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Anyone who shilled this garbage deserves to be fucking killed.

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At least we know you weren't paid to say that

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I got out at comfy 5 dollar gain

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I just like the movies you dumb faggot.

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I really hope this climbs to $14 tomorrow.

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Hi anon, would you mind holding this for me for a minute?

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Kill yourself. You aren't even holding. You probably never even bought in the first place.

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still not selling and still up hahahahaha fucking loser SEETHE, RAGE, and COPE some more

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buying more in the dip tomorrow

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I dont think i can keep up with this nonsense anymore. I've heard about you guys on cnbc and somehow trusted you with all my life savings by buying gme at 440$ was promised to 4x my money by the end of the week. None of this was delivered, and i will be selling my position tomorrow at a loss of -200k$ all thanks to you. I have saved some of your names and my attourney will be contacting you as soon as possible. Please do not harrass me as I’m new to 4chan and this is about my decision.

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I know this is bait but I really wonder if this is gonna be a reflection of social media tomorrow.

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>tfw made comfy 200%+ gain and bought XOM and NOK with the profits

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Nah, he should have said "every kike nigger who shilled this garbage should be fucking killed". That would be more convincing.

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>bought at 5 wen it got shilled
>sold at 16 this morning
Dunno what you’re crying for, that’s 300% in a week. Literally paid 6 months of rent

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I can't wait, its going to be glorious. The self cull from all these idiots pouring their money into something they didn't understand is going to do good ol planet earth some good population wise.

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Bought at 7 and sold at 18 myself. Not bad.

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Cry more you goddamn baby

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oh you know it kek. and theyll sprinkle in some woke anti white shit as well.

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I'm going to wait for the pump tomorrow morning and sell all my shares. If it's at a loss, so be it. I bought 101 shares at $13.60 and am currently sitting at a tidy $98 dollar loss. Not a lot, sure, but I don't want to see how low this can go. Of course I'll buy more Shares if it dips following the sell, but that's only to make the inevitable further dip hurt even less - or make the taste of Moon Sugar that much sweeter, assuming meme magic happens (which I'm swiftly beginning to doubt.)

Regardless of the result, I can't say I'm upset. I had one hell of a time with you guys, and for one glorious weekend I felt like I was going to be making six-figures by Friday. That time alone is worth whatever loss I get into.

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Not selling.

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you guys are all dumb niggers who don't see the obvious long term play for summer 21 assuming Biden and the rest of those WH niggers figure this shit out. Cinema isn't dead. As soon as this dips I'm buying all I can get. CINEMA. ISN'T. DEAD.

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maximum kek.
all the normies thinking the rich/adept traders wont sell the floor out from under them as soon as there are profits to be made.

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>I had one hell of a time with you guys, and for one glorious weekend I felt like I was going to be making six-figures by Friday. That time alone is worth whatever loss I get into.

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I tried to sell at $13 after hours. Damn bros. How could this happen to me?

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Good man. Everybody learned something in the last days. Money is worthless in comparison.

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Just two more weeks bro

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>HBO Max hits subscriber goal two years ahead of schedule


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This. In reality he would’ve also called out Wall Street Jews for market manipulation and the SEC nigger mutts for not doing anything. In the end, it is another 1 Post By This ID demoralization thread

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So we still holding or what?

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>He isn't gonna hold till like november when theaters start coming back
Weak heart, paper hands

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>Implying people would love to watch movies like this instead of going to a cinema

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already lost $30 on this bullshit but amc isn't going away
the jews are obsessed about keeping it afloat for some reason

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Don't sell.

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I'd still be at a loss.

I bought in at 16 thinking that would be the low for the day.

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you didnt realize it was melvins behind the amc shilling to spread retail capital too thin. good job.

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why is that middle dude on the left drinking sperm?

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Bought at 16 this morning thinking that this stock still had a long ways to go.

I'm complaining because FAGGOTS were all over the internet, every single stock forum, livestream, and here telling everyone else this was such a good buy and that AMC was going to the moon.

I learned a valuable fucking lesson today. If the price has already begun to rise, it's already too fucking late.

Congrats on your gains. I hope you didn't tell people to buy when it was above 12.

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What would make you legitimately think that? The voices on a mongolian basket weaving forum and reddit? When covid set in during March it was peaked at 17.50. Were you expecting a 2018 or 2016 peak? Wtf.

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Don't sell until Wednesday! If you haven't bought any yet go a head and buy now or tomorrow.

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I was expecting a short squeeze and the 5 million new users on WSB and all the twitter normies to pile on in the largest pump in the history of the market since most people were already priced out of GME. I legit thought it was very realistic for AMC to reach 25-30.

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Then you weren't paying attention, my man. Your best hope is this dude's post being true

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Bought 60 shares at 17 last week. This was my first stock and I lost a few hundred dollars so far. Learning experience. Fuck.

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Doubled up right before close under 14. Hodlin.

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If there wasn't such a large number of retards still using robinhood or any platform that limits stock it would of been fine.
We might be able to get gains from a lawsuit

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Explain this image to me and why it should give me hope.

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It's below 12 now, I'm going to double down. Hodlin 400ish shares around 13. Fuck kikes.

