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4k USD reporting in

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$0. I haven't sold yet.

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About a grand, couldn't cash out my DOGE.

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0. When doge started pumping that was the exit signal.

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Go glow on ifunny normie

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a grand....

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lost 0$ cause all in BTC

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I’m still positive. Just way less positive than I should be.

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250$ from DONUT

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1k usd. I want to die.

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Haven’t lost a dime, because I’m heavily invested in ZORA. But you people are gonna continue losing your money

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down 470 so far but haven't sold

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I only put in $450, looks like I'll lose at least 200 when I sell today. I'll consider this to be a valuable life lesson. Wish I sold on Friday or even yesterday, could have easily broken even or even made a 100 bucks.

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0, i made money buying amc at $4 and selling at $19, i exited entirely

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$100 so far, nothing fatal, will be going fully into crypto after this.

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I made a great flip on a shitcoin but still lost $200 because of gas fees
Should’ve been paying more attention when gambling lunch money

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0. I'm not selling.

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20k in gains. No losses. I would like to thank GME and Doge.

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>$100 so far, nothing fatal, will be going fully into crypto after this.
That's what I'm thinking too. At least this shit pushed me to open up an account and invest a little.

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$2k, I'll just write it on off taxes next year to I won't even feel it lmao

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Was about a grand now am coming back up fast with GME puts

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Guys if I post my cashapp & paypal will you help me out.

I can't pay my rent. :(

We're diamond bros right?

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all the money I could afford lmao

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$200 on XRP because I feel asleep at the wrong time haven't sold a bought in at $0.43

Up alot on ADA which is comfy

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$0. Haven't invested in anything because I'm not comfortable with losing anything. Just trying to learn a bit before I do.

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About $300.

I bought into AMC and BB when they were at their peaks.

Hopefully I can go long and recoup my losses in the future.

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Read the sticky

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I lost 2300

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Down $5k so far, haven't sold. AMC is about 1/10th of my portfolio right now.

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$0 lost

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Don’t gamble what you can’t afford to lose you fucking retard

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Maybe 500 usd, I'm gonna hold these bags, no drama

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None. In fact I'm buying more gme when it hits below $100

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around 10K AUD

lesson learned,

on the flip side I am learning more than ever about trading because I am ravenous to make it back ASAP and I know it's possible

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I took a risk and sold it when it hit 240. If I waited until 180 as was my original plan, I would have been down like 400

Kind of half thinking to put it all again when it hits sub 100, but honestly I don't want to touch this shit with a 10 foot pole again. Shit's fun but nerve wrecking

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100 doge. 1.5k from having paper hands on a blue chip. 2k on elons btc pnd. crazy times. i thought btc couldve hit an ath. after doge pump who knows what could have happened. in hindsight it was obvious.

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0 or 32500 depending on how you reckon, since I considered riding the GME bandwagon at 70 dollars but passed and considered AMC at 4 dollars but passed, so I missed that 6x on the principle.

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I don't like buying overpriced stuff.
For example there's this stock called Gamestop that is worth around $10, but is currently trading over $100, that's like more than 10 times what it should be, crazy stuff.

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>At least this shit pushed me to open up an account and invest a little.
Yeah providing you're not throwing your life savings into this like some idiots then it's a worth a shot.

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put in $2500 all and all, glad i hopped off AMC at the right time so i could almost break even

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Here's that chart to explain what I'm talking about, you won't believe it lol. Lots of people on the internet are buying it lately.

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GME hasn't even begun to peak...... greatest opportunity to average down and 10x your money EVER

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>4k USD reporting in
you are like little baby

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Only $20, broke almost completely even by selling when I thought it was tanking.

Could have made a lot more if I wasn't so greedy. I consider it a very good life lesson for only 20 bucks. Sorry to those of you it is costing so much more

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i made $5k. was up $25k at one point and had closed out all my positions then fomo bought back in. dumb move, live and learn.

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Could be worse, but still I feel dumb as fuck, I really went full retard
t. went into Dogecore post-bump
check the chart on dextools, it's ogre
not even worth it to sell because of ETH fees but this will never go back up kek
play stupid games win stupid prizes

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AMCbros, I bought in at 15, should I just dump it all at open?

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Don't panic sell retard

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No lol. Set it at least 13 if you're going to be a retard and take a loss.

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That's not the end of the world, some people have financially fucked themselves for life on this, you are lucky even if it still burns a bit.

