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What is your profession?

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fullstack developer

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Line worker. U?

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Pot selling fornicator.

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Tendies vendor at basecamp

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fintech investment

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bizops at THE ib

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4chan marketing specialist

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I'm the CEO of drain gang

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crypto trader by profession

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Furry porn writer

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Stay at home son

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Subacute therapy nurse

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Based mouth words

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Professional Retard

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Hot-dog street vendor

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Merican army LPN

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grt bagholder

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I live off of college aid grants and scholarships. I have never held a job for more than 10 days

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howd you get into subacute therapy?

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I'm a neet, but for other people I'm an ''freelance strategic investor''

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Substitute teacher, my king

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Suprised there arent as many in this thread

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software architect

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Concrete repair tech

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Same as this anon. It's part of why I see the hype-factor potential that GraphQL brings to the project. It's so hot right now.

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Systems Software Engineer

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that's because 4chan demographics skew towards retards. GRT has a discord though that seems full of smart people

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Helpdesk wfh. I have not been polishing my tech skills since I got this job. So now I will venture into trading more and more. Wish me luck fellow graphies.

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Gambling addict on government support

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Maybe it means you're meant to lead or at the least be your own boss.

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Trust fund baby

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Decentralized search engine investor.

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Worked there as an underling grunt while going to school. Simple as knowing the right people.

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I'll admit that despite being a programmer, I feel dumb as shit when it comes to deeply understanding shit like blockchain, smart contracts, HFE, etc. on a technical level. I get the jist, but it doesn't yet click for me -- I just know to buy this.

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strip club maintenance

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Run shipping and logistics for a multi million dollar company and also farm sushi and surf. Sitting pretty with my 230k grt stack.

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I'm a Janitor

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Housewife. I made chicken tenders today to go on top of a salad and I made chocolate stout cupcakes while watching the charts

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this course covers the fundamentals of distributed systems. Specifically talks auto bitcoin later in the course. Its at a master's level but accessibly even to people without a CS degree imho https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrw6a1wE39_tb2fErI4-WkMbsvGQk9_UB

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Welfare recipient

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Based mommy gf

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sorry about the typos, the meaning is clear I hope

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Furry porn artist

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Disability neet

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Good, we will need a cook for this journey.

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Director of Marketing

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Looks neat, I'll keep a tab on it. Thanks.
All that sort of stuff is why I don't regret wimping out on a CS degree. I can do the trade of coding just fine and general computational thinking, but actual academic comp sci shit is a whole other beast, and I've never been mathematically inclined

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Pornography Historian.

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Pic related

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UI/UX designer. Used to do front-end dev as well but preference is design so trying to focus solely on that now. Currently freelance but essentially unemployed and have for been a wee while now due to <insert long story and shitty unavoidable life/health reasons>. Hoping that might change this year if I can get my act together and with a bit of luck.

A recent'ish project from my portfolio if anyone's curious at all: https://www.behance.net/gallery/90323415/SmartGrow-UI-App-Prototype (kinda doxxing myself, but whatever, 'sif give a fuck)

I noticed The Graph is hiring a UI/UX designer for a remote work position actually. Might take a shot at it, slim as my chances may be...

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market me this token

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I drop thousands of dollars worth of munitions on worthless mud huts and shoot things occasionally

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based as fuck
just invested in LMT and RTX

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Nice, thanks m8

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Who’s got the green text copypasta!?

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Looks good, should definitely apply everywhere. Its a numbers game.

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Google of DeFi

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can we meme this token as a #squeeze play on google/ big tech lol? Everything needs to be a squeeze right now

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Graph is looking good. What can we expect this crab at? I took my profits in USD coin at like .80. When should I buy back in?

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Graph is a brand new token with a rock solid tech use case that also offers the prospect of sustainable passive income through delegation. It is going to be a critical part of the infrastructure for many other huge and important Web 3.0 technologies. What’s not to love about it?

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It's nice to see good UX, especially since I do govt contracts, which have the most cringe terrible experiences you can imagine -- and still require support for IE11 and all its bullshit.

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I'd rather it stay comfy as it is now instead of people bumping it up artificially

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I personally am not a swingie as far as GRT is concerned. Just buy back at .70 tomorrow and hodl

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also, I'm still learning. When converting, should I cash out the whole position (while planning to buy in), or just the profits?

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Nice work...but I can't help but feel.... by the way you type that you're from reddit.