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bought [email protected] today and it's my 4th stock

holding still

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The vast majority of Short Shares (the things that cause a squeeze) are coming due on Wednesday.

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Why wouldn't he? Nobody gave a shit about AMC then and now it's all anyone is talking about.

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I can sell at 10 and still slightly profit. I'm setting my stop limit at that kek

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i bought 2 calls @ ~290 each on 1/26
sold the next day for a $2k total profit

wish i had gotten on the GME or AMC train earlier, but i can't complain about making money.

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But that's if they didn't already buy them right?

>> No.27416460

it's gonna pump in euro market anyway and we can repeat the whole pump and dump scheme, looking forward to my bucks tomorrow

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All the good talk does you and your portfolio.

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dont be a paper handed pussy

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Cinema was dying long before the forever flu

>> No.27416796

>being of such low thinking ability that you buy a MOVIE THEATER stock at an ATH
>during a 2 year pandemic when movies not open
>during year 2021 when year 2020 had the lowest theater attendance in the history of the industry

has there ever been a stupider group of speculators in all of financial history ? i have more respect for funko pop collectors. even digibyte would have been a better investment

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Why are you lying? AMC's stock hasn't been as high as it is right now, let alone $17, since 2016.

>> No.27416857

People were pointing to that 0.6 as closing Friday. Nothing happened.

>> No.27416914

I bought at 16 but only bought 2, also first time

>> No.27417035

For exacts instead of generalizing - 16.43 on 04/12/19

>> No.27417100

>paperhands whining that their stock didn't immediately triple the same day they bought it
If you fags can't even ride this little dip just get out of investing. If the stock hasn't risen past today's high by the end of the week, then you can start posting your doom threads. But go ahead, sell now at a loss so I can see you get even more fucking upset a few days from now.

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I actually feel sorry for the people who got fooled/FOMO'd into investing their life savings or student loan into this or gme believing they'd get it all back within a couple days

>> No.27417115

I have been stocking up on AMC shares since it was 2.20 and everyone here was calling me a retarded shill. Now I can comfortably hold it as long as I want cause the new bottom is 10 and I already 4x my gains.

>> No.27417226

It goes down when hedge funds ladder short with eachother after hours.
Then they pump it right at open to stop people from buying in, it happened the exact same just last trading day too.
If you just sold at open and bought at close the last couple days you'd be making out like a bandit.

>> No.27417311

Some guy on wsb was proposing that GameStop and AMC combine into e sports arenas with giant arcades. These are your peers.

>> No.27417384

Literally tried to warn you fags like 10 times about this chinese she'll corporation. There was a fucking reason they were shorting it


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high iq reporting

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Hbo is garbage stock tied up with directv because of bad decision making by AT&t meanwhile Disney a based non-shit stock is sitting on three completed marvel movies until theaters open up again have fun getting btfo

>> No.27417514

>I actually feel sorry for the people who try and get rich quick
Not me. Fuck them.

>> No.27417543

I was literally the first to shill this. I bought at $4.3 and sold at $16

>> No.27417544

>Implying that won't go to the richest guys house to watch on an 80" screen, surround sound and literally no niggers

>> No.27417648

Wrong lesson. You look at the 5 year history then research the industry. Entire movie industry is nuked by lockdowns and it isn't getting opened soon. There was absolutely no indicator that things would be better for amc

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t. bought at $17
seethe/cope/dilate etc.

>> No.27417784

I know jack shit about investing but at least I understand the concept where if you weren't there ground floor you will have to put more money in to make a profit and it gets to a point where it is not worth it. Also the situation behind AMC was not the same at all so it had no chance ever to shoot up. Maybe in the future who knows but not now

>> No.27417861

Shoulda gone all in on GME bro. I'm down 50% but I feel good that I'm part of the seige


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>>27412619 (OP)

>> No.27417984

Good advice Xi

Please to hold so we can get out preese

>> No.27418016

literally me, kek. bought at 4.40 then sold half at 18.80, half at 13.50

>> No.27418116

>Bought at 4
>Sold at 16
I can't agree.

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Tfw you're relying on WW84 to collapse the cinema

>> No.27418326

The blueballs of starting the day at +30% and ending even is hilarious.

>> No.27418371

>until theaters open up again
Look I know in your head you’re imagining Biden coming out and declaring theaters hereby open, but that’s not the case. It’ll be a slow, capacity-limited, subject to virus cases, type of opening. Also go ahead and look into box numbers where theaters are open.

>> No.27418372

I sold my 57 Shares the very second I heard they were restricting purchases on Monday. The whole thing is fucked. They control every aspect of the market.

I'm just going to invest in actual growing companies and dividend tendies from now. Slow and boring but i'll never be down more than 20%. Later Gamblers.

>> No.27418389

So what's tomorrow? A repeat of today and then continuous downhill as people lose interest / are discouraged?

>> No.27418439

Once brokers stop limiting buys this will moon

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So you are the piece of shit Nigger who caused the dip!!! How can you be so stupid and sell on 2$ bump? Fucking Kike

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Pussy paper handed bitch.
I’m down THOUSANDS and ready to buy more.

