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right here baby. delegating and accumulating as I should.

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It's dumping...

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Such a comfy hold.

Logo is trash though

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How buy in jew york

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sorry frens, you have been scammed

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if xrp can change their fidget spinner logo so can grt

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care to elaborate at all? this is one of the most fundamentally sound projects in crypto, unironically.
this is literally a return to mean, it's what happens in legitimate projects and not pump and dump scams.

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crypto.com or uniswap.

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I've bought GRT at 0.86

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A token that launches with an actual working in demand service that actually solves real world problems is such a breath of fresh air. Tired of shit coins who point out the obvious problems (duh) but don't do shit - they are "working" to build a system to solve the stated problem, but never accomplish anything.
GRT hasn't even done it's 10x moon yet despite being easy as fuck to understand. Feels good to be able to accumulate.

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no u didn't you the same pajeet fudder who spammed in grt threads 2 weeks ago

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what other projects do you guys have confidence in?

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I feel the exact same, knowing that GRT actually solves a real problem and has already proven that it can do so through the testnet and hosted service. 99% of crypto is a shitty cashgrab, but this is not one of them. Serious funding is behind this and it will be a staple product in the web3 ecosystem.

Just LINK/GRT/ETH for now. I have decent confidence in AVAX and DOT to be the top blockchains for enterprises in the future because of their easy customization when it comes to subnets, especially AVAX. I also think that 0x is here to stay and will continue to amass volume as corporations enter crypto and choose to tokenize assets and set up marketplaces.

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I believe in it...

First crypto I heard about when I first came to biz.

I finally worked up the courage to buy a little bit for the purpose of learning how swinging works then I learned about the utility and delegating and was sold from there.

Its biggest threat is someone taking the same idea and doing it/marketing it better.

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0.40 or no buy

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That is the biggest threat, but no one has even stepped up to the plate and we've all seen what it's like to be a first-mover in crypto. I don't think another project could significantly improve on this one, aside from tokenomics perhaps, but then they would miss out on the funding and development that GRT has. GRT has literally been developing their product for 3 years, perfecting it, and it would take a whole lot for a competitor to beat them at this point.

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I bought at 0.80, am i retarded ?

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I heard someone say parsiq could be used for thsi and for other shit as well, does it make any sense? I don't know what parsiq does

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yeah whatever sure it has a working use case but the tokenomics are shit and will prevent it from mooning

This shit will be a stablecoin.

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How many GRT to be worth 2 million EOY?

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steel your hands and enjoy the ride. if you're still too emotional, i suggest only watching price action during the weekends and ignore midweek

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nope, parsiq is way smaller in scope. parsiq is literally a company that does developer-friendly triggers based on blockchain events.
The Graph indexes the blockchains from the ground-up, allowing people to query the subgraphs and do whatever they want with the data. It has a much greater degree of freedom and is way, way larger in scope.

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Bought 4k at around 25-30c and want to finish off a comfy 10k stack.

Should I wait for a dip or just get in now?

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sitting comfy on a 950 stack

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Some anon convinced me to wait for wednesday thursday, I am waiting

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now sitting comfy on a 955 stack bois

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2 million

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I think that now is not a bad time to buy some, as we seem to have hit some solid support at this level, but I wouldn't be surprised if we dip down to $0.70 or below over the course of the week. If you're unsure, buy divide your buys until thursday or friday.

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I was there when he did this.

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I bought at .80 too anon, but my hands are literal diamonds. I'm not too worried cause this was my first poor buy and i'm playing with the houses money after pulling my basis out. I think it's a good long term hold anyway so ima just DCA down and enjoy em when they Link their way to greatness

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When it’s at 1.20 you’ll be laughing at yourself for worrying about a 7 cent drop.

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Same here. Gotta build on my lil 200 stack

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What are the competing tokens with GRT? It can't be the only thing trying to do indexing right?

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check those digits faggots. GRT is the best newer long term hold there is

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It unironically is.

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I need a little dump to keep accumulating

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isn't there like 10billion circulation potential? so this shit won't be worth anything

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I don't even understand the rationale behind this fud. You guys had some actually decent fud going with the supply inflation coming up, but this is really reaching.

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Large percentage of those have been delegated and are earning their owners more GiRTh.

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Sold this shitty pajeetcoin.

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