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>bought 19k GME
>sold for 20k
>on paper broke a minor profit, BUT at least extra $5k will be owed in taxes (4k USD loss, same as op)

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Tbf I probably shouldn't even use pic related because I'm sure some dumb fucks blew tens of thousands on this shit

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but its going to 5 anon

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Only sell if the amount you invested was too much to lose. If you don't sell now then you need to commit to holding no matter what, otherwise you're going to end up panic selling at the bottom.

t. just bought some more @$9.50

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I sold more than my original investment last week so I am up no matter what, but how do I maximize my sale today? Sell at open or wait?

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Post sharpie in pooper and i will send you $20 whore

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Bout 1600

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£1000 > £1130 > £830

£170 overall or £300 on top to bottom

The rest of the market is going up now so I've made it back with other investments luckily

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I keep making money shorting BB and NOK.

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It's not the money that really hurts, what hurts is that it a reddit scam. If it was a 4chan scam I'll just post a few pink wojaks and be done with it but the fact it was redditors doing it pisses me off way more than it should.

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Hold. You already recouped your investment, now you're holding a lottery ticket with the potential for a massive payoff.

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I put 10k in

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God loving, my friends who used to invest a lot made fun of my dumb fuck decision to "HOLD" and trying to make a point.

Thus, I sold my small position in AMC on Monday at Market open. Came out on top. Otherwise, id be in a cope coma.

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>It's not the money that really hurts, what hurts is that it a reddit scam. If it was a 4chan scam I'll just post a few pink wojaks and be done with it but the fact it was redditors doing it pisses me off way more than it should.
yeah, /biz/ would have at least owned up to it being a scam by now.

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So all of it, got it

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I lost nearly half a grand in pound sterling. I'm never trusting any anon/group/board/subreddit/forum ever again about trading. This is the lesson learned. All those entities listed are purely for fun & games. I'm so glad the guy who inadvertently spearheaded the GME event is now a multi-millionaire though.

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i gained $400 from retarded redditors and biz fags on amc.

is unity a meme stock?

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That's not how taxes work sperg

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Made 8k off SHIB and holding even with my leftovers

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>That's not how taxes work sperg
He could've done multiple trades like a retard

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Dangerously based

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kek i became to greedy on GME and didnt sell at 400+ now I am suffering because i fell for redditor ploys
the reddit retards still in full cope mode, gme is going to crash fully

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I made 700 with a 1000 investment

>> No.27477668

I sold my shib right before the big spike and I feel so fucking retarded

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a LOT haha

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Made 50 on gme
Lost 5 on amc
Made 400 on doge

Things are ok

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$0 because im not retarded

>> No.27477914

P sure there will be more gains to be made

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40 usd reporting in

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About a month's salary
could be worse I guess

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Haven't sold yet, but if i were to now, it'd only be about 200kr, so i don't really care

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I'm down $800 which kind of hurts are a student but I can get over it.

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Im up like $45

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Still in boring vanguard index funds. I wish I had the courage to put all my savings into memes like you guys.

god bless

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I made about 4k after taxes. Taxes suck. Was fun being in it for the lulz

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Probably down close to 1000 dollars. Doesn't feel great when I have 140k in crypto still but I just can't get good at stocks I guess

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I got the money to buy GME by selling Tesla because I didn't have liquid cash :~~)

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I actually made money buying 1,000 shares of BB @ $17 and selling at $25

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like 700

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how do multiple trades make it any different?
Tax wise, turning 1k to 20k in one trade is the same as turning 1k to 2k to 5k to 10k to 20k
Is it not?

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Only a few hundred but It's already been half recovered by Rubic overnight

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Homie, perhaps this will teach you not to invest critical money. Ain't gunna be fun, but hopefully you’ll learn not to be retarded.

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I havent sold but im up $250. not sure if i should ride it into the ground in hopes the short squeeze actually happens or if i should sell

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>retard LARPer thinks that getting 2K losses means you knock 2K off your taxes

>> No.27479010

if i read anon right i assumed he meant getting the cash to buy shares by selling others, i.e. multiple trades

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Bought 2 shares when it was at 90, sold one when it jumped to 400 so I literally can't lose money at this point

>> No.27479060

I had a nice gain by selling ETH at $1400 and buying back in at $1310

>> No.27479122


like 60 dollars and half of that was gas fees

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Each sale triggers a taxable event.

So let’s say your CG tax is 10% for easy math

Sell at 19k gain (1900 tax)


1k (100) 3k (300) 5k (500) 10k (1000)


The issue is many countries have a sliding tax scale so that small gain may be 10% but the big sale may be 20%

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Small loss of negative 75k. Although a negative loss is a gain. So, hm, yea, earned myself a week of paid time off. Bought my boss and coworkers some nice bottles of wine and will take their families out to dinner once this pandemic subsides.

