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Please tell me it’s just glow niggers and kikebots trying to crush our spirit. Please tell me GME will shoot back up tomorrow. Please

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We'll see. Don't put money in you can't afford to lose. And stop with the racism and anti-semitism, it doesn't reflect well on your character

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The hype behind GME seemed to have died. We needed the public to pump up the stock, but it is no longer being shilled all across social media. It is over.

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Calling niggers and kikes what they are isn't racist, nigger.

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You're only going to listen to what you wanted to hear. That benefits you. You're just an NPC. At the end of the day, you will realize you shouldn't be in this market.

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Nope haha you're fucked. Shoulda sold this morning before all the normies cashed out for the squeeze

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Seek God

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died in the mainastream media. stock blew up before cnbc started advertisung it.

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>Please tell me it’s just glow niggers and kikebots trying to crush our spirit.
>Please tell me GME will shoot back up tomorrow.
no, you fucking retard

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last week it was but today was a legit sell off from paper hands. I don't think this will recover.

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Sorry anon, you're holding the bags. We did try to warn you but you listened to the Redditors.

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I’m sorry we can’t all be the main character, I’m just a normal guy who was looking to make a few extra bucks, don’t have to be mean

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Hahaha it’s a hard lesson that everyone on this sub has made. Get out before it dumps more fren

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yeah bro, just hodl

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Its coming but this is be the last pump since people to fucking shook

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pretty much. With the hype gone and price dumping like this the hedgies could wait it out and actually make a profit on their shorts.

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Pretty sure God damned the people of Israel after they killed his son.

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hold fag

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you should of sold last friday friday and bought silver at your local dealer on the weekend

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I'm honestly going to help you out here. GME is on its way lower, not higher.

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Prepare your best red wojaks bag holders

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You are fucked. Imagine thinking it will eternally go up

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How sure are we that it’s going to mirror the Volkswagen situation at all?

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You should've bought silver and not let the kikes who run WSB dump their bags on you

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kek true

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Cash out while it's still worth something

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Why do you dumbasses not use stop-loss orders?

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dont be intimidated by the (((hedge funds))). look at the volume today, its close to nothing

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It's literally shills, if you press them on thier rhetoric they back off immediately and resort to namecalling. This raid is so poorly managed it makes the /v/ viral marketing campaigns look professional.

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I was going to insult you but I honestly just feel bad for you. We tried to redirect your frustration with the system to something meaningful that wasn’t so self destructive with the physical silver push. I am sorry I didn’t reach you.

If you want to make money maybe you can buy puts on GME on the way down? I can hardly bring myself to do it, but I will in order to give charity to the bag holders.

Next time just exit the system dude. It is abusing you.

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God wouldn't do this for any reason though.

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I think i'm finally done. Bought 16 at 310, putting in a sell order for 300 just hoping to break even. I'm done, I don't even care if it moons at this point. I've had 30k just lying around in a bank and have been too afraid to invest since I have no idea what I'm doing. Originally saw gme a day early but was too scared to buy but then got fomoed when it started pumping. I feel sick

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never seen such a coordinated shill level before , its insane.

hedgies are mad

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Because the kikes at all the hedge funds NEED to actually buy shares to RETURN. The reason the price is so low, is because they've been giving each other reacharounds all day. They literally want you to sell now so they don't lose nearly as much when the flood gates open.

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>Loius Rossman now: I sold everything lol I'm a papper hands
No it's not just glow niggers and kikebots, this guy was storming the front lines with Reddit and he sold.

don't go down with the stock, goddamn retard

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Interesting. So VW touched $500 twice, dumped hard and then ran all the way up to $900. This gives me a bit of hope.
I have 6 GME shares at $250.

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Exactly. I'm holding until fucking zero if necessary

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Of course it will, anyone that says otherwise is just another kike jewnigger and or shill.


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based and christpilled

circumcision.why try and (((improve))) what's already perfect by the blessed design of creation?

fuck kikes. if dubs the holocaust will happen for real this year

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Dude I’m not even shilling, if you could give me a reason to still have hope please let me hear it. You think the open tomorrow will be 300+?

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I'm honestly going to help you for your helping efforts; buy a few gme to be a part of something historic for once turd burglar.

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I only invested enough that it's a mild annoyance to lose it but nothing life-threatening like some of these idiots, i'm debating whether i just say fuck it and ride it out or cut my losses at market open.

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youre not gonna die by losing 6 shares, at least you lived a little, now lets sit back and enjoy the show, whatever happens

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I bought CXW because I have a feeling they're going to start locking up allot of redditors.

