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Just imagine the absolute CHAOS after this guys sell his options. At least he cashed out $13mi, it's a fat retirement.

>"if he's still in, I'm still in
Top fucking kek

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He's probably going to get most of it taken away and potentially get charged for market manipulation

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I don't think so, he's smart enough post his positions after hours. Retards are just treating him like a god, following everything.

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he bought his calls back in 2019 before this shit with fucking over short sellers was even a thought in anyones mind.

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He's a CFA and has covered his ass at every step, he knows what he's doing

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>Guys we need to stop the jews
>Meanwhile this is the guy getting rich off your bags
Really makes you think

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Won't the short squeeze (if it happens) be a several hour event? Can he even sell his options at the right price at the right time? If he were to exercise them to sell during the squeeze, will he even have the capital?

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>getting rich
Not "getting", he's already a millionaire.

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Honestly feel sorry for the cunt. He just wanted to make money, but now he's become responsible for all the retardation that is WSB. If he sells they'll blame him for losing all their cash. He has to go down with them now.

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Short squeeze was a 2 day event. Remember when it cycled between $300-$400?

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The right price for him is anything above like $4, lol, he's gonna be riding this wave all the way up and down

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In all fairness this guy doesnt have a mural on his wall about a race war.

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This post glows

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As long as the SEC doesn't prosecute him and take all his money, he's several million dollars richer. At the expense of degenerate gamblers on the most infamous gambling site on the internet, I think he'd probably feel fine.

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Options are just like stocks, you need someone on the other side to sell to. If you can't move enough of the options you gotta exercise them or they end up worthless

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he fucked up putting his face and life story on the internet. no matter whether kikes or ledditors win one side will be seething

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He already had a youtube channel showing his face waaaaay before all this the media just tracked him down.

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If he's jumping from the bridge I'm jumping from the bridge

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If this guy is holding deep ITM call options, why doesn't he just take a loan from the bank, execute them, and force the squeeze?

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Depending on his strike price I think he may have already pulled out enough cash to exercise everything