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>Tax wise, turning 1k to 20k in one trade is the same as turning 1k to 2k to 5k to 10k to 20k
Let's say you buy something for 1k and sell it for 10k, then you buy something for 10k and sell for 2K. You now have $9K of taxable income and $8K
of losses you can claim on future gains. Don't try to spend all your losses at once.

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Should I honor Gamestop by putting some of my 4k profit into buying a PS5 from them?
Hmmm.. nahh. I will actually just buy more crypto. I don’t even have a TV lol

>> No.27479505

Same, it's a learning experience anon

>> No.27479585

I've lost I think only about 80$ or so from hbar and grt lol. I'm not cut out for day trading thats for sure

>> No.27479825

>I got the money to buy GME by selling Tesla because I didn't have liquid cash :~~)
Sorry bro, at least you have those sweet sweet loses for any future gains you might make

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0.. still holding on till the final release, no regrets, there is nothing to lose..

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$100, realized quickly I was being a retard, sold and made it back in minutes with my shitcoin of choice.

>> No.27479983

Holy fucking based

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None since my account and money transfer are taking forever to activate.

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I make 5k off GME but coulda made 10k if I just waited like 2 hours longer...
I've never been so fucking upset over earning 5k in just 2 days of holding.

>> No.27480408

good, you didn't get ripped off this hypescam

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>> No.27480571

Same, except with Gemini. Hurry up and verify me so I can buy bitcoins and trade on Bisq you fucks.

>> No.27480601

$230ish but I'm still holding.

>> No.27480609

God. Shut the fuck up you fuckim fake yuppie idiot

>> No.27480694

still slightly up on meme stocks, but i got in begining of last week.

>> No.27480719

Made 2k off AMC and Dogecoin. FOMO and selling too late are common mistakes, just try learn from your mistakes anon

>> No.27480737

Around £2000 :(

>> No.27480768

That's so fucking stupid. No one has a crystal ball you moron. Take your profit and be happy you're not bagholding this dogshit anymore like half of Reddit

>> No.27480788

About 150 dollarios

I was on a high gain on DOGE and XPR

Got to fuck it up on this shit Shiba coin, but havent sold yet. Should have bought Akita for the incoming pump n dump

Fuck me

>> No.27480807

0 because I'm not stupid and have a stop loss at my entry point just in case. The only memes I buy into are LINK and PNK.

>> No.27480965

I'm down 300 dollars lmao
whatever it's just one week's unemployment stimulus bonus check who cares

>> No.27481036

None. I sold the principal.

>> No.27481092

I made £10k

Got in early in December. Got out last week.

All these reddit fuckers are bagholders.

>> No.27481170

My stock portfolio is up $50k over the past 7 days. Pretty comfy.

>> No.27481326

If you lost money on this shit you shouldn't post here for a year. Lurk and try to learn something. Control your fomo you babbys.

>> No.27481399

do you really think akita is gonna pump again? lol

>> No.27481420

about $200. I'm up like 30k on litecoin tho. thank God I didn't go all in on meme stocks.

>> No.27481610

I'm a retarded poor fag who put 500 in GME for the meme and I'll probably lose it when all is said and done. At least my comfy dividend stocks are still plugging away

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Haven't sold but down about $200. If anything, I learned a lot over the past week and look forward to losing more making serious investments om the future.

>> No.27483883

Lost 1500 CAD

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>> No.27484022

Lost about a hundred dollerydoos but managed a good trade among many bad ones. Learned a lot, not hurting from the loss and glad I sucked it up and got out early.

>> No.27484132

4k. Sucks but lessons were learned

>> No.27484171

I made 1k

>> No.27484376

Lost over 100k from the peak of GME last week, but still got out with a 50k profit this morning.

>> No.27484464

350 on amc but up 800 on xrp bought in for .21. Missed the peak yesterday though. Still pretty new

>> No.27484527

-13K :^) gonna hold all the way down desu

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As of now: down $13 bucks, but my hatred of kikes is at an all time high. I guess my little foray into investing was worth that.

>> No.27485144

87 dollars. I'll be honest I had no idea what I was doing so I just bought a tiny bit of AMC. I had a feeling this shit was too good to be true.

>> No.27486301

In SNDL. I'm up

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based fellow bagholder. unless you went in at a lower price point than i did @ 380 :,(

>> No.27488012

stfu you shill. go suck Melvin's cock more

>> No.27488079

I've lost about -6 bucks. If you aren't up you are a retard and should just paypal me your money.

