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what were LINK threads like in 2018?

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We would spend our time searching for breadcrumbs and fudding. It was so comfy.

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Everybody can go to warosu and check for themselves: there was even more Fud back then. Fud was probably at worst when Link dipped to something like 20 cents in november/december 2018

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Wall to wall fud, because most of /biz/ was completely obsessed with Reddit.

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cringe ass memes, delusion and weak fud, more or less like rubic desu

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>insider LARP
>good breadcrumbs
>Jason Parser FUD
>a lot of pepe memes
>yacht party hopium
the price was low but we had fun, good memories

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fud was horrible because people didnt understand it. fud became unbearable once their understood it. fud made me sell at 2.5

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Go on warosu, put the date to 2018 and start browsing. It was full of fud and shill. Full of hope and despair. Mainnet was always coming "soon". Every conference/event was special, but usually ended with the same slides. It was comfy in a way and really depressive as well.

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Its happening to me again with iExec threads, its crazy!

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Sergeys backpacking in Thailand
2 men team
Sergery is dead
Nail saloon
Cup of coffee
GitHub commits
ChainLink bring illegal im the USA

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Hopeful, back then we thought the team was working and we'd see big things. Now we're just abused women throwing good money after bad.

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dont forget the Cayman Island fud and the toilets

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i've never tried the archives, seems like it'd be impossible to find what i'm after due to the sheer volume of threads here daily

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The events part is very true, the fud/depression isn't. The mood was generally optimistic and good.

As for events yeah we'd tune in to everything the team would do, even fringe UK linkpool rubbish.

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Yep that was when I got turned off of it. Lesson learned, potential longevity is a lot more important than current hype. Especially in this era of the crypto market.

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one of the reasons why i left the board back then.

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Like RLC threads now

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There was pee
There was poo

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Toilets wasn't even fud. But yeah Cayman Islands got me lol.

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Fun times for sure

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100% Agree it's actually fun watching it unfold all over again, hopefully the result is the same.

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Dude, the very first conference they were apart of they were located next to the bathroom and you could hear it flushing sometimes. It was talked about a bunch
>can't hear your argument over the toilet flushing
kinda funny now sergey can't stop dumping tokens

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You forgot pregnant sergey.

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Are you guys not lying to me?

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Yeah I said that wasn't fud. That was just the truth lmao

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Buy mobius sirs

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Look through the archives, look at the quality of memes, quality of posts, all the fud and sometimes just sometimes you get a post that is written by an actual genius giving you glimpses of the future you're holding in your hands. It's all happening again on this board and been happening for few months now. It's oilers turn now and they deserve it.

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>fantasies of power regarding Link some day achieving 20-50$

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>Hello /biz/. You don't need to know who I am and I am not anyone important. I am very much the average neet, however since a few years ago I have often had vivid dreams that come true.
>These dreams aren't like the stereotypical prophetic dreams you may think of when you imagine prophetic dreams. They aren't end of the world scenarios but usually just personal related revelations. Sometimes I've ignored a dream to my own detriment. For example, a dream revealed to me not to day trade and simply accumulate. As you might expect, I lost huge stacks of coins from moving them around after ignoring it and FOMOing thinking I could make gains.

>I have not been a big linker. I have often thought an ERC20 token can not be that valuable, that LINK is dependent of ETH and so on, although I held some anyway.

>Now, I recently had a dream concerning LINK. What you probably want to know is what is LINK going to be worth? Essentially, a lot. A lot. As in, the larps are real a lot(in the distant future, not eoy). Just as buying a few hundred dollars in BTC set you for life, if you invest now you will not have to work. I have no idea why it is worth so much, but I will not be ignoring this dream. Sergey seems to have been chosen ahead of time to head the project. Is not just a hobby project by him, he was picked specifically to do it. It is an intentional low key project worth potentially trillions in marketcap. Basically, the memes appear to be on the mark, even if by coincidence.

Posted in 2018

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>I hold tens of thousands of LINK and I have really bad fantasies of power regarding Link some day achieving 20-50$

>I will reach 10k with my christmas money
>Insane Price like 50$ would put me only at 500.000$ feels bad

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During the dumps back to $0.2 and then the following crab was really depressing for me and probably many others especially since I didn't have any extra money to buy more LINKs. It also depended on whether it was a silent time breadcrumbs/news wise or not since a $0.2 dump with good breadcrumbs was actually quite ok comfy. I was just 18yo back then and seeing my $10k go back to $3.5k wasn't the best feeling.