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everyone knew they would do this? why is this a big deal? ((())) if you were scared by the charts it means you put too much money on the gme. only invest what you can lose

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If you can't keep going when you're down you were never going to make it anyway

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It's not, it's also people who missed out on the initial upswing - mostly cryptofaggots who haven't educated themselves in how this differs from their bread and butter PnDs, and don't really care either.
The thing about the cryptofag is that they haven't really had a chance to sleep since 2018, this hurts the human. They exist in a world of constant deceit, always trying to get one over on each other (the very basis of the value of cryptocurrencies). They see the line go down and they rejoyce because thank fuck it wasn't them this time. Just my opinion cryptofags, maybe if we fall down to 150% my initial investment I'll consider selling - not a moment before.

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volkswagen started at 200 and squeezed to 1k
gme started at 3 and squeezed to 500
there is no more upside

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I can't believe /biz/ sentiment swings so hard on prices.
>number go up
>number go down

This is entirely a panicked scheme to shake out paper hands. HEDGIES WANT THIS NUMBER





The higher it is the more absolutely fucking reamed they are as their buyouts begin multiplying the price.

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Literally all I can do is just leave it, I’d lose money if I took it out

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Circumcision isn't the only source of suffering in the world and the list is endless. But the reason they happen isn't because of Jews. You should follow your own religion more.
"Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you." - Jesus

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GME will shoot back up tomorrow :)

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suck my nigger dick kike

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I sold at $200 (bought in at $330).. lost over $4k but ohwell

Never again will I participate in a corrupt market. Fuck stocks. fuck crypto.

Better to spend your money on real things like land , food, and being fucking happy.
Have you seen people who work on Wallstreet?
They're all miserable & unhappy.
Many jump off NY rooftops.

Have you seen some of these guys who created different cryptocurrencies.
They all look miserable.
Why do you think Satoshi Nakamoto killed himself?

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So it has to happen eventually? This is the demoralization time I’m guessing?

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Exactly, as long as it's money you can afford to lose there's no reason not to hold for the potential of a moon mission

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you have to hold for the week you stupid clown. this kind of emotional bullshit is why the GME squeeze is not going to work. the hedgies definitely CAN hold longer than we can be retarded.

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The shorts are an inevitability. Hedgies bleed by the day. It's a matter of sitting and waiting, but apparently some paper-handed retards who invested more than they could lose get so spooked they miss out on the point.

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"a curse be upon us and our children" - Jews after executing Christ, anyone who has read the new testament knows that Israel is the synagogue of satan

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you're still operating with last weeks information. last weeks retail broker lockdown allowed the early shorts to close their positions without driving up the stock since buying pressure from retail was turned off. the reason the short interest is still high is because of new shorts getting in and they're not even in the red at this point. there is no potential for a further squeeze.

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You should kill yourself too while you're at it

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Retardation doesn't stop when your wallet is dry. The same cannot be said for money.

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There are 5M fake shares made by them.
And they have to buy to cover.
Entirety of this board have no clue what is happening because muh chart red.
/biz/ is the most retarded board recently
pump some SHIB DOG or other "future" token based on some toilet paper.

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Every day we hold costs them billions in interest. Fucking hold.

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Subscriber numbers have stopped going up, the stock price is plummeting, volume isn’t rising to meet it. It’s not looking good for our dear Redditors.

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Give me a source, and post nose.

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I've ignored the GME thing, but I see it's around 200. How are people so upset? Surely absolutely nobody paid 200 dollars for a fucking Gamestop share. Nobody could be that stupid, the whole thing was a temporary meme.

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Eh I bought one at 450 on Friday as it went up..like right afterwards buys were locked on RH causing it to shoot down. I recovered a bit by buying one at 150 and another at 300.. I'm pissed for what could have been but it's typical.

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>a curse be upon us and our children
"his blood be upon us and our children," not curse

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The unwashed mashes can not hold attention for long, should have sold on the 28th/29th, cut your losses and invest for the long term in less volatile stock

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Yes, OP
The short ladder, OP
we're gonna fight back!

>> No.27417835

Hold fag and actually learn what is happening. If you had any idea what was going on the FUD wouldn't phase you.

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It's already over. We won.
You can sell now. There is no point in holding anymore

>> No.27417854

>up 100% even after today
>still feel like I lost money
Does this warrant a pink wojak or no?
I’m out tomorrow opening. Best bet to get one last small punp before dead.

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there is no "source" for any of this lol, it's all speculation. unless you have inside information there's reporting lag with regards to all information on hedge fund holdings. that's the problem with redditbets, they've convinced themselves that because the "short interest" number on seekingalpha or whatever is unchanged then that means nothing has changed.

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Ah I almost forgot where I was thanks anon <3

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I really don’t know if to fall into despair or have hope. Just gonna brace for impact. Also nice digits

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I know so many normies who bought-in last week because of the media frenzy.
I can see a lot of you in this thread. You've reached a delusional level of cope now.

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the new shorts are probably people from biz. cant we squeeze them instead? if the kikes are really out then they wont manipulate the price again. even 50% shorted is a hell of a lot.

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As soon as I saw it dip under 250, I knew it was over.

