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500GRT entry requirement to this thread
New floor: .75c $

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How high do we see GRT going by end of 2021?

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1100 stacklet.
Bought all at .18 (earned 100 free get from coinsucks)
Moon mission initiated.

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Proud owner of 1252 grt here, I'm waiting for a dump so I can accumulate more

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90k checking in. Here's hoping I make it boys

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$2.5 eoy

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bought at 18c sold at 60, rebought at 36, sold at 70

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YGMI fren.

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You had months nigger, the rocket takes off with or without you

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One day, your kind will pnly swing from ropes

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I put my buy order in at .735
Will it hit?

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If it gets past this buy wall on the order books at 0.77, it should skid down a bit. I think it'll trigger your order today

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Likely, it will go back up.

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Are we gonna make it to 1$ EOD?

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I put in a limit at .715 last night. 1 cent off. Unlucky

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absolutely not, tons of sell orders from .80-.86 and a HUGE wall .95. plus, grt slides midweek and pumps weekends

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I have 1600, am I gonna make it?

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who is she

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We going to $1 today frens.
$5 before march.
$100 end of year.

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Hey swingies

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i will confirm it with my DUBS

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ahh fuck, well , we'll try again tomorrow

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last time I put it at 0.55 when it was 0.57 and it went up to 0.9

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How do you guys buy into this stuff? fractional shares?

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81 cents REJECTED

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stop you fucking retard
christ I just came to biz like a week ago and even I can't believe how stupid some of these posts are

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Someone add green lines to OP pic

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You buy the GRT token.

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I finally found some decent FUD for this coin

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Supa lit weed jam. Everything is everything. Jah guide.

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get the fuck out of here

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Good morning, rasta man, how did you sleep?

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Fud fo show! It dwarfs ETH and Link cuz it be off the chain and used by dat sour mint, da gov! But no worries brejin, dat big up dat mint for I and I. Wintergreen. Jah bless.

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We fippin for the next couple hours?

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>First, the token itself is actually needed for LINK. Second, and most importantly, the token price is a function of network activity and collateral needed across the network

both true for graph. You need it to query and you need it in pretty much every role (indexer, delegator, etc.). Why would you think this is good fud?

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Good thing it didn't dip enough for me to buy.

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For once it’s a man with tits

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Stop deboonking the FUD..... I need to buy a stack....

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I'm longing this. I'm buying $350 worth twice a month. Already have a 9k stack, I bought in around .40 when averaging all my buys. I plan on delegating that stack later tonight. I wish I could buy more, but I recently got out of college and don't have a ton of money to gamble on the Google of blockchain.

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How do I buy this stock? Does anyone know when markets open?

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easily 6 figures by 2022 if you hold, maybe even eoy if we get a great bull run.

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Bless up! Spring in da Aquarius air birds n butterflies n basketballs. Mi sowed seeds have radicles. Supa cool! Heart feel up and full. Still need more life less tings. My rasta txt mi bout grt so I know da word be out. How bout you rasta?

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>tfw 508GRT
How low will it dip again? Want to get to 1000

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Mostly cause of the posts later in that thread;

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What? I only have half that but I wanna talk to my frens :(

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6969k checking in. came for teh lulz. stayed for the lambo

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Truer words were never spoken. Slept well, thanks. Hope everyone has a nice day hodling, swinging, bagging, delegating, whatever the fuck they want. Jah bless

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Where do I buy this shitcoin? My exchange does not allow me to buy or hold it.

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use coinbase pro, not coinbase

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No need ta ovastan dat ballhead code mumbo jumbo, trouble no set like rain. They say everting crisis but da be politricks poppy-show. how i nuh? Cuz dey wrap it up with the suppli dung, dey fuckin' BURN it like a rasta. Don't make mi post it da' chant.

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11,500 GRT here. Am I gonna make it, frens?

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aha if it dips to .60 i'm getting in

>> No.27491564

Highly doubt it will. Beat you can hope for is .72 like last night

>> No.27491671

grab at .72 and then hold you reckon?

>> No.27491773

definitely, even if it turns out to be a shitcoin, this weekend will pump it over .9, up to .95 but I don't see it breaking that wall.