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comfy time with frens

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RLC was always, always the token with the most potential and best memes & FUD after LINK. I sold my RLC bag to make money on shitcoins and I feel anxious for DOTB every single day.

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The original thread of this

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Sometimes we would send out an ass signal to stinky signal assblaster master. But then he sold out and got stinky rich.

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Does anyone have the etherscan of their ETH wallet btw?

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>fud made me sell at 2.5

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Note, I can see a whole bunch of stuff and the point may ultimately just be "relax about that" or some personal revelation. It went something like this though.

>Chainlink development is on a tiny house, on an island in the middle of nowhere
>I and some others walk up to this house
I felt this represents the community, it is only known in a few places online, it isn't widely known even in crypto.
>Sergey answered the door, but his face was distorted, that of a hermit (pic related)
>He began to yell jibberish
>I conclude this project is clearly more retarded than it looks, irrelevant.
>I wonder why I even came and I go to leave.
>I am about to leave Sergey takes pity on me coming so far out, he transforms from his hermit form and speaks eloquently
>I realize his hermit form is a front to hide what is happening inside.
>He encourages me to come in the house
>I see other members, I assume they represent the team
>I start seeing crypto projects giving speeches
>I can see their partnerships like a website layout
>There is an empty gap on the layout
>It reveals chainlink on every single one
>I see people speaking to governments, these are separate projects but using LINK

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>People ask questions
>After someone asks the token price, he goes into a whisper.
>Now there is nobody around
>He states the price will easily be around $100,000 for a small stack of LINK
>This surprised me as he never talks about the price like this in other presentations.
>I am utterly shocked
I view this as him irl, wanting to tell everyone how big it will be, but maybe he can't for legal reasons or keeping it low key.
>I look at his computer, it is a project too big for me to even understand
>I realize he is actually extremely smart and has been picked to make this
>he works secretly on this island, like a secret govt base developing a new high tech weapon
>It may be a jason parser, or not, but they want to implement it right, he has done insane amounts of theory on how it should work, paper is everywhere. It's not just code.

That's about the gist of it. Pic related for the general idea of the shack on an island.

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>I view this as him irl, wanting to tell everyone how big it will be, but maybe he can't for legal reasons or keeping it low key.

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> Philosophy major

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Anyone else here got airdropped 32'000 MNE? They're trying to steal my stinkies, isn't it.
fucking jews

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>tfw we brainwashed each other into holding LINK till at least 1k eoy
>tfw we were spot on and we are going to be rich because we memed pigmalion effect to reality

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>assblaster lore
why did he sell? why did he betray us just like this?

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its similar to rubic

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It's a scam, ignore it

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Like Quant threads. Full of fud.

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just go to warosu, and earch for keyword chainlink in OP threads, and rder by date, u'll be in for fun times

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pic related. we knew we were going to make it.

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It has been shilled hard. It looked like pajeet scam to me. Thats why I bought up late, and thats why I will never forgive linkies for that.

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The same as PNK threads.

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it's your own fault for not reading the whitepaper and thinking for yourself

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I get airdropped so many shitcoins to my Eth address, I assume cause my wallet is top 200, that its funny at this point

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that said, I'm glad you got in, fren

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That was the time when I sold my 10k QASH and moved them to Link, price of both was around 20c .. best move of my life ...

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"Thanks, just bought 100k"
"Did you fall for the meme?"
"overrated shitcoin"
and so on. Pure bullshit

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Assblaster/Blythe Masters

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scam. i know you're the OP from that thread.
>"hey guys this wacky thing just happened, is it legit??"
>posts exact instructions on how to do it
>send 1 ETH get $8k back!!1!
kill yourself you piece of shit trying to scam newfags.

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are you stupid, or something?

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They were way more productive than anything you'll find these days.

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>cross links his scam thread to a LINK thread
>what are you talking about lol i'm totally just curious about this free money that costs 1 ETH

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How about you calm your saggy tiddies?