>> No.27418626

Just hold you fucking retards

>> No.27418627


>> No.27418662

No worries man. One poster lost $100 on doge, and I told him that's not a bad price for a lesson on speculation bubbles so many people got burned way worse on that stupid mofo

>> No.27418720

You could just send me the money directly anon.

>> No.27418767

I'll buy back at $7.30 from these paper hands

>> No.27418790

Why is noone talking about this?!??!!!

>> No.27418859

They don't want you to think about that

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>down 250+

>> No.27418899

im holding

>> No.27418947

Just bought 50 shares of gro pro and I'm already up10%.

With so many streamers and activists I can only see go pro go up and up.

I like the stock

>> No.27418986

What is the box office and why is it so profitable for jewllywood.

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>> No.27419071

The valuable lesson is hold when jews restrict trading because it artificially lowers the price.

>> No.27419341

By the time that happens it will be too late.

>> No.27419402

Ngl that would be sick as fuck though. At the very least, amc could pimp out their arcades. People might be willing to go places to play video games in public again.

>> No.27419491

So, would faggots here suggest newfags track a big group of stocks without buying, and try to pick out spikes before they happen and study what causes spikes in hindsight, ONLY investing once you're right most of the time?

>> No.27419499

Fuck you kike. I ain't selling.

>> No.27419538

I’m not an expert or anything but this whole thing is shady as hell. Let me get this straight, brokers LITERALLY stopped people from buying shares in a company that the media are TELLING you NOT to invest in for your own sake?
How the fuck is this not weird to you people?

>> No.27419600

don't worry bro- your wife's boyfriend will bail you out!
and hey you still have your work from home systems engineering job!

>> No.27419645

>bought at $4
>Got out at $20
Naw, whoever shilled it is cool.
Whoever was telling you fucking idiots it would go to $100+, they should be killed.

>> No.27419721


>> No.27419747

Based. I have 13 shares that I will take to the grave.
I won't sell for anything less than ONE JILLION DOLLARS.

>> No.27419820

Absolutely fucking not. Don't try and time spikes. You might as well start betting on horse races

>> No.27419876

Why tomorrow?

>> No.27419980

I realized on friday that something was wrong, managed to sell my 32 shares with a dollar loss on each. Then I got the fuck out of GME at $350.

>> No.27420041

I'm still in the positive and will likely remain there, don't blame other people for your own stupidity, I intend to keep holding so seethe more faggot.

>> No.27420074

Remember kids.
Always do the opposite of what the jew tells you.

>> No.27420274
File: 258 KB, 1152x648, if_only_you_knew_biden.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27420356


>> No.27420443

Then sell

>> No.27420444

Still holding my 1300 shares. Diamond hands!!

>> No.27420481

I'm sitting on this this theaters open back up, if it doesn't moon.

>> No.27420528

Seriously though can someone explain this to me

>> No.27420651

Buy the dip.

>> No.27420657

I did.

>> No.27420672

I actually bought in at $4.75 a share without hearing any of this commotion cause I figured it would go up once vaccinations roll out in force.

>> No.27420681

Wait why are brokers still limiting buys? Clearly people are selling more than buying so why limit buys?

>> No.27420700

I bought @ 10. If you bought any higher you are a retard. :)

>> No.27420765

Which dip? The one to $9? To $5? To $1?

>> No.27420775

It's still pumping you shills

>> No.27420801

I’m gonna hold

>> No.27420865

80% squeeze all week

>> No.27420911

Told you you to sell at $17 fag.

>> No.27420958

Why the fuck are people all doom and gloom because it didn't spike today? It's not gonna spike for sure Monday, and the fact all of you paper hands want to sell with the slew of disinfo by the media just means you'll fuck over everyone else

Your greed to sell now is why you'll never make money

>> No.27420959

Hold u faget. U will regret dumping

>> No.27420970

Pumping -8% in after hours

>> No.27421039
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Capeshit isn't fun to watch on this, Movie Theaters aren't dead.

>> No.27421048

I bought in at 9 and have been in the positive since, doubt it'll go that low again. You have to realize they're doing their best to muffle the actual price by trading amongst themselves and blocking normal people from trading but they can't completely stomp us out without serious consequences, as soon as they give us free reign the price will skyrocket like it wanted to last week before they started pausing the trading.

>> No.27421063

I bought [email protected] when I saw gme going so high. I thought the norms and reddit would hop on at the cheaper entry meme stock. It probably would have hit 30 if they didn't shut it down Thurs. There are still people waiting for funds to clear rh though, so maybe

>> No.27421075

No of course you're right and Disney spent billions on a bad investment, that's why you're posting on 4chan and they're owning every license property that has mattered in this century

>> No.27421113

As I said in my post, I'm not "really" dumping. I'm going to make as much as I can during the early-morning pump and put it all back in during the inevitable pre-lunch dip. I'm doing this because I want to make back what I lost (and hopefully some profit) while getting back into the shield wall with even more shares for the possible Wednesday Squeeze.

>> No.27421248

One day of the hold and you pussies sold? Pathetic, bet you lost money too.

