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Hourly wagecuck here looking to get out. Working on getting some CompTIA certs to try to find a comfy IT job. What about you guys?

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combing me ruddy air mate
its all i fockin do the mrs hates it lol i say "lol you dozy cow" and she fetches me a carling black label

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how much do you make spamming frogs?
2.5 an hour?

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fuck I wish

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Jokes on you I just got laid off.

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I'm a degenerate who gambles on shitcoins, masturbates to anime porn, reads manga, and pops painkillers all day. I have never worked a day in my life, AND I AM PROUD.

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I'm still in college, I just dump money from my side job into stocks and hope I make enough to turn 2k into 60k in 4 years to easily pay off the debt

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>turning 2k into 60k in 4 years with stocks
maybe if you're day/swing trading or going all in on OTC pennystocks (gambling)
just buy RBC retard

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Canadian military. Getting a medical release and trying to get a government job to be a lifer at and collect my pension.

Financially I'm ahead of normies but barely.(200k or so net worth an low living expenses) I have some play money in chainlink and I'll keep it there for a few years

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I tutor autistic kids part time while looking for a full time job in the field that I actually went to school for.

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I spam credit spreads for a living

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digital marketing for a small law firm

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Microwave engineering & shitposting

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I look after elderly dying people. It has been a hideous year with the coof. Seen some shit. Also why I have a poorfolio.

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You're a moderator on r/WSB??

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Background acting/ extra work

Christian bale and Michael Shannon on set today

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I am 46 years old now, have never worked a day in my life. Inherited early, due to my parents dying to soon. I rent out apartments that I inherited. I started browsing /biz/ 6 years ago and by now today, I made more money with crypto than I can understand myself. It is insane. Thank you /biz/

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Yo bro, I currently work in infosec. The only real CompTIA cert that is worth anything is Security+, and that's only for DoD contracting. If you want something that's going to take you further, look into getting your CCNA. That should be enough to keep you off help desk and into an entry level NOC position.

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what movie

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I build powerlines. It pays very well. The work is mildly technical, physically difficult and very dangerous.

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Presumably Untitled David O. Russell Project

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Based department? Yeah, it’s him again.

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work in pharma/biotech

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A janitor. I make more than coworkers, but less than managers.

CAF super comfy if you go air force.

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SDEII at AWS I've been living in the country to save bills, before I move back to Austin again.

> TC is 350k this year with stock inflation

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Unemployed, cheers covid

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Welding inspector, easy as fuck job. Not the best pay but good for where I live.

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Nobody will hire you with Comptia Certs, they are worthless, and the local technical college/state prison system forces inmates/minors to get them, rushing the pool of applications with low level IQ and possibly criminal records with an A+, S+, N+, etc.

As for what I do? SWE/Devops.

This, but networking is full of bullshit
I also worked alongside Ruby, Hi seattite that left too! :D

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Thanks for the info fren. Other than the CCNA is there anything else you think would help? I have an LPIC-1 already, but the two places in my area that are hiring are really adamant about A+ and Net+ certs.

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Sales Engineer at tech company

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HGV transport planner

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I think it depends on what you want ultimately get in to. In general I feel like a basic understanding of
Windows/Linux/Python/Powershell will help you out no matter where you end up in IT. If you actually do want to get into infosec, knowing your networking is a huge plus. Then you can look into HackTheBox challenge, SANS CTFs like NetWars and more. Again, this only matters if you really do want to get into infosec, the field itself is its own can of worms/paths.

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Executive chef

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