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There are two alternatives at this point: The short squeeze happened last week (the giant parabolic increase on Monday-Wednesday), you missed the boat, and you should try to salvage what's left.
Or, the hedge fund types are using FUD to get the price back down to a level that they don't have to declare bankruptcy to cover their shorts, and the price could regain its former highs.
We'll find out which one is correct in March when Gamestop is either trading at $7.50 or $750.

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this isn't reddit. we're honest here, nigger.

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great, so your retirement will be slowly bled away by inflation and taxes. nice plan.

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Thanks tub girl

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Checked. Remember if you bought GameStop you are literally relying on normies and redditors not to fuck up. Let that sink in.

>> No.27418235

you have to go back.

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if it's that insignificant why bother riding it out, to send a message to some hedgefunds who are no longer even in the game?
i don't see why you wouldnt cash out desu. if you really wanted you could blow the cash on some other moonshot but at least you wouldn't have wasted however much/little money you have in gme by letting lose 80% of it's value

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>numbers go down and only go down
gamestop... is a fucking failed business...

They are close to go bankrup

>> No.27418297

I really can't tell if you're trying to ruin the normies even further, or you're just plain old retarded...
Either way, extremely based!
>shitting on crypto
You can honestly make ten grand in a few days if you know where to find ICOs and anticipate the dumps.

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anyone know any stocks that will 4x by the end of the year to make up for my GME losses?

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>/biz/ is the most retarded board recently

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> no moderation
> honest
> yellow id


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>And stop with the racism and anti-semitism, it doesn't reflect well on your character

Are you lost, son?

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>what is short laddering

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it wasnt possible for normies to get funds into their fresh brokers last week
u r a liar

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Anon you will regret this day, NEVER let /biz/ sway you, these people will talk constant shit on anything they have no stake in/ don't care to research as long as the line goes down.
Too late now anyway I guess, you realized your loss, your choice.

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Yes what is that?

>> No.27418532

Deep Fucking Value is hodling, so do I

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what are you talking about? they’re all getting rich in reddit rewards

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These are the people you entrusted your financial future to.

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No, fuck off you normie piece of shit.

>> No.27418604

Have you seen the moves?
Literally nobody is selling.
After market proves that they are artificially shaking down the price trading between each other.
They liquidated shares and they will buy now or later to cover.
They have to buy literally no other choice.
Let them have nice entry either way it's gonna be atomic ride.
Buy now or regret later.

>> No.27418633

Not everything is part of a grand conspiracy to demoralize you, sometimes you just fuck up and fail.

>> No.27418651

It will go back up don't worrry :) just keep holding that bag.

>> No.27418675

Anon the company is literally irrelevant. It could be a nigger store that sells niggers. It's shorted above its available shares. That's what this is about.

>> No.27418679

Yes it was, numbnuts. So many retards bought in... you were probably one of them lmfao

>> No.27418741

Those fucks even say they’d unironcially bag hold till it was worthless. How could you get into this and not want to make money? Goddamnit I’m just going to have to see how this week goes

>> No.27418742

take out money until what’s still in is not a large enough amount to worry about

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>price is in free fall
>NoBoDY iS SeLLiNg

>> No.27418777

Hilarious how wsb dodges the Jewish problem entirely and how all of this is because Jew. The mods would shut them down instantly and the whole thing will fall if they have antisemitism tied to wsb

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what character? this is an anonymous website, i can hot swap ip's anytime i want

>> No.27418810

Dude there are literal paid shills here. Look at all the threads with one samefag without a clue biz has IDs trying to make us sell ol

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>I really don’t know if to fall into despair or have hope.
Neither. Detach yourself from the outcome. None of this stuff matters. https://www.loc.gov/item/cosmos000110/

>> No.27418845

Nothing, market crash soon

>> No.27418897

lmao you can't cope that much

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The digits in this thread

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>anyone who has read the new testament knows that Israel is the synagogue of satan
I don't care about you shitting on Jews, but at least have some respect for christianity and don't misinterpret the new testament with your retarded /pol/ versions

>> No.27418963

The hill before the big peak is not part of the squeeze. Volkswagen squeeze was not in action yet. It happened because people started shorting the dump.

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Does the color of your ID mean anything in particular?

>> No.27419186

>now that the price plummeted, let us consider how sound and logical this investment is

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The shilling here is insane, it reminds me of /pol/ on November 2nd.

>Don't sell faggots
>We're being swarmed by hedge Juden
>they're using a ladder attack to shake you off the stock

>> No.27419191

Shut the fuck up

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We were all trying to tell you anon. But the hopes of winning it big pumped so many hormones into your newfag mind that you refused to listen. Let this be a lesson learned.

>> No.27419209

Yes. Blue means you should kys newfag

>> No.27419245

it will go back up anon.
The normies didnt have funded accounts till today

>> No.27419261

Reddit karma gets transferred through uniswap

>> No.27419297

Green = Gains

>> No.27419305

Precisely this. Biz is made up of children who at the slightest pump get ultrahyped and panic buy and at the slightest dump they panic sell
Simple as.