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>> No.27488612

I lost a grand on AMC sold yesterday didn't fall for the gme trap

>> No.27488977

lost $44 because retardation

>> No.27489060

i averaged @ 275 :(

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>> No.27489382

I hold cyber pogs. Stocks are for shabbos goyim.

>> No.27489400

why would you sell amc? it’s going back up regardless of if it’s today or in a few months.

>> No.27489438

About $600, and $3000 unrealized. Not the worst thing in the world. I'll be fuckin holding AMC for like 16 months just to exit with a 20% loss in 2022 instead of 70% now though.

>> No.27489472

I'm down 4k rn but im not selling. i will be the eternal bag holder idfc

>> No.27489602

atm amc and gme caused -50% losses for me
i'm gonna go kill myself

syke niggers my portfolio is diversified and well researched
never selling gme
biotech companies to the moon

>> No.27489677

ok. literally no one cares

>> No.27489891

i care
thats why i won't ever hold bags
learn in2 value investing fucking dumbfag

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File: 104 KB, 300x250, I̷̱̜̺̺̙͚̹̭̮̙͈͑̈́̓̐͒̀͌̒̕͜͠T̷͍̰̆̀S̵̛͕͎̭͕̤͚͉̲͌͋͐̽̌̀͘_̸̧̢̜̩͉̰̭͕̱̣͓̄̌̈́̓͐͌̚͝Ǫ̶̛̬̦̩̹̣̳̽̅̅̉ͅV̵̡̛͖̩̭͕̠̰͔̪͍̮͙̈́̂̽̅̚̕͘͝Ę̶̠̙̈́̆̅R̶̙̤̳̈̓͛̾́͌͒͑̀͘͘�.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

-$4k but yet to sell

>> No.27490271

Sperg you only pay taxes on the profit

>> No.27490337

not if you bought at like $18 kek

>> No.27490401

7k usd

>> No.27490425

$1,600 not selling

>> No.27490490

Wrong. You can write off losses. Taxes only apply to gains, which 99.9% of anons here won't ever have to worry about.

>> No.27490614

24k in GME, 10k when I dumped this morning.

>> No.27490638

Out of curiosity are you invested into BIOL? I heard that it might blow up from being a penny stock by EOY

>> No.27490812

>I’m still positive
Based ionized anon.

>> No.27490985

Dude you know it crashed a shitload after the spike right?

>> No.27491035

I could have used that money to make a new PC and buy an OLED TV and still have money left.

>> No.27491129

80$ and it sucks so much - although it seems I am recovering thanks to ETH

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absolutely I am and have been for some time
don't look into the news anon go to nasdaq/finviz and look into cheap undervalued stocks of growing, good companies
look at d/e/ ratio (debt/quity - companies without debt rarely go bankrupt), short float, insider own % (usually the more insiders hold the shares they know the company is well prospering)
also look at KWBT and CBBT if interested

>> No.27491141

£160 more or less

>> No.27491221

Like 1K...was up 5K.
sucks but could be worse

>> No.27491253

Two dollars on Dogecoin but I refuse to sell. TO THE MOON NIGGAS

>> No.27491271

like in total probably like $800 but, sold AMC at break-even (bought at $7 but got too greedy and held past the pump) 3 GME shares at $200 (lol) but i just took my L and put the remains into GEVO rather than wait for the pipe dream that AMC will reopen during this pandemic and the GME short squeeze thesis is basically dead. i’d rather wait for a guaranteed long term pump in GEVO than wait for a “it might pump” in the other shit.

>> No.27491644

Lost a lot, then had all my losses covered by meme crypto. The scam coin musical chairs on here has been fucking nuts.

>> No.27491674

None. I held on to my BTC, ETH, link, and xsn

>> No.27491806

2k,from my 18k portfolio

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About $500 between AMC and GME

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>> No.27492305

not down at all this week, up about 2k

>> No.27492399


>> No.27492572

-$600 but still not selling. If they're still attacking this with a lot of disinformation campaigns, blocking people from buying, and Fudding then it should be worth it to hold I guess. It's gambling money anyways

>> No.27492641

I lost $20 in fees trading silver.

>> No.27492785

Ya desu my bitcoin outperformed everyone this week.

>> No.27492793

I made 125% because I'm not an idiot bag holder.

>> No.27492796

Made 2000 from the bbby cramer pump
500 from swinging gme from 232 to 332 robbing some faggot r*ddit nigger hahahhahaha

>> No.27492886

Around $30 right now. I bought 1 today to see what it would do. I was hoping I could buy before another pump and sell it for a small profit but I'm not surprised at this outcome. I figured I missed out by friday.

