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LTO chads, assemble

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Why, hello there friend

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I'm here, come and fud me niggers and pajeets let's see what yall got again.

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The strongest fud happens when LTO silently moons. Earlier today I was called an "LTO nazi" for calling someone out on his LIES because he said he had a stack of 256k LTO and he sold cause he didn't trust the team. Imagine selling when LTO is giving these kinds of returns. You will get obliterated if your fud is based on lies. Let's hear them.

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They're all asleep, it's comfy time.

>LTO nazi

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Unironically the next pajeet street-shitting Pakistani scam...give it up, this scam ahs been exposed, the curry stink has exposed you...you reek of Paki curry ahahaha.. The LTO scam is dumping and crashing..It is over for your Paki dutch scam..all u can do is partner with other scams, link = scam, VIDT datastink = scam...how dare you shill this here, how dare you..begone

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>Link = scam

The Link fud within the LTO fud. Ok you're just joking.

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This is bait anon, also a mix of several copy pasta so it just keeps getting more and more pajeetish

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what the different stack tiers?

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Nice thread very comfy in here

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With pic related in mind

10k suicide
100k make it

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I'm planning on buying around $2-3k worth, should I wait for it do dip back down to 10c or so again or should I just buy now? I know I'll make money either way, but some extra gains wouldn't hurt.

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LTO will reach $100 - $1000


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might be waitin a while for 10c

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SS : 5K-9K
MIS : 10K

STOP with the 100k make it stack meme. The coin is deflationary and burned for each Tx. Even 1k bag is good. The thing is, you must have some. Think ETH at early stage.

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What’s your price target then with a 10k stack?

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Literally the only coin where the clients pay you for staking.

1.5% deflationary annually AND 7% APY from tx fees alone, which is currently at 100k tx. From real businesses and governments. Making it the top 10 most used networks

And the number of transactions have been growing week over week. And with the VIDT acquisition and the UN literally recruiting countries to onboard their land registry, it will keep climbing

This is the easiest bo fucking brainer. Tards here are literally jumping into pajeet pump and dumps scam meme coins and missing out on successful coins with real clients and moon tokenomics that is severely undervalued.

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i don’t care what it pays
what does it do???

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wagmi gentlemen

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make OC memes you worthless pajeets

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make us rich kek.
nah but how bout you make an effort https://www.ltonetwork.com/

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LTO Network
>unparalleled adoption and use-cases in enterprise
>Partnered with IBM, United Nations, AIRBUS, Dutch and Euro gov bodies. Already paying and using the service.
>Q3 Oracle collab with stinky linkies for digital ids (kyc for businesses when doing defi)
>Top 10 in transactions, revenue generated and best price per sale (p/s) ratio at a low mcap 60mil. https://coinstats.network
>50% of circulating supply staked, rewards come entirely from client companies using the service , 0.25LTO each transaction
>Deflationary supply, 0.1 LTO burn each transaction too.
>Coinbase soon for the burgers
It's insane, top coin adoption wise but such a small market cap.
Token you hold is same as clients use.

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LTO holder here, that pic is disgusting and FUD

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Might never happen again during this bullrun, 0.19 was the bottom and there was a strong support there.

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It allows businesses to collaborate on workflows on a private chain, and then "anchor" the hash on the public chain as proof of data integrity.

They are working on Decentralized IFlDs this year, as well

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Should I buy LTO or STA?

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1) to confirm, when LTO price drops, APY also drops (in dollars)? That doesn't seem ideal. Even VIDT for example had a mechanism whereby the burn function increased as token price decreased.

2) what is special about LTO tech stack? Is it just a fork of another project that has been pushed hard for adoption by a business savvy team? I don't understand why the LTO team has had so much success when its just a fork of waves or something

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1) APY is based on LTO amount, not price. You can read more about their decision here: https://blog.ltonetwork.com/faq-why-arent-lto-transactions-pegged-to-the-euro/

2) the provide software solutions for the private layer, so they actually have a revenue stream from that and don't have to rely on dumping their coins on the market.

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