>> No.27419321

not everything, but most things

>> No.27419371

I bought in at 80. What should I do?

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reddit played us bros

>> No.27419435

Sort wsb by new literally no difference

>> No.27419437

based post, quads, ass

I fucking knew the weekend would kill the momentum, normie attention spans are outrageously fickle. Nobody is even going to remember this gamestop shit a few months from now. Remember how Martin Shkreli was the most hated man in America a few years ago? Most of the people who were frothing with rage over him don't even remember his name or face at this point

>> No.27419456

I made shit ton on XRP futures today. Both up and down.

>> No.27419476

If it's any comfort, they played themselves harder.

>> No.27419486

sell after the small pump tomorrow on market open

>> No.27419505

The pink wojacks this week will be magnificent.

>> No.27419508

Most of the faggots that say they are selling are shills

>we're being raided

>> No.27419515

I love it when racists get btfo. I bought 10 shares at 80 and sold at 300. Believe me.

>> No.27419617

You keep using that word. I don’t think you know what it means

>> No.27419641

nice iq buddy

>> No.27419660


>> No.27419671

Wait another week, something big is about to happen. Trust the plan.

>> No.27419677

Depends but if you're brave and invested money you could afford to lose, hold. At least that's what I'm doing.
Also remeber on thursday it close at 190
Friday opened at 380

>> No.27419702

You're an actual faggot

>> No.27419738

true, at least i only lost 30 bucks was a learning experience

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>movement from 4 to 480 isn't a squeeze
>still have to wait for the REAL squeeze
>2 more weeks diamond hands

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File: 398 KB, 1969x1263, 816F0ACE-7966-4F26-A2FE-2E5E6772D8A0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

$GME will go up the volume being traded by the hedges is low.

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File: 1.09 MB, 220x230, 1611992981745.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't because you're a filthy jewish faggot

>> No.27419775

sell immediately
you're unlikely to take a loss for the next couple of days, but if you dont want your unrealized gains to turn into realized losses, i would bail out at market open tmrw

>> No.27419785

I don't browse reddit and never will. I try browsing wsb but it's all too confusing. Le chon is much simpler

>> No.27419795

I wonder if we have gme rememberance threads in a few years
You faggots are a cult, the stock literally 50x in like 2 weeks and you retards wanted more.

>> No.27419812
File: 215 KB, 1500x1500, 71MQeIS7FAL._SL1500_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

does this work too ?

>> No.27419831

>400 scams a fucking week

kill yourself pussy

>> No.27419840

>Also remeber on thursday it close at 190
>Friday opened at 380
Can someone anon tell me why this won’t happen again? I want to hear bad news

>> No.27419858

Boomers are invading

>> No.27419866

my heart rests easy knowing i saved my younger brother from this same fate

>told him to buy on thursday
>told him not to all-in
>stupid fuck all-in'd
>got hyped
>gonna make so much money
>made a buck
>lost a buck
>still hyped
>monday comes
>tell him to sell today at open
>"it's enough now"
>he does as i say
>save him from a situation where his hype is crushed and he just hopiums his way all the way down to 0 and becomes depressed and kills himself
close call

>> No.27419887

you have to go back

>> No.27419888

>He fell for the demoralization
Nigga do not come here for any good news. It's all negativity and shitposting

>> No.27419953

4chan is extremely easy to infiltrate because there’s no easy way to track comment history and it’s extremely easy to come in and call everyone niggers and kikes and shill whatever you want.
>shorts not covered
>hedge funds in panic mode
>spending countless resources on a massive misinformation campaign promoting silver, scam coins, and botting social media
Imagine believing anything the media says after the past 4 years.

>> No.27419961


Don't fall for the shill campaign

>> No.27420002

>new stock shilled every week

Yeah okay

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You better start organizing another occupy wall street and rob hedge fund managers at gunpoint because that's the only way you're getting your money back.

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>> No.27420084

*Kinda Sorta newfag been here for a year and a half on /pol/ and /mu/

>> No.27420094


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It’s just glow niggers and kikebots trying to crush our spirit. AMC and GME will shoot back up tomorrow anon

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>Why do you think Satoshi Nakamoto killed himself?
But he didn't anon

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Tell me more

>> No.27420236

so in other words you have zero clue ok thanks nigger

>> No.27420253


they are now bleeding massive amounts of money on a daily basis due to interest. do not give up. hodl

>> No.27420284

It was at 4mil volume like 2 weeks ago. The 200mil volume was the pnd from reddit. It is still high volume

>> No.27420299

Wtf happened to Friday and Monday?

>> No.27420307
File: 174 KB, 299x240, 1611947222141.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You and that faggot ass app can drink piss from a barrel

>> No.27420320

Somebody is feeling low T after watching their wife get fucked by her bull last night.