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I bought a single share in AMC a few days ago just for the meme and have cashed out at about 15 minutes after the market opened when it was at about $8 a share.
As soon as I saw it falling off a cliff I knew it wasn't going to recover because it's a stock that's been artificially pumped by memes for gods sake but whatever it's literally pocket change lol.

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when will the suicide rate start to skyrocket

>> No.27493081

I won three grand jumped off on friday. Literally no one in the GME generals believed me and called me a jew and a shill. Im fucking laughing rn. You guys bought me that Fender bass I always wanted.

>> No.27493085

Im up £100 so im going buy myself a posh skipping rope :)))))

>> No.27493315

I put in 1300, and now I have 1800. At my peak, I had 5,100. I feel really fucking gut punched for falling for the reddit meme, but I'm glad that I learned my lesson.
I don't regret anything, everyone needs to learn somehow.

>> No.27493393

10 usd it was 50 % of my net worth

>> No.27493908

Same, down ~$100 when I got rid of it, but atleast it got me interested in trading and investing. Opened up an account on Vanguard to toss some cash at, nothing major.

>> No.27493968

What's funny is I'd actually be ahead if it wasn't for the gasfees. I've had a few transactions eat my fee then fail. I'm down like 800 from last week and sticking to exchangecoins now.

>> No.27494092

Like $30.

>> No.27494256

1.5k :(

>> No.27494318
File: 46 KB, 654x527, 1611670789177.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

$50. It's like 4 buckets of tendies. Fuck you shills

>> No.27494502


Made $1800 off of GME
Lost $200 trying to get in on AMC, BB, and NOK late

All in all I'm happy with my gains and laughing at the GME downfall

>> No.27494504

How can you keep making investing choices this bad

>> No.27494682

Don't feel bad /biz/ bro. 99.9% of the faggots in here don't have a dime to their name. They're all larping chinks.

>> No.27494938

-$330 but we won't count that until I sell (I won't)

>> No.27495337

Considering the ups and downs of this past week I'm out around $200

>> No.27495505

I guess Biden really did up gas prices

>> No.27495680

Currently down
>$1.2k DOGE
>$83.3k GME
>$15k AMC
>$5.2k NOK
>$1.3k BB
Still not selling. I'll either ride it all to 0 or to the moon.

>> No.27495977
File: 63 KB, 600x600, swedish chef.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

bases Shadowrun poster!

>> No.27496044
File: 1.09 MB, 498x498, cheers.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I salute you sir.
I hope you're fortunes on these turn out profitable.

>> No.27496383

Down £1k, but I feel good about dumping my amc yesterday at least. And I learnt a lot of lessons in the process. So it's not that bad.

>> No.27496471

0k I haven't sold

>> No.27496587
File: 129 KB, 960x958, 1612191680925.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Made $35k on the GME squeeze then immediately FOMO'd and gambled away $5k of it on GME, about $2k on NOK and ended up with some heavy OSTK bags $1k in the red. Can't complain I guess.

>> No.27497963


>> No.27499028

>imagine trading anything this week with the hoards of people playing wolf of wall street all at the same time?
0 because not a retard.
did not even remotely touch any of that shit.

>> No.27499230

about $540 USD

>> No.27499701
File: 87 KB, 789x225, pepe cheat cheat world.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Up 50% for the week:
Rubic (RBC)
Bao Finance (BAO)
Reef (REEF)
World Token (WORLD)

WORLD has given me my best gains at a 2x.
It's on a DIP and going to all time high again today.


>> No.27499815

Diamond hands reporting in

>> No.27500021

I’ve lost $800. I don’t feel any remorse. Is this kind of sociopathy what it takes to play stonks? I’m still up $1K since I started investing.

>> No.27500385


>> No.27500516

This is a lottery, I just know the sooner you join any of the MEME coins thebetter chances you have. In BAO I did 3x, in SHIB I lost half of what I invested. I am buying some 4CH5 now, this is pure gambling, well almost all coins are gambling, but MEME coins are purely that.

>> No.27500605

None, my little GRT stock is doin sumfin

>> No.27500672

Anon... You do...

>> No.27500682

>somebody who obviously did not work a day of his life to get that money.

>> No.27501152
File: 92 KB, 819x1024, 1610758363641.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you're pretty bad at this

>> No.27501485
File: 39 KB, 367x601, sad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am not doing well at all, I just got into trading yesterday and have already been thoroughly BTFO.

>> No.27501681

bud it does, you ever read the tax code?