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>b-but the diamond hand brother hood. we were in this together!
fucked up. good thing they were in this for the statement and didn't care about losing it all. oh wait that was bullshit to appear virtuous instead of honestly greedy.

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Noooooooooooooooooo!!! Just hold the heckin linerino!

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But I was told the squeeze wasn't squoze!

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Sold at $300. Thanks WSB retards.

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kek mods are now gaslighting after pumping their bags all week and making out like bandits selling at the top to blind leading the blind idiots

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An heroing is always the wrong choice, how will you ever make it and find a cute sweet submissive gf that you treat like a princess and have a nice loving relationship?
Pic rel, shes out there somewhere bros.

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Buy signal.

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Her BVLL sold at $513 because he has access to early premarket. We can’t compete.

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Losing fair and square for making a bad decision is one thing, but here, it was a fucking violation of the free market. It wasn't just manipulated, they took a huge dump on it with blocking GME sales. Momentum was destroyed and the whales dumped it down to $120. After that you can buy shares again, BECAUSE THE SQUEEZE WAS COMPLETE and they knew people will FOMO in.

It feels depressing, not because I've lost a few hundred dollars. It's depressing because now I know I have to leave the controlled Stock Market forever. I don't even know how to make money on the side except investments.
But what's the fucking point after what they've done with GME?

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she's probably getting blacked

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amouranth is a man sorry

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reddit stockfags once again ahead of the curve

took redditfags only 4 days from the top to post the suicide hotlines

for crypto it took them weeks

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>want to Holocaust the jews in the Holocaust memorial day
>end up holocausting their own finances instead
Now this, is some funny irony

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lmao imagine buying if you didn't get on it when it was <$20

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Nice trips.
>I don't even know how to make money on the side except investments.
There are plenty of ways shilled here on how to make money.

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>r*ddit lost so much money the drivin into the ground joke of 'wifes boyfriend' will probably actually be a reality
This world is hilarious

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Good. I'm buying more.

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>Going kys, when the you could go occupy wall street

Hedgies cannot win.

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Nothing personal goy, just business.

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I dont see the problem? The dump isn't even half as bad as the average shitcoin rugpull gamble. You take a risk, some get 10x some go to zero. Are you all newfags? Oh wait, its 2021 of course you all are. Why the fuck do I even still come here.

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It's fucking Reddit. Everything we told you about them is true.

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>not being into femdom
back to re ddit you go normie

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fuck off faggot, picrel is a russian model not some trannie switch streamer

you're welcome

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If I end up hanging myself, you'll still see a tab on my PC of the stocks still in my PC. I don't give a fuck, irons hands even after my death.

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meds. now.

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im so glad i started following this shit last week,their downward spiral is almost as funny as the drumpfkins one back in november

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All these sharks will make a tiny subreddit one day and gloat about how they led everyone on.

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Someone should spread the rumor that the screenshots of Deepfuckingvalue are faked and that he sold already on friday.

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>it was a fucking violation of the free market
the stock market is not a free market.
if you want a free market go to bitcoin.

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I'm buying more at market open. Any retard on Reddit that put their life savings into this deserves to be suicidal. Only risk what you can afford to lose. Personally I'm having far too much fun being part of this whole thing so I don't give a fuck if I lose a little bit.

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Link? Cant find it.

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Here's a funny meme:
Instead of has the squeeze been squozen, we can make it into

"Has the bull been prepped?" with an image of plebbitors vehemently denying it whilst a big dicked black bull is fucking his gf in the background :) Would be funny, lads

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No crying in football anon.

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>he didn't spend his life-savings on crypto

Why are you on /biz/ even?

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Jews always play both sides of the conflict to maximize their kikery. You all fell for their tricks again, stupid goyim.

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I dont have your meds m8, you're going through a manic episode

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I'd shoot myself, but it's difficult without thumbs, as my hands are made of diamonds.

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You'll always lose if you play other people's games and accept rules that can be changed as they please.
You fucks want to discover the wheel again, when every person that tried the same (including the silver retarded "squeeze") moved to bitcoin a long time ago for the same exact reasons, almost a decade ago already..

