into account psychological conditioning, training and the works of psychoanalysts. History might’ve had some propaganda techniques used but they didn’t have what we have

>> No.27545786
File: 267 KB, 750x750, 1611252270255.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We will have that someday. Stay alive until then. You have to focus on making it. No matter how many times you fall for a P&D. So long as you are focused on your financial future and breaking away, you will make it so long as you learn.

Keep it up, anon, Figure out your talents and passions, and you will make it.

I'll be waiting on mars with a bottle of the good stuff ready for the next round of cards. We'll deal you in whenever you're ready.

>> No.27545839
File: 537 KB, 1000x709, the chad caterpillar.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

pfft, china has eradicated poverty, their gdp has already surpassed that of USA's and they will continue to rise for the simple reason that their economy does not operate on profit like western economy does.

>> No.27545965

the fact that they're tell (You) proves that they want to do it.

>> No.27545967
File: 37 KB, 419x630, coc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the more you know... pic related eloquently put college into perspective. it gave me the language for the serious misgivings i previously didn't know how to express. in a sentence: "kikes pathologized healthy gentile behavior to normalize white genocide."

>> No.27546005

Lol - bugmen are fucking drones and there are many many peasants still in the countryside. They also have literally no respect for human life over there. A child can be knocked down by a car, and they will do nothing.

>> No.27546033

>the us military exists to protect israel
no the us military forces middle eastern countries to settle oil in usd. Israel is a base of operations and ally.
If the us does not retain the world reserve you will live under the autocracy the us israel alliance helps prevent
attacking the us israel alliance or domestic support for it is the work of Iran or china as it is their incentive
you are a useful idiot or a shill

>> No.27546068

Have you guys been paying close attention to Chinks new toy?

Weather control? To tell you the truth this weather seed stuff is kinda cool/scary


>> No.27546128

this is called 'rentism' in the book Four Futures.
used to be called feudalism

>> No.27546141
File: 8 KB, 224x225, 765.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

sounds like you're trying to discount the possibility of what has happened multiple times across many countries in the past 100 years with no evidnce
who would be motivated to do that?

>> No.27546294

although I think israel probably killed kennedy for giving them an ultimatum on nuclear weapons in 1963. Probably throught the CIA who is full of paperclip nazis anyway

>> No.27546407
File: 38 KB, 640x480, kindzadza.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>A lot of these guys nowadays can’t even read Karl Marx whereas the starving commies back in the day fucking could recite the Prussian philosopher word for word.
Commies back then we're a bunch of factory workers that were promised free houses and food and other gibs if they buttfucked the bourgeoisie or simple home-owners, farmers with land and cattle, or anyone deemed problematic. And I can tell you for sure that most of them didn't even knew who tf was Karl Marx.
First you create unrest by instilling jealousy to the poors. Then you spark the fire by promising them riches. Then you fuck everyone over. For that you d'ont need educated revolutionaries, on the opposite, you need some dumb sheeps that won't question or sauce up what you says.

>> No.27546510

such low IQ. arabs take oil payments in gold. no american gives a shit about bombing random sandniggers. israel doesn't exist and is not an ally. you are not intelligent enough to participate in this debate. you will never have a foreskin.

>> No.27546659

>it’s not about jews
Read Zionism vs Bolshevism

>> No.27546852
File: 33 KB, 311x474, 51458BPRMWL._SX309_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"If they did want to ban private property, why would they release a blog post telling you?"
because you can't stop them. they learned this a long time ago. they've already told you their entire history and their entire plan for the future.
at some point they just find it funny how stupid and dumb people are.

>> No.27546931

glowie stfu

im fit, healthy, eat clean and im against this freemason shit

>> No.27547022

Nigga that shit is nothing new. The hurricanes that hit the US are mostly artifical.

>> No.27547035
File: 160 KB, 1200x1200, muammar-al-qaddafi-39014-1-402 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>arabs take payment in gold
pic related
I don't deny the existence of zionists or even that klaus is one. It's irrelevant to the destruction of the us israel alliance would be very bad for the usd as world reserve and by extension the existence of the legal basis for freedom, property rights and self determination. China wants you as a resource

>> No.27547147

It's more likely we will live in a Star Trek type world (which we kind of do already in the realms of entertainment media and knowledge(all books, movies, games, etc. can be copied for free and easily) where there is no need for money or "ownership" (this is still really dumb) because everything can easily be copied or distributed for no cost or a cost so low its practically zero (think a lifetime of food for 2$). Essentially there is no need for money because you can have anything you want whenever you want. Then all there is left to do is become intrinsically motivated by achievement and self realization rather than extrinsically motivated by new things to buy.

>> No.27547179


>> No.27547238

Look man I understand that people have simply flipped the script and turned shit upside down. But the powers that be back then simply didn’t have a good grasp on human psychology back then like they do now. Can everyone be controlled? No, you’ll still have tarrants and what not but what matters is an overwhelming majority. If white women can be told having sex with negroes is progressive despite that not being in their blood for over multiple millennia then you should realize that if the govt says “pick up that can” 6/10 people will pick up the can.