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Truth. You get raped on fees with normal Coinbase. I can’t believe they do that

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Shitcoin, do not buy, at least until I finish my suicide stack

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It dumps mid week you absolute retard. We'll be seeing .65 range by wednesday before the pump to $1.

This board has increasingly become full of fucking retards.

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You sound desperate, fren. Did you swing and get priced out?

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only have 650ish, should i start staking now or wait until I have a more respectable stack?

>> No.27493872

You've got to be kidding me

>> No.27493928

Absolutely not worth it with that sum, I`d start staking with 5k. Some say even 2k, but only if you`re planning on holding for some years, which is the right thing to do with GRT

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I am ready

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Cry more bro.

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i got 250 in tether right now to gamble with what does this shit coin do. explain and i'll buy

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I don’t wanna give you advice, but I’d be happy with .72 s as long as you spend a lot and get more for your money. Just decide what you’re happy with

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Based rasta poster makes every thread a joy.

I got 200 GRT am I gonna make it in 10 years?

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Go on Roobet and put it all on red (roulette) withdraw back to coinbase and buy GRT. This is financial advise.

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cool, I'm planning on DCAing this with the next couple of paychecks

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i got it on kucoin right now i can buy grt directly there

>> No.27495248

620 stacklerino here, last week has been comfy to say the least

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same here, we`re all gonna make it

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Should I add 1000USD worth of GRT to my poorfolio?

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cup and handle

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I only have 332.62649377 GRT, might just sell it and put it on more PLTR. I don't think I like cypto very much and coinbase fees make it worse.

>> No.27496863

after the midweek dip, yes

>> No.27496939

holy fuck the memes are continuing to evolve

this has some stinky linky vibes and I love it

>> No.27497064

You have to use coin base pro to get over the fees

>> No.27497131

just use coinbase pro

>> No.27497484


>> No.27497486

What else does it let you do other than avoid fees?

>> No.27497872

Do your own fucking research

>> No.27498028

I wasn't asking you.

>> No.27498082

limit and stop orders

>> No.27498354

OK thanks, I'm set up on there.

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Why are you asking random people on the internet to spoonfeed information when you could literally just spend 2 minutes googling and know for sure

>> No.27498980

Fuck. I only have 1400. Still want to accumulate more but im not sure we will drop below .70 $ now. Really surprised that we hit .90 on a weekday it usually seems to pump on weekends and dump during weekdays. Just wanna make it but the suicide/make it stacks are so much.

>> No.27498986

Hey lads, not to be an idiot here
But I've heard that over the summer the team behind GRT is planning on releasing more of the coins into the total supply and devaluing it in the process (since they're dumping quite a bit into it)
Can anyone confirm if this is true? What's going to happen?

>> No.27499161

satan is spambuying 666 troy every second. sell at 665

>> No.27499367


Daft GRT - Tokinologic

>Burn it, blaze it, chief it, spark it
>Light it, rip it, snap - reload it
>Vape it, flame it, bun it, poke it
>Bake it, box it, cheech and chong it
>Hit it, zoot it, choom it, dust it
>Sack it, loke it, puff-puff pass it.
>Toast it, roll it, bong it, zone it
>Clear it, choke it, and shotgun it
>Trim it, grind it, hash it, keif it
>Roast it, dutch it - don’t Bogart it
>Smoke it, stoke it, dab it, torch it
>Doob it, spliff it, blunt and bone it
>Twist it, cone it, jay it, roach it
>Sessh it, spark it, wake and bake it
>Rig it, nail it, fade it, head it
>Stash it, bag it, quick re-up it

--De-flat-in' it.
--De-flat-in' it.
--De-flat-in' it.

>> No.27499537

the price might go down a bit but after that all the fud will be gone. nothing to worry about if you're holding long term.

>> No.27499649

There are 10 million GRT in existence. Right now only 8 million of those is available, they have the other two million locked away that they will release when they feel the time is right. And at that point the currency will start burning at a rate of -1 %

>> No.27499911

Tried to swing my 1k stack sold at .69 right before the pump this weekend, please tell me I can at least get back in at .65 and I'll never be swingie again. I learned my lesson anons.