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good thing you mutts are going extinct

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I can't invest into BitCoin knowing that Tether exists, they will crash it to $1000 when they want to.

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Good, the fact they banned everything but GME shot themselves in the foot

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massive buy signal

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She looks too smug to be cute and submissive

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> My MOM still doesn’t believe in me! I’m telling her “Well honey this is real”. “No no no no no no, that’s a scam!”

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chink until proven jewish

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This is a satirical post where he is trying to warn them through "mom" right?

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>I don't even know how to make money on the side except investments
If you are into TRADING, then you should be actually trading, and not FOMOing into obvious bullshit schemes. Trading is - psychology, money management, risk management, position management, fixed and pre-defined entry and exit strategies.

You are delusional if you think that trading is about jumping into some hype train and flipping 100 bucks into 1 million bucks in no time. At this stage you better off playing casino or sport betting.

And at this point it's not even about clear manipulation that happened with meme stocks. It's about common sense and discipline.

The lesson is simple - you cannot beat the market. And the market = big funds and big banks. Individual retailer cannot do shit about the system. You either play along on "their" rules or you give them all have and fuck off.

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Why are you so angry at young people who don’t know any better?

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Nah shes just horny but is to feminine to say it out loud because she repects herself.

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Is this gambling??

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Then I choose to move my Net worth into Crypto. I'm out, this can only end with them winning.

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This has opened my eyes, crypto is the only free market

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>Imagine investing something you can't lose.
Absolutely retarded.

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I wondered when the sentiment shift would happend.

Any guesses for the next round of coping?
>Paper hands ruined the squeeze
>Hedge funds cheated
>It's still going to happen

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They had to have known deep down that u/deepfuckingvalue was going to dump his fucking 50,000 bags on them.

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>lol thinking they aint in crypto

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Melvin will show up and sell your share using your cold dead finger

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Yummy, yummy,
jewish sperm in the tummy.

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whats with the wifes bf meme they keep using?
>hehe im such a cuck! its just a joke bro!

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I've got 5k in this and even if I lose every dime I'm gonna post smug pepes and pretend I sold the top and knew better than the retards posting pink wojaks and there is NOTHING you can do to stop me.

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Yeah I'm down a couple hundred bucks but I'm not about to off myself jesus

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Why don't they just wait more than 1 week? Stocks don't swing wildly like crypto. This is why everyone on /biz/ shorted when it $400, as it can only go down.

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Does that mean you'll sell to me cheap?
Everyone is selling going by the newly made accounts, yet I still can't short because there is nothing to buy once the premarket hours end

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>tfw cute girl has an instagram account

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Face value what do you fucking expect? a used game store chain to uphold 1000 dollar shares?

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You are a moron you manc bald twat. Play a record

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No, everyone just pretends they weren't part of it or made a profit

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WSB is holding. So I'm. holding

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LMAO imagine falling for a short ladder attack like the smoothbrain goy they want you to be. NGMI with those paperhands, white man. Just hand over all your valuables and silver to Hedgestein and Robinberg right now.

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funny how their mantra was hold as the peak came in and they dumped on their followers. now it’s take some profits now that the dump has occurred lol

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So like /biz/?

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Its not fucking over!!!!!

Dogecoin is going to the Moon

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Y'all ready for the biggest selloff ever? 10 USD within 1 hour

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You know this is a crypto board and thst nobody can shut crypto off, right?

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Submissive? Hate to break it to you, but you'll never get laid.

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>tfw I didn't invest too much
I can write my loss off on my taxes, I may lose a few hundred dollars, but at least I dont need to pay that loss in taxes

Fuck the government LMAO

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It is literally the same shit in crypto world. Most of alt-coins are even bigger pump&dump bullshit than what you've seen with meme stocks. And the bitcoin has same big boys as you see on stock or forex market - it's huge-ass bag hodlers ("whales"), institutions, and banks. You are also obliged to play along or you will loose everything if you don't have any trading plan in the first place.

In the end it's not about the market that you trade, whether is stocks, or forex, or metals, or commodities, or crypto, or anything else. It's about trading the plan and sticking to your plan at all times if you ever want to actually make it.