>> No.27421251
File: 8 KB, 225x225, pepepepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bought at 16 today
Will sell at 5 tomorrow

>> No.27421273

80 TV's are cheap now, you can get them for like $2000 for a normie TCL one.

>> No.27421319

What makes you think that they didn't understand? People make bets, they win or they lose. It's pretty easy to understand, you'll win or you'll lose. And if you lose, you learn to either stop betting or to try to do it differently.

>> No.27421323

Meh bought 10 at around 15 on open, probably not the smartest move but I only realistically have 50 to $100 to lose or gain.

>> No.27421324

you can keep trying kike
i am not fucking selling

>> No.27421372

All kike shills

>> No.27421375

buy high sell low, you know the game my man!

>> No.27421475

I didn't. But if tomorrow isn't any improvement over what we saw today I'm going to.

>> No.27421483

These are shares you'd hold for decades because you have no idea what they will be worth. Movie theaters aren't going away, the real issue is censorship and politically correct movies, once they make movies people want to see, ppl will go backl. It's easy to push crapola on netflix 'cause nobody ever goes to the theater and realizes nobody else is there so it must suck.

>> No.27421509

>Clearly people are selling more than buying so why limit buys?
Because they're trying to stop retail investors from buying so that institutional buyers can buy back their shares at $11 in the dead of night.

>> No.27421556

How many times do people have to see it before they understand that if its in the public eye and news its too late?

>> No.27421557

It will hit $20 short squeeze or not short squeeze, the election is over and the cinemas will start opening. If it doesn't moon, I'll hold it for months until $25

>> No.27421563

What you thought it was rocket in a day? Baby hands

>> No.27421632

>As soon as they give us free reign
Exactly. They let a few people in after the price went below the purported short price of $9 on Thursday, when they covered their asses. They give people free reign when they're no longer in danger.

>> No.27421673

Brokers are still limiting buys. Shills in wsb sub will immediately downvote you got downvoted to oblivion when I tried that on the gme thread get the word out folks. This will moon once brokers stop limiting buys and they don't want you to think about that.

>> No.27421742

I really dont get you paperhanders. At worst its a comfy hold that will moon once theaters reopen

>> No.27421849

Stock price isnt connected to market, other than the case where the company loses enough market to be delisted or insolvent. Stock is like art, it is worth whatever price the market sets. Some stocks give dividends, which is amenable to this "analysis" you seem to think works, but the share value is not. These shares are never traded in for profits from the company, they're traded to other people as they go up or down.

>> No.27421941

This is why they make so much capeshit, chinks Fucking love it and norrmies don't notice the very clear political messages that are put into them.

>> No.27421958

>They give people free reign when they're no longer in danger.
They would also do it if the interest they'd have to pay is far worse than paying out to the stock holders, time will only tell how this goes, saw a rumor that rabbihood will loosen restrictions on trading again later this week, what this means, I don't know.

>> No.27421967

kys faggots , ngmi
i have -98% on Wirecard and i'm not fucking selling that shit either

>> No.27421986

>be me
>last friday
>zoom call with some friends
>one tells me he bought AMC + GME
>tells me wsb told him it was solid
>5 minutes later
>"Wait, the market isn't open on weekends? I have to wait until Monday?"
You know what they say: "when your barber tells you about a stock, it's peaked". We're well past that point.

>> No.27422189
File: 62 KB, 1053x480, 8cc203a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm still holding. Just staring at my big red lines and holding. I've already accepted this is a total loss.

>> No.27422201

Didn't do anything today, and that's with limit buys. Actually incredible it didn't tank.

>> No.27422325

You need to wait until at least Thursday

>> No.27422367
File: 245 KB, 1200x801, 07_SWAirships_V26N2_1267828237_2229.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No I wasn't in it for the long I was thinking this was going to be another great opportunity to turn a 2x in a couple days and get out before the selloff.

>> No.27422383

Absolutely anon, it's fucking crazy to me

>> No.27422394

>selling at a loss
literally ngmi

>> No.27422413

>Actually incredible it didn't tank.
They can't completely stomp us out, we want this and are getting our hands on it whenever we can, they'll have to give up eventually.

>> No.27422814
File: 52 KB, 416x244, spotlight-dr-phil-hammock.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What's to stop them from just limiting again the moment it shows serious upward momentum?

Nothing, absolutely nothing.

>> No.27422926

Except that isn't the case.

I was in elementary school for Microsoft's stock going up. I remember the day Windows 95 came out I said "mom, we should buy some stock!" We didn't, well, so sad, too bad. The point is that there's always money to be made, as soon as black/white thinking enters a person's world there's much less opportunity.

If a guy loses bet you go "oh, rotten luck." If he wins you say "spot me a beer, squire?" This weird wanting to protect grown men from their own acts, it's like, it's his money, why do you get these cringy feels like you're his momma watching him fall on his ass? And the fact is, that attitude doesn't even help him---men have to learn to fall flat on their face and get back up, unless they're lucky enough to be born into money.

Men don't get to have fistfights anymore like they did until about the 70s. This is probably not as good, but it's not bad either =]

>> No.27422957

Bought 4 at 8,8usd lol
Should i sell? Focusing on gme rn

>> No.27423092

If it were 1980, maybe.

Stock markets have existed, depending on how you count, for about 400 years. This is the first time millions of traders have had capacity to coordinate. It's new territory.