>> No.27500075

Get in at .75 to be safe

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>> No.27500127

This is patently false lol

This is priced in for any of the folks intending on hodling/delegating

>> No.27500221

>im a new fag too guys but im actually cool unlike that loser haha! c-can i sit at your table bros??
Go back faggot.

>> No.27500250

At .75 I'll lose tokens and the tax to sell short term at .69 from .5
But I guess not every trade can be a win eh

>> No.27500472

It'll get back there tmw, anon

>> No.27500487

Jessica Bartlett

>> No.27500556

Up to you man. I learned my lesson too. Sold at .63. Had to buy back in late.

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>> No.27500721

Okay, so should I buy in when they dump these into the supply or buy now?

>> No.27500989


The return to .65 before a pump. I'm tired of telling you fags this

>> No.27501097

My limit buy hopes you're right anon

>> No.27501135

Buy and hold, fren. The value wont go up if people keep selling their shit every 5 seconds

>> No.27501200

buy a delegation-worthy bag if we get down to .65-.70 and then save some funds over the next couple months to buy more if the price dips at the token release. But don't bank on the price drop, get in as soon as you can afford it at a reasonable price.

>> No.27501204

No way. Maybe .70

>> No.27501229

It's not going that low. It won't go below .7 again

>> No.27501387

>You need it to query

My biggest question with this though, is if its so needed, what were people doing BEFORE GRT?

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Please God I hope so. I've got $15k clearing and I need the price to go to at least 70. Hopefully 65. If we could get 55 I would be a happy man forever. But at the end of the day I don't wait around on it. It's a difference of 7k GRT. A difference I'll easily make back delegating.

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Stepped up from 8.2k to 11.2k this week

>> No.27501718

The last major pump a week ago retraced 30% before the latest pump. A similar retrace from a high of .88 would drop us down to .62 before a pump.

It has done this twice already. I shouldn't have to draw fractals for you anymore.

>> No.27501887

when did you buyed in anon?

>> No.27501954

Building their own back end infrastructure to constantly keep an updated copy of the entire block chain and going through record by record one at a time looking for the needed data. If you want to join data columns then it takes even longer. Basically ask yourself how people accessed data before SQL was invented. Same issue.

>> No.27501971

I'm in the same boat, anon. Got a 12k check sitting on my desk rn because the banks have been closed last two days. I'm hoping for a failed run at the ATH this weekend to depress the price while my funds deposit/clear. Not gonna sweat the cents tho like you said, It'll get made back up delegating

>> No.27502136

I went from 40k stacks to 10k stacks. I bought some shitcoins and also tried to swing and now I'm priced out.


>> No.27502322


Can't deposit money to coinbase pro as a leaf

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>> No.27502568

Just move to the US then

>> No.27502625

Okay, thanks guys

>> No.27502628


>> No.27503054

At .43, again at .55, and will again at .65

>> No.27503244

Use Kraken. I use the pay in person funding at Canada post. Up to $500 at a time so it keeps me from yolo throwing all my money into coins

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Anyone else looking at Viveve Medical?

They just had a down IPO in January, so it's pretty cheap. They make medical devices for treating vagina problems, and also for "rejuvenating" vaginas as well.

My thoughts: with so many women jumping into OnlyFans recently for extra cash, some of them are bound to want prettier vaginas, so this company might be ahead of a trend...


>> No.27503772

The OnlyFans market will be decreasing over the years as there isn't much competition. Only the top percent make money.

>> No.27504010

>easily make back delegating
Delegation rewards are pretty shit though arent they? Itd take at least 5 years to get that

>> No.27504229

This. And if you are a top earner obviously your pussy probably already looks decent or at the very least its probably not really holding her back.

>> No.27504392

Can confirm, I know a girl with big mommy milkers and an arsenal of toys. Barely makes any money

>> No.27504620

Hmm, I guess they're best bet is to get some kind of endorsement from Gwyneth Paltrow or some insta thots...

I might put some money in anyway...

>> No.27504633

fuck yeah! taxed!

>> No.27504819

I'd say their best bet is to get a damn job or find a man that will cream in them

>> No.27504969

I was talking about the vagina device company getting an endorsement, not the OnlyFans girls...

>> No.27505297

yep. delegate now. enjoy the ride fren.

