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Fuck this scamcoin. I can't believe that I listened to you, /biz/. This shit isn't going to $3, $5, or $10. I feel bad for you people that still believe this. The euphoria phase is over. This shit is over and done with. You will not get rich with this. I'm just selling my bags at the next pump. I'll recoup some of my life savings I guess...

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ARK is going to make us rich just have some patience.

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Don't forget to sell low

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>This shit isn't going to $3, $5, or $10.

Of course not, at least not in the next 2 weeks like most of you newfags thought. One thing you need to play this game, it is patience. If you don't have it this is not for you and you should go from cryptos.

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Lol you FUDDING dumbass.
It will take a 6 to 12 months at least
if you plan to make money with Ark.
It's not going to blast off to dollars overnight you
dumb fucking kike.

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OP has no gains in crptomarket and won't.

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How is a vaporware project with a hack dev gonna make us rich?

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It's a better lisk. Devs already have a partnership with ledger.

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Hack dev who programmed fucking satellites for european space programs. You can tell he's a hack by how many satellites are falling out of the sky over france.

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Can a fellow Ark brother beg for some free ARK?

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The impatience on /biz/ is staggering. Sell me your coins and then get the fuck out of here for good. Bet you have like $50 invested, fuck off.

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How high do you think this coin will go this year?

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slit your wrists senpai, it's better than hanging
pic related

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Should be well over $1 after they release bridging this year. Ark went to $1.20 earlier, and that's without any major update, so make of that what you will.

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>he's a hack by how many satellites are falling out of the sky over france.
Oh please, "programmed satellites for european space stations"

Just like the janitors at google can say they are revolutionizing the internet search industry

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Ark is literally patience: the coin. Just join the delegate and collect Ark you pussy

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Wow, over $1!!! Much impressive gains

Meanwhile the opportunity cost of hoarding Ark instead of pursuing projects that can make you 2x, 5x, 10x gains during that same time is staggering. You Arkies truly have room temperature IQs

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>projects that can make you 2x, 5x, 10x gains

give examples

>inb4 ans ltc and golem

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>t. no-coiner

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Most coins are depreciating in value at the moment. The chances of picking the right coin to go x10 at this point in time is actually pretty slim.

More than likely you'll get caught bagholding. So you might as well be bagholding something good like ark.

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Wow, over $1!!! Much impressive gains

Meanwhile the opportunity cost of hoarding Ark instead of pursuing projects that can make you 2x, 5x, 10x gains during that same time is staggering. You Arkies truly have room temperature IQs

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lol just give me the coins then


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Gtfo if you don't want to be rich. I can't wait to see the memes made by people that sold early when it is over 5 dollars.

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>over 5 dollars

When? In a decade? legit question. I got ARK myself.

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speculation only leads to loses,
Read about the project, team, follow them on twitter and slack, see their roadmap, and you make your own guess when its gonna moon (if at all), don't invest in projects you don't study trough , if you had , you wouldn't be asking these questions

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$5, thats it? All the hype for this shit coin to only go up to $5 lmao

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>Goes up over 8x from current price
>That's not impressive

The bull run fucking spoiled these newbies

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>I don't understand how to evaluate potential

Tell me that you're a baby bitch that needs to be spoon fed and I'll tell you why you should put more money into ARK.

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I cannot distinguish trolls from retards anymore in /biz/

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Dev barely has connections on LinkedIn

Obvious scam

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Ark isn't going anywhere until it's put on other exchanges because the bot immediately lowers the price when it rises. If it had natural movement it would probably be around a dollar right now.

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what's his age? there are people that don't trust the LinkedYid with their info

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Opinion disregarded immediately

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>he wasn't around for the crash a few months ago
Iron hands, lad. I just doubled up my stack to 5k last night

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Arks one of my cheap, Hail Mary type punts.

Crypto started at 5 pc of my net worth, I ended up putting in 10 and converting 5 x to fiat and ending up with 3 x as many bitcoins, mainly through ethereum gains.

We should hedge our btc hordes with other coins (not eth any more) and pick one or two outliers for potential massive gains.

