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Comfy LTO general
A place for all my LTO lieutenants to call home. Lets kick back, relax and get comfy lads

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Comfy 100k here, wagmi

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Info scooped from todays vidt ama

>What Fortune 500 companies do you plan to seek out into the future?
"The magic fortune 500 companies. We have some in the pipeline. But very preliminary. Im speaking to a founder that has 2 fortune 500 companies"

"We are definatelly open for online marketing jobs

>About why projects take so long.
"The projects need to go through a whole procedure and get approved / authorized by multiple parties which can take weeks / months.
It’s hard to give an estimation because it does not lie in our hands.
The larger the org. The more time things take to get it live."

"I understand the need for regular updates in this context.
But the number of tx really speak for themselves.
If a project is scalling up we are definatelly posting about it.
Never waste a good PR moment"

>possible lto vidt token merge
"To put it simple. We wont merge tokens if it doesnt benefits the hodlers from both communities"

All I found interesting and LTO related
Rest was about vidt roadmap and their eth staking

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smells like Curry in here

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how fuckingdare you bring this scam here..begone scammer. your coin is dead in the water. face the facts. its the new tron, the new XLM, the new ENG...its over for you

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Glimpse of Afghani land registry
Feels good man
>There's more countries following this use case and interested in adopting LTO
Max comfy

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110k Colonel reporting in

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LMAO AFGHANI L:AND>>>THE ABSOLUTE FUCKING STATE. Literal afghani pajeet streetshitters..you afghani goat fuckers...LMAO only afghani pooholes will use VIDT.come on, admit this is embarassing, admit it...

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streetshitter reporting in
just pooed myself


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Seethe more lmao
I know you held vidt during the dump from getting outright bought by LTO
Lto is comfy because the fud is from powerless KEKS

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did ya hit your head

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I mean Afghanistan bought 2.8M LTO and will transact more too.
If they're pumping my bags I couldn't give any less of a fuck from what developing shithole they're from

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what have we confirmed is likely a suistack boys? 10k? 20k?

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anywhere between those two figures

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Is no one going to comment on the fact that there's fortune 500 companies partnering up potentially?

You would all rather curry post I see
As long as you're comfy frens

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The team teamselves are aiming for Top 20 spots, which would put the price around $5 and hence the make it stack 200k. That's assuming we don't have a crazy bullrun, at which I can easily see $10+

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Making bank off of the back of muslims. biz should be all over it

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Is there a more aesthetic CEO in crypto???

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What a Chad.

"The only thing I ask from you is accepting that Marnix (vidt ceo) won’t come back and I’m taking over. I have built LTO on fundamentals not on hype. I will do the same with vidt as that is lacking in my opinion."

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Excruciatingly based

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i'm around 15k right now and with each day am more convinced that i should reallocate another 20% or more of my portfolio to LTO

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can someone post the LTO ranks?

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Unfathomly based

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We don't have one yet
We could figure out a hierarchy based on
3rd wallet is binance
They keep dropping slightly, it will reflect nicely in the price

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Sometimes I try to fud LTO for fun, without success

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yeh that would be cool. some other anon smarter than me can do it. i felt that link having a sense of community was a contributing factor to buy more back in the early days. everyone wanted to larp as a higher rank. if we can get some LTO ranks happening and more threads like riddleanon from the other day, hopefully we can get some more support from here

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It's true. All of it. LTO was prophesized as the god idol "El Tio", who rules over miners and receives offerings of alcohol, cigarettes, and coke. The true chad of the underworld, who is depicted as a GOAT.

Do you not see it yet?

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Literally no other coin has tokenomics like LTO, where it's deflationary and staking rewards come entirely from tx fees, to any level of success.

You'd have to be a moron to miss out on this one. ATH in transactions, ATH with amount staked. Huge outflow of coins from Binance to private staking. More clients in the pipeline from VIDT acquisition and UN partnership.

But now or regret it

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"El Tio" pronounced LTO
Is the Lord of the Underworld
LTO is the crypto of the underworld
We just need better photoshooops

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Will be on coinbase soon

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Just loaded up the bags a little more. I'm all in on lto right now.

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building biznode site

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is this ARK 2.0?

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Top 200 bag of LTO checking in.

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lol, last time i checked a couple of weeks ago you guys were at 21 cents. hows stable coin life treating ya? :^)

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Nah, this actually has paying customers kek