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learned this investment tip from my gay aunt. When you buy GRT, dont just stare at your phone all day. evertime i buy a stock, I gently squeeze my phone between my glute cheeks and set my phone to vibrate every time the shares moves. the tingling keeps me grounded and focused on the present moment. I find my mind wandering on painful past memories or future anxiety, but my new meditation mantra gently reminds me to focus on the present moment and remain mindful of all the boof GRT I'm buying. namestay is the way. Also, and this is super serious, if you've never had a prostate orgasm, this method is great at relieving stress and relieving the backlog of prostate milk youve built while holding GRT. Your investment is more than a financial revolution, it's spiritual orgasmic sexual revolution. Sure these bears want your money, but they want even more than that. They want to repress your prostate milk. I'm talking pure spiritual energy that's inside all of you. Milk your prostate and release your tendies. Ladies can also tap into this raw spiritual orgasmic jet fuel by placing the phone on the front of your clitoral hood. My wife's gay boyfriend showed me where this is. many women apparently lack sensitivity in this nether region from Hitachi wand over use. This method can bring back that sensitivity and more. GRT isn't just going to the moon. Its going to the milky way.

>> No.27505939

yeah, i do it every week since it went live. fucking awesome. things just keep getting better. https://thegraph.com/blog/evaluating-multiblockchain

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File: 1.36 MB, 2044x2048, 1612021078031.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a 40k stack right now looking at adding anywhere between 20 and 30k depending on the price I can snag once my money clears. If I only get 20k, that's a 60k stack. At 18% APY I'll make 10k GRT every year or about 30 a day. In 5 years my stack doubles. And that's all without considering the rewards from query fees once those are in place.
Essentially I see a huge rush to jump into delegation once people realized how stupid quick you can gain GRT with delegation rewards from just staking combined with query fees. This will constrict the available supply heavily driving up the price further incentivizing others to delegate further constricting supply further encouraging others to delegate.
Any price action right now means nothing. This coin can't help but be deflationary even with 10 billion supply. We're going to the fucking mars lads. Secure your position before you're priced out forever.

>> No.27506056

absolutely tremendous anon

>> No.27506189

hi newfag. pro.coinbase.com is coinbase for people who have experience on traditional markets and crypto traders as a fiat to crypto ramp.

you do not need to do anything special, just type in the coinbase pro address with your normie coinbase account already logged in.

>> No.27506381

steel blade drinking blood in darkness...


>> No.27506412

Idk if this is a copypasta but its gonna be!

>> No.27506858

>prostate orgasm
Doesn't exist. Jewish invention.

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Rolling for $100 EOY

>> No.27507254

Hah, I remember that cloning post -- reminder to read Kiln People as I originally suggested. It's almost the exact premise that anon laid out. Fun book.

>> No.27507488

These dubs say 10 by EOY

>> No.27507803


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>> No.27507840


>> No.27507851
File: 73 KB, 960x739, 1602649442492.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

there it is folks

>> No.27507897
File: 70 KB, 964x1024, 1571017313715.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 296 KB, 500x500, E3D5A97D-0C26-4BB9-A603-26E24B1AE609.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27508289

Sounds neat. Thanks for the suggestion. Hope I can get 70k. At $1.20 my little clone will finally earn minimum wagies.

>> No.27508447
File: 31 KB, 490x502, E8F7A9F9-9D8A-4732-9534-3A6E5E4CAA18.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27508697

Yesterday someone actually predicted 12 EOY with trips, seems about right

>> No.27508832
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>> No.27508907

There’s too much demand for it to drop 30%. I’d be surprised (and happy) if it did, but it won’t.

>> No.27509364

it's not really dipping much at all today

>> No.27510428

No one will to buy at price this high, even if it's pumping without dumping first it only result massive dump.

Perhaps it need 1 week before dump since the top holder is just being 1$ EOD delusional denial greedy faggot.

>> No.27510774
File: 2.32 MB, 480x270, 1602407248299.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

CHECKED. We're all gonna make it!

>> No.27510816

I don't know where you're getting the demand metrics from. The 24h volume is continuing to decline from the weekend

>> No.27510891
File: 9 KB, 84x84, drl337.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's nice, but these digits confirm $35 EOY, ez.