>> No.27420341
File: 188 KB, 1144x1230, 1611867483102.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Check that volume, you absolute retarded shill

>> No.27420352

get this faggot talk outta here!!!!!!!!!

>> No.27420413

massive selloff tomorrow from the normies

>> No.27420424

>Every day we hold costs them billions in interest.
everyone says this and no one can post a shred of proof

>> No.27420448

>why bother riding it out, to send a message to some hedgefunds who are no longer even in the game?
nah i never cared about that, i just wanted some extra cash on the side, what i put in was initially going to be for shitcoins or some low risk stocks, which is why i'm glad i didn't put more than triple figures on this.
>if you really wanted you could blow the cash on some other moonshot but at least you wouldn't have wasted however much/little money you have in gme by letting lose 80% of it's value
yeah i will if the value hits a certain point by tomorrows open, i think all this diamond hand bullshit only works if you actually completely understand what you're doing, most people will just blindly follow each other to the bitter end on this because of a sunk cost fallacy.

>> No.27420449

everything you read about this happening is just speculation and extrapolation from graphs and previous data. if you think there's any "sources" to find objective info then you honestly should consider not running your own money

>> No.27420450


i dont even feel sorry for you, fucking stupid american retard boomer

>> No.27420459

How long will the cope on Wallstreetbets last?

>> No.27420471

I’ve never seen so many wsb screenshot posts with massive amounts of money spent in gme as I did today.

>inb4 go back

>> No.27420482

It's about market cap you fucking retard. Volkswagen reached $343 billion at $1,000 per share.
GME's MC is currently $16b. Enjoy paying me $3,000 per share, kike.

>> No.27420577

Fucking embarrassing. Cuck basedboy faggot tranny shitdick loving low T nigger "male"

>> No.27420578


do you...do you not understand how shorting a stock works?

>> No.27420589

they are not niggers
this niggers vs whipipo agenda is pushed by the media
they get played, baited with gibs and bade angry by cherrypicked storys about racism
what do we think about agenda pushed by the media?

>> No.27420615
File: 57 KB, 556x923, mygainz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no its not about market cap monkey brains lmao, VW was 200 and went to 1000, gme was 4, went to 16, to 30, to 80, to 150 to 480 and that's not enough for you because you didn't buy in until like 300+ and its gonna take 600 for you to make double when I did the same shit last week at better prices

fucking monkey brains moron

>> No.27420630

this guy would have made it even without a hundred thousand fools from reddit, twitter and 4chan pumping the stock
wsbs analysis was correct about the shorts terrible position, the only thing wrong was that now everyone expected the stock to go to inifinity (why?? how???) when it topped out at 400

>> No.27420637

lol that's absolute nonsense

>> No.27420734

Lol nah ur fucked cunt fuck jammies fuck kikes reddit niggers out

>> No.27420747

nobody with a mind is saying it wasnt a squeeze
we dont know what kinda squeeze it was

>> No.27420749

>Please tell me it’s just glow niggers and kikebots trying to crush our spirit. Please tell me GME will shoot back up tomorrow. Please
always was

>> No.27420805

hahahahaha, you don't know anything nigger monkey

>> No.27420826

>It's about market cap
[citation needed]

>> No.27420836

nigger faggot kike

>> No.27420877
File: 122 KB, 1280x720, 26C0BBAC-FBAD-4ADB-AFA2-53FE899F133D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yet the price hemorrhaged 30% and is only getting worse afterhours. Consider that the people you’re relying on to buy and hold this stock have an attention span measured in seconds. Also, you need to go back.

>> No.27420897

Imagine the memes if 4chan bears would be short squeezed to death.

>> No.27420995

for sure. diamond hands only works if everyone actually understands why they're holding, but with normies youre always going to get a prisoner's dilemma: who's gonna sell first?
anyways, whatever you chose to do, good luck and hope you make it out with some extra pocket change

>> No.27421076

You should buy puts and post proof if you’re so sure about this unless you don’t like easy money.

>> No.27421088

gambler's fallacy

>> No.27421151

Fuck off back to R*ddit and stay there.

>> No.27421255

There's nothing historic about giving away your money to someone else.

>> No.27421303

yea because the system is rigged against small investors and i have no way of attending data like shares shorted first hand

>> No.27421313

Already all in on Bitcoin, friend

>> No.27421394

Nice try, but Jews do lobby to keep male genital mutilation legal, while female genital mutilation has been illegal for decades in the US.

>> No.27421450

Breh its like 6 digit volume on those price drops nobody is unloading shit

>> No.27421469

just buy a (((bloomberg))) terminal subscription goy. only 2000 a month for a minimum commitment of 12 months.

>> No.27421721
File: 29 KB, 753x960, 3230 - bot incel o-face react reddit soy soyboy textless wojak.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Buy le dip XDDD

>> No.27421739

Please just get out. Take the loss, before your stock goes back to $20.