I'm not betting my house on it but some of my crypto found its way into ark and i like the vision.

Some issues with delegate staking and the community are a mixed bag but it's an interesting coin.

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N-no i cant, wtf, w-w why cant i make quick bux over the back of this coin? Why doesnt it pump and crash 30x ath?

Because devs want to release an actual working product before mooning niggers. Patience the game.

t. 3.8k ARKLET.

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How does one develop on this, in what languages, and can I do it now?

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Deep down, they're really one and the same

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You know really, if a satellite was going to "fall out of the sky" which is really incorrect in the first place, what you're talking about is really more like falling into the air, from the satellite's point of view, there's nothing that would make it more likely to fall over a country that helped make it than anywhere else. I'm just saying a failed satellite from France would be as likely to re-enter the atmosphere over Mongolia or Mozambique as it would over France. France is actually smaller than either of those countries so it's really less likely even more.

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>i get smdh in my id

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Satellites dont even exist, Earth is flat.

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i bought 5k ltc @ 32 and sold at 52 then dumped it all into ark @ .6

Am i going to make it?

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So it looks like this is the source image for the Arkie face. I remember someone wanted it.

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No, you've been duped

It might go to $2 in a few years but in that time you could've made a lot more money in other projects. I'm convinced Ark is simply a 4chan meme coin. Hardly any chatter about it outside of this board

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Ever notice how things get popular here before they spread to other places?

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>I'm convinced Ark is simply a 4chan meme coin. Hardly any chatter about it outside of this board

Sounds like ETH circa 2015

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Ark is vaporware

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Read the rest of the fucking post outside the one line highlighted that supports your FUD.

You seem totally clueless to how any of this works

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All crypto is scamcoin. At least until a powerful government creates one.

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Ark is nothing but a dogshit one-way shapeshift without HFs

This is fact, you can not argue this because it is fact

Ark is a shitcoin and you got played

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I love this bear market we're in. Really weeds out that faggots like OP that can't stomach any sort of unrealized lose.

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be 2016
>"eth is not immutable, HF anytime something goes wrong"
>"eth is a shitcoin and you got played"
be 2017, same people

Basically, all you FUDers are the same and you guys always miss the boat because you think you know shit.

Shut the fuck up retard. Keep your shitty opinion to yourself.

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>Ark is nothing but a dogshit one-way shapeshift without HFs

Nice meme

Ark will use encoded listeners to connect blockchains, which doesn't require a hardfork of any coin. Native bridge support would, which is why they're not doing that

Takes me back to the Ethereum DAO hack and how everyone said it was over

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Yes, Arkie. Here's three things that will also happen if you just keep holding those bags!

1. You will totally get a girl if you just keep asking the tens. Nevermind that you're a fat, clammy, anxiety crippled shut in. It'll totally happen if you just keep buying confidence and HODL.

2. The winning Powerball numbers are gonna be yours soon. You just have to HODL and keep investing in tickets!

3. Your tiny, deformed cock will finally sprout three more inches so you at least have the semblance of being a normal man and not an untouchable Arkie.

Surely, you fucking faggot. Surely.

I'm just glad the real world isn't a tenth as delusional as you Arkies. It will be that much sweeter to see the threads planning your suicides after your shitcoin comes crashing down and "smartbridges" are remembered like Digimemes around here.

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LOL, quality troll m8.

Hope you're enjoying those ETH bags

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bitcointalk has been on eth longer than /biz

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>you guys always miss the boat because you think you know shit.
>Shut the fuck up retard. Keep your shitty opinion to yourself.
Comparing a vaporware project like Ark to Ethereum muahahaha. These Arkies are truly touched. Did you eat a lot of paint chips as a kid?

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I am a baby bitch that needs to be spoonfed. Also, spoonfeed me 4chn and ark please


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Im holding ark, but bought way too high at 28k. Putting in a sell order for 30k now and going to rebuy back at 22.

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>threads planning your suicides
Why would I be planning my suicide when I don't invest more than I can afford and have a diverse portfolio that can pick up the slack if necessary. Rather, kill yourself for being a no coiner.

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>only governments can be trusted to make currencies

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