>> No.27511106

I need this to pump to $500 a coin so I can make up for my $4k AMC investment that has netted me -$2k and counting.

>> No.27511301

converted to ETH, do i convert back or wait for it to dump some more and then convert

>> No.27511433

I can see it being atleast 2$ by EOY

>> No.27511541
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>selling period

>> No.27511975


>> No.27512074


>> No.27512096
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So how mnaye years before this makes a x40 ?

>> No.27512278

4 yrs

>> No.27512320
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Finna drop $4K since one of the (((brokerages))) I abandoned's withdrawal just cleared.
All in GRT, or split a little into ETH and/or NU?

>> No.27512386

LOL! Maybe with a leveraged 10x long?

>> No.27512616

Give ETH and Uni some love since they are relying on GRT to index shit

>> No.27512793

its not dipping bros..

>> No.27512999

I unironically was the absolute first person to post about "They're GR[ea]T!"

Thank you whoever made this meme pictoral meme. :)

It's a sign, i'm doing good work for the grt gang.

>> No.27513126

Holy fuck even Kek recognizes the legitimacy of what I just said. Behold boys, I'm the gr[ea]t Pump sign.

>> No.27513189


>> No.27513352

I'm witnessing your GiRTh. Well done.

>> No.27513414

It might not get that low for quite a while bro. I learned my lesson trying to swing at 0.79 a couple of nights ago. This is currently not a safe coin to swing unless you have like 6-10 hours a day to devote to watching it, or you are autistically skilled enough to set orders that actually align with reality.

>> No.27513600

I learned my lesson with this coin, what're some good coins to swing currently though?

>> No.27513810


>> No.27513876

thank you anons. We are in this together. We are all literally going to make it.

>> No.27513942

checked. kek blesses you.

>> No.27514077

Checked. A decent indexer with 10k GRT can get you 5 GRT a day. That would be $50 a day for sitting on your ass. Comfy

>> No.27514122

RIP and TEAR my friend, I am giving you this year only, so use it well

>> No.27514177

What a chad lad

>> No.27514441

YGMI fren. Enjoy your lobster on the dark side of the moon

>> No.27514753



>> No.27514880

I have 6.2k delegating right now.

How many yachts can I buy in 4 years?

>> No.27514987

Looks like another weak poomp, glad to see it's not dead in the water, buy niggas buy. You'll never see .65 again in your life

>> No.27515521

Ill wait until tmre or thirsday and see where were at. Avg hold is 3 days. Pump was on the 1st

>> No.27515566


>> No.27515663

can we hit 70 cents and then pump please

>> No.27515889

10k bought at pretty much the moment it listed on Coinbase, I'm feeling comfy. Not delegating yet what's the return?

>> No.27516016

V weak poomp, volume super low into a red wall. Might drop to .70 this week

>> No.27516046 [DELETED] 

Rumour that tesla wants to acquire a stake in BYD...

>> No.27516146
File: 349 KB, 2242x2020, 1612231533406.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have another $2500 standing by waiting for a dip. Put in only $250 last night at .73 thinking it might still go lower today. Low .70s could surprisingly be our new floor.

>> No.27516153
File: 58 KB, 600x498, 1612058797211.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Realistically, would there be a time when it's too late to delegate? In case I just want to hold for a while

>> No.27516159

About 4-5 GRT per day

>> No.27516319

about 15% apy, worth it if you're hodling for a year or more.
Most people go with p2p.

>> No.27516420

depends on what you mean by "a while". It should be pretty high APY for at least a few more months. If you're hodling for the next few years, it is definitely worth it.

>> No.27516518
File: 1.35 MB, 3463x1999, 1526414384448.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

not that guy but when you have dialog with people they can tell you shit you might miss when you google. google might give you 9 out of 10 things you absolutely need to know but that one you missed could be the difference maker. wish ppl would help each other out instead of being dicks all the dam time on the web

>> No.27517022

Tuff-luv rasta once said:
>fucking low IQ thead wtf

>> No.27517242

Any indexers in chat? whats the barrier of entry and is it even worth to look into it?

>> No.27517338

>a while
Perhaps 1 more month as I increase my stack. You think the APYs will go down with time due to more people being into it?
I was wondering if there is a limit. AKA you can't delegate anymore at some point because you tried it too late.