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If "reddit" is losing why are (((they))) using every cheap trick in tora?

>> No.27479265

Those don't exist

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you realize they can do the same shit with the crypto exchanges right? and they can just lock your bank account anyway and any bank account your crypto wallet touches. buy physical gold and silver it is immune to the jew

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Well if it drops to my break even at 105 I’m out, otherwise I’ll hold

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mutt's law

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hmmm... based

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I didn't care.
It was gains from last year. A thirtieth of them.

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In @ 237, out @ 380. Easiest 1.5k I ever made, and it only took 16 hours!

>> No.27479637

uhhhh, bros, is this normal?

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>I only like it when the market is manipulated in my favor!

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yes its true. they cheated in the election and they cheated in this market event. now you know that playing by the rules doesnt work because youre the only one playing by the rules. hope every redditard and cuckservative finally wakes up to this.

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Suicide hotlines. Reddits answer to pink wojacks.

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What exactly do you think you mean by this?

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Just HOLD the line apes we're gonna stick it to the hedgies

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The skweezerino wasn’t skwozerino you say?

>> No.27480324

You tried to use their rules against them, so they changed them. Hopefully you learned your lesson, and will use your brain next time instead of joining Reddit's faggotry parade.

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The GME pump and dump was market manipulation to begin with. Now redditards are crying that it's being 'manipulated' in the wrong direction. Hypocrites.

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Isn't buying BTC after it mooned stupid tho? It's an asset, but can it really dump hard or did we bottomed out?

>> No.27480472

aPeS tOgEtHeR sTrOnG

>> No.27480557

You will be jailed, hedgie.

>> No.27480706

>The GME pump and dump was market manipulation to begin with
nah, it was market movement

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Welcome to the machine bro

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Not my linerinooooo!!!!

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It's going to 100k this cycle, you're still early fren

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waste of a trip

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what, you thought you'd magically meet her at the bible book club and woo her? she's slobbered over more dicks than you can mentally visualize faggot

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>people buying and holding a stock is market manipulation
>hedge funds aggressively shorting a stock every time it tries to hit $20 is the same
I can smell you.

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im down 10k

>> No.27480978

>"hedge with crypto!"

>> No.27481052

It's returning to normal alright.

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>> No.27481109

Theres going to be multiple crashes today

>> No.27481342

>you ARENT allowed to SELL stock you can only BUY!

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I found one but she left me for Chad.
It's fine though because it turned out she was an Onlyfans thot this whole time.
I'm fucking tired of being a slave to my libido and constantly needing women/getting rekt by them. So tired bros, I just want to stop caring about them.

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I bet you get so hard from thinking about all of the dicks that have been inside a pussy while you eat it

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hedge funds make a stock valuable by over shorting it. people buy it.

this is the same as

brokers only allowing people to sell a stock in order to drive the price down and kill momentum.

>> No.27481863

>I can't in invest in the US stock market, knowing that the FED exists.

>> No.27482081

people freely buying and selling in coordination is the same shit those big companies do. this is still within the rules of the game. pulling strings or threatening people to suspend/change the rules is not part of the game, same as they did during the election.

>> No.27482128

I don't know why I tried to tell people this is a bubble game and no one has to buy your particular shares. I guess I hate seeing liars scam retards, but this was sort of funny too.
With that said, I think all the wrong lessons are going to be taken away by this. It was a potential redpilling moment but now the dummies are just reeing about their losses as expected and will probably just slink away and forget the fake news media was literally calling them russian bots, migatards, etc. Sad.

>> No.27482191

Enkaboots is so fucking hot

>> No.27482502

Yeah for a brief moment I hoped that plebbitors being called nazis would make them question the popular muh nazis narrative espoused by the media, but then I remembered that they're idiots.

>> No.27482529

>bullshit to appear virtuous instead of honestly greedy.
Seriously, everyone saying:
>hedge funds are so greedy
>I will "set my price" and sell at $1,000 lol
>but also I don't care about making money, I just want to lose while plenty of hedgefunds win with my tiny assistance
This feels like a completely wasted event but I knew the bagholder cries would take over. E-celebs who pushed this are going to get hate and it will be funny watching them backtrack.

>> No.27482674

True. Don't buy Silver buy this trash stock instead greater fool.

>> No.27482685

New Seeking Alpha is out


>> No.27482907

You stupid motherfuckers realized you all did this yourselves right? Everyone stopped focusing on 1-3 specific stocks and went full retard into 20 different things that you were all convinced were going to be the "next GME". And now that's tanking what could have been prices that would hold for a while and kept rising, not just a blip for a couple days.

>> No.27482937

Yeah actually. That's why I don't. Why the fuck do we have the equivalent of the fed in bitcoin?

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Iktfb, Im a Chad and lost a great one but because I wasnt financially secure, and now that Im making it she died recently and I dont even care about making it anymore because my secondary objective failed.
How to shut off emotions without an hero?

>> No.27483078

Have you been inside a Gamestop in the last 5 years? I went a few days before Christmas to grab a gift card, at the time you would expect retail stores to be at peak holiday business. There was probably 4 customers in he store, including myself. The entire store was cluttered with cheap plastic figurines, toys, and various 'geeky' trinkets. A tiny portion of the back wall was dedicated to display copies of video games. I stood in a short line for half an hour, while I watched the single employee on shift rip off a guy selling his PS4 after testing it out to make sure it worked. Can't remember the price they gave him, but not only was shockingly low, they also took a large percentage off because he wanted cash instead of a giftcard. Gamestop is a dying piece of shit company. The pump was not organic market movement.

>create viral 'movement' on the verge of being a cult to convince as many dumb people as possible to buy a shit stock
>inflate them with false promises of immense riches
>this is a movement! It's not about the money!
>praise members that buy/hold as heroes
>paint sellers as weak minded pussies
Yeah, that doesn't sound manipulative at all.

>> No.27483806

It is still a hot potato game that ends soon enough. There are winners and losers long and short.

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we are in the endgame

>> No.27486454

>Isn't buying BTC after it mooned stupid tho
people said this when bitcoin hit $1, $10, $100, $1000, $10,000 and $20,000. What's so special about this time?

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Perfect until the head, what a prawn!!!

>> No.27487863

The first step is admitting that you are a degenerate gambler. Day trading and gambling on market exploits is not investing.

The second step is figuring out if you actually want to be that risk tolerant + learning how to calculate risks that are with your risk tolerance so that wins and losses won't have as much of a psychological impact.

If you are getting a rush or feeling despair, you're out of your depth.

>> No.27489164

>violation of the free market.
No such thing in capitalism
>NoT rEAl caPItaLism
Shoo shoo go back and take your pills.

>> No.27489591

I'll say it was fun watching people who knew what they were doing take advantage of this.
I watched a guy scalp 4k on gme over like four hours and literally all he was doing was holding for less than roughly five minutes and keeping small stop losses. He was just good at predicting breakouts. His first trade was -2.6k too and he didn't give a fuck.

>> No.27489600

are you suggesting basement dwellers would've bought the 90% of stock held by institutions if not for the block?

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>she's probably getting blacked

>> No.27490001


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Oh no.

>> No.27490465

There's no point really in talking with these people. You can explain how one lender can theoretically build infinite short interest and then wind it back down with a tiny amount of shares rotating and they not only deny that's true, they deny the implications. How many are lying vs dumb, idk.

>> No.27491155

>are you suggesting basement dwellers would've bought the 90% of stock held by institutions if not for the block?

Not basement dwellers. Normies. There were tons of them ready to throw a few hundred dollars at GME as long as it was easy. That's why the easy apps were ordered to kill buys.

>> No.27491403

Weak!! They'll will never make it if all they want is instant gratification

>> No.27492375

How are you gonna call yourself ‘the last American vagabond’. How fucking delusional can you be, every other American and their cousin lives out of a van at this point

>> No.27492995

>mod said to sell
Redditors confirmed for bitch niggas

>> No.27493150

I'm sure not getting her with my awful portfolio

>> No.27493194

Imagine a man named MotorizedDoucheCanoe saving your life

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