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I understand if you trade crypto on the basis of the greater fool theoryâ„¢, that makes sense.
What really confuses me is the people who believe crypto will actually be used as a real currency instead of just being tulips for speculation.

Nobody buys anything directly with crypto that isn't
>illegal narcotics
>niche privacy services in the internet
>tip jar for geeks
The transfers are slow as shit, you consume the electricity of a nation state and the volatility makes it unsuitable for even a medium sized business. The only crypto that makes sense to me is Monero and other privacy coins, because they are useful for the real world use cases of crypto.
>magic smart contracts lmao
No one gives a shit, the only uses I've seen is making more shitcoins and loosing millions of coins to bad code.

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>T. smoothbrain with blinders on

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Perhaps, still haven't seen anybody buying milk with crypto, kinda a shit type of currency.

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Cryptos are essentially like fiat but without the element of governance. People believe fiat has value which sustains it (to some degree) and same applies to cryptos in which people believe that they have some value. The few cryptos that rise above the piles of shitcoins beneath will eventually at some point lose their volatility and by that point more and more businesses will accept them as a form of payment. Maybe somewhere in the future you'll be able to buy a house with Chainlinks. Only god knows.

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ive been living off crypto for a year suck my white cock akmed

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Never said otherwise, you still exchange it for fiat.

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