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LTO Network is a hybrid blockchain focused on business.
It’s the back-end platform for any system or application to integrate with.
The unique architecture makes it GDPR compliant and extremely scalable.

Use-cases vary from:
- Anchoring existing systems for data integrity
- exchanging data on processes that run between organizations in an efficient and secure way
- and soon digital identification of individuals and your companies when doing business online. (defi for business)

With a focus on partners that build domain specific applications, like in education, healthcare, and the government.
Those partners sell their applications to B2C, B2B, but also Government2Citizen.

>50% circ. supply staked. Staking rewards paid entirely by clients, 0.25LTO every transaction.
>Deflationary supply. 0.1 LTO burn every transaction.
>Big partners include IBM, UN, AIRBUS, Dutch & Euro gov bodies

>Q4 2020 report

LTO recently just released the technical roadmap:
* More details around LTO Network 3.0
* DID (Decentralized Identity) solution for businesses (business passports)
* A lot of Major partnerships with both crypto projects as well as traditional corporates and companies
* Even more use cases going live in 2021

>Use cases:
>Staking and leasing:
https://twitter.com/Theltonetwork (new one)
>2021 digital identities



>/biz/ LTO Node
Lease to Xeno from the lease list

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just got my first 1000 of LTO, gonna go for 55K...

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Chink money incoming.

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The partnership with DREP foundation for decentralized IDs they're working is also part of the expansion into China and Asia.

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I have 50k. I'm FOMOing and seriously considering selling linkies to get 100k, opinions? I only have 1k linkies

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2021 is going to be when crypto really kicks off, wagmi.

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Some latest news for the LTOtists:
>NEN face masks with verifiable QR codes
"The interaction is mostly verification and not so much doing transactions.
This project is more for awareness and won't generate a ton of txs."
Seems like more of a VIDT project

>VIDT AMA in English today at 16:00 CET in their tg
I will be following it since VIDT's clients are anchoring on LTO blockchain.
There might be some bullish news

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I'm going to DCA into this and AVAX throughout the year. Right now LTO is 18% below ATH anyway so it seems like a good price to buy.

Link should eventually go up as well so it really is up to you.

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Is it too late to get in?

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Not at all. If you do get in remember to lease it.

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>Link should eventually go up as well so it really is up to you
Yeah, that's why I'm hesitating. Either way I'm pretty comfy, I'm just wondering about Link's growth potential at this point.

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Bullish growth over the past year. And remember, the network traffic revenue is part burned and part returned to stakers.

No other network with these tokenomics are anywhere near the success of LTO.

1.5% burn rate and 7% staking yield with the current tx count, and it's only going to increase with new clients recruited through VIDT and the UN

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Why are LTO threads so comfy? Is it because it is literally un-fuddable?

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comfy as fug

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Shit, I shared the wrong image. This is the weekly revenue chart I was referring to

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Please stop discussing this. Still accumulating.

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it's because pajeets aren't spamming ridiculous EOY predictions and basically everyone in the thread is a holder so no fud

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Unfuddable project and based schizo poster prophecies backing it.

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Is there a discord or telegram?

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Also how much of this would I need to stake in order for get APY

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Some new ATHs lately:

- Individual mainnet wallets ATH - 3545 (+796)
- Staked LTO ATH - 127m (+13m)
- daily txs ATH - 106k (4 days above 100k)

Pretty good growth alongside the price.

I'm trying to think of any negatives beyoned LTO being dependant on team's success.
I was asking around in tg a bit more in depth about the price increase effect on clients.
"0.35 LTO for anchor transactions
IF fees are lowered, they need less LTO to fulfill their projected transactions ofc
And the ones that bought a stack LTO already for their project, will have an advantage of it. Early adoption advantage"

Also the ones that buy LTO are the integrators, not the clients themselves.

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There's only a 1 LTO fee for leasing, there is no minimum amount or time limit. You can cancel any time.

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Actually this pic shows the integrators purchasing the LTO

Just find LTO on coingecko or coinmarketcap, there is a link to official lto on telegram

You can lease with any amount and get apy reward.
Right now the APY is perhaps around 6.5% due to a lot of new leasers, but it is predicted to grow as the growth in transactions outpace the staked amount growth

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Let's be autistic for a second, if you wanted to stake exactly 500, would you stake 501 instead? or is the fee just removed from the wallet and not the amount staked

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I've never tried this, I've always staked everything that I moved to my wallet at any given time lol.

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got some more from the doge profits.
feeling comfy
if you want to lease more is it added to the existing lease or starts a new lease?

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what do you do with the weekly amount? do you just lease it back right away as it is every week?
so you have many different leases active or one lease of several LTO? maybe I'm being pedantic

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Well I have 3 right now because every time I DCA into this I just lease it right away, seems like a waste to remove what I'm already leasing and re-lease it instantly.