>> No.27423127

>limit buys
Between brokerages limiting the amount people can buy and retards buying en masse at the top, I think everyone who wants more GME/AMC can't buy more.

>> No.27423235

It's not at all like the unidirectional movement caused by television, even if a bunch of tv viewers buy a stock because Cramer or whoever he is pushes some button that makes a sound effect, they have no way to talk to eachother to coordinate themselves without the internet.

So two-way communications between traders, on the scale happening now, it's unprecedented, and anyone going "lulz, what a bunch of retards" as though this were just following stock tips on the tv or some random website that is merely farming clicks is not getting it...this is a few million people learning how to walk.

>> No.27423412

If you got in on tuesday you'd be laughing.

>> No.27423713 [DELETED] 

what a fucking shitshow. only chance to get out now is at opening there will be a pump. might hit close to $300 if you're lucky but then its completely. over sub100 levels into next week

>> No.27423733

>normies don't notice how they're being snuck political correctness messages.
You're deluding yourself into thinking that it's not just that normies don't give a fuck. You guys obsess over shit that isn't made for you in the first place because you're both snowflake niggers.

>> No.27423801

The theaters will open back up over the summer and the stock will go back up, fuckface. AMC is an easy 2x or more

>> No.27423871

the opposite, focus on amc then sell at ~400

>> No.27423987

so honestly should we just give up on this shit and sell at $14 or what

>> No.27424001

>he thinks theatres are closed because of a virus and not because the globohomo kabal forced then to
>he thinks everything is going to go back to normal.
I wish I could be this naive. Sorry, bud, but we're in for some dark times.

>> No.27424060

Actually I heard if you bought above 12 your a huge cocked beast. Also heard if you bought at 10 your cock will die and you are gay also

>> No.27424133

>a month chart

>> No.27424314
File: 2.03 MB, 828x1792, 5361437C-6474-44E3-8C98-FF25BC2E410B.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is all that happened today. Hedgies buying and selling from hedgies to spook you paper handed pussy faggots and it’s working

Fucking cucks, grow some nuts

>> No.27424390

How many movies from the USSR do we watch today in USA? How many movies from USA are watched in Russia. kthnx. Socialism has never produced decent artwork. People watch Netflix etc. because it's background noise, it's like havingt the radio on, it doesn't duplicate movies, and ppl dont go to movies as much anymore because they suck.

>> No.27424521

>Disney spent billions on a bad investment
Didney has literally came out and said they’re refocusing their ENTIRE BRAND towards streaming.
>”The new reorg which Disney underwent months ago, puts more of a focus on streaming with the distribution side figuring out the better route for a film’s release”


>that's why you're posting on 4chan
nice observation skills good job buddy

>> No.27424606
File: 682 KB, 498x248, jordanbelfortthrowingmoney.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I heard if you go below 15 shares you are in fact gay.
>mfw this is all over

>> No.27424653

Is it actually illegal to give financial advice without a disclaimer that you're not a financial advisor? We all know everyone who says that is actually giving financial advice.

>> No.27424672


>> No.27424673

Not true, I have 31 shares and I'm queer

Diamond hands, hunny

>> No.27424707

i'd argue that anyone dumb enough to buy it should be killed

>> No.27424808
File: 260 KB, 1024x749, [email protected] WWAAGH.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]




>> No.27424830
File: 82 KB, 1131x466, 1606964065599.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I'm down but I feel good that <insert anything other than making money>
You're getting played so fucking hard. Next time, try checking whether or not the numbers that scammers throw around aren't a month old.
Source: https://fintel.io/ss/us/gme

>> No.27425336

Paper hands get what they deserve

>> No.27425443

The hedge issue is really a red herring, the issue is what millions of ppl can do if they work together.

>> No.27425555
File: 71 KB, 700x394, index.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27425594

zoomers must die

>> No.27425652
File: 36 KB, 762x326, amcstock.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's still way up and rising every day. The only huge fall was from when robinhood and all those other traders restricted buys and manipulated the market. I'm gonna be patient and stay in. See you tomorrow.

>> No.27425752

i lost 100 dollars
fuck my life

>> No.27425981

It's funny, most of the negative messages here, "laughing at retards," I know a guy like this, I half suspect he was a 4channer (or is), and he's the most useless guy in the world. His mom, tho, is an amazing woman, so he turned out OK. he couldn't work with other people if he wanted to, but he is very good at doing math puzzles =]

>> No.27426096

I'm with you, I was waiting for a dip all day, it hit after closing, ugh. I'll buy tomorrow or just wait until after the spike falls in the morning. I only have $100, honestly, I'm just glad I sold my GME and only lost $10. Money is fucking tight this month for me, I got hit with bills left and right, just glad it was fuck around money. I would love to stick it to the hedge funds and I hope it doesn't fall under $200.

>> No.27426192
File: 13 KB, 255x245, f66b6309e165e94f179ce6191f245541cef8640da0d65c207428286f3ec9d270.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> price went down
> stock had the most traded shares
What did they mean by this?


>> No.27426218


As far as I'm concerned, my money is already spent. I refuse to sell at a slight loss, or even a major loss. Nothing is forever down, or up. Way too soon too tell that's for sure.

