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>> No.27393092

god dam UNIK0RN ID

>> No.27393425

None because I hodld. Go pink unicorn go!

>> No.27393499

thanks for the free $10,000, uniswap. very nice.

>> No.27393521

None, because I did buy the dip

>> No.27393691

I held and bought silver too, I'm gonna be fucking rich

>> No.27394545

realistically how high will this go.is there any way of knowing? REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

>> No.27394574

Got in at $15.30 last week
My 1ETH is going places

>> No.27394671

I only just broke even from buying the top when this piece of shit first launched

>> No.27394949
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i sold all of mine when i heard they went with optimism instead of arbitrum

>> No.27395075

I feel comfy for never selling

>> No.27395185

>he spent ten thousand dollars on a Playstation 5

>> No.27395401

None. I have money in btc, eth and dot and neither has done SHIT in weeks so im just kinda sitting her with my dick in my hand waiting for the price to move. Until then I dont want to keep adding money to different projects.

>> No.27395822

my lil unistock doin sum

>> No.27397133

Lmaoing at all the retards panic selling yesterday

>> No.27397226

Literally never, and I mean EVER selling this until I'm a millionaire.

>> No.27398259

Selling my 800 free tokens for 6$ is probably the thing that'll haunt me when I'm on my deathbed, I think I'll fomo back in. I can see it going to 100$ sooner rather than later at this pace

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