>> No.27517478

I think $3-$5 EOY with this bullrun. Next leg up in Feb will see us break $1-1.25, then maybe a leg down where we test the $1 range again and dip into the high 90s. Then consolidate and by summer move up to $2-$2.50 as more subgraphs come online. Then in fall/winter during the peak of the bull cycle we will moon to $3-5

>> No.27517497
File: 198 KB, 351x329, 1596715686348.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Buying at .73

>> No.27517708

IT could also go to $10-$20 if this bullrun is truly crazy. $3-$5 is conservative bet though.

>> No.27518097

Not really, because there will be more indexers and they made it so that APY drops as more people delegate to one indexer. Also, there are no query fees yet but the delegators will get a cut of those when they happen.

>> No.27518264

Reminder boys. There was a time when ethereum sold for as low as 41 cents per coin. People would have laughed if you said that in 5 years ETH would be worth over $1400.
Dare to dream.

>> No.27518456

Just bought 2k. This shit aint gonna make me rich but it might be enough to buy a nice car

>> No.27518484

I joined in late 2016 and Ethereum was only $10 a coin, and people were saying back then it was overpriced.

>> No.27518493

Does GRT even have the potential to reach 100? People are saying delegation makes it stay at a low price.

>> No.27518762

absolutely not. Its market cap would be fucking outrageous

>> No.27518895

Yes, but it would take 5-10 years to get there. It would require the entire dapp ecosystem to use it exclusively and Ethereum would be $1T market cap at least.

>> No.27519066

its not out of the realm of possibility. it wouldn't happen anytime soon though

>> No.27519323

that shit is going to hit a dollar before the end of February.

>> No.27519454

I think it has the potential to reach 50+ next bull run doe. This is a 3 year + hold, and if you can get it cheaper than the price right now you should buy more.

>> No.27519457

my grt stock doin sum

>> No.27519493

when do you guys think itll rise back up again weekend?

>> No.27519694

Delegating constricts supply making it raise in price. Gas fee burns make it constrict in supply raising the price. Raising prices and delegation rewards convince more people to delegate further constricting the supply and raising the price.

>> No.27519737

this I truly believe. Great momentum, great hype overall

>> No.27519739

100k GRT and competence in what you're doing. If you're asking, I would advise not doing it.

>> No.27519840

Everyone trying to find the next link, this is it, this is your chance.

>> No.27520008
File: 37 KB, 612x574, EtFLjHIWMAo65l0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I own 25k of this token since 24c but don't know a thing about it. What does it do? Can someone give me a qrd?

>> No.27520187

not here to spoonfeed you investment advice, go read the fucking whitepaper faggot

>> No.27520365
File: 733 KB, 1000x1000, wagmi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

LINK was at just like $2.80 at this time last year, and now it's $23 with an ATH of almost $26 -- just 12 months later.
Everyone who gets in on GRT now is DefinitelyGMI

>> No.27520435

No pls i took too much mdma wen i was young and cant concentrate for so long, i need a greentext:(

>> No.27520592

GRT please hit $500 per coin. I need to make it.

>> No.27520622

>google of blockchain

>> No.27520746

I genuinely believe in the project but what is up with the FUDs about the coin cap?

>> No.27520881
File: 48 KB, 443x455, 1568788805717(2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27521039

People haven't rubbed their two brain cells hard enough to see that we're already at 20% delegation and rising. By the time the supply for the VC release in 5 months we'll be even higher than that. Effectively it's priced in.

>> No.27521061
File: 60 KB, 1063x755, 1b30d929472670b2b83ed633d4cdfeda.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yes i know

>> No.27521302

You would have to hold for 5 years and that's if you're lucky.

It is a real thing. It's the same reason Doge could only pump to .08 despite having insane amounts of pump and hype, besides being worthless. You shouldn't expect high amounts in a reasonable amount of time. This is a long hold.

>> No.27521596
File: 272 KB, 515x505, B5390A88-3E9D-4D90-8F11-2D1F0EC12FDF.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

55k here. Will I make it bros?