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Automation engineer, mostly do project management

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Cheers buddy, do my best.. Had a consecutive string of failed interviews year before last that was pretty discouraging.... But it's a new year. Probably need to work on my portfolio a bit more but can be difficult to find the motivation when it's not a paid project :/

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Downwardly mobile grandson, genteel poveratist

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based, i'm a legendary member

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I'm a director. The entertainment industry is a cesspool and I can't wait to never work again when this shit moons

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Full time musician, film maker and artist

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Very nice. Can always appreciate a good, pretty, clean UI.

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Yup. Used to work in government for a stint too, incidentally. An experience I'll avoid in the future if I can help it.


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I watch a fuck ton of films - usually 4 to 8 new movies a week. How likely is it that I have seen any of your work?

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sell booze

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Unlikely. Most of the movies/television you watch is produced by a walled garden of the 1%'s children. No cap. .001% of the people you're entertained by came up on their own merit. It's a scam.

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GRTchads! I need GRT memes! Pls give me some!

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Nurse. I‘m working in a very small hospital

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in college rn and doing retail part time

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Thank you, anon.

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Wild Animal Trainer for the film industry. They pay me to mostly browse 4chan on my phone it's pretty sweet.

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yo anybody have the copypasta of the different rankings of grt stacks?
wish I saved that . . .

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IT ServiceDesk

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Fug off pajeet shillers , 10 bill supply it’s already over valued , price should be below 30 cent ideally

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Google of Blockchain Enjoyer

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faggot at large

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I make pizzas. The dream is to accumulate enough GRT and in a few years be able to open my own pizza place.

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I am but a humble retail slave

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Any full stack dev who sees GRT and passes deserves a life of poverty and regret
Absolutely no excuse for not understanding the potential

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Hodl, we’re all gonna make it.

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Machinist cuck

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Even indie horror movies? That’s disappointing

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QA Engineer

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Radiation Oncology Medical Physicist

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Thanks king. I am a programmer as well who got into crypto 5 days ago, but a lot of this stuff is too abstract for me and I would appreciate some good course

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Newfag here, do you by delegation mean delegated proof of stake?

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Hello frens. UNI student with nothing better to do so I trade crypto all day. It's a nice little community we're building here, feeling real comfy for the upcoming years :)

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Compiler engineer

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Looking for another job though, one with at least another QA engineer. Being the only one has its perks, but the workload/stress is too much.

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That's not exactly how it works, but you effectively earn rewards in the same way.

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a student at columbia

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Very nice, good job anon. I am front end (some back end too) dev and I am looking to get into design and ux myself. What is your advice for me? Any courses on udemy or stuff like that?

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Professional pig trainer. You've seen my work. Pays pretty good compared to most office jobs.

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engineer, snowboarder, hunter and father

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L4 manager at amazon warehouse. ik ik.. but free stocks.

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that's nice you at least get some company stonks

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Industrial electrician

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You are great. We love you

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columbia is a good school, especially for a finance student like me

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Software developer, graphic artist, & music producer.

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What the fuck. I thought this place was full of autistic NEETS working at Wendys

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We're all larping, I guess
Except this dude

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The Graph accumulates intellectuals as they accumulate wealth.

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Cheers anon, let’s all fucking make it.

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The graphlets will take down the link marines

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same here lmao either we make it or stuck at help desk forever. god speed fellow retard wagmi

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It takes someone of intellect to understand the scope of this project. We will someday be holding the currency of the world's indexer.
I can't wait to see the day.

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Graphlet reporting 4 dooty

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I make minimum wage at a retail thrift store, and my wallet has a net worth of $1,700

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But how big is your cock?

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Murse. About to be travel murse for $4k/wk.
anyone in here young enough to go for a degree it is a good job
>3x 12h shifts = 4 day weekends
>never replaced by chinks or robots
>recession proof
>unlimited OT
>employers desperate enough you dont have to take much of any shit
To my boss, in front of people
>How mandatory is this mandatory meeting?
then I didnt go and it was fine

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I gotta say, years of experience working with pig actors for Hollywood really prepared me to deal with the crypto and biz community.

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just slightly under 7 inches long, with a 5.5 girth.

I wish, I might as well be a neet right now since my work's been shut down for 3 months.

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how many pigs have you fucked

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looks good anon
what state you in?

>t. art director

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software engineer

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Son... that's no way to talk about your mother.

>> No.27460637

wait just saw NZ on behance nvm

good luck out there.
the motion prototyping was real good. only knock would be getting the proper formatting of ios UI elements if you're using their mock-ups.

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my graphies work for me

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Electrical Maintenance Engineer. Graph is my first investment in anything, outside of the ETF I was saving in, let alone crypto.

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Financial Analyst.

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