>> No.27426241

Is it legal for me to start up a website where I sell shares of GME and hold them in trust for people? Asking for a friend.

>> No.27426783

People are trying to get the fuck out, so they're willing to sell at lower and lower prices in order to do so.

>> No.27426793
File: 112 KB, 960x960, Kiss the frog.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But I never had nuts in the first place... Face it some cucks have even bigger pussies than me.

>> No.27426928

Muh value investing. Gtfo

>> No.27427074
File: 40 KB, 755x402, Screen Shot 2021-02-01 at 10.41.28 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

good thing i bailed at the peak today

>> No.27427094

I put in an order to buy under $10. I can afford to lose it. Let's see what happens. Hopefully the hedgies are trying to tank the stock and the leditors hold tight, at least with AMC. Fuck silver, unless it's physical. Still holding strong on my two Nokia stocks.

>> No.27427173

This is the correct answer. We could systematically go through each stock every few months and do what they did to GME.

>> No.27427196

Lucky bastars. Hoping for $15 tomorrow so I can do the same.

>> No.27427288
File: 9 KB, 182x276, 802170215502175215.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Bought at 9.44
>Sold at 15.90
Heh, maybe try honing your skills as an investor, like I did, kid.

>> No.27427394

We tried to do that here and essentially failed.

>> No.27427410

I was going to do the same but my run took took long and then I was going to buy back in on the dip, ugh.

>> No.27427534

nobody is this dumb ? well it is an amc thread.

try learning some fa and realize ta is derivated from it, not the other way around lmao

>> No.27427577

>FAGGOTS were all over the internet, every single stock forum, livestream, and here telling everyone else this was such a good buy
But I was here telling you that it wasn't. Why wouldn't you listen to me?

>> No.27427783

are they still blocking people from buying? I can get in fine.

>> No.27427814

Yes. Kek, only a fucking idiot would buy, why a trust? So you can cash out on others money? Enjoy the lawsuits. What's your plan here or are you fucking around? I can't even tell with all the newfags on here.

>> No.27427907


Do you understand how supply and demand works? Probably not, but either way if enough people buy the stock will go up no matter what. We dont even need a squeeze.


>> No.27427911

thanks for the cash reddit

>> No.27427985


>> No.27427994

No that’s cope the majority of restrictions were lifted today

>> No.27428019

sold literally at the max 17.25 today after buying at 11 on thursday, get fucked

>> No.27428071
File: 80 KB, 1161x1219, amc btfo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i unironically bought the ads

>> No.27428104

Have you been to a cinema?
>loud nogs
>shitty prices
>paying for propaganda films
>people on their phones the whole time lighting up the theater
>disgusting seats
Yeah, people TOTALLY want this still.

>> No.27428111

faggot tourist. thx for the shares

>> No.27428126

I hope hedgies pump it to $100 just to troll you

>> No.27428158


>> No.27428183

I'm gonna spit on a cop so I can just chill in the can for a bit and when I'm out Imma sell so high I'll never have to work Then I'm buying a kilo for the hood.

>> No.27428239
File: 156 KB, 1242x1394, 1601893173215.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why yes, I do refuse to pull out at a loss. What gave it away?

>> No.27428279
File: 97 KB, 749x751, 1612193866490.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

schizoid i just bought silver

>> No.27428359

the ladder attack is real and this place is getting shilled to fuck which is probably a good sign for hodlers

>> No.27428454

I got my auto sell in at $13.85 so I can break even I never fell for the rocket meme but figured I could squeeze a nice day trade profit of Reddit normies pumping

boy was I mistaken

>> No.27428516

If there hadn't been a coordinated block on AMC sales on Thursday (and to a lesser extent Friday) last week, this stock would have hit $40 minimum. Don't blame shills here that it's at $12 AH; blame the market manipulators who artificially kept demand down by not allowing people to buy.

>> No.27428582

Serious question if I have a put that expires 2/12 with an average cost of $5.87 and the current price to sell the option is $5.30 how likely am I to make money tomorrow?

>> No.27428607

this^. imo movie theatres would still be doing fine if they enforced the rules, but they're afraid to offend niggers so they just chimpout during the film making it pointless to go. i sometimes do security on a property that had an AMC theatre on it (closed and replaced with cubicles), the ONLY people who come up to me asking where the 'theatre is', are black. it's hilarious. they really do ruin everything they touch lol.

>> No.27428624

I only have 13 shares and 1 in GME, but today has made me think my hands aren't diamond after all. I am still holding no matter what though.
Am I fucked?

>> No.27428702

>he's still falling for Reddit buzzwords for things that don't even exist


>> No.27428853

isnt it a good idea if you plan to hold?
there is no way hollywood and theathers will fully die

>> No.27428889

i sold. i was told we would close around $30-40 today because we closed over $9 on friday. the moment i saw it hover around 16 i immediately knew what was going to happen.. just a steady decline. people cant even buy shares for the first 3 hours of the market. its pathetic. its not anybodys fault but kikes, and if you're a poorfag like me just take your gains and go, dont get caught holding the bag with a bunch of fucking redditors.