>> No.27421765
File: 111 KB, 1280x720, 01b1e35e3e2483ba39494c199d4c9f10.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine being one of the faggots this morning, here or in ribbit, convincing/persuading faggots into a hype train to get them into GME stocks telling them to buy while the stock is at a high price only trapping them into a rapidly decreasing investment in the process.

How do you live with yourself knowing you could have potentially fucked over someone heavily who is who are losing a third of their invested money from 318 dollars to 200 dollars.

>> No.27421776

Maybe when all of the boomers and gen x die I’d rather make much better returns before I’m a dinosaur.

>> No.27421929

Jail time

>> No.27422013

You could lobby anti-veganism everyday without realizing what you're doing or all the damage it does. You don't cure fire with more fire.

>> No.27422022

God is the only asset that keeps on pumping. Forever. If you don't have God in your portfolio you will wake up one day in Bobo's lake of fire surrounded by pink wojacks.

>> No.27422264
File: 105 KB, 645x729, 1544073982420.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

are you... are you a sarcastic asshole? do you know what proof is? i'll wait while you post some.
don't bother replying

>> No.27422352
File: 90 KB, 960x960, 1611689391355.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If this doesn't go higher I'll be more upset over being wrong than over losing 550 bucks

>> No.27422455
File: 389 KB, 480x600, 1611942609647.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

not in gme but have been following it

definitely makes me hmmm that suddenly after today there's tons of anti-gme posting

>> No.27422506


>> No.27422526

very true, thanks

>> No.27422544

The volume means shit. It was 35M when the average volume is 30M.

>> No.27422561

we almost broke out of the matrix with this play

>> No.27422712

its obviously them they all say the same thing with the same wojack over and over. Everyone I have spoken to not one has said they r selling. Dont worry op we MOOOOONNNNNNIIINNNNNNGGGG!

>> No.27422710

I fucking hate Reddit. I want to bask in their misery.

>> No.27422745

>he didn't sell @ $400

you're all being retarded and greedy at this point

>> No.27422786


>> No.27422847

>Everyone I have spoken to not one has said they r selling
Funny because some early addopters to who I spoke to, did sell early on even.

You were left holding their bags? What a shame.

>> No.27422877

Lmao this.
plebitters don’t understand shit

>> No.27422984


>> No.27423082

looking at the reddit shit, it's pretty fucking weird that all the people saying to sell are people spamming the exact same shit, I think it's over but why keep up the obvious shilling?

>> No.27423093

90% of the trades were back and forth between hedgies for prices like
They do this back and forth alllllll day with the same stocks. They lose like, maybe a few hundred grand. But its way cheaper to create FUD and get people to dumb. Then it helps cover shorts. They are just going to eat the interest and keep the pump and dump going.
Most normies are scared and ran today with that +$100 drop. They are out. It's over. You can't get millions of people to hold like one hedgefund with orders.
They won because people are weak and stupid.
Get out on the spike tomorrow morn. I will. I'll take a tiny loss. I bought in with profits the month before, so no big deal to me.

>> No.27423151


>> No.27423167

I'm still gonna fuckin hold. I'm getting 1k or I'm never selling.

>> No.27423177

>the situation (1/31 8 PM ET):
>27.13m (53.15% of float) by S3 Shortsight (1/29)
>29.4m (58.21% of float) by Ortex (1/29)
Game fucking over lol

>> No.27423294
File: 77 KB, 1393x820, EtLGIm6XUAE-GSR.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

IMO there will be no "short squeeze" If I had to guess, what happened on Thursday with Robinhood only allowing sells caused a mass dump, which allowed the hedgies to cover a lot of their shorts. There's also the possibility that something happened during the weekends that allowed them to cover their shorts, such as with "dark pools" There's no way the hedgies sat still during the weekends

This is why I think there's been no counter balance to the short ladder and an extremely low amount of volume.

Feels sad to say this, but I think it's over and that a lot of retail investors will be left holding the bag. What should've been easy money I think will turn into a massive loss for the little guys with their blatant cheating and market manipulation.

I'm sad, but not surprised.

The SEC is corrupt
Our law enforcement and FBI is corrupt
Crooks like Janet Yellen and Ben Bernanke is involved in this
The media is utterly corrupt and serves corporate
And they stole the election and put in a man with dementia who is owned by China into the office of the presidency

I decided to get out today and take my losses.

>> No.27423346


This was debunked.

>> No.27423443

Its almost like a lot of people see the writing on the wall after a bloodbath like today. It BARELY rose, then tanked. Its down 42%!!!!!
Its dead, pussies sold and ran. Few rich guys held trying to pump it, but they also already cashed out once and more than made their money. The rest was all excess upside. Look at the volume in the morning, HUGE sales volume, normies dumping. The rest of the day was hedgies trading back and forth with minimal loses.

