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>higher lows

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glowing normie spam
annoying at best. you cant meme

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this will just be seen as a hilariously long accumulation phase in the not so distant future

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Native assets go live February 22nd

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This an XLM thread?

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lurk moar

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Is that Charles Cardano ?

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Yeh. It's Charles Hoskinson of Cardano and head of IOHK.

Hi Charles, I hope you are having a good morning in Colorado. You should address grt in an AMA sometime soon.

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nah,.. to be replaced by SingularityNet

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Charles loves that token but I don't see the point personally. He's generally smarter than me and knows a lot about crypto, but I'm not buying it.

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Also almost all of the AI listed on the website currently can be done for free elsewhere. I mean if they could get integration with IBM Watson or something that would be fucking incredible.

I don't see that happening. Although, Kleros could get a deal w/ paypal and it would fucking change everything. I missed out big on that one.