>> No.27428906


Do you really believe that Netflix will do to theaters what Amazon did to retail? The only consumers who do this are home theater buyfags. Most people don't have the shekels to spare for that kind of setup. Not everything can be AMAZON'D

>> No.27428979

Where can i trade stock that isnt a meme app that will easily betray me?

>> No.27429026


>> No.27429038

Hollywood, no. Theaters, absolutely. Hollywood is gleeful at ridding themselves of a middleman. Day one streaming on platforms they own is a level of control and profit over direct distribution they have zero interest in letting go of.

>> No.27429040

home theaters were a dying industry even before covid, mate.

>> No.27429050

Guys what is it about the game being RIGGED that you don't fucking understand?!?
You can spam your autistic fuelled volume and short percentages and write your fucking fiscal reports to prove that a pump is incoming, but the game is RIGGED!
Fuck me. You could be the master of monopoly and know every rule inside out, including WTF to do with free parking, but if a motherfucker is stashing half the available monopoly money under the board and can grab some whenever he likes without you knowing, YOU WILL NOT WIN.
This is not autistic mathematics guys, this is human nature. You lost. You tried to play a game with a predetermined outcome. Save yourselves the further heartache

>> No.27429051
File: 14 KB, 251x201, bobo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

tfw sold at 17.25 and bought at 13

>> No.27429130 [DELETED] 
File: 225 KB, 1125x1369, 7ECDCC91-BF1E-4501-B28C-8507D214BEF8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is how you play this game if your iq is triple digits, otherwise you deserve to lose money.


>> No.27429161

i fell for amc and bb memes. now I'm at a loss and stuck holding till they break even

>> No.27429175
File: 7 KB, 253x199, 1610750910639.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kek imagine buying a company that just got a loan so they dont go bankrupt

>> No.27429205

i bought 200 shares thursday at 7.10 and sold today at 16.20. im satisfied.

>> No.27429222

>i was told

>> No.27429248

I did too. I don't think BB is going to get back. I think AMC might but am not certain. Too much market manipulation fuckery going on.

>> No.27429257

cuz they dipped it and closed that one out break even or a slight loss. the real losses with amc for them begins all this week and carries week after week

>> No.27429270

Got out at $17 today lmao

>> No.27429453

disingenuous retard u know what i mean

>> No.27429455


>> No.27429456


>> No.27429615

All of you seethers are too ADHD

>> No.27429646

I bought one share and it’s my first stock so I lose nothing ha

>> No.27429727

I'm contacting my lawyer mr. Bog and he will sue you for being a fag.

>> No.27429780


Only slightly true. Fidelity doesn't allow fractional shares on AMC thereby effectively pricing out Tyrone and the common masses like Reddit. You can still buy as many as you want though in whole amounts unlike Rabbi Hood.

>> No.27429804

The ones with bars, which are more common, are cool for a date night. I just pay more for the more privates seats, niggers can't afford that shit.

>> No.27429807
File: 73 KB, 640x568, Stupid+animals+this+was+in+portuguese+so+i+decided+to_754d6f_5425105 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You know that Citadel is one of the biggest owners of silver reserves?

You literally did what ((they)) told you.

Enjoy your silver that no one wants to buy from you later on, after the hype is over next monday.

>> No.27429916
File: 593 KB, 1594x1518, 8AF9A959-0E2B-4B88-AD9A-1F1745FBF715.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.27430028

unironically bought in at $17.00 this morning.
Yeah im a lil sad so what

>> No.27430099

>bought all these shares
>couldn't pay my rent this month of February because all my money is in stocks
>not the gains I was promised
I was memed, my money is still holding, but I want to pull out

>> No.27430115

how exactly does buying silver help the iShares Silver Trust? if anything mass demand for physical silver bullion would hurt paper silver

>> No.27430147
File: 2 KB, 60x60, 1611941217199.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>bought in at 11.9
>biz tells me I'm retarded and to get the fuck out with a comfy profit
>sold everything today at open for 17.2
Thanks guys, gonna spend this on some siacoin and something nice for my girlfriend.

>> No.27430169

did you sell your BB or just holding for now?

>> No.27430424

Seriously. Stop trying to buy and sell on your emotions, that's how the market is usually controlled but this is an irrational pump. We are buying and holding, that's it, don't even think about selling until you're questioning your sanity upon seeing the absurdity of the price.

>> No.27430486

>Fidelity doesn't allow fractional shares on AMC thereby effectively pricing out Tyrone and the common masses like Reddit
AMC is cheap as fuck, anyone can afford whole shares

>> No.27430544

Read this post. It's the most important information you will ever read.
Yes. You have probably lost a lot of money. If you are stuck bagholding on a stock, it's time to make your money work for you. How?
Covered calls and cash secured puts. As these shares tumble and rocket and generally are unstable as fuck, the premiums will be genuinely insane. For example, last Wednesday, the premium for a sold call at $20 strike price was $12. That means that if you were playing on shares that you bought at $20, which was the peak, you would make a profit as long as AMC didn't drop below $8 by Friday. The premiums are lower now, but the same logic applies.
Puts make you money. Put premiums go up when stocks crash. AMC and GME are crashing. SELL PUTS AT VERY LOW NUMBERS. For example, for GME, an extremely safe put sale price would be around $10 for a minimum premium of at least $4 but ideally $6 a share. WATCH AND TRADE THESE REGULARLY.
They are your only out. They are the only way you will make your money back. Read a few web pages if you have to. Call them what you want. I call them free money.