>> No.27423474

it has seriously ramped up to 11

>> No.27423483

He only used $50k of his own money and was at $50m I would've fucking sold if I was him

>> No.27423660

Buy Rubic

>> No.27423665

honestly i'm starting to think the jews have sucessfully slided GME

>> No.27423715

Even without the media circus he was still right that Gamestop was never going to go bankrupt with the new consoles arriving and Cohen on the board of directors still would have precipitated a short squeeze and he would have been a millionaire regardless.

>> No.27424087

why would you sell if the fundamentals suggest you could hold and sell later for a price that is 4x what it was today

>> No.27424158
File: 14 KB, 771x423, gme1m.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27424525

Also for everyone comparing this to Volkswagen, I think this is disingenuous.

During the Volkswagen short squeeze, Porsche owned I believe 75% of the stocks of Volkswagen. So there was no prisoner's dilemma.

I feel bad for all the Redditors putting their life savings into it. They are being manipulated hard with all the astroturfing going on. Reddit has a history of corrupt mods and buying upvotes

I honestly hope I'm wrong, but with all the hype and news spreading around the weekend, we should be at the peak, but the losses today were staggering and the volume so low.

>> No.27424555

Nigger, to can easily see them blatantly short laddering and stats shows no one except them were selling essentially. Just keep an eye out on how shit is sold. They are jews trying to force dips to scare people into selling. If you see a lot of actual people selling you should be worried but as of now no one is.

>> No.27424558

The Seth MacFarlane Collection of the Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan Archive

>> No.27424687

>Please tell me it’s just glow niggers and kikebots trying to crush our spirit. Please tell me GME will shoot back up tomorrow. Please
I can tell you whatever you want. Doesn't mean it's going to happen

>> No.27424760

Is it that easy to bait /biz/ retards now?

>> No.27424772

At least 135% of it is still shorted. They're using bots to short ladder the price.

>> No.27424878

How do you change your up easily?

>> No.27424903

Nigga, 60% of the short positions are closed. It's over.

>> No.27424956

it's a short squeeze jesus christ you paper handed nancy. they have shorted over 100% of the fucking stock they have to buy it jesus christ don't invest money you will lose your ass
this is a short ladder. they bring the price down and have rebounds so you regret not selling on the upswing. fucking hold

>> No.27424967

Gme too pricy for a share nobody able to afford buying a lot of it anymore. The top is def over imo

>> No.27425119
File: 58 KB, 976x850, yup_its-that_pepe+again.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

dude...all these anti-GME threads are just an ironic joke... we're all holding till the better end here.

>> No.27425169

It’s just glow niggers and kikebots trying to crush our spirit.
GME will shoot back up tomorrow.
That will be $5 + tip

>> No.27425248

plenty of people who aren't poor can afford to buy GME. they just can't because their brokerage won't let them.
Robinhood let's you buy one stock. One. Only one fucking stock. They have neutered retail's ability to buy and that has killed the volume that was driving daily price and volatility. And now than retail is locked out, the hedgies are manipulating price. They can only do this so effectively now because no one can buy to counter the price suppression.

Eventually they have to close their short positions, right now they're doing their best to get the price down as much as possible before they do.

>> No.27425286

the volume being low when the price drops is a bullish sign, tardo

>> No.27425294

>looks at the first two hours of trading
>more sell off than all day buys combined
The rrest of the day was hedgies but don't pretend a shit load of dudes who made bank and poors didn't dump.

>> No.27425323
File: 45 KB, 389x390, 8DA3AC4C-EC7A-43DC-A22D-3E1A2ED8F550.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nigger kike detected

>> No.27425384

the fundamentals don't suggest that at all.

>> No.27425392

I hate to tell you, buy people with a lot of money don't use robinhood 99% of the time. Most of the good brokers still allow trades. Fidelity never stopped or slowed any trading on it.

>> No.27425419

Nice of you to conveniently leave out the 5B in calls that will need to be paid for tomorrow

>> No.27425477

Shit forgot to add
>eventually they have to close
They will literally pay less interest holding out for a year than they will pay to get slammed by closing shorts. Don't be retarded
And yes to other morons over 120% of the stock IS STILL SHORT that we know of. Still gonna collapse. They can ladder all day every day.

>> No.27425576

>this niggers vs whipipo agenda is pushed by the media
and we all know kikes run the media

>> No.27425581

Even losing a dollar feels bad to me. I guess I have Jewish blood lol

>> No.27425639

i bought 5 at 190 like a fucking retard, im selling tomorrow as soon as the market opens, cut my losses, and get the fuck out of this shit

>> No.27425695

>Don't put money in you can't afford to lose
You had me
> And stop with the racism and anti-semitism, it doesn't reflect well on your character
and you lost me...

>> No.27425706

Your grammar tells me you shouldn't be offering anyone financial advice...

