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Bnt, Snx and aave

Sushi and uniswap, watch your fucking asshole , it’s coming for you and your forked code

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How much to make it?

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Is it bad timing to stake bnt into the link/bnt pool right now, except for the gas fee, of course? Can the APR really be 116% for bnt in that pool?

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>Can the APR really be 116% for bnt in that pool?
you just need to not be a dumb pussy meaning you need to put in a decent fucking chunk and hold it for 100 days

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I hope 10K is enough

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They're one of the first dapps integrating on arbitrum, once it comes out BNT should see increased usage from lower gas fees.

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Its higher than 110%.
There is a 0.25x multiplier every week you stake, and if you restake your rewards, up to a max of x2 for 4 weeks

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The amount that the BNT devs have pulled off in 3 months is fucking crazy. It has the best governance of any project I follow, that makes me bullish more than anything else. That have an active inner circle and devs who iterate proposed improvements very quickly.

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aren't the 100%+ APR after that multiplier?
or can u really get 250% APR
gas fees are required to restake weekly, right? that's ok now but if eth goes to 3k it could be painful

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Anyone see the price spike on coinbase then come back down pretty quick? Can anyone who knows trading say if that's price being kept down bullish or bearish?

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It is the most obvious 10x.
3+ years old
The og
101 on cmc
250m mcap

It makes no fucking sense but its all good...easy money

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No idea, it could be someone buying to stake...in the discord there a room that pops every tx for when liquidity is added to a pool..

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I've seen that and it makes me smile every time.. wild seeing that much being staked by some people

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link to discord pls fren

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Planned on putting 1600bnt. Is this considered a "good chunk", seeing that the gas is around 150$? I have no problem holding for 100+ days

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If that's the case you'll be fine, maybe restake the rewards every couple weeks or months depending on eth congestion. Not sure which pool has highest bnt APY right now but either way you'll pull in a decent chunk next 3 months

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Thanks, still need to do some more reading about v2.1 and I'll probably stake in the eth/bnt pool since the APR is slightly higher.

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>No new posts
to mee thats rather low

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