You should wait to accumulate the rewards to offset the 1 token fee to lease them. For example if you got a 10 token reward, leasing them would mean you're leasing 9, so you lost 10% of your reward.

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You would lease 500, I think they changed to wallet to take away 1 from the available balance to lease.
Because of the 1 LTO fee adding up over time and hindering the rewards,
I've heard it's best to wait until you amass a bit before doing another lease.
You can have multiple leases at the same time, they will be added up for the reward.
I've heard it's good to wait until 400 LTO before a new lease

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thx frens

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np, wagmi

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it smells like money in here

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Smells like Steph Curry

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Where do I buy in US besides uniswap? Is it on any US exchanges?

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How well connected is the company on Dutch institutions?

min stack? I want LTO at mid long term, and I'm thinking buying some today, because everything else is quite high.

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>Safe non degen bet

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thanks, I'm going to buy

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LTO is high IQ investment, let them chase pumps.

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long term LTO holders are the alpha males of crypto

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ok FOMO complete. just bought 50k more but unironically

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>Is it on any US exchanges?
Not yet sadly, but Coinbase might be on the way in the future, with Rosetta API being finished.
You could try vpn + normal binance if you don't want uni. I know quite a few guys that do that successfully.

SignRequest, NEN, Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure, Dutch DOJ, Dutch Blockchain Coalition.
Pretty good

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Cool. Dutch people are really good at money and institutional crime. I've bought 5k, let's see how well they do it once leased. I will try to growth this bag.

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Hey fellow LTO chads, I finally got around to leasing my 20k stack to /ournode/ and am wondering if there’s a way to track gains/returns? Does it show up in the LTO wallet?

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They remove the 1, just stake max.

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I've been really tempted to convert my REEF to LTO, I already have a nice LTO stack.

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would it be stupid to buy now? I like the project of course but should I wait for a dip

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LTO bros, wgmi

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This can't just be a coincidence

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We just had a "dip" last week and are still below 18% ATH. It might go to 20c again but I doubt it'd go any lower. Maybe DCA into it if you're not sure.

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anything below .24 is fine

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I bought now a bit below ATH because I'm not counting on any substantial dip, the tokens are getting scooped up and staked. It's starting to get attention and most who bought aren't looking to sell for a while.

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Holy shit, a new LTO (El TIO) meme is born, El Tio is the Lord of the Underworld. LTO is the crypto of the underworld. Wish I could photoshop like you autiste.

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Yea you will see your reward get sent to your wallet saturday.

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Imagine not having at least 10k of LTO. Comfiest hold of 2021

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Just played wildlands recently too, comfy game.

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What's the avg amount per 1000 staked that you see in a week rewarded?

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Should be getting around 5 per week.

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More quotes:

> El Tío rules over the mines, simultaneously offering protection and destruction.

> Some figures are in the shape of a goat

> Miners bring offerings such as cigarettes, coca leaves, and alcohol for the statues[2][3] and believe that if El Tío is not fed, he will take matters into his own hands.

El Tio is the ultimate chad, the goat, hell bent on destroying the miners. His must receive his daily offerings or there will be hell to pay

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Wildlands was decent, Breakpoint was a complete mess.

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El Tio has a
> Long
> Thick
> One

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Not to sure what to fill in for each line item. I have a 5K stack, hopefully 5K more in a few weeks.

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Bendiciones de El Tío.

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El Tio es el dios

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I think its autofilled perhaps.
Basically it's based on 'balance between amount staked and nr of transactions.

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biznode is now the 4th biggest node on LTO.
all other operators are salty at our gains

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VIDT ama
scooping for some info now

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Maybe they shouldn't be so greedy with their fees.

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The anchoring of that data objects will happen through LTO network the validation of the certificates in the validation tool of VIDT. We need to see on which websites the Afghani gov is going to implement them. But its absolutely a very cool system

A glimpse of how it looks

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How would this work out?
Just more LTO tokens with added verification funcionality?
Luckily there's not a lot of vidt tokens

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9k stacklet leasing to xeno, feels so comfy bros.

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>About why projects take so long.
"The projects need to go through a whole procedure and get approved / authorized by multiple parties which can take weeks / months.
It’s hard to give an estimation because it does not lie in our hands.
The larger the org. The more time things take to get it live."

"I understand the need for regular updates in this context.
But the number of tx really speak for themselves.
If a project is scalling up we are definatelly posting about it.
Never waste a good PR moment"

>What Fortune 500 companies do you plan to seek out into the future?
The magic fortune 500 companies. We have some in the pipeline. But very preliminary. Im speaking to a founder that has 2 fortune 500 companies


"To put it simple. We wont merge tokens if it doesnt benefits the hodlers from both communities"

"We are definatelly open for online marketing jobs.
If you have contacts that might suit.
Please let me know in DM"

All I found interesting and LTO related
Rest was about vidt roadmap and their eth staking

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Thanks, fren.