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You tricked me /biz/
Yes, I was of those newfags you conned into buying PRQ
You thought it would be funny to make me invest my tuition money into what you knew was a losing horse
I'll probably sell soon, having lost 40% of my savings in a few days, all for trusting you. I hope this was fun for you /biz/. You win. I lose.

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Nice. My buddy is selling too. He bought in at 1.53 and is completely devastated.

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You should have gotten in earlier, anon. It was like sub 12c back in August when we were filling our bags. You could have gotten a comfy stack for like .3 eth.

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yes sir do the needful

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Never bought, but why the fuck did norm macdonald tweet about this lol

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zoom out retard.

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dude this is a perfect buying opportunity
it's clearly in accumulation, just like it was between 40-60c for a while
selling now would be retarded

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>which has run its course

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anon is retarded, prq isnt nearly done. just hold you paper fingers

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My orders are waiting.
I will help you to get out of crypto .
Better go working.
Do something useful.

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It has done nothing but bleed for an entire month

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i tried to warn you people. the token isn't needed, and the product is very very niche, meaning that they won't have a lot of paying users. whales constantly dumping and no hype. it's over until alt season, but then every piece of shit coin will probably moon regardless.

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You're not needed

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he's such a retard, like he knows nothing about the project at ALL

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Based Norm.

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this is true
everyone knows parsiq is just a wallet and the token isnt needed, not sure who is buying into this

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cry about it faggot

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its over, sell

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Buy high.
Sell low.

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Please, please sell.

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lmao why it reached 1 $ which took link 3 years just hold you faggot

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no it hasn't you ape

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ok 2 week, it's still an eternity

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whales who know

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PRQ turned up to be scam, I am out as well, FUCK YOU and your wallet

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It's going back up boys.
Finding support at 1.10 instead of dips to 1.02-1.08.

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seems like the bottom of the C&H, pretty promising

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The fucking standard of English itt

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KYS you stupid larping faggot

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the chart is bullish af. sell now, regret enormously later

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it’s just a wallet

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Was it a troll post? Parsiq is way too obscure for boomer macdonald to talk about. Also, that fucker shouldnt be anywhere near crypto. He lost his shit gambling twice

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until a single whale dumps 50K tokens

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That whale is going to neck himself when it explodes.