>> No.27521676

Thanks fren, that helped a bit wmbut what i dont understand is why tokens need to be delegated to an indexer? Is the indexer distributing these tokens to show what the best information is to potential users or as collateral like in chainlinks case?

>> No.27521742
File: 499 KB, 245x240, dubsnod.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The utility of a search engine like Google is that it has gone out and "indexed" a fuck ton of information out on the internet so that it can easily be found instead of you searching for hentai and getting like 2 results and/or it taking 24 hours to complete the search.
Your sweet cryptocoins each store their entire history of transactions (the "blockchain") whose integrity is enforced by validation against the network for the crypto. Naturally that's a shit ton of data on shit ton of coins -- gorillions of gorillions of shits.
GRT is integral to the process of indexing crypto like ETH. Never mind how it works, or why it's a thing, just know it's basically the power source for each time some blockchain data is indexed by a someone.
Making it quick and easy for blockchain shit to be looked up and thus used = more crypto shit can moon and we all make money.
Now if you would kindly observe these digits.

>> No.27521811

Convince me to buy this instead of REEF/RBC/any othere memecoin. Isn't this only going to move extremely slowly? Is it just a safer investment?

>> No.27521929

How much grt to go from driving a ford and shopping at walmart to driving a volkswagen and shopping at Target?

>> No.27521947

I actually swung at 0,82 and bought back in at 0,75 with ETH going up at the same time.
Even though it worked I concluded that the risk is not worth it. I will just hold and maybe buy some dips from now on.

>> No.27522028

and the rich get richer baka

>> No.27522097
File: 775 KB, 426x240, Vitalik Buterin smearing his Ethereum booger on your wall(1).webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks fren
Were gonna make it

>> No.27522131


>> No.27522220
File: 106 KB, 1143x915, 1611533941642.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

15k bag here, im mad jelly. hopefully we both make it fren :)

>> No.27522230


>> No.27522248

I unironically think Graph could surpass ETH in the next 2 years.

L1 competition increasing, blockchain agnostic protocols underpriced by a ton.

Watching the socials, GRT is squarely in 2nd place now with memeability behind only LINK. The graph forum has hundreds of people making effortposts because they actually care about the protocol. And the forum is like a week old.

This is without a doubt the best asset of 2021. Anywhere from top 10 to top 2 is possible.

>> No.27522653

>ETH is pumping towards 1600 :((
>sold my ETH and bought GRT at .72c
I really need to see 1$ bros, stop being stingy and just buy already

>> No.27522751

which exchange do you guys use to buy shitcoins? I feel like binance feels like a fucken mess.
crypto.com wont let me verify my id cause it just freezes

>> No.27522810

1.34 EOM
Check em

>> No.27522921

I bought 6.2k at 0.40

Realistically what are we looking at for prices here. I have been delegating for a few weeks but.

summer 2021

>> No.27523064
File: 244 KB, 2436x1125, 1ivssr9sm1f61.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What do you guys think of this dude's meme lines.

>> No.27523184
File: 32 KB, 625x501, 16120016306.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't understand them

>> No.27523247

they look weird

>> No.27523300

Binance interface is annoying to use but after you get used to it it's pretty good and i find it's the most advantageous balance of attributes.

>> No.27523379

I recognize some of those numbers

>> No.27523663

which ones?

>> No.27523810
File: 30 KB, 224x262, 1585364651908.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27523827
File: 28 KB, 480x385, apu_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hmmm.... yes...

>> No.27523891

thanks brother, ill try and stick with it then. There doesnt seem to be a bank transfer option ?(canacuck here) so i have to buy BUSD first as fiat before buying my preferred shitcoin?
Perhaps then on credit card? i guess that would be safer.

>> No.27524323
File: 1.26 MB, 394x297, 1464833498189.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

typical fibonacci retracement tea leaves TA shit with not enough data points. People use fib tracement when they're trying to look smart.
He's basically alleging there's a 2 week cycle of 5 days pump, 9 days retracement.
All that matters is higher highs and higher lows.

>> No.27524744

Not showing up in my Etrade. Are we sure this is the correct ticker?

>> No.27525224

I'm guessing this is the new flavor of bait for biz following this Reddit influx due to GME/AMC. Here's your (You) for making my eyelid twitch slightly.

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