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I left in 2018. 2017 was good

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About like current GRT threads. I fell for the FUD on those old threads, I won’t this time.

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Honestly, LINK threads were some of the best times I ever spent on the internet.

Antshares (now NEO) in 2017 were also pretty high energy. STRAT threads now are a lot like LINK was back then. I also loved /fit/ sip threads 2017.

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Link threads had that special quality about them, it's what got me into crypto. I remember the first ethereum shilling and i remember thinking it was never gonna happen.
Link shills gave the same feel. I was very excited. Then I got in at all time high, got distracted by diversifying into meme pump and dumps and lost all hope after the crash. Im glad the stinky linkies made it. But sad I cant join them.

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join us over at AVAX, it's the second coming of LINK

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We'd call LINKs stinky linkies
and link 'bagholders' 'linklets'

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The javascript has been hacked and now all LINK nodes are being affected, meaning they will go offline one by one.

But here's the real trick; every node that goes offline first has to be validated by other nodes, Thus the first node won't go offline until EVERY SINGLE NODE has verified it actually has gone offline

LINK will be in an infinite javascript loop. Maybe if you're a programmer you will recognize FOR and WHILE loops. Well.. This is a FOR loop that NEVER ends.

The price will TANK to at least 100 satoshi. Maybe even lower when the nodes are actually verified being offline.

Sergey is now busy setting up extra nodes to undo this process. Called contra-hacking. He has injected some GO-language code, pseudo-offline code, into the ChainLink network. This means nodes will appear the be online, while they are struggling to go offline, but in the meantime they cant because it isnt verified yet. Neat trick if you ask me, but it wont last long before the other nodes will know whats really going on.

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Insider here. No, literally, I'm INSIDE Sergey's stomach right now. He's eating everything. I'm seeing all kinds of things around me covered in gastric juices from severed heads to big macs to link cubes. Before I get fully digested, I just want to let all my fellow marines know that I can hear Sergey saying that the link token was never meant to be priced over $1, and that he is yelling at Ari and Evan to add it to the whitepaper. Goodbye frens

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I was at eth denver the other day and I went to the bathroom to take a dump. Midway through this guy starts talking to me about smart contracts from the next stall. At first I didn't respond because I thought he was on the phone but then he knocked on my stall and repeated the question. I said "umm not really" but he just kept talking about psd2 and sibos and iso20022. I said okay thanks for the information (trying to be polite). Then he asked if I wanted a t-shirt and pushed it under the stall. I said umm no thanks but he kept insisting. When I tried to flush and got up to leave he was pounding at the door yelling something about big macs and 1k eoy. I couldn't leave and had to call the police before I could leave the stall. After the police dragged this official member of the Chainlink team away I opened the stall door and saw feces spread all over the door. There were massive hand and foot prints of shit everywhere. About a dozen shitty chainlink shirts were on the ground and I had to step over them to leave. Wtf guys is this normal for chainlink?

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Gay as fuck fanatics just like they are now

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I was at the fireside chat this week. At one point Tom called Sergey a sandwich fucker. He even accused Sergey of eating the sandwiches after busting loads into them. There was an intense bit of silence while Sergey glared. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead immediately, and his face was flush. He forced a chuckle into the microphone. Then he walked off stage and just out of the room where there was a magazine rack. He was still in full view of everyone through a window. He starts taking these magazines, two and three at a time, and just tearing them to shreds. Sometimes he would pick one up, and try to twist and tear the whole thing at once, but fail, so then he would start ripping out individual pages. He was facing away from everyone, so we couldn't see his facial expressions. This went on for two minutes at least. At this point I thought he was totally screwed, and that he had just ruined the reputation of chainlink in one fell swoop. However, he turned around and walked back into the room. He looked completely rejuvinated and full of vigor again. He proceeded to completely btfo Tom in every way, acting as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Afterwards, he even did a little q&a session after Tom left due to being frustrated from the btfo. Janitorial services were picking up the mess of shredded magazines at this point, and the only acknowledgement Sergey ever made to the mess was when one of the older janitors fell over while leaning to pick up the pieces. He sort of covered his hand with his mouth, clearly holding back laughter. It was bizarre, but with genius comes inevitable personality quirks.

