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how are you GME/NOK/BB/AMC bagholders coping?

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Denial is where that chart ends

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Coping with loses on AMC
Panic-sold GME at big dip
+1% return on NOK

overall only -30% loss so above average usual day on /biz/

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What is there to cope about? The situation today means one of two things:
A) Shorts really were covered
B) Normie interest has died
A is unlikely because the groups shorting each stock varied so it's more likely B, which is irrelevant because the hedges will buy back

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Acceptance or Bargaining selling covered calls to cover losses on AMC

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Idc I was already up 4x before today. Fucking seeth

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NOK shouldn't be on that list since it's not a short squeeze stock. Are you retarded?

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they covered bro let it go

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By not selling my AMC.

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i regret BB and AMC immensely, but i still have hope for GME

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NOK was up like 10% today

Gonna treat myself to something nice with this

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I'm doing pretty good desu. The short ladder attack today didn't work and we're still above 200 which is insane when you think about it. Low volume shows that everyone is still holding. Hedges will eventually have to buy.

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I'm already in Anger and Depression. I'm selling first thing tomorrow morning.

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I didn't fall into GME and AMC meme and went heavy into Nok at $5

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Well, seeing GME at 175 right now after buying it at 323 isn't great. I doubt the -14k I'm going to wake up to is going to make me feel any better either.

Still holding until zero. My denial went from seething to acceptance. Fuck it, just take this shit to 0.

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im coping by getting another stimulus check next week.

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check premarket redd*tor

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man dont let pride bring you down just sell it retard

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I only have like .1 shares of GameStop or some shit but it still sucks, 12 AMC at about $15 is kind of pissing me off. My 6 Petco shares are doing ok though, sold all my DOGECoin at .026 because I bought at .025 and didn’t want to lose money, but seeing as how the new floor isn’t much higher ie already gotten over that. All in all I think I’m done following meme stocks and joining in on TO DA MOON hype threads with no actual proof behind anything. I should have just used my own head like I always do.

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Prepared to run to $0 with AMC with the surplus money I used to get in. If I lose it all my life will continue like normal. It doesn't matter.

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they'll just do the same thing they did today until they can buy back at whatever price they want. We never stood a chance, they make their own rules. It's fucking pointless.

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C) Normies arent able to buy more then 1 Share
Get yourselves a real broker with fees who does not depend on hedgies paying for your data!

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If it tanks we'll just take it to the supreme court and get our money back. Trust the plan.

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Pretty good actually. I always was the type to fuck around and find out.

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Got out at 200% and got some XOM with the profits. Also, I'm keeping NOK. It's comfy.

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I'll cope myself to 0$
It's money burned, for a good cause

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Never selling nok, broke even on amc but only through a couple hundred on it since it was a gamble. Going to look for similar med to long term holds, tesla has a factory in Shanghai and is dropping the price on vehicles sold in China. Will look into CLF because I hear it get shilled a lot, have heard some good and some bad about GE might have to research and make a judgement call

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So nice of you to be this concerned about our financial safety anon. Just for this post I'm buying 5 more shares tomorrow. Was planning to buy the dip anyways.

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I got in at [email protected] for GME and [email protected] so im still leaving with a few thousand, but not the payday I was hoping for. I could even hold longer into tomorrow, but i'd understand why people who just bought in would panic.

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the dip that never end

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Except they cannot? They are selling them between each other, but when buying back they will need to buy for real. They can't buy back at the price they want if everyone is still holding.

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what you're doing is related to emotional/revenge trading but it's even more retarded. i did it back in april with SPY puts expiring worthless. cash out for loss <100%, it hurts to swallow your pride but it hurts a lot less than realizing a total loss.

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not gonna lie nok seems comfy as fuck right about now

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Barely more than a mild irritation and a learning lesson for the future. I never bought more than I could afford to lose.

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Its got a decent future ahead of it, maybe wont be at AMDs current position but its definitely worth looking at for their 5G plans.

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how long do they have left to do that? people said last friday, then today, what's next? wednesday? next week? next month?

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I’m financially ruined, unironically

Bought GME at 350 dollars and put 60k in

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I bought 3 at 97. So no big loss for me. Just wish I would've sold at 420. Oh well...

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I'm not coping, I bought NOK with having not selling before 2023 in mind

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Walked away with a big payday on GME, but bought into the hype too long, cost me about 7k.

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Is this a post from the future when amc is $420?

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That is not bad, I saw someone post they took out a personal loan of 13k and threw it all in GME. Now that is bad!

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I've got a nok buy order for 4.65. Don't give a fuck about the others

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I'm down 4.5k lol oopsie
My cope:
>BB/NOK will pay off long term
>the rollercoaster was exciting
>hedgie tears on TV were worth it
>redditor tears and delusion will be even more worth it
It was legitimately fun as fuck up until everyone started to get really gay and high on their own farts. Last week was like a fucking fever dream, cheers lads, congrats to everyone who won, condolences to everyone else who got assfucked.

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Can you walk me through the thought process that led you to do that? Not being a dick- genuinely curious for future reference

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He must have genuinely put his sell limits at 420.69 lmao.

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I only accept mad gains dork

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I'm holding NOK long term, bought 150 shares at $4.00. Comfy over here.

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> Made $6000+ from BTC in late Dec/Early Jan.
> Drink the WSB coolaid for BB and invest $20k at $18.93 on its way down
> Price keeps falling to high $13s
> Read FUD and realize BB has a history of exaggerating the scope of new partnerships and they only make $5 per vehicle with QNX installed
> Ford just announced today that upcoming vehicles will run a version of android
> Sell all shares at $14.73 (losing about $5000)

Im honestly not letting this bother me because in my mind im still up $1000+ from my original BTC gain.

Im just going to take this as a learning experience and not jump blindly into future investments.

Although in all honesty, BB, NOK and AMC stood a much better chance at mooning before brokers blocked all buys to prevent prcies from rising

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Wait until Wednesday to sell your AMC stock!

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lololol GME redditors btfo'd

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learned the dont fomo lesson the hard way
1 $GME @ $364.99 on Wednesday, I was going to buy at lower 200s upper 100s the day before but I was getting network errors every time I tried to link my bank account. I bought in at the first moment I could and only saw it go above initial investment twice, held out for $500 thurs and it didn't hit target. held out for $450 friday and it didnt hit target. wanted $400 or break even today but it didnt happen, kept trying to see if I'd hit the next peak but after seeing it beneath $200 I just wanted to wipe my hands clean of it. $200 isn't a debt in my liquid cash but it's definitely an L that I've gotta take.

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>Although in all honesty, BB, NOK and AMC stood a much better chance at mooning before brokers blocked all buys to prevent prcies from rising
Oh yeah, that's another thing that makes feel a little less retarded. The broker shit was totally unexpected, not a typical freefall at all and there would have been substantially more gains had that not happened. I hope some incel who gambled his student loan goes postal and assrapes that Vlad faget

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Funny you say that, because I was joking about the exact same thing with my brothers this weekend.

Robinhood's HQ is not secret nor fortified for attack, you can literally google where their offices are and go on a rampage if you were mentally un-stable enough

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