>> No.27425717
File: 113 KB, 1080x1080, 610886.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

rerolling for this guy

>> No.27425718


>> No.27425771
File: 821 KB, 1125x1278, copium.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27425898
File: 112 KB, 563x821, schlomo_boat_nose.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nose or GTFO

>> No.27425903

You can look at the daily volume, it's painfully obvious that when RH and other brokerages restricted buying the volume dropped through the floor.
Anyway I am sure their tactics are working, the question is are the people who are retarded enough to diamond hands this for weeks enough to force the shorts to close. I don't know what kind of damage this is doing and I don't give a single fuck. I don't care about hedge funds. I don't think about them. I just want the money.

>> No.27426080
File: 38 KB, 700x487, vw.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Starting to look real fucking familiar

>> No.27426997

You weren't supposed to point that out...

>> No.27427161

it's a fuck you finger from the people who own the stock market.

>> No.27427656


>> No.27428230

Turns out it was Thursday, oops.

>> No.27428947
File: 875 KB, 1860x734, 1513953370261.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well, it's partly a joke. I think the excitement just gets people riled up and they enjoy overreacting

>> No.27428956
File: 45 KB, 800x1000, Merchant Script.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is why you have to use monopoly money to "fight back"

>> No.27429308

sell limit order really high or just hold onto shares without sell order for now?

>> No.27430140

the massive shilling is perhaps the best signal we are getting

>> No.27430523

sell limit half at 999

>> No.27430705

It's shills and shitposters taking the flag from the shills.
Hedgies have been ladder attacking and spreading a massive disinfo campaign to try and get as many paperhands to sell as possible.
It's all in the playbook: https://seekingalpha.com/instablog/11442671-gerald-klein/3096735-anatomy-of-a-short-attack

>> No.27431110

>corrupt market

Imagine being so retarded that you can't comprehend how buying into a failing company in an obvious bubble may be a bad decision, and then blaming it on the market. Hell, i'd respect you more if you held for more than 3 days but if you're gonna invest like the markets a casino than its going to treat you like one.

>> No.27431263

You are a fucking loser that lost sight of making money and thought you were on a crusade. You could have made yourself a ridiculous profit. Instead you are going to watch your shit crash all the way down. And unlike crypto, it will NEVER go back up.

>> No.27431458

circumcision is the only cause of antisemitism

>> No.27431573

sell half, hold the rest and sell if it shoots up again. This way you get your principal back, have some exposure to future gains, and even if the price tanks to $80 you make 50%. YOu have to sell at some point, and no one ever sells at the exact top.

>> No.27431736

>huurr durr my failing video game company that was almost bankrupt before batvirus can reach the market cap of one of the largest global auto companies in the world

the state of this site holy shit, who knew they let retards have access to the internet

>> No.27431746
File: 47 KB, 1210x608, patton.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.27431764

Don’t options expire on Fridays? Why do you say they NEED to paid for tomorrow?

>> No.27431857

Only poor people use Robinhood

>> No.27431903

i'm not trying to crush your spirit i'm just going to win your attention and then launch a twitch stream or something. if you're so fucking dumb you can afford to lose thousands of dollars on a meme then you can afford $5 a month to participate in real research and real wealth building.
GME is going to massacre the longs.

>> No.27431939

>the fundamentals

the only reason GME got above $100 let alone $300 is because of a lack of fundamentals, can't believe the same people shilling a financial revolution or whatever reddit term of the day also double down with the very thing they shat on weeks before.

>> No.27432068

If you lose just sell and buy copper lots of copper only losers and degenerates buys the copper snnnneeeedd.

>> No.27432070
File: 287 KB, 479x465, 23e23ld.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Once you have billions you can buy a million anons to shill your opinion and influence the market and shill to sell. Even though it's not logical.

>> No.27432172

people with actual money aren't buying shitty meme stocks of failing companies. The only reason the stock hit what it did was because of algos capitalizing on momentum, that momentum is gone.

>> No.27432185

B-but... Muh VW!

>> No.27432643

I only put in $150 and I feel annoyed.

Can't imagine what people who put in 5 figures feel like.

>> No.27432771

I’ve seen people posting advice telling GME/AMC holders (full disclosure: I am holding like a chump) to not use stop loss sell orders because “the Jews will use a short ladder to take out your stop. Instead, it was advised to set your sell order at ~$1488 so “your brokerage couldn’t lend out your shares to shorters”. This is all nonsense right? Lol. It’s over :(

>> No.27432863

nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike faggot nigger kike

>> No.27432886

Bro it's a short ladder attack, can only be stopped with a gifa hold. Just like in anime

>> No.27432960

you're going broke lol. should of sold when I told you too last week rather than call me names.

>> No.27433046

holy shit I'm going to love seeing the reactions of people who missed out

>> No.27433482

The success of the business is completely irrelevant in this case

>> No.27433854
File: 305 KB, 1573x1838, 20210112_180656.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27433918

I don’t know shit. But wouldn’t this no short rule apply to GME now, meaning no more laddering for two days?