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Who else down from initial investment?

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I'm still up 4x from my initial investment and I'm holding.

It would have been 6x, but we can't all be that lucky I guess.

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kek still 12x up wagecuck

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I told go fuck dog for good luck.
No listen no profit.
My culture fuck dog get good luck.
High profit I many times.

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Started with 500 on June 25.

Gained on NMR +$100

Lost on CFI -$200

Lost little bit due to shit coins ...mona 32k to 28k, holding 1300 FTC (@3.2k) for some stupid fucking reason that I'm down on right now

I'm just an idiot with no luck. Help

Sitting at $375rn.

All I really want is to 4x my initial investment so I can pay off my CC.

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I'm down for first time today.

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Bought 110 ETH at $45, I'm disappointed but comfy. We'll see what the end of the year brings, I'm in no rush to cash out.

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Started with 500 couple weeks ago now im at 230. Due to this and other things in my life im starting to think im literally cursed.

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Down $200

About to go all in on ark and wait for the btc correction since ark has shown a consistent pattern of hitting at least .65 cents

That'd out me back at up $150

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>$180 in
>$27 current

Feels bad

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>is in debt
>decides to gamble the bit of money he has

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I'm getting pretty close to being down.

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yeah I am down now, thanks to the chinks few hours ago

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Got into crypto a week before that DGB conference, rode it up, all in, saw it at ATH.

Took a nap, came back to 50% of my initial investment gone. Now climbed back to -33%, but I only put $1000 in so its more like losing in a game than financial hurt.

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I'm now down £150 on £1750


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Down 400$. It fluctuates so hard I could have +300$ by next week again, hence no worries.

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started with $500 in 2014

took out around $8000 in cash and electronics
still have $50k in alts

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any advantage to using exchanges like bitfinex opposed to just transforming your btc into other coins fbetween your wallets through shapeshift?

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HURRR DURRR I havent lost because I bought at 100 sats HURRR DUUUR Im not retarded for not selling in the citybank fiasco at 2000+ sats DUUURRR HUHUR still in the green DDDDUUUURRRRRRRR

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Who doesn't have debt?

I've got like 2k in debt. Sure, I could be 1.5k in debt had I not played with this shit, but I still have 75% of that money in my BTC wallet. Just gotta double up a couple times is all. Had I all in'd on MTL last night, I'd be halfway there.

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>Who doesn't have debt?
Lol what the fuck?

I don't. i've got like 500k in assets why the hell would I go into debt?

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Who the fuck said anything about DGB? I was referring to my entire crypto portfolio...

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Down around 300$ from 1300$. Havent sold anything at a loss yet though everything is just in massive red. I keep buying more like a moron though, talk about catching falling knives. Ppl are saying i should sell now but im gonna go ahead and do the opposite, following the pack hasnt worked out well for me in life so i will try the other way

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invested: 5k
now have: 3.6k + 500 in pending ICO

fuck my life.

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>I've never had debt at any point in my life, ever

Stupid fucking trust fund baby

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invested 13k
now have 8.8k

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started with cryptos late may

Probably will be up when the crash ends though

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>be me
>though about investing in bitcoin in '14 but nah.
>sell my motorbike in early June
>buy btc for 10k of my scandi coins (1250usd).
>get 0,42 btc start trading shitcoin
>do stupid sht, learn, trade more
>two nights ago had 0,58 btc
>now m at 0,45 btc
>feels ok, learned a lot in a month, will live to see another day.

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