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2k GRTlet here. How much do you own and how much do you plan on to accumulate to make it?

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115 :(

>t.3rd world fag

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Like 1200 or so. Feels bad man

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I have 750
I sold 250
I want 5k minimum

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keep on accumulating brothers.

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I'm planning to sell quit at 80 cents and wait for a bigger dip

t. bought at $0.4-0.5

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seems scammy but i have some just in case
are you staking?

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no staking for me. I don't have enough to make it worthwhile imo.

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With this number of coins the 74 cents is a good max price. What makes you think it will pump higher. To me it looks like it's ready to drop like a rock to about 40 cents. I mean I'm no day trader and just came back to /biz/ after 2 years or so, so this is new to me. I'm sitting on some alts from the alt season so I'm open to critique.

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Only 500. I'd love to buy 10k, but I'm waiting until 0.45.

I expect a progression similar to chainlink, so
>2022 $2
>2023 $5
>2024 $10

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It's 10x as many coins as link so $10 seems a bit too much. Basically ×2 from now seems legit.

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>With this number of coins the 74 cents is a good max price.
The amount of coins in circulation is going to drop like a stone eventually and will be tied up in delegation.

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Have about 700 right now. I plan on putting some of my paycheck on it every month

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that will increase the price.

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8k girth here. am i gonna make it? so fucking mad that i didn't accumulate during the month dip.

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yeah, i'm a little upset i missed out too.

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stop fudding

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I got this of course, but this prediction >>27466457 is a very good excerpt for $10 maybe.
Still a good way to make x5 from today's levels. I am using kucoin price of 74cents.
It looks ready to drop to about 56 cents. I haven't paid attention for 2 years now or more really, so I am not sure if this is a next link and I missed link cause of the supply of the coins. It's just my preference.
I also think that the marketing is very very important. I'm sitting on a shit ton of icon. Good tech, good idea, low supply, working product and basically government backed and yet it's moving like shit because it has 0 marketing. I'm starting to think that marketing is all there is to the coins for now.

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1k stacklet. Accumulating more.

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Yes, it should. Especially if the marketing is good. Normies pile up into the most shiny coins. I think that the tech is secondary to this.

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Isn't that the law of everything?

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I can tell a shitcoin by how terrible the original memes are compared to the ones ripped from link

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It looks that way. I will buy some after it goes down to what looks like 55 cents or so and hold for the next pump in a few years.
This cycle I still think it maxed out. Maybe by April or so it will move higher. Where do you trade it for btc?

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better than none, brother.

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not necessarily secondary. You already have have big names hosted by it's service.

And they are continually expanding.


this coin is not just shiny. it's legit.

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Just checked the markets. It's on all big exchanges, I do not expect x10 but I may be wrong since the normies pile up to Binance and Kucoin.
BTW all of the Americans surely left Binance and are piling up to Kucoin so picking up a few kucoin tokens may be a good idea.

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where is the obligatory anon asking fot this pic? anyway here it is, enjoy it my friends

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I'm not saying that it isn't legit, I'm simply discussing the max price for this cycle. I have a feeling that the max was achieved or maybe x2 for this cycle? Basically hard to tell because the main exchange is in usdt, that's pretty weird to be honest so hard to tell. Usually the usdt exchange is secondary to eth-btc one. Here it's kind of upside down. I would like to trade it for satishi growth when the btc goes upside down by the end of February this year.
Usually this is what I do, I accumulate btc by trading shit coins for it at the end of the halvening pump.
Here this is limited because it's mainly a usdt trade.

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interesting, i like your style.

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