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Bnt - Original AMM
Aave- Original money market
SNX- Original derivatives
LINK- Original Decentralized oracles

Sushi and uniswap, watch your fucking asshole , BNT it’s coming for you and your forked code. Inferior pooling solutions only lasts for so long.

Also a bonus for those who watched everything moon.

Sergey said defi would be big a half year later literally all the big defi’s went x100+.

Guess what Sergey said would be next half a year ago. Yes that’s right decentralized insurance protocols.

Etherisc DIP- this coin will x20 and you won’t even know what happened. Are you gonna miss out again. Stay poor

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Stop shilling your bags.
Buy the DeFi Bluechips that AREN'T BLUECHIPS YET. That's how you make money. I will help you out to pick a few:

>$INJ Injective Protocol:
>First Layer 2 Dex with little to no gas fees, it will feature leveraged trading and stock futures trading on release
>Many partnerships and big funding
>Release in Q1

>$REEF Reef Finance:
>Imagine a smart liquidity aggregator that enables trading with access to liquidity from both dex’s and cex’s, giving the user the best possible rates whilst also offering smart lending, borrowing, staking and mining through AI driven personalized yield Engine
>yeah no need for more explanations

>$GRT The Graph
>What Epstein did to kids, The Graph does to the blockchain
>It's literally the backbone of the DeFi

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BNT + LINK chad race reporting

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Don't listen to this post buy the blue chips not the pump of the week

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Imagine thinking bnt is anywhere close to the other three. Peak delusion

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with jews, you lose

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Automated yields / yield bouncer, Idle Finance

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lol you got smoked. He mentioned insurance protocols, adn specifically said arbour or whatever. Didn't even mention DIP lmao.

You're right abotu Bancor though. Big brain. Another giga-alpha leak is Yax. Screen shot this. Have been saying it since September

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This is literally a shittier Yaxis w terrible UI and a retarded tokenomics lmao

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Shill me on yAxis please. Who is the dev?

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Unless you want to make money then you win cause they're fucking great at that!

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Meta-yield aggregator audited by quantstamp + some other. Multiple stable coin strats, with btc + eth vailts coming in mid march (v3) following audit. LINK + other blucaps down the line I would suspect as well.

New UX launching ltierally as soon as the Quant audit report comes back (its done); should be this week. I added it here

Lead dev is transfer and call. Absolute turboautist god. Lead UX is vinrock; previously lead FANG Ux-ops. Few others. Check their discord.

Oxb1 (that 400m USD whale) actively promotes yaxis, and has put up 200k USD for bug bounties. Not joking, you're gonna cry when you see this rip up. They a community voted on treasury, and supply locked, so no YFI-esque nightmares re printing more tokens + devs having no funds.

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If you think bnt is THE original ammo, then original money market should be COMP or MKR
If you go for the best existing model then
>1inch and crv for amm
>aave and cream for money markets
>mirror for synthetic assets (more decentralized than snx).
>Leverage/futures are at dydx (no token yet) and hegic
And I don't see how your last category is defi..

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what is this, link me to something pls

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LOL gtfo with your shit fork, SNX btfo injective in every fucking way possible

REEF? Have you seen the basedboy ceo. Let me educate you, what reef is trying to do already exists and its called zerion, no token needed and endorsed by based elon.


GRT will never be a defi, it is needed though, congrats .

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Lol cope more newfag. If you were here in 2017 you will know which turboautist CREATED the original AMM. Too bad uni and sushi forked it, they learned their mistake and this time they built impermanent loss into their fucking coin, yeah fork that bitches.

Uni and sushi will die, it’s already happening

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Exactly. Yudi is far too big brain for Hayden and whoever the fuck those anon devs are in the sushidiscord lol

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will BNT ever do anything? crabbing for ages while the rest of the market is pumping like fking crazy

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Another dumb fuck.

It went from 0.5 to 2$ , thats a x4, but guess what bitch. People who have been staking since nov have over 500% apy on their stake as rewards, that is why it is a fking sleeper

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Ask me how I know you're not staking on Bancor lmao

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>50% roi on first payout

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Gone x 4 over past 3 months + 300-450% apy with no IL and no centralized access.

You're still stuck in 2017 of "muh coin needs to go up and das all"

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Literally got handed 35k usd worth of BNT for doing fuck all kek

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>Literally got handed 35k usd worth of BNT for doing fuck all kek
I was not big brained enough, I didn't understand what I was looking at and being conservative only put 12k BNT in, then got a 6K BNT payout.
Spent next day flipping tons of alts to BNT, all staked now. Fuckn A.

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aries.financial. future DeFi blue chip.

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Don’t buy bancor if you are poor though, you need to stake it or get inflated away, part of why the tokenomics is so fucking genius. Exchanges stack of BNT are literally gonna get inflated into nothingness because they can’t stake it, yeah bye bye manipulation.

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What is the stack one should try to accumulate at current for this to be worth? 10k BNT?

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Last category isn’t defi, it’s aave when it was 3 dollars.

What does comp , uni and maker all have in common , oh yeah they haven’t bend the knee. See what happens to coins that don’t bend the knee? They get fucked.

Lmao npc

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Hadn't thought of that but it's definitely true.. can't trust the security of any protocol that hasn't bent the knee

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>What is the stack one should try to accumulate at current for this to be worth? 10k BNT?
it costs roughly 100 usd to stake, give or take. My first stake I did 12k BNT. I would say if you have the capital to do 10K that is a good number, half that is probably OK, but its also half the reward...you have be willing to put the shit in there and not touch it. If you are going to put it in and 6 days from now panic or fomo into something else, you are going to get destroyed. This is true set it and forget it

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>another day another 100 bucks in bnt
I didn't think life could be this comfy brothers