If the government says keep calm and carry on, then they’ll keep calm and carry on. This isn’t to say that NOTHING can be done. But that simply sitting around waiting for the masses to get fed up and rise up won’t ever happen. They won’t ever get fed up.

>> No.27547315

I would just go around and rape every woman I find, prison wouldn't bother me than. It would even be like having a private home just for me.

>> No.27547494


Clothing will be hard to get people on board with - it'll start with a subscription service for new clothes to stay "in fit and in style" or whatever, and you won't give your old clothes back to them, you'll just take your old clothes to the thrift store as they age. The service model is what's important, not recycling boxers. They don't care if you throw the shit out or sell it as long as you stay subscribed.

>> No.27547565

also identify as woman, go to woman prison

>> No.27547660

Kek, that sounds like heaven.

>> No.27547800

You are underestimating human greed. I think humans are destined to always make each other suffer. Its in our DNA.

>> No.27547863

I think we need to draw a line on how far it can realistically go. I’m sure you can own your own clothing. I mean the clothing situation we’re in is already kiked enough and similar to the one in Brave New World

>> No.27547974

literal midwit iq take, kys.

>> No.27547982


but star trek is a post capitalist future. the version we'd get is sitting on our asses told to be grateful for our UBI and the onions and burgers we choke down, and told it's a revolution while we're really just splitting up the crumbs/hush money left behind by the richest 200 people, long after the post scarcity star trek future is technologically possible.

>> No.27548001

>white women having sex with negroes
>racially motivated mass shooter
more shill talking points that provide more identity politics narrative. stop buying into this nonsense. tarrants philosophy is the same as klaus' in general (autocracy justified by identity politics) ad it justified tighter gun legislation in nz making autocratic revolution easier.

>nothing can be done
probably, it's the cycle of civilization. What religion doesn't have a terrible eschatology of the future.
I don't doubt good wins in the end that doesn't mean I'll survive a klaus schwab labor camp

you were the one arguing nothing is going to happen anyway

>> No.27548283

they've been feeding that shit to us since the late 80s. they used to call it global warming. most of us correctly saw it was bullshit, it's only the oversocialized.

>> No.27548286

>What religion doesn't have a terrible eschatology of the future.
Buddhism? Shintoism?

>> No.27548294

How long do we have before we get put in a re-education camp? Can we escape to Argentina or something?

>> No.27548315


*onions and burgers, not onions. lol.
you'll wake up every day to good news about how nobody is going hungry anymore, and you will have no power, but you'll be happy because you can bundle your gaming subscription with your food subscription and feel like it's a real steal as you enjoy the abject pussy available to you from people with equal power and self respect.

>> No.27548491

I'm old enough to remember the - hole in the ozone layer.


>> No.27548553

Hello newfriend, the word S_O_Y is filtered to onions.

>> No.27548593

buddihism does
>The prophecy of the arrival of Maitreya refers to a time in the future when the dharma will have been forgotten by most on the terrestrial world.
christianity, islam, hinduism eschatology are pretty much identical bad times ended by someone descending from heaven on a white horse

>> No.27548679

>Can we escape to Argentina or something?
uboat bait

>> No.27548692

Those were just examples that any sort of historical norms are subject to change and that certain individuals can still lash out unexpectedly. This isn’t even identity politics but a fact that alot of tribalist mentalities that stayed the same for centuries can be broken down after a certain while. Which is why I used the example of white women breeding with negroes. Also I never said nothing can be done either but not in the way you’re imagining.

>> No.27548762

>The prophecy of the arrival of Maitreya refers to a time in the future when the dharma will have been forgotten by most on the terrestrial world.
That doesn't sound terrible. Wheres the fire and brimstone?

>> No.27548835

>dharma will have been forgotten

>> No.27548954

yes, cfcs also acid rain

>> No.27549500

I've not only forgotten dharma I never even knew what it was

>> No.27549641

>China wants you as a resource
>us isreal “ally”
You seem to forget how isreal been selling”gifted” us technology to China
What kind of ally is that?
Also isreal is working with China to make the NEW Silk Road, as isreal as the new cyber security center

>> No.27550032
File: 159 KB, 2296x670, islam hindu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


not as bizarre as a Islamic Theocracy allied with an Atheist Communist state.

If you are for American hegemony as a means to preventing autocracy and you think the us israel alliance is not towards that goal you are doing mental gymnastics

>> No.27550051

You have no idea how anything works
You think that "conspiracy theorists" believe that some cabal is going to SECRETLY take over? They're going to push for it constantly and shame anyone who doesn't accept it as an evil nazi, just like they've done for every other grotesque practice that's become the norm over the last 20 years.

>> No.27550077

you make neural networks? Like essentially you create brains? Am I getting it wrong?

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