I have no stake in any of this. I thankfully managed to get out before I was caught holding a bag. I just want to try and help people who are fucked. Jew Nigger Tranny.

>> No.27430570

AMC is trading for like $12. If you need to trade in fractions smaller than $12, then you shouldn't be investing in meme stocks in the first place.

>> No.27430609

Giant smart tvs that can stream whatever that can be cracked to stream free AND you can pause it to piss, eat and drink whatever you want instead of overpriced shit while in your underwear say theaters are dead

>> No.27430633

You’ll be okay anon. Hold long. Don’t be like the faggot that made this thread

>> No.27430637

I'm convinced now that robots are writing this shit.

>> No.27430778

Just holding for now. Bought in on Wednesday at around $21. Holding for now but have a sell order set at $16. Will see how things go and may lower that tomorrow depending on trends. It is not heavily shorted, it hasn't grabbed meme attention, and I don't know about the long-term viability of the company though the large number of patents held by them at least mean there is some residual value there.

>> No.27430839

how do i do any of that. i am retarded

>> No.27430852

Well said fren

>> No.27431179

it's misinformation. it's probably written by an idiot who thinks shorts are contracted to buy on a specific timeline or something. days to cover is a guesstimate of how many days worth of trades, at the most recent avg. daily volume, it would take to reduce the current day's short positions to zero. it's a way of sussing out how many people are buying/selling and if that is sufficient to service all the shorts desire to close at all, regardless of whether they close at a gain or at a loss.
when DTC is high, it means the stock isn't likely going to see action, relative to short interest. it's too crowded by existing short positions, theoretically you don't want to join the short side at that time -- even if you know you want to join the short side because the company is garbage.

>> No.27431247
File: 121 KB, 1551x817, 5657569.340000002_image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

honestly just making out out alive made me feel like a master trader

i think im just gonna buy 5k worth of coke and intel stocks and just check back in on them next year, fuck this shit

>> No.27431383

how much would that make in a year lmao

>> No.27431424

nothing is "closing" or "due' on those dates.

>> No.27431570

now this is the jew fatigue that makes a man wise. you could all learn from this guy.

>> No.27431703

isnt it a better idea to buy disney?
they seem to be rising since always.

>> No.27431713

cant lose money if you simply dont sell

quick profits are for hasty hands and impatient minds

>> No.27431813

Yes you're partly right, however the hedgies have to pay quite a sum of interest until they buy again, so they can't hold forever. Also AMC is clearly overrated at the moment, but it's not a shit company.

>> No.27431815

Them J&J, basically any fortune 100 stock.

>> No.27431816

>He didn't dump his bags on redditors at $20.

Laughing girls.jpg

>> No.27431837

More shattering than any shill post

>> No.27431882
File: 88 KB, 970x873, qtards.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you guys are qtards

>> No.27431888

If rather see Robinhood go tits up and my 9 shares at 15.65 be lost in the chemtrailed ionosphere before I sell for anything less than a gorillian dollars just to make jokes lol you mad. Hahahahha FTW

>> No.27431979
File: 87 KB, 720x1520, amc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.27432059

j&j printing?

>> No.27432232

does it work for foreigners? i received a message saying i was a filthy non-american and it was only intended for americans

>> No.27432261

I put $1500 cad into AMC at $17USD this morning should I just sell use whatever scraps I have left to buy AMD or something?

>> No.27432263


>> No.27432354


idk but i have a feeling that most of my principle will still be there unlike these meme reddit plays

i want to put together a portfolio of blue chips and stalwarts

>> No.27432357

No idea, since I'm American.

>> No.27432360

>1 post by this ID

>> No.27432428

a bunch of absolute tards on reddit didn't get the memo it has to be physical, and started buying slv.

>> No.27432507

Once again i am fucked by my grandpas choice to move to Mexico

>> No.27432704
File: 26 KB, 300x253, 1611762412027.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>buy at 4.80
>Sell at 16.20
>buy more today at 11.80


>> No.27432713

If you bought in and are currently down why the fuck wouldn't you just hold at that point? I don't get it...

>> No.27432834
File: 270 KB, 1024x769, 1612201820526.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I bought in at 4, it is decent long term stock.
Zoom out retard.
FFS 4chan is retard tier knowledge.

>> No.27432996

Retards or poorfags that used their last 12 dollars on AMC hoping that it would all work out as if we were in that movie where will smith movie with his son.

>> No.27433068

Gpt-3 is out there, I don’t doubt it

>> No.27433071

Cheap eats and low cost of living at least, and some parts of Mexico are beautiful. Hope that you are far away from the cartel hot spots.

>> No.27433298

For every dollar I invest in these stocks, these kike fags lose a million. I got 104 shares of AMC and 9 shares of GME. I can’t think of a better investment. I could care less if I lose money. It won’t hurt me, but it’ll hurt them infinity worse

>> No.27433429

You underestimate pod-søyim

>> No.27434232
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