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When i walk down the street, random people point at me and laugh.
The media is laughing at us, every youtuber with an audience of more than 100 ppl are laughing at us, making fun at us.

I can't take this anymore, Chainlink need to put on some fucking gain so we (I) can get some got damn respect.

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reddit is not laughing at my LINK, which i first purchased at 19 cents

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The fact that people point and laugh at you has nothing to do with reddit. You are just fat and ugly

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They're laughing at you because you're ugly and hold less than 100 links.
Real LINKchads are in the 6 figures range right now and getting blow jobs from instagram thots.

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>You are just fat and ugly
wrong, i am devilishly handsome and fit as fuck. I always wear net-shirts with matching net-pants so people can see how fucking fit i am.
they are laughing because i have invested in something that performs terrible (relative to the optimal gains you could make, selling the top and buying the bottom of various assets).

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Should have put it all in ethereum then