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I went to a McDonald's restroom and I saw this guy in there. he was sweating profusely and muttering to himself about a hooker and regretting what he's done. I tried to ignore him. I walked my hands and he got really, really close to me. he then brushed my arm with his sweating palm then quickly grabbed my forearm. I said WTF dude, stop sweating and touching me. he only said buy chainlink and perhaps both our problems will go away. I left the bathroom and I heard an order called for 6 bigmacs. this guy walks out, grabs the 6 bigmacs and dropped the fucking bag because he was so sweaty. one Mac even feel out of the wrapper and he picked it off the floor, took a bite and said it won't even matter if we all would just buy chainlink. gave me the chills.

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this. i only bought 1k for the memes in january 18.
then crypto went to the bottom and because i never made any gains at the point winter 18/19 arrived the price dumping mixed with the biz fud got me into not buying any more. i was depressed af and thought link and all crypto would go to 0.
then when it pumped past $1 i bought 500 more (poorfag).
when it dumped in march 2020 i bought 100 more.
now i will never be able to buy more link

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I'm actually more qualified to talk about this than most anons.I'm employed with a cyber-techno machinations company, I do a lot of security analyst programming type work. Open source, decentralized, APIs, partnerships, you name it. We'd be one of the first companies in line for something like Chainlink, if the decentralized smart contract space had more value over traditional data exchanges. There's a catch though, an underlying flaw more deeply embedded in the bedrock of LINK than the very code itself. The flaw is with the concept, and it's this: Companies won't actually go through the hassle of trusting their data API's through crypto.
Now I can already hear your keyboards going frantic, but hear me out. /biz/ hates banks, and traditional data providers. But actual companies, businesses, and investors do not. There's an old saying you might have heard of: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!". The idea that any of our bosses would give us the go ahead if we approached them to put our companies valuable data in a smart contract on a cryptocurrency called Chainlink, that they've never heard of, we'd be laughed out at best and fired on the spot at worst. We already have API data buyers and providers we trust.
'But Chainlink is trustless!' I hear you cry, but is that really a good thing? Just listen to the sound of it. Businesses don't want to spend millions of dollars on something that is trustLESS, they want something trustFUL. 'But the reputation system!', doesn't that defeat the whole point of your coin? If companies only trust nodes with high reputation, what's the difference between trusting banks and data providers that already have reputation, but in real life not on a computer screen.
The fact is, LINK is going to share the same fate as ETH will. A lot of 'real world application' hype, with a lot of 'crypto world application' reality. Only, this billion supply coin isn't going to come close to the $1k that Etherum hit. Happy gambling though anons.

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Yeah, me neither. Sergey has ruined my family. Last summer, I approached the miserable fat fuck in the street, and asked him for his autograph, because my son is a huge fan. The fucking guy gave me the autograph and told me to burn in hell. Later, when I gave my son the autograph he started crying and said he hated me. Turns out the motherfucker didnt write his autograph, no, he wrote “you’re a piece of shit, and i fucked your mom". I’m now divorced, and planning a huge class-action lawsuit against the extra large devil that ruined my life. Your time is almost over, Sergey. All the people you’ve wronged will rise against you.

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kek, had not seen this one before

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Don't forget that autist that posted the chick in chainlink armor, and analyzed wallet movements all the time. I believe he sold early before $4.

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"Ring ring", the alarm clock said. "Ring ring, Sergey! It is time!" The alarm clock was programmed to sound just like Thomas' soft-spoken voice. Sergey had no choice but to wake up at the sound of the alarm clock he had set up through his own oracle node on the blockchain network many nights prior. While he was still feeling tired from the previous night of intense partying with on-chain verifiably legal Asian prostitutes and would have preferred to remain dormant for a few more hours, he knew the ineluctably of time's running its course was a factor beyond his God-like control. "Cursed be the fool who created the clock!" he exclaimed, half-angrily, half-jokingly, waking up Ting-Ting, the Vietnamese concubine. Alas, she didn't understand a single word of English. "Bring me my morning coffee, whore!", Sergey ordered. "And make it a large one!" Sergey knew the alarm clock's tamperproof and decentralized mechanism woke him up for a very specific reason on that day: so he would not forget to accomplish his duty. Like an Olympian God reminding humans of their roles in the world, the alarm clock reminded Sergey of his fate. Sergey booted his computer, drinking from his enormous cup while Ting-Ting massaged his feet. At last, the caffeine had entered his system and feeling finally ready to process; the ogre simply whispered: "Ahh... let the weekly dump begin..."

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lies and slander. DELET THIS

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Biz in the middle of 2017-2018 was a very special time and place to be a part of. Maybe it meant something. Maybe not, in the long run . . . but no explanation, no mix of words or music or memories can touch that sense of knowing that you were there and alive in that corner of time and the world. Whatever it meant. . . .

There was madness in any direction, at any hour. If not in a breadcrumbs thread, then in seeing endless pink wojaks and fud threads during a mere 3% dip. . . . You could strike sparks anywhere. There was a fantastic universal sense that whatever we were doing was right, that we were keeping reddit poor. . . .

And that, I think, was the handle—that sense of inevitable victory over the forces of Old and Evil. Not in any mean or military sense; we didn’t need that. Our energy would simply prevail. There was no point in fighting—on our side or theirs. We had all the momentum; we were riding the crest of a high and beautiful wave. . . .

So now, less than five years later, you can jump onto warosu and search for link, and with the right kind of eyes you can almost see the high-water mark—that place where the wave finally broke and rolled back.

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I got scared and sold at $4 lol

>> No.27476829

It was the beginning of nu/biz/, when satoshi valuation was replaced by fiat

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After Adelyn failed the spelling bee she was disowned by her family for committing a grave Chinese sin. Her father told her that he no longer had a daughter and the entire family turned their back on her. Distraught with nowhere to turn she headed back to campus her place of shame. It began raining then, silver streaks that hid her tears as she struggled to stay warm.
Sergey found her there at the library clutching a wet dictionary just trying to keep warm while memorizing the words. Sergey spoke to her in soft words that warmed her heart. Although Adelyn didn't know Sergey very well. He didn't look like a scammer; he just looked like a thin nerd that meant no harm.
Sergey saved her that day and brought her to a place where spelling doesn't matter. A place where people do as they please without worrying about knowing anything about the problems of the world.
And that place, frens, is ChainlInk, a new land of opportunity where problems that really don't exist are being solved. Adelyn says Sergey is a modern day Wittgenstein and orcales are his problem. Adelyn is not sure what an oracle is or why it's needed or even if it's needed but she still keeps that same dictionary on her bookshelf to remind her of that faithful first encounter with Sergey. The dictionary is faded and torn and really isn't much help but it still brings her warmth and that's what's most important.

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>"Alright well... here we have Mr Sergey Nazarov, representing Smartcontract and their flagship blockchain oracle project, Chainlink! Please welcome Sergey to the stage"
>light applause gives way to the sound of heavy breathing and clipping as the sound of moist meat rubbing on flannel reverberates throughout the venue
>Sergey lumbers out on stage, carefully judging the distance between each step and taking several minutes to traverse the tiny set of stairs due to his prodigious bulk
>He stops at the top, wiping his brow vigorously. When his hand drops, his eyes are bloodshot and glazed, and he has mustard stains on his collar. He has either not noticed this or simply doesn't care.
>A brief look of surprise crosses his face as he remembers where he is
>"Ah so uh... funda...fundamentally"
>he fumbles with his little clicker and almost drops it after fishing it out of his pockets, which also seem to contain several spicy shaker fry packets from McDonalds
>one falls to the floor, and he turns away from the stage as if this will hide the fact that he is just sucking on his finger after dipping it in the bag
>"Yannow... I think I'll just let this neato little presentation present itself! Haha... there's a surprise at the end."
>He clicks through the slides on the projector for several minutes, yawning audibly and checking his phone as he does so.
>A smile creeps across his face as he nears the end of the presentation.
>"Oh, here's the new part."
>the last slide shows a new transaction from the usual wallet, this time selling off 1.4 million tokens in one batch
>he makes a hand gesture at the effects booth, and a small pyrotechnics display fires off while fresh fifty dollar bills rain down from above the stage
>he lies down in the money pile and makes a money angel as the curtains draw closed
>he is later seen being carried out on a stretcher to his limo, not because he is injured but because he is asleep

>> No.27477146
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4000 sats or worse by next month. The project is possibly dead in the water after this knowledge.

Sybil attacks are possible since sybil resistance requires KYC or "trustworthy" node operators. Most people won't KYC because it's antithetical to the idea of crypto itself being decentralized and "anonymous". Therefore, since most operators won't want to KYC, LINK will not be sybil resistant.

Now why does RLC make LINK obsolete in this regard? It's simple. The PoCo algorithm is so well designed that iExec's dOracles can rely on it instead of KYC for sybil resistance.

Boom. I sold all of my LINK at 1.40 because I knew after RLC v3 dumped, that even LINK would dump.

I will not be buying back after learning this. I am all in RLC at the price of $0.50

Sorry gentlemen, I thought LINK was going to save me just like all of us did, but this is the nail in the coffin.

>> No.27477287
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I saw Sergey Nazarov while visiting Auschwitz yesterday. Every time the tour guide started to talk about the camp he would interrupt by yawning really loudly and shout "Boring! Get to the good parts!" - I don't think he was even tired. When we got to the gas chamber he screamed "Fake, there were no gas chambers! The Soviets built this after the war" and then started mimicking a Jew suffocating on Zyklon B.
After the tour he walked straight up to me and said "they deserved it anyway", and praised the Nazis for their "decentralized" camp system, but they could have used an oracle to "improve the process." He then stood on a podium and informed everyone that Jews were "vermin" and that he had made it his mission to destroy the "Judeo-Bolshevic World Order."
Later that day the staff found pictures of the Chainlink logo stapled everywhere.
Even later they realized he stole most of shoes and striped pyjamas left by the gassing victims from the display. CCTV caught him walking around Salesforce HQ in the pyjamas pretending to be a ghost.
I can't believe anyone would buy a coin made by this guy.

>> No.27477395
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> be Ari Juels
> Tell weird philosophy student about an oracle problem and introduce him to your number cult
> "Remember the 42 and 216 goy"
> Tell him that muh tech can solve this problem
> "You can even put your name on this white paper I wrote, Sergey, I get enough credit"
> "You're a smart man Ari"
> Ask Sergey to put together a team of saps
> he meets Adelyn crying over some spelling contest at a local community college and Steve at the bus stop
> Thomas was a neet whose mom forced him to apply for part time work at the nail salon in front of Chainlink HQ
> Everyone else was (((recruited online organically through JIDF channels)))
> Jonny used to post exclusively on anonymous horse and stable coin forums
> "Here, Sergey, Chainlink will solve all the problems of the oracle"
> "Gee thanks Ari you're the best"
> 32 million solved Ari's oracle problem... at least for awhile
> Ari exploits backdoor in Chainlink code
> Tell Sergey
> Sergey is devastated
> Sergey spams "it's over" threads on /biz/
> "It's okay I have an idea"
> Sell Town Crier solution to Sergey "hey I was just working on this and thought you might like it :^)"
> A few more million solved Ari's oracle problem.... At least for awhile
> Ari exploits TC code through backdoor and informs Sergey
> Sergey is suicidal
> He begins spamming tranny porn on /biz/ in revenge
> "It's okay Sergey I've got a new solution to your oracle problem but we have to include my student in this scam I mean company"
> A few more million solves Ari's and Zhang's oracle problem"
Hook, Line, and Stinker

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>Sergey waddles onto the stage to introduce the next speaker
>"Uh yeah, so, fundamentally... We invited Spencer to talk about how blockchain technology and smart contracts can help level the playing field for the poorest communities in America in an era of unjust socio-economic inequality"
>50 Cent - "in the club" plays
>Sergey gets down on one knee
>Spencer Dindu swaggers onto the stage in a haze of weed smoke, pants sagging
>The livechat is flooded with 'N' letters, Rory can't delete and block fast enough
>LINK dumps to zero on all pairs in an instant
>mass neet suicides EOY

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>fud made me sell at 2.5

>> No.27479343

Lol why are you bragging about missing out? You sir are an idiot and had a great opportunity looking you right in your face and you threw it away because of “shilling”. OG link threads were the only readable threads on this